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2,276 total news articles in this section, 10 per page. Interview with Neil Kaplan

Transformers News: Interview with Neil Kaplan
Date: Tuesday, October 14th 2008 5:34pm CDT
Categories: Interviews, People News, Site Articles
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Raymond T, Neil Kaplan

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Seibertron's own Raymond T recently had a chance to interview Neil Kaplan, who provided the voices for Optimus Prime and Ro-Tor in the Transformers R.I.D series.

In the interview Kaplan discusses his past, present and future work as a professional voice actor in both the animated and video game industries, goes into depth about portraying Optimus Prime in R.I.D, his impressions on the new Animated series, his involvement with "Audio Theatre for the Troops" and his work on "I, of the Wolf".

The following are excerpts from Raymond T's full interview, to check out the full interview, please click here.

ST: Hey Neil! Thanks for doing this interview for
NK: My pleasure. Anything for you and your readers, Ray.

ST: It has come to our attention that not everyone knows you or your work. So would you mind telling us who you are and what you've done before becoming a voice actor?
NK: I do voice work. These days most of my work is heard on video games and Anime. I am, proudly, best known for providing the voice of Optimus Prime on Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Other credits include Hawkmon on "Digimon", Diabolico on "Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue", "Justice League: Heroes", "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic", "Star Craft II" and many, many others.

ST: What were the important traits for you doing the voice of Optimus Prime? How much did you want to remain true to the old Peter Cullen character and how much did you want your Optimus Prime to be Neil Kaplan?
NK: Well, everything I did on Robots in Disguise was based on the fabulous Peter Cullen. His work had stuck in my head for 15 years, so using that as a touchstone, I knew I'd be best served.

"R.i.D." was voice directed by TWO different directors, one of whom (The affable Michael McConnohie) had worked with Peter on G1, back in the 1980s. So, he would direct me to slow it down, play it more like John Wayne.

The other director, (The fantastic Steve Kramer) was the MAIN director on the show and he wanted to play Prime more as an action hero. So, you can hear the difference between their episodes.

Fortunately the character had a face shield, so we didn't have lip flaps to worry about. That alone made it incredibly easy to adjust. Oddly, neither director knew of that situation until the season had basically wrapped.

ST:Was there anyone or anything in particular you based your Optimus Prime on?
NK: Yes, I based it on Peter Cullen and then on my desire to portray a HERO in the post- 9/11 world.

ST: How is your Optimus Prime different than Primes of the past and future?
NK: Well it was the first time Optimus Prime was a Fire Truck, so this version was a FULL TIME hero. There was no down time, even when not in robot mode. Our first episode aired on September 8, 2001. Just a few days later, giving voice to a fire truck changed for me in ways I dared not to even imagine.

ST: Do you miss working on Transformers?
NK: Of course I do. But life moves on.

Would I like to do a guest role on Animated? Sure I would. Would I like to work on the live action movie? Certainly. But, I'm an actor, that is what I do and want to do.

I still am a voice actor, but I have also moved on to writing and creating.

ST: Have you had the chance to (really) meet any of the actors from other Transformers shows?
NK: Yes. David Kaye and I had a lovely chat at Comic Con a few years back. Jack Angel has become a good friend and mentor. and of course, meeting Dick (Rodimus Prime) Gauthier was HUGE thrill for me as both a professional and as a fanboy.

ST: Who does the best Prime? You (RiD), Peter Cullen (G1), Gary Chalk (Armada), or David Kaye (Animated)?
NK: Again another EASY question. Hands down, it's Peter Cullen.

ST: What has been your impression with Transformers fans, now some 7 years after doing Transformers?
NK: I my self am a fan of many, MANY things. They are basically the same as any other type of fan. Most of them are very, VERY nice people. Many are quite loyal and passionate about this universe that they LOVE! I am just happy to have been a part of it, if only for a little while.

ST: Can you tell us what you have been up to, since Robots In Disguise?
NK: WOW a LOT. I have voiced quite a few video games; Spider-Man Battle for New York (I was Green Goblin/Norman Osbourne), Spider-Man3 (Kraven the Hunter), John Woo's Stranglehold with Chow Yun Fat (Ty Lok), Conan the Barbarian (Bone Cleaver), Justice League: Heroes (Gorilla Grodd), Night at the Museum 2 (Ivan the Terrible), S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Command and Conquer 3, Bee Movie Game.

I�ve also worked on various anime series including Naruto, Tokyo Pig and Zatch Bell, among others.

Mostly though, I have been working on writing and creating my own material. Many fans had the chance to check out the pilot for the educational/sketch/history show I created called The Way it Wasn't which has found a home and is under development. I have a GREEN game show I am meeting with producers on so keep your fingers crossed.

On another note, based partially on meeting a firefighter named Mr. Optimus Prime. (Yes, THAT gentleman!) I have created an organization called "Audio Theater for the Troops". A not for profit organization, we use donated scripts, studio time and actors talents to (one day) create a huge library of entertainment for the brave men and women in uniform serving us.

After getting this organization up and running, I would love to spearhead the movement to do the same for the troops for our friends and allies. (Great Britain and Australia leap immediately to mind)

To check out Raymond T's full interview with Neil Kaplan, please click here.

For more information about Neil and his work, you can check out his following sites:

Transfans Interviews HASBRO's Global Brand Director

Transformers News: Transfans Interviews HASBRO's Global Brand Director
Date: Tuesday, October 14th 2008 12:04pm CDT
Categories: Interviews, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): FighBird, Nordic Transfans Association

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Our friends over at the Nordic Transfans Association were fortunate enough to sit down and talk with HASBRO's Global Brand Marketing Director Michael Vibede Vanting recently.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

NTFA: Was the Transformers brand a deliberate choice of yours, or were you assigned to that brand?

MVV: After a few months of being at Hasbro in the United State, I was asked to join the new Transformers global team. I was very pleased as, in my opinion, it is one of Hasbro’s “coolest” brands to work on. It is a pioneer for a lot of the things we are doing at Hasbro with re-vitalizing our brands via different modes of entertainment, I find that very exciting and a great opportunity. Finally the Transformers team of designers and marketing people are so talented that it is a privilege to work on the team.

The interview makes for a great read and lets us know that HASBRO worldwide cares about the faithful consumers that love the brands they bring to us. Getting a chance to talk to someone within the industry is an opportunity no News Crew member would pass up for any TF website. So HASBRO, if you're reading this, I'm ready when you are.

To read the full interview, please click here.

Transformers Animated: A Singular Continuity

Transformers News: Transformers Animated: A Singular Continuity
Date: Sunday, October 12th 2008 5:19pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Company News, People News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Derrick Wyatt

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Lead Designer for the Transformers Animated Series Derrick Wyatt has continued replying to posts on his blog A Delightful Tedium.

Continuing on from his post concerning the Concept Art for Prowl, Wyatt has posted that thanks to the involvement of the Transformers Animated production team across the various Transformers Animated Mediums, that Transformers Animated can be deemed to belong to the one Singular Universe.

We really consider Eric to be part of the show's creative team anyway. I'm sure it is hard for Hasbro to coordinate everything. Since Marty Isenberg actually wrote the Transformers Animated: The Arrival comic for IDW himself, we consider that part of the show continuity. I got to do some designs for the IDW comic as well. Marty also was involved with the story for the Nintendo DS game. Having the show creators involved in these types of projects really helps them feel more like they are all part of the same universe.

Also mentioned in his post are that Wyatt loved the concepts for Animated Oil Slick (created by Hasbro's Eric Siebenaler) right from the get go, and that there are:

absolutely TONS of G1 concepts that are practically begging to be in Animated. Maybe some of them will get to.

To read Wyatt's full blog entry and the responses to comments starting with Prowl's Concept Art, please click here.

Chinese Junkyard Uses "Autobots" to help business

Transformers News: Chinese Junkyard Uses "Autobots" to help business
Date: Friday, October 10th 2008 5:11pm CDT
Categories: Editorials, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Since the Transformers live action movie hit the production phase, people all over the globe have been finding ways to capitalize on the phenomonom that is Tranformerdom. We've seen piles of junk made into Optimus Prime. We've seen complete paper replicas of Bumblebee. Now we get a look at how one Chinese junkyard owner is trying to cash in on the Transformers.

{L_IMAGE} Chinese entrepreneur from the Zhejiang province had a plan to promote his particular pile of junk as something special. He'd build full scale Autobot sculptures.

It's hard to say who this BMW is supposed to be, but it definately favors the G1 era. Check out the original article on this here.

Simon Furman Talks Titan UK #17

Transformers News: Simon Furman Talks Titan UK #17
Date: Wednesday, October 8th 2008 5:00pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Simon Furman

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Transformers Scribe Simon Furman has been busy of late, updating his blog twice in two days. While his previous update was in relation to the IDW release of Spotlight Sideswipe, his latest update concerns his work for the Titan UK Transformers Magazine.

Due out on Thursday the 9th of October, Titan UK Transformers Magazine #17 comes with not the usual one original Simon Furman penned comic, but two!

Firstly there is the next issue in the Movie based comic written by Furman, with Jon Davis-Hunt on art duties:
The first of these is set firmly in the new movie-verse, or at least the alternate one established by events in the epic ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming.’ Get ready now for an all-new multi-part epic in the shape of ‘Return to Cybertron,’ a positively world-shattering tale that takes the Autobots back to their homeworld (not the nicest of places to be currently) and into one of their biggest and most fraught battles.

Secondly is the bonus comic, also written by Furman:
a bonus 5-page Transformers Animated story, featuring the Dinobots!
Which is set to wet your appetite before the release of Titan's UK Transformers Animated Comic, to be released on October 23rd (which will also debut Animated Sideswipe.

Also included in Furman's Blog update is a preview page from his "Return to Cybertron" Comic, you can check out the preview image by clicking here.

To read Simon Furman's full blog entry, please click here.

Tyrese Talks Transformers ROTF And Parties In New Mexico

Transformers News: Tyrese Talks Transformers ROTF And Parties In New Mexico
Date: Wednesday, October 8th 2008 12:54pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, People News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): 'What's Up' Online Entertainment Weekly For El Paso Area

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Views: 5,823

New Mexico- Actor Tyrese Gibson answered a few questions for a local publication discussing his character, Technical Sergeant Robert Epps, in the new movie and a few other already public details.

Tyrese has been trained well, and really does not reveal much, but we do find out that his character is now a Master Sergeant in the Air Force in the next installment. A bit of an upgrade from his rank in the last movie, Technical Sergeant.

He apparently also gets more dialogue in this next film, and gets to call for more air strikes, so you can expect similar lines to,"Bring the Rain" and "Bring It, Bring It" which is really no surprise if you watched any of the ET, or Insider footage from their visit to the set in New Mexico.

You can view the short interview here.

Spotlight Sideswipe--Simon Furman Updates Blog!

Transformers News: Spotlight Sideswipe--Simon Furman Updates Blog!
Date: Tuesday, October 7th 2008 1:32pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Simon Furman

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Views: 18,759

TRANSFORMERS fiction creator, and writer extra-ordinaire Simon Furman updates his blog with 'Revelation's End'...note there could be what one might consider spoilers included.

Oops, another long absence from my blog. Will tell you what’s been monopolizing my time — soon. Anyhow, out this week (Wednesday 8th in the US, Thursday 9th in the UK) is Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe, the final part of the epic, if slightly squeezed, Revelation saga. And what a lot we, that is myself and artist EJ Su, packed in! The return of Bludgeon, Autobot Pretenders, more Arcee, all-out battles on three fronts, Nemesis Prime versus Optimus Prime, oh and Sideswipe! Yeah, he gets a bit of love too, seeing as how it is his Spotlight.

Read the full blog here, and remember to grab your SPOTLIGHT: Sideswipe this week!

Steven Spielberg Splits!

Transformers News: Steven Spielberg Splits!
Date: Tuesday, October 7th 2008 12:54pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, People News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s):

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Views: 9,329

Paramount Pictures, and Transformers Executive Producer Steven Spielberg officially called their working relationship over.

Spielberg will still retain the rights to co-produce and develop certain movies with Paramount that are still owned by Paramount including the very popular TRANSFORMERS Live Action Movie Franchise.

Under the separation agreement announced Sunday, the new company, to be led by three-time Oscar winner Spielberg and Snider, will develop a number of projects now owned by Paramount, which would have an option to co-finance and co-distribute them.

DreamWorks counts "Transformers" and "Norbit" among its recent hits.

You can read more about it by 'googling' Steven Spielberg, or following this link.

Stan Bush's "The Touch" for Guitar Hero / Rock Band?

Transformers News: Stan Bush's "The Touch" for Guitar Hero / Rock Band?
Date: Monday, October 6th 2008 5:30pm CDT
Categories: Game News, People News, Press Releases
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Jeric,

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Views: 25,161

Stan Bush has contacted Activision in relation to getting his song "the Touch" from the 1986 Animated Transformers Movie included in either "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero", according to an article on

You can help Stan Bush get his track added to either "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero" (or preferably both) by contacting Harmonix the creators of "Rock Band" and Activision the creators of "Guitar Hero" requesting that "The Touch" be added to their Playlists.

Not sure about who Stan Bush is, or what "the Touch" Sounds like? I suggest that you click here for more information.

Transformers Hispanos Interviews Nick Roche

Transformers News: Transformers Hispanos Interviews Nick Roche
Date: Sunday, October 5th 2008 5:35pm CDT
Categories: Interviews, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Synapse

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Views: 7,204

Our friends over at Transformers Hispanos have gotten a chance to sit down and talk to Transformers artist Nick Roche recently.

The interview asks some of the more common questions about being a TF artist but does give us a good look into the mind of Roche and gives us his answer on how you deal with being a TF collector and having a girlfriend. :D

Check out the interview by clicking here.

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