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Beast Wars II & Neo FDP Auditions

Transformers News: Beast Wars II & Neo FDP Auditions
Date: Sunday, June 17th 2007 10:10am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Event News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): New Brandon

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New Brandon of the FDP has stopped by to let us know they need some more voice actors. Here is his message:

Hey everyone, it's audition time! We've got a lot of characters to audition for our fan dubs here, but if you don't get one... there's still a lot more to go! We have some for both male and female voices, which isn't always the case when you're dubbing Transformers. We have fan dubs available of Victory, Beast Wars Second, Beast Wars Neo, Robotmasters, Scramble City, Zone... over 40 episodes all told! To check out our work, please visit

Also, we have bit parts, episode parts and regular parts. If you're not looking to committ to a long deal, please don't audition for the Insectrons. Please record all the lines listed for each character. I have provided screen caps for each character and a Japanese voice sample of all of the major characters as a rough guideline.

Send all auditions to bwill(at) Preferably zipped. Save the files in MP3 format if possible. File attributes should be something like 48000Hz, 192kbps, mono -- although I'm far from strict on this. Name the files CharacterName_YourName_Line#.mp3. The deadline is Sunday, July 15. Now, on to auditions.


Beast Wars Second

Scrambled Voice
First, we have a bit part... a scrambled female voice. Needs to sound ominous, with no emotion. Send in clips of gibberish, about 5-10 seconds in length.

Maximal Drill Sergeant

The drill sergeant only has a couple of lines in episode 5. Unsurprisingly, he needs to sound strong and military-like. The character is only seen briefly, at a distance and in silhouette, so you won't need to match any mouth flaps.

"Gutless cowards! This is no drill! Don't help anyone but yourself!"


Mantis is a semi-regular character and the leader of the Insectron faction in Beast Wars Second. Most of his appearances happen around episodes 6-12 or so. Looking for something strong, tough and maybe even slightly crazy (in an angry sort of way). He is a loner, despite being the leader of the group and would rather live in peace than fight, so getting caught in the middle of the Maximal-Predacon war angers him. His alternate mode should be obvious by his name.

"I am Mantis of the Insectrons and I look forward to challenging you one day!"
"The time for talking is over!"
"Those who threaten our lives are our enemies!"

Japanese Voice Sample


Bigmos is a mosquito. His voice should be deep and a little deliberate. He's always seen with Tonbot, who is pretty much the opposite of him.

"We can't let them live, Tonbot."
"Maximals, I believe we had a bit of a miscommunication."

Japanese Voice Sample


Tonbot ('tawn-bot') is loud and obnoxious. Has a high pitched voice. If I was to compare him to a character in the original Beast Wars series, it would be Waspinator. I'm not looking for a Waspy impression, but maybe something equally as obnoxious.

"Please help me! Please!"
"Wow, you Maximals are amazing!"
"We thought we'd finally found peace, then these guys had to come and ruin it for us!"

Japanese/Engrish Voice Sample


Scissorboy is the teenage/young member of the Insectrons. I'm looking for a young voice, but more of a medium sounding young voice, nothing too high.

"Are you still working on that stupid thing?"
"I had this dream about you last night, so I was hoping I'd run into you sometime!"

Japanese Voice Sample


Drillnuts is the scientist of the Insectrons. He always has gadgets that may or may not be any good, especially a device that detects rage. Looking for something that sounds "smart." I picture him with an English accent, but a Harvard lockjaw or some other similar sounding accent may also be worth a try. He doesn't need an accent, he just needs to sound intelligent. Has a medium voice.

"Look, what it does is it detects one's level of hostility."
"I've got bigger fish to fry. A missile I made myself didn't explode! I don't see why..."

Japanese Voice Sample


Powerhug is a goofy character. He's big and not really the brightest, so he should have a deep, slow voice. He likes to roll up into a ball and roll down hills until he loses control. No mouth, so it will be easy to synch the lines.

"Aaaarrrgghhhh! Help! I'm out of control!"
"And defy the code? Never. The only way I fight is like a true insect!"

Japanese Voice Sample

Beast Wars Neo


Hydra mostly appears in episode 12 (we're on 11 right now), but appears later on in the series. He likes making bad puns and he thinks he's funnier than he is. He is an old friend of Ramhorn's and is jealous of his success. Magmatron has put him incharge of the fortress planet Porcupine which has the population of 2 -- Hydra and his drone.

"Lord Magmatron, you'll never believe it, sir. The Maximals have requested landing on Porcupine!"
"I'll need some help. Send one of your troops in and we'll take their ship out."

Japanese Voice Sample

Hydra's Drone

Female voice. Needs to sound plain like a computer but still have an underlying sense of humour. Doesn't have a mouth, so there's not a lot of difficulty in synching lines. I'm relatively sure she's just in the one episode.

"With these new spaceships being built into Porcupine, it will truly be the most powerful fortress planet that has ever existed."

Japanese Voice Sample

That's it for auditions. If you have any questions, please reply to this thread or e-mail me at my address above.

SDDC Exclusive Grimlock – Press Release

Transformers News: SDDC Exclusive Grimlock – Press Release
Date: Saturday, June 16th 2007 9:43pm CDT
Categories: Collectables, Event News, Press Releases
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): Action Figure Xpress, Diamond Select Toys

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Last month, we posted images here of the War Within Grimlock, which is a SDCC exclusive. Diamond Select Toys & Shop AFX, which is producing the bust, has now provided a press release, which describes the statue and character bio.



DST and internet retailer Action Figure Xpress are pleased to announce the latest exclusive available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con: the kick-butt Transformers “The War Within” Grimlock Bust! This exclusive will be limited to just 600 pieces, so head over to and make sure to order today!

Originally recruited by the Decepticons of ancient Cybertron, Grimlock became disgusted with Megatron’s brutality and joined the Autobots. A consummate warrior and strategist, Grimlock masks a surprising intellect behind his simplistic speech patterns. Though he could bring a huge array of weapons to any fight, he prefers close quarter combat with his enemies, wielding his Energon sword, or simply crushing his enemies with his bare servos. This “The War Within” Grimlock bust is limited to only 600 pieces and was sculpted by Art Asylum.

ABOUT DIAMOND SELECT TOYS AND COLLECTIBLES, LLC DIAMOND SELECT TOYS AND COLLECTIBLES, LLC was founded in 1999 by sister company Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Envisioned to create unique and exciting collectibles for children and adults alike, the company has licensed a variety of pop culture properties to be turned into merchandise. With partners such as Marvel Enterprises, Capcom, Twentieth Century Fox, Hasbro, Backbone, Bliss House, and MGM, Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles produces a large range of products based on a wide variety of properties, and is headquartered in Timonium, MD. For more information, visit

Honolulu-based ACTION FIGURE XPRESS is the mail order and online premier toy and action figure collectible shop since 1997. Offering easy, one-stop shopping for today’s discriminating toy and action figure aficionados, Action Figure Xpress prides itself on bringing innovative
exclusives to the market as an alternative to “getting those rare figures without fighting the crowds.” For more information, visit

New Update regarding Botcon and Breakaway

Transformers News: New Update regarding Botcon and Breakaway
Date: Saturday, June 16th 2007 10:54am CDT
Categories: Collector's Club News, Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Fender Bender | Credit(s):

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A new update has been sent out via e-mail from the Transformers Collectors Club. According to the statement, the free Club exclusive, Breakaway, has arrived at Fun Publications HQ along with the Botcon box sets. The problem though, is that with how busy Fun Publications is currently, they are unable to ship the figure at the moment.

They also go on to state that there will be Breakaway toys at Botcon for purchase though.


I have good news and some almost good news:

In honor of the boxed sets arriving from China Thursday, we posted the
box art for this year's convention set at

The almost good news is that the Breakaway figures came in the same
shipment but...we won't be able to get them out before BotCon. We will
have some with us for sale in RI. We will be shipping all the free ones
when we return from RI and they should all be in the mail by July 13th.
Thanks for your patience.

BTW, the bag has a misprint on them and it says BotCon 2007 which is
not correct. The Breakaway figures have nothing to do with the BotCon
figures, only they were produced at the same time.

Thanks for your support!


New Images and Review of BotCon Exclusive Alpha Trion

Transformers News: New Images and Review of BotCon Exclusive Alpha Trion
Date: Friday, June 15th 2007 5:26pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): rikkomba

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We have seen a number of pictures of BotCon Exclusive Alpha Trion. Now our own rikkomba has informed us that he posted new photos of the figure along with a review. The images include comparison shot the other two Vector Prime releases. Check out the review and images by clicking here.

New Images of BotCon Exclusive Dreadwind

Transformers News: New Images of BotCon Exclusive Dreadwind
Date: Friday, June 15th 2007 3:19pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): xOPtimUsZErOx and ebay seller kayotoys-cn

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Our own xOPtimUsZErOx has brought us news about new images of BotCon exclusive Dreadwind. Ebay seller kayotoys-cn has posted an auction for Dreadwing. The auction show eight new images of the figure. Here are the latest images:

Boxart for the Botcon "Primus Package" Now Online

Transformers News: Boxart for the Botcon "Primus Package" Now Online
Date: Thursday, June 14th 2007 6:10pm CDT
Categories: Collectables, Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Geekee1,

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Views: 12,059

Seibertron member Geekee1 has informed us that the official Botcon site has been updated to showcase the cover art for the "Primus Package" of convention exclusives for this summer's Botcon '07.

Check it out a little ways down on the mainpage of the official Botcon website here.

Update to All BotCon Attendees

Transformers News: Update to All BotCon Attendees
Date: Wednesday, June 13th 2007 1:00pm CDT
Category: Event News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): BotCon

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The folks at BotCon have sent out a new email update. This recent update deals with selling BotCon Packages on Ebay. Here is a copy of the latest email:

"It has been brought to our attention that someone is trying to sell Primus Packages on Ebay. We do not allow this. Packages are not transferable. We will not transfer a package to anyone else. If you try to do this, we will consider this a package cancellation. We do allow those who can't come (who ordered a Primus package) to convert to a non-attending or Iacon package.

Please keep in mind that anything you bid for online is a non-attending set. We don't want you to bid on something that the owner does not have rights to sell.



Transformers Videobot Contest

Transformers News: Transformers Videobot Contest
Date: Wednesday, June 13th 2007 4:18am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News, Store News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s):, dragons

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Do you think you have the skills to make the ultimate Transformers video? has launched a Transformers video contest.

Create your own TRANSFORMERS video. The video can have any theme as long as it involves your enthusiasm for TRANSFORMERS. It can be a comedy, drama, action, romance, whatever, just be creative and use your imagination. Maybe you want to create your own mini-episode of the original TRANSFORMERS TV show or even a stop-motion action video with TRANSFORMERS action figures.

Just make sure it is creative and "MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE". The video needs to be between thirty seconds and five minutes in length. You will also have the opportunity to remix your video with TRANSFORMERS animated footage. You can submit and upload your self-produced clips, edit that footage with TRANSFORMERS content or create a video solely using the provided TRANSFORMERS animation.

Sound and video clips from various original TRANSFORMERS episodes have been provided by Hasbro. The clips are available in the Jumpcut movie editor. Click on upload video to find out more about how to create / submit your entry to become the ultimate TRANSFORMERS Videobot!

• 1ST PLACE One of a kind collectible Vacuum Metalized (chrome) OPTIMUS PRIME
• 2ND PLACE Exclusive TRANSFORMERS movie pack
• 3RD PLACE Ultimate TRANSFORMERS movie toy collection

Click here to view the entire contest and rules:'s notes and photos from Activision's Transformers game event

Transformers News:'s notes and photos from Activision's Transformers game event
Date: Tuesday, June 12th 2007 9:55pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Game News, Media, Movie News
Posted by: Seibertron

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Activision invited several key Transformers related websites out to Los Angeles on June 6th, 2007, for a Q&A session and to have some hands-on demonstration with the Transformers game on each of the major platforms. As many of you know, the owner of is pretty triggerhappy with his camera so there are some repetitive pictures from the Q&A session. Nonetheless, the pictures capture the event for everyone to enjoy.

Each of us at the event were able to play each of the major 5 platforms for about 20 minutes each. Bottom line is this: if you don't own a Wii, a Nintendo DS, an Xbox 360, a Sony PSP or a Sony Playstation 3 ... you need to go out to buy one. The platforms are truly incredible and the handhelds are a lot of fun.

Below are some notes that I took while attending the Activision event. I'm not a big fan of writing reviews so hopefully you'll find some of the information that I posted from my notes and in the galleries useful as we continue to get closer to the release of the Transformers games from Activision and the worldwide release of the Transformers Movie. The notes presented below are in the order that information was provided to me at the event, so some of it is out of order.

Please let me know if you guys have some additional questions. Thanks!



Related Photo Galleries:

  • Photos from the Activision Press Event

  • Screenshots from the Microsoft XBox 360

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  • Screenshots from the Sony PSP

  • Screenshots from the Nintendo DS

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Notes from the Transformers Game Event:
    • The opening cinematic that Activision showed us is mind-blowingly awesome. It opens on Cybertron. The computer animation is simply beautiful. It looks like there was a fully rendered Cybertron in the style of G1, not the style that's on
    • Activision showed us a cinematic that features Bumblebee landing on Earth. Optimus Prime states Bumblebee's mission. We've seen this mission objective via radio intercom used in the past for the 2004 Transformers Armada game from Atari. Bumblebee then scans a Camaro that is alone in an empty parking lot.
    • Bumblebee battles Swindle
    • Activision demo'ed a lot of the transformations.
    • The game makes use of a radar that shows your location, a map of the area as well as any enemy targets which are marked with their faction symbol. The radar is similar to that used in other major platform games.
    • The Transformers can climb the sides of buildings.
    • There is a ton of interaction with the city and such.
    • Every 20 energon cubes you obtain unlocks a different mission/objective, unlockable characters, features, etc.
    • The game has a lot of Easter eggs throughout the game such as a building called "Seaspray's fish and chips" or "Hound's Hot Dogs".
    • Activision referred to the faction symbols as "shields" which I don't think I've heard anyone do before.
    • Next, Activision showed us a cinematic with Barricade, Mikeala and Sam.
    • "Protect and Serve" mission objective: defeat Barricade and get to Sam before him. Story: The Decepticon Barricade has posed as a human Police vehicle in an effort to harm. More ...
    • Optimus Prime announces what Bumblebee should be doing. Peter Cullen has done an incredible job with his Optimus Prime voice. It totally sounds like his G1 self.
    • Barricade and Bumblebee battle around Tranquility high school.
    • Trivia: tranquility sharks
    • The transformation sound is similar to what we hear in the movie ... there is no use of the G1 transformation sound.
    • While Bumblebee and Barricade are battling, the action moves to a cinematic with them on a highschool football field. The action is beautfil
    • One of Bumblebee's mission is called "Plight of the Bumblebee" (a nod to Marvel Comics' Transformers #16).
    • Something from the "Plight of the Bumblebee" comic book is available as an unlockable feature (not sure if it's the full comic or cover art).
    • Activision compared the interactive environment like a "ball in a china shop scenario"
    • "Unfriendly Skies" Objective: ground Starscream and defeat him. Story: Starscream is after the AllSpark. Shoot him out of the sky ...
    • Optimus Prime to Jazz: "Starscream ... take him out."
    • The game uses small Autobot or Decepticon shields on the radar to identify the enemy's location.
    • Starscream is HUGE compared to Jazz ... but in an entertaining "omigod the bad guy is so big" kind of way.
    • Jazz is voiced by an African American voice actor.
    • Activision's Dreadwind character battles Jazz.
    • Activision's Daniel talks about working with Hasbro to collaborate with Aaron Archer and crew for the movie game toys.
    • The characters in the game have shadows.
    • The police chase after Jazz while battling the Decepticons.
    • "Hound's Hot Dogs" on Main St. during Jazz's battle with Dreadwind.
    • Next cinemtatic that was showed to us: Decepticons versus Jazz (Blackout and Dreadwind ... Starscream takes off during Jazz's battle).
    • Jazz then battles Blackout, who looks phenomenal.
    • Unlockable characters ... G1!!! (Including G1 Optimus Prime plus repaints. I also wrote down Megatron but we weren't shown this and I don't remember this being mentioned), television openers
    • Their intention was to satisfy the fans.
    • G1 Optimus Prime looks beautiful ... it's incredible to see G1 Prime rendered like this!
    • The cars have weapons and nitro.
    • G1 Optimus Prime can fire missiles.
    • "Heavy Weapon" Objective: defeat Shockwave
    • Shockwave is a purple triplechanger complete with a G1 styled head.
    • Missile turret, helicopter and a robot.
    • Shockwave's transformation is awesome.
    • Jazz voices to Optimus Prime via radio transmission for his mission.
    • Optimus Prime quotes: "I can't let him get away", "You will not cause anymore destruction, Decepticon."
    • Activision wanted to create a game that plays up the movie and the fans.
    • "Transformations actually mean something in the game."
    • Amazing destruction technology ... almost fully interactive environment. Very impressive!
    • The complexity of the transformations really surprised Activision.
    • A lot of information wasn't available (i.e. voice of Megatron) so they worked with what they had at the time.
    • Activision was able to use a lot of the ILM assets, which ILM/Dreamworks/Paramount was more than happy to share.
    • Tom: "game gives a lot of backstory to the movie that was never shot."
    • Peter Cullen (re: working with welker again): "It was fantastic, has always been when I work with Frank. We work well together. Frank's kind of like a fuse ... you just kind of never know when he's going to blow up. but he never does. It's always in a good way."
    • Tom DeSanto was asked about special features for the DVD: Michael Bay is a DVD fan. Tom doesn't want to give anything away.
    • Activision views the handhelds (DS and PSP) as supplementals to the platform versions.
    • DS version takes advantage of the hardware considerably. It really pushed the limits.
    • PSP: wanted to make a game with the Transformers stuff that they themselves wanted to see in a game (they are fans).
    • There are 26 characters in the PSP.
    • A company called "Savage" worked on the PSP.
    • PSP provides a unique experience you aren't going to get anywhere else such as versus modes, capture the flag, etc.

    Activision Transformers Game Event

    Activision Transformers Game Event

    Activision Transformers Game Event

    Activision Transformers Game Event

    Activision Transformers Game Event

    Activision Transformers Game Event

    Activision Transformers Game Event


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    New Hoyts Movie Contest in Australia

    Transformers News: New Hoyts Movie Contest in Australia
    Date: Tuesday, June 12th 2007 7:18pm CDT
    Categories: Event News, Movie News
    Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): i_amtrunks

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    Our own i_amtrunks has informed us about a new Transformers Movie contest in Australia. Here is what he reported:

    "Since the previous Hoyts competition ended last night, they have released details for a new competition:

    To launch this long awaited movie we're giving you the chance to WIN one of 10 Transformers prize packs, including a Hasbro Voyager Figure, Hasbro Deluxe Figure, Transformer Pen and an in-season double pass to see Transformers - all courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Hasbro.

    You have to be a ninemsn member (hotmail counts)and Quote:

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