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First pics of new non-transforming Megatron

Transformers News: First pics of new non-transforming Megatron
Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2007 11:56am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Jack @

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Will the real FAB Megatron please stand up? has posted the first pictures of what looks like it is a new non-transforming Megatron due to the simplicity of the figure. The pictures that have posted include an unknown accessory which we haven't seen yet. Check out the gallery by clicking here. This does not appear to be the Fast Action Battler Megatron since it doesn't look like this figure transforms.

You can check out's brand new Voyager Class Megatron gallery here.

Transformers Movie: "Ghosts of Yesterday" Review

Transformers News: Transformers Movie: "Ghosts of Yesterday" Review
Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2007 8:50am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Site Articles, Media
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): Ghost One, Ghosts of Yesterday

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Our own Ghost One has posted a synopsis of the Transformers book, Ghosts of Yesterday, by Alan Dean Foster. The Ghosts of Yesterday is a prequel to the up coming Transformers Movie.

*WARNING - Contains many spoilers


Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday
By Alan Dean Foster

As the world watched Apollo 11 launch for the moon (1969 for you young’uns), they missed out on Sector Seven’s (SS) launch of their prototype starship, Ghost One. Ghost One was developed using tech reverse engineered from the “Ice Man” (IM). Its mission is to investigate the possibility of IM’s friends staging an invasion fleet forming behind Jupiter. Slingshot around the sun, flyby to Jupiter and slingshot home, easy.

SS’s Artic Base has received orders to transport IM down to a new facility south of Las Vegas. SSAB’s C.O. (Kinnear) argued against the move to the “Old Man” and insisted on bringing “The Cube” to his facility. Kinnear is told it’s easier to move IM then to move the Cube (?).

Ghost One begins it slingshot around the Sun when the engines outperform the system specifications. Their acceleration opened a wormhole (think Back to the Future) and disappeared from SSAB’s sensors.

The Nemesis Transport (not Warship) drifts through deep space, commanded by Starscream, acting leader of the Decepticons. Crew: Barricade, Blackout, Frenzy, and Bonecrusher. Their standing orders: Locate Megatron, Aquire the Allspark. If the Decepticons locate Megatron, Starscream loses his command and that’s not going happen as long as he has anything to do about it (Starscream is more G1 than G1 Starscream!). As he is about to secure his leadership by ordering the plunder of a local system, the first new acquisition since Megs disappearance, Barricade receives a weak Decepticon signal on the deep field array. Barricade and Blackout argue that it might be Megs. Starscream hopes not as he succumbs to checking the signal.

The Ark, Autobot Transport and long time mobile home, exits a wormhole near a star cluster that is showing signs of containing the Allspark (beacon pulse once every thousand years). Optimus wonders if Megs will make an appearance when they find the Allspark. Ratchet is ordered to keep the Ark outside the system while Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz and Ironhide meet in the Docking Bay. They exit and transform into their Cometary mode and head off for their individual worlds to search. Ratchet stops them cold as he picks up a weird Signal from not to far off.

The Decepticons reach the signal and find Ghost One. Scans showed no Megs, but confused by its design, an investigation is ordered. And cut short as the Ark dropped out of a wormhole near Ghost One. Starscream orders a surprise attack before the Autobots even notice they are there.

The Ark’s sensors also confirm no Megs, but Prime believes it to be a Decepticon trap. A debate as to whether the Decepticons would use such a primitive vessel were heard when it was noticed that Ghost One had deployed a mounted weapon.

Back on Earth, Kinnear is trying to find out where Ghost One disappeared to when he received a call that there might be a Russian spy in SS. The IM transport team is just about ready to leave when an artic blizzard kicks up.

The Nemesis is in hiding behind the planet’s moon. The Decepticons are arguing, again (not in a bad way, but defining how they don’t trust Starscream). Starscream says he’s going to put a stop to this by destroying Ghost One and then the Ark.

The Autobots determine that Ghost One’s weapons will be less than ineffective against them in combat. They also note how instead of attacking like Decepticons, they are slowly shifting planet side. Prime dispatches Bumblebee to make contact with the animals inside. After Bumblebee leaves, the Ark picks up Starscream also heading towards Ghost One.

Ghost One finds a nice little place to hide planet side and the crew discusses there options. IM’s friends are around but not sure what they want. They don’t know where Earth is or where they are or even if they can get home if they knew where they were. No communication from SSAB. The most alone a Human can be.

Bumblebee makes his way to Ghost One when Jazz radios saying that they have detected the Nemesis and Starscream, who was heading his way.

On the Nemesis, Blackout (Megs Supporter) revives the anti-Starscream commentary. Barricade (leader loyalist, not necessarily Starscream) opposes Blackout’s plan to assault the Ark while Starscream is gone, but Bonecrusher and Scorponok are ready for action.

Ghost One tries to send a message home stating, simply, were lost, can you help and, oh yeah, we ran into some of IM’s friends. Ships sensors pick up something big moving in on them.

Kinnear received a call from “Old Man”. Wanting updates on the operations, Kinnear tells him the good news, IM is almost ready to go. The bad news, we lost Ghost One. “Old Man” wasn’t too surprised but had news of his own, new course for IM’s road trip and Kinnear is going with because he understands that if IM wakes, it’ll be worse then if the Russians captured it.

Planet side, Bumblebee tries to approach Ghost One in as unthreatening a way as possible for a giant alien robot. Then Starscream ambushes him. Bumblebee’s only option is to run. He transforms into a wheeled vehicle (predefined secondary alt? no cars on this world) and races off bobbing and weaving through spires of rock while Starscream shoots for the kill.

SSAB: Kinnear meets with Jenson (IM road trip manager) and they discuss how to keep IM frozen, deal with the storm and navigate a new course. As they ready to leave, Nolan (Ghost One manager, him and Kinnear served in Black Ops together) stops Kinnear and reports word from Ghost One. They discuss how to handle the message.

Starscream returns to Ghost One after chasing off Bumblebee. He studies the vessel and after downloading everything, makes contact via a form of Instant Messenger. “Greetings, it is fortunate that I arrived when I did. The other creature you encountered would have surely destroyed you and your ship.” (Told you he was slick.)

On the Ark, the Autobots ready themselves for the coming Decepticons. Prime, Ironhide and Jazz leave the ship to do battle with Blackout, Bonecrusher and Frenzy. Hell breaks loose (read it, this combat is incredibly well written). The Decepticons call a retreat. When the Autobots board the Ark, they receive word from Bumblebee about his encounter with Starscream.

Bumblebee takes cover by some peculiar outcroppings only to find himself dragged down a sinkhole into a natural underground labyrinth. As he finds the direction out, he also finds that the planet is not entirely devoid of life.

At SSAB, Nolan gets the tech to send a message back to Ghost One: “Glad to hear you’re alive, try to keep it that way, we’re working on a way to get you home”. To all their surprise, they got a real time response. Ghost One and SSAB traded updates and bad news. Bottom line that Ghost One received was that they are on there own. That did not boost morale.

Starscream talks to the “Humans” and convinces them that he is good, Autobots are evil and Prime is the vilest killer in the universe. Also, if Ghost One would be so kind as to help him with destroying the Autobots, he will help them get back home. (Your boss told you you’re lost and as good as dead, how bad do you want to get home?)

Ratchet points out that they haven’t heard from Bumblebee since just before he fell down the hole. Prime decides to go find him while the others stay and defend the Ark if the Decepticons return. If things start to turn for the worse, take the Ark, ditch the Nemesis somewhere and come back for him and Bumblebee. Prime heads planet side.

Kinnear and Jenson talk business as they plow through the snowstorm taking IM to his new home. The roads are treacherous, iced and visibility is like 10 feet. So when the lead truck spins out, the entire convoy piles up and the mission is officially halted. Also Kinnear gets his femur pulverized in the wreck.

Bumblebee hides against a wall as these Giant (Bumblebee’s size and bigger) Leech /Snake /Worms (Buggers) come barreling into the chamber and more hell breaks loose.

Prime pretty much follows Bumblebee’s footsteps to the letter, including the sinkhole and reaching the chamber where he finds battle in progress. Prime and Bumblebee retreat to preserve their sparks from the impressively tough Buggers. System checks indicate that it won’t be easy to get out, not to mention that they can hear the Buggers regrouping. It sounds like there are more now.

The crew of Ghost One is at ends with each other over how to handle the fact that if they go home without the destruction of the evil Autobots, they would just be leaving a trail for them to make there way to earth. After much conversation, they decide to help Starscream hoping that when it’s safe, he will take them home.

Starscream receives word from the Nemesis that Prime is planet side. Starscream orders the Decepticons to take out the Ark while Prime is gone. He turns his attention to Ghost One and explains the situation to the crew. They offer to help and Starscream accepts and leads them to the sinkhole.

Kinnear is woken up by Jenson who gives him the bad news, IM’s storage unit is damaged and loosing its cool. They set up a base camp and are trying to get the vehicles operational again.

Barricade brings the Nemesis to bear and the other Decepticons launch for their assault on the Ark. The Autobots are preparing, Ratchet stays behind to run the Ark (he has a little Wheeljack in him) while Ironhide and Jazz launch to face off with the Decepticons.

(Note: It is clarified that both the Ark and the Nemesis are purposely designed as weak attack vessels because the Cybertronians are far more powerful and efficient fighting bot to bot. In Fact, as best I can tell, the only reason they need the ships is for repairs and traveling through wormholes.)

Kinnear awakes yet again to find himself in a med tent and finds out that the lead driver is missing, as the search order is given, the driver is drug in half frozen. He’s Russian and he has alerted his comrades it is time to collect their prize. Instead of killing him, Kinnear strips him to his skivvies and has him placed in another tent. Fears of IM waking are beginning to manifest as reports of heat signatures and twitchy fingers come in. Kinnear’s clearly dying at this point.

Prime and Bumblebee find a way out but Starscream is waiting. They BS for a minute when Prime had enough he grabbed Bumblebee, hit his thrusters and raced through the opening towards Starscream. Starscream and Ghost One opened fire on Prime who pulled a 180 and went back underground. Starscream collapsed the opening on top of them.

Nolan at SSAB receives a call from “Old Man” who informs him that there has been an incident with the convoy. He was told to take the Rangers training there with and go fix the problem. Nolan was reluctant but set it up. He left a desk jockey in charge to find a way to get Ghost One back.

Ghost One is following Starscream after having taken out Prime and Bumblebee. They fake a malfunction to buy some time to talk about what just happened. Starscream buys the malfunction story (both Autobots and Decepticons couldn’t help but talk bad about how terribly primitive this vessel was) and anxiously waits. The crew discusses how weird it was that this most terrible of beings chose to speak with Starscream instead of fighting. Not to mention that he didn’t fire on any of them. They lie to Starscream and say they are going to be out of commission for a while. Starscream tells them that he will be back after he helps destroy the Ark. After he leaves, Ghost One tries to run when the Ship gets stuck in a sinkhole and before long they find themselves buried in a tin tomb on the ass end of the galaxy. Also, they’re not alone down there.

Prime and Bumblebee ducked from chamber to chamber trying to avoid another confrontation with the Buggers. In the next chamber, the more injured Prime pulls the less injured Bumblebee behind him and articulates his weapon in a stand off with Ghost One. This act eventually convinces the crew that Starscream twisted the truth and they lowered their weapon. Prime followed suit and Bumblebee initiated contact. They make friends and tell Prime that IM/Megs is on Earth. Prime must warn Earth of the danger it is in.

At SSAB, Nolan and his artic rangers prepared to leave to find Kinnear’s convoy. Nolan defends his current shape to the lead ranger and talk about “Old Man”.

In Orbit, Jazz’s plan wasn’t working out as well as he and Ironhide hoped (This battle sequence was very cool). Jazz is messed up real good and then Starscream shows up to knock the scales of the table. Not looking pleasant.

Prime finds a weak spot that can be blown open to allow for them to escape. Then the Buggers attack and screw up the plans. Prime gets a complex idea that can not only open a door and not kill the Humans, but take out the Buggers as well. With Bumblebee and Ghost One clear, Prime’s escape is delayed when he is caught by a hidden Bugger.

Kinnear wakes up and demands a stimulant, can’t lead if he’s asleep. As Kinnear ‘wakes up’, the Russians attack. Kinnear orders a perimeter and IM cannot be taken. They also begin to start firing the flares. Nolan and the Rangers see a flare in the distance.

Jazz and Ironhide have been successful at staying alive with Ratchet at the turrets, but Starscream, Bonecrusher, Blackout and Frenzy have a very large advantage. As the Autobots near the Ark, the Decepticons slow pursuit to avoid the turrets. That’s when Jazz and Ironhide made a mad dash for the Ark. Once behind the shields, they argue whether to follow orders and split or to stay and wait for Prime.

Starscream insists on finishing the Autobots before they escape, but the others won’t hear it. They want to know what is the deal with Ghost One (Starscream hasn’t told them a thing, in fact he’s been avoiding the subject). Starscream swears that if the Ark gets away he’ll take them all out. Blackout tells him that Scorponok is onboard already, destroying their engines. Blackout now demands to know about how Prime and Bumblebee died. Starscream says their dead because he says so. It’s on! Blackout opens fire on Starscream and a brawl ensues (I just realized Brawl wasn’t in the book, hmm). The other Decepticons just watch the fun.

At SSAB, that desk jockey calls up Ghost One to tell them that they are ordered to stay there if there is any chance for IM’s friends to find a way to Earth. The crew talks seriously about what has happened and decide that if they are going to die out here, they are going to do it as heroes. Prime reluctantly accepted their assistance after they explained their new situation.

As they made Orbit, they found the Decepticons infighting. Prime called everyone out of the Ark for the final showdown before they lose their advantage.

Jenson sees Kinnear and informs him that the perimeter is falling and the IM re-freezing has pretty much stopped. Then gunfire rang out, it was the rangers. Relieved, Kinnear gives Jenson his seal of approval as he heads out to defend the IM. Kinnear is next visited by the Russian Driver with a nasty knife. Kinnear, not being able to walk, is having a bad day. Nolan and his rangers arrive at the outskirts of the battleground. The rangers deploy on foot and Nolan drives the Sno-Cat.

Starscream and Blackout go at it pretty rough until Starscream all but kills Blackout. Having asserted himself as unquestionable, he sends Bonecrusher to take the remains to the Nemesis with Barricade while he and the others go to finish off the Ark. Before they could move, Barricade warns them of the approaching Prime, Bumblebee and Ghost One. Thought they were all dead, Starscream?

Kinnear was dying and crippled, the Russian was frost bitten and sick. A cripple fight is the best analogy here. The Russian pierced one of Kinnear’s lungs before he was slit ear to ear. As Kinnear laid there ready to die, he heard tearing metal and loud thumping from where the convoy’s direction. Nolan comes rolling up in time to see IM swaying on his feet, so he ‘ghost rides’ the Sno-Cat into IM, knocking him into an exploding truck which bounces him a little bit. Nolan looks to see that Kinnear has dragged his ass out into the battle to help with the IM. He was all that mattered now.

Aboard Ghost One, desk jockey tells the crew that their wormhole is still open, barely. They should come home regardless of the order to stay away. Conflicts flare between just going home and making sure home is safe. The Capt. puts an end to it all by ordering that they all stay and do what is right. They call SSAB and declare their intentions and sign off. Attack positions people.

How does the final battle end?
What happens to Ghost One?
How do they get the “Ice Man” back under control?
Do you get to hear the ‘squishy’ sound?
What goes down between the Decepticons and Starscream?
Did Scorponok complete his mission?
Do Kinnear and Nolan have a Brokeback Mountain moment on the artic tundra?

The last answer is NO.
I'll answer any questions EXCEPT those listed above.
For the rest, GET THIS BOOK!

Another Nike Megatron Auction, This Time It's Ebay

Transformers News: Another Nike Megatron Auction, This Time It's Ebay
Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2007 4:13am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): spx toys of Ebay

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We first reported here about Nike Megatron and Convoy showing up on the auction site. Now we have the infamous Ebay seller SPX toys has managed to get his hands on a testshot of Nike Megatron. To see 3 new images of Nike Megatron, head over to the auction here.

Movie Voyager Megatron Gallery Now Online!

Transformers News: Movie Voyager Megatron Gallery Now Online!
Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2007 12:52am CDT
Categories: Site News, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Ryan and megatroptimus

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Views: 20,949 is proud to present it's 12th Transformers Movie gallery. The latest figure to get our special photogallery treatment is none other than the maniacal Megatron ... evil leader of the Decepticons! View over 130 pictures by clicking here.

And to add even more here is a review from our very own megatroptimus who was also able to grab one early.

Quick notes :

-Ice is not removeable
-Missile launches by retracting the silver piece on the gun
-There's a lever at the back of the jet... you pull and the wings move forward...
-Feet are spring-loaded : if you lift Megatron off the ground, they fold automatically
-Claws are poseable and retract for jet mode
-Some automorphing : as you unfold the feet for robot mode, the ice patches move up on the lower legs
-As you rotate the chest into position for robot mode, the torso ice patch moves down and reveals the head
-The jet rolls on 3 little wheels (2 on the feet and on the lower part of the chest (hidden by the ice patch in bot mode)
-Plenty poseable : head (ball joint), shoulders (click joints, bicep swivel, lower arm moves up/down, poseable claws, waist rotates, hips (click joints in both directions : front/rear, side to side), knees (swivels + front/rear click joints), feet (ball joints).
-Shoulders pads are spring-loaded (not sure why yet)
-The clear wing tip is made of soft plastic and the clear middle part of the wing is of harder plastic (still slightly flexible)

To transform from robot mode to jet mode...

-straighten the legs and rotate them 180 degrees
-rotate the waist 180 degrees
-lift the wings/backback until it's parallel to the ground
-move the waist/legs unit to the back (the torso's ice patch will move up to cover the head)
-peg the legs to the jet's tail
-retract the claws
-rotate the gun so it's now between both arm
-bring the arm closer to the middle so you can peg the gun to the torso
-peg the right arm's gun clip to the gun
-straitghten the arms so they point forward
-position the wings (not sure how they should be)

Pretty easy, but fun. The shoulders move down at an angle as you move the waist/legs unit.

MP Megatron Now Released in Japan

Transformers News: MP Megatron Now Released in Japan
Date: Wednesday, March 28th 2007 12:23am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Stormrider

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Views: 10,901

MP Megatron has now been released in Japan. He is packaged in his robot mode.

Brief description:
He does not contain as much die-cast as MP Convoy, however his plastic is very sturdy with strong ratcheted joints. Despite his appearance, he is very durable and has no problem standing on his own. His transformation is more complex than MP Starscream.

I have included a couple pictures to show his scale:

(In the first photo a quarter is used as scale reference below Megatron)

New Photos of Transformers Movie Deluxe Bumblebee

Transformers News: New Photos of Transformers Movie Deluxe Bumblebee
Date: Tuesday, March 27th 2007 10:22pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): megatroptimus

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Views: 29,051

Our own megatroptimus has been very busy today. He has already shared mini reviews and new images of Transformers Movie deluxe Barricade and Brawl, and new images of Voyager Megatron. Now megatroptimus has posted a mini review of Transformers Movie deluxe Bumblebee. The review contains some new images of the figure. Here is what megatroptimus posted:


It's the old '74 Camaro. Painted windows, some dirt effects, black stripes, silver rims, silver headlights, silver trim on the front bumper, painted brake lights. It's like an unkidified version of Energon Hot Shot or Armada Hot Shot. Had to fix the hood on mine as it didn't want to stay in place (locking tabs were too thin). A few drops of superglue and it was ready to go.


Some interesting stuff going on here as Bumblebee has both flipchanging and automorph gimmicks. You start by detaching the guns from the undercarriage. Then, under the car, you flip up the little panel with the Autobot insignia to unlock the front portion of the vehicle. Then you push the button on the hood and the chest with flip down and automorph at the same time (headlights move forward and to the center over the front grill). Turn the head around. Move the arms up laterally until the wheels lock on the shoulders. Fold down and pose the arms. Open the doors and lift the whole windshield/doors piece to form the "wings" behind Bumblebee. To form the legs, split the rear of the car in two. Rotate the bumper completely under the car and slide it to the rear by holding it parallel to the car. This will activate the automorph feature and move the rear window down and the knee guard up. Once you're done, fold down the feet and repeat for the other leg. Then you can attach the guns to the shoulders or the fists. Missiles are spring-loaded. The transformation is very fun and very smooth.


Very good poseability. Head is on a ball joint and can rotate on 360 degrees and tilt up and down. Ball joints for the shoulders and elbows. Fists can rotate on 360 degrees. Ball joints for the hips. Joints for the knees (forward-backward) and the feet (up/down). Robot mode brings some more black and blue detailing. I for one love the headsculpt. There's a number on the waist area that says "4NZZ454". Dunno what it refers to.

Overall, a very nice figure. I wish Barricade had that kind of poseability. I prefer Barricade's look, but for playability, Bumblebee takes the win.


Transformers Movie Ads to Begin this Weekend?

Transformers News: Transformers Movie Ads to Begin this Weekend?
Date: Tuesday, March 27th 2007 9:38pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Imaginary Number One of

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Views: 10,397

It is only a matter of time before advertisements for the upcoming Transformers Movie start to play on television. According to Imaginary Number One of the official Transformers Movie forums, the ads will begin this weekend on CBS. Imaginary Number One has a sister who works for a promotions company and received a copy of an e-mail from Paramount announcing the ads would start to air. Here is a copy of the email Imaginary Number One posted:


We are creating a PHASE ONE MEDIA campaign for TRANSFORMERS. The first television spot will air this coming Saturday during some sports programming and will continue on throughout televised media events throughout the month of April.

National publicity is trying for a first look on ET for this Friday. Would love to be able to offer your CBS affiliate a "first look" at the spot as well should they have interest as well.

Please pitch you local CBS stations and let me know ASAP so I can be sure to ship the spot to them in order for it to coincide with ET's FIRST LOOK.

A list of outlets and contact info would be greatly appreciated."

New Images of Transformers Movie Deluxe Brawl

Transformers News: New Images of Transformers Movie Deluxe Brawl
Date: Tuesday, March 27th 2007 6:07pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): megatroptimus

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Views: 21,029

Our own megatroptimus has received the Transformers Movie Deluxe Brawl figure. Megatroptimus has been kind enought to share some new images of the figure along with a small review. Here is megatroptimus' mini review with new images:


Looks good although the plastic feels so-so. Turrets turn but main cannon cannot move up or down. Secondary cannons can't either, only the third set can move in all directions. Tank rolls on 4 little wheels.


The most spectacular I've seen for a tank (too long to explain)... until it's time to attach the shoulders to the torso, which proved impossible. Had to put superglue in the hole to make them smaller. Very frustrating process, I can already see kids being disapointed. Once the fix is done, everything is fine. The automorph feature on it is that when you fold down the torso, the tank threads move upand the head folds up. Pretty cool and not obstrusive.


Great little robot with blades/claws on the left arm and the tank's main cannon on the right one. Brawl is super poseable. Joints for : head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, feet. Headsculpt is pretty cool too, the closest to anything G1 in that line so far. Actually, it looks more like something from Beast Machines. I love it.


New Images of Movie Deluxe Barricade

Transformers News: New Images of Movie Deluxe Barricade
Date: Tuesday, March 27th 2007 5:59pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): megatroptimus

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Views: 15,721

Our own megatroptimus has received the Transformers Movie Deluxe Barricade figure. Megatroptimus has been kind enought to share some new images of the figure along with a small review. Here is megatroptimus' mini review with new images:


Best deluxe car ever, the detailing on this Saleen is fantastic.


Nothing too unusual, fairly easy. Swing out sides of the car to form the arms, Split the rear end and connect the waist under the car, fold down down, split the hood in half, flip up the head, eject Frenzy from the chest (no spring action here) if you wish and unfold it and you're done.


Looks very nice, the arms are spectacular (especially the hands - 3 fingers and one moveable thumb), gimmick is okay (left arm extends when you push a button), but the main thing is, Barricade is a pain in the ass to pose. It's top heavy and the legs cannot be straight, ankle joints are a bit loose. Head doesn't turn either. A bit of a let down in robot mode, but I've seen worse.


Movie Preview Figures Out Now in Isreal.

Transformers News: Movie Preview Figures Out Now in Isreal.
Date: Tuesday, March 27th 2007 4:04pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Megatron of the Israeli Transformers Forum

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Views: 11,059

The Transformers Movie Preview figures of Protoform Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream are due to be released in the United States on May 2nd. But according to Megatron of the Israeli Transformers Forum, the figures have been released. He picked both figures up Herzelia, Israel.

To see the original thread please click here. And don't forget to check out other Movie Figures in the Seibertron Movie Toy Section.

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