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BotCon 2009: wins "Best News Site"

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: wins "Best News Site"
Date: Sunday, May 31st 2009 3:53am CDT
Categories: Site News, Event News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): The Members and Fans

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The staff at is proud to announce that for the second consecutive year, we were honored as the best "News Website" during the awards ceremony at BotCon 2009.

The award was presented tonight during the special "Party at Paramount." Accepting the award was site owner Ryan Yzquierdo. is now a 5-time award-winning website.

Ryan and the entire staff at would like to thank Brian Savage, Fun Publications and the loyal visitors of this site for their continued support and their role in bringing us this great honor.

BotCon 2009: Bay presents special ROTF footage - SPOILERS!!!

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: Bay presents special ROTF footage - SPOILERS!!!
Date: Sunday, May 31st 2009 2:42am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Event News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Michael Bay, BotCon

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Botcon attendees were treated to a very special preview of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen by Director Michael Bay. He talked with us about the making of the film and how it still isn't completed. He also made note that the footage we were about to be shown was not complete graphics wise but featured some MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

Warning!!! Do not read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

With our anticipation at its highest level, the attendees of Botcon roared into cheer as the first clip of the movie started. The footage started with John Turturro and Sam's roomate in the middle of a construction zone looking on to a group of construction vehicles surround them. The constructicons were revealed when Mixmasters Decepticon symbol is shown and Scavenger begins to transform. At the same time the other constructicons move closer to form Devastator!!!

Scavenger literally forces all the other constructicons into the gestalt ala Scorpion in Mortal Kombat. Tuturro then runs with Sam's roomate when the scene cuts to Sam and Mikaela running from Rampage.

Rampage begins chasing Sam's father when Sam jumps in front of him to draw his attention. Sam then says "Wait, it's not them you want. It's this, the MATRIX! He then holds up an item and continues to coax Rampage when Bumblebee arrives. The battle begins.

Rampage and Bumblebee fight ferociously with Bumblebee getting the better of Rampage when Ravage enters the fray. Using his hip cannons he blasts Bee and jumps on his back. Bumblebee then forces Rampage to the ground when Rampage lunges for Sam and takes Ravage and terrors him apart piece by piece.

Bumblebee then rips Rampages arm off and decapitates him.

More info to come.

Botcon 2009: Weird Al Yankovic and David Kaye TF Animated Panel

Transformers News: Botcon 2009: Weird Al Yankovic and David Kaye TF Animated Panel
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 6:13pm CDT
Categories: Event News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Botcon

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Continuing coverage of the Botcon 2009 Panels brings us David Kaye and Weird Al Yankovich doing a question and answer session for attendees. We were treated to a host of impressions from the duo along with some comedic answers to questions posed by Botcon goers. Here’s a portion of the Q & A session for your reading pleasure:

The duo started off explaining how it was when they first worked with each other and how they prepared for it.

David Kaye: When we get a script or breakdown of characters we see whos playing who and when I saw that it was Weird Al playing Wreck Gar it was surreal.

Weird Al: Its was fun developing Wreck Gar cause my character voice is really just my regular voice but a lot more obnoxious.

Q and A

For Al, have you ever thought about doing a parody of the Touch?

I was thinking of doing a speed metal version of it but it got a little outdated.

What was your favorite part of TFA?

We loved every time we worked together.

For Al, can you describe the process of choosing parody songs?

There’s no real set of parameters for choosing a song, but I browse the billboards top songs, which ones are the most popular and pick candidates and come up with a whacky idea for it then go about getting permission to do the parody.

For Al, what was your initial reaction when asked to come back to Transformers?

I was for it, like sure, I’m a big fan of Transformers and it was a great way to complete the circle.

If they were to do another Animated movie would you…?

YES! (from both).

For David, is there any other character you’d like to do?
Oh God how many toys are there. 12? I’d do 12 other voices. Al does “Hi I’m Megatron” in Wreck Gars voice.

How much did you improvise when working together? Was it encouraged?

Al: Well my involvement was pretty limited and I just followed the script. I did add in laughing and such to add to the character. David: Every once and a while we try to do things a little different but most of the time we just stuck to the script.

For Al, Since you’ve met so many people in the voice acting industry have you wanted to bring any on your albums?

I’ve met people and done it on a couple of occasions starting back in 1983. I’ve been fortunate work with some of the greatest voice actors in the world and had the opportunity to work with some on my albums.

What is the strangest thing you’d have to autograph at a convention?

Weird Al, sometimes its somebody’s body part and the next time I see them its tattooed on them. David: I autographed a baby this morning.

For David, which Transformers series did you enjoy working on the most?

Animated because of the people I was with, but I liked them all.

For David, which character did you like the most?

I had a lot of fun with Megatron, he was great to do as opposed to when I play a good guy I’m limited to what I can do.

Weird Al, if ever you were asked to work on the live action movie would you consider it? (Jokingly) I’d think about it. David, Yes.

For Weird Al, what was your reaction when you saw your song, Dare to be Stupid, on a movie with a bunch of robots break dancing to it?

[b]Well, when I wrote this song I thought someday it’d be great to see a bunch of robots break dancing to it.

For Weird Al, would Wreck Gar hire himself to the Detroit Garbage Collection?

Boy, I have to really peel back the layers of my character to give you a definite answer on that…..Yes.

For Weird Al, how did you come up with the idea of Wreck Gar just repeating everything he hears?
This is a fascinating story, really…. I read the script.

What do you guys do when your not working?

Weird Al, well I try to spend as much time with my family as I can, I have a six year old daughter who’s very imaginative and is into Star Wars but sometimes ask me to do Wreck Gar around the house. David, well it’s the same for me, my family is actually here in the crowd.

With all the voice acting and changing in pitch, do you have to do voice exercises to tune into characters?

Weird Al, I eat nothing but boiled squash all day. David, I do do certain voice training techniques to help with certain characters.

BotCon 2009: IDW Panel Coverage

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: IDW Panel Coverage
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 6:09pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): First Gen

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Here're a few highlights from the IDW panel:

IDW is currently in talks to continue Transformers Animated in comics after the conclusion of the series.

The next Transformers Spotlight comic is Cliffjumper, followed by Metroplex in July, and then it will go on hiatus.

There will be four additional issues of All Hail Megatron called "Coda". Each issue will feature two short stories that will tie in with the overall story arc.

With regards to the new GI Joe movie, a question was asked about a possible movie-verse crossover to which the answer was: "Definitely not."

Botcon 2009: Activision Transformers ROTF Panel

Transformers News: Botcon 2009: Activision Transformers ROTF Panel
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 5:55pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Event News, Game News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Botcon

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Botcon 2009: Activision Transformers ROTF Panel was present during the Activision question and answer panel which covered the upcoming release of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen the Game. Below you will see a breakdown of the events during the panel and a portion of the Q & A session that followed:

ROTF was created in 5 completely unique game modes for multiplayer and all platforms. The Nintendo Wii and DS both have unique versions of the game due to the simpler control functions of the system.

We were treated to video of the game shown with multiple transformation sequences and battle scenes. Different screen shots from the different platforms the game is available on were featured giving us an idea of how different the game is for each console.

Begin Q&A

How do you take advantage of the PS2 control version as opposed to the Wii and its controls?

One of the biggest challenges is making the ps2 version and then moving it to the Wii so they created the wii version first and transitioned them since the wii controls are more simplified. This is why the different platforms have unique versions.

Are you allowed to play as individual constructions in multiplayer mode?

One Constructicon is available but Devastator is a major boss that is not playable. There are bonus characters for multiplayer mode and will be downloadable characters such as Protectobot and Aerialbot (conglomerates of the original combiners).

Did you look at the first game and went with that theme or did your own version of the game?

The developers looked at all previous games plus what fans were saying on the forums to get an idea of what they should do with ROTF which is why multiplayer was developed and the unique versions became a necessity. Multiplayer was a main focus during the creation of the game.

Is Soundwave a playable character?

What we can tell us is that everyone that worked on the game are huge fans of Soundwave.

Can you jump and transform in motion?

Yes you can.

How many people worked on the game? How many of the cast of ROTF are in the game?

The total number of workers on the game were about 80 focused on the game with about 30 doing test version play for the game. They had people working on the game globally with a total of about 140. For number of cast in the game there’s Peter Cullen, Mark Ryan, Jess Harnell, Frank Welker for Megatron, Robert Foster ratchet, Megan fox and Shia Labeouf. Additional voices John Demaggio as Sideways (Futurama’s Bender).

How long will it take to get all the achievements for 360?

Most players will be hard pressed to get to a major boss in any one campaign in less than 60 hours? You have to metal in all levels to even begin to get close to completing the achievements.

Any concern in multiplayer with players corrupting the game?

This was a big concern and a lot of effort was made to make sure that any players that do that have minimal affect on the game as a whole. There is an achievement in which you can receive by getting affected by these players. The unlockable throughout all the games have a lot of things that are for G1 fans.

Based on the generation of games, given the cast of characters, what kind of game play differences will there be playing different characters?

We approached the game play as to what kind of roles each character filled in the game Ratchet has healing ability which is great for teams and Ironhide is a weapons specialist that can help with attacks. There was a lot of time spent making sure the characters had the abilities they’d be expected to have and added additional features that may not be expected.

Since you mentioned XBOX 360 achievments, is there Trophy support for PS3?


Any plans for other downloadable content besides characters?

“There’s so much to come”. Definitely more than just characters and it will be equal between platforms.

Compared to the first game, how much more detailed are the characters?

One of the things taken from the first game was improving on the features of the characters making based directly off the movie. A lot of time was spent comparing images and different angles to make sure things like transformation sequences worked well. A big focus was making them blend in more as opposed to “sticking out” and not being in the real world.

How closely is the game play to the actual movie?

There are some things in the game that are spoilers for the film but the design team spent a lot of time with the movie developers to give the game a flow of the movie and give hints as to points in the film but gave added content to it. Overall it follows the same characters and the same storyline but was meant to compliment each other.

What forms of music are being used for the game?

Steve Jabowski was a big part of the music production along with a lot of musicians from the movie soundtrack. Over 100 minutes of unique music was created for the game.

Was Stan Bush’s “The Touch” included?


Are all the game characters getting toys?

Hasbro worked very closely with the team on developing the game and were looking into the possibility of making the game characters that are not film characters.

What type of attacking capabilities will the characters have?

As far as attacks you’re not limited. You can do straight attacks, surprise attacks, aerial attacks and more.

XBOX 360 and PS3 both have 6 G1 episodes as additional content.

How is gameplay for the PS2 version? Will game play lag like in the first game?

A lot of technical issues from the first game were addressed. The second game was completely built from the ground up to allow for better gameplay. There is a coop additive that can be done with the single player campaign for the PS2.

More Botcon 2009 info to come.

BotCon 2009: Hasbro Review and Q&A panel

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: Hasbro Review and Q&A panel
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 5:47pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Hasbro via Seibertron and First Gen

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As usual, Hasbro was in attendance at the convention. They had a variety of new upcoming products to show us this year including some incredible figures that you probably didn't think we'd ever see. Here's a list of what they showed us which is followed up by First Gen's notes from the Q&A ...


6" Titaniums - Optimus Prime, Thrust and Hot Zone
ROTF Voyager Fallen on fire

Commemorative Insecticons
Commemorative Perceptor
ROTF Battle Pack - blue G1 deco Soundwave with Movie 1 Voyager Megatron

Masterpiece Skywarp, more faithful paint scheme to G1 toy

(Hasbro stated these products WILL find a way to retail!
Electrostatic Soundwave w/ Ratbat
Rodimus Minor
Cybertronian Ratchet
Cybertronian mode Ironhide (different mold)
Fugitive Waspinator (Bumblebee in Wasp's colors not a remold)
Goldfire Grimlock
Hydrodive Bumblebee - Bumblebee will be more in scale with other Autobots without Scuba gear)
Voyager Blackout (has Earth helicopter mode)
Wingblade Optimus Prime (Deluxe scale Optimus with trailer that becomes wings and such from last episode of TFA)
Thundercracker (Starscream repaint but no one will complain about that)



Brakedown (homage to G1 Brakedown)
Skystalker (new futuristic drone jet mold)
Scattorshot (military truck w/ plow - offscreen character with pistols)

Lockdown (TFA character as a ROTF styled figure - looks awesome)
Ratchet (comes w/ MP Blaster)
Dirge (complete with conehead, actually looks really cool, huge missiles under wings)

Jungle Attack Ironhide (redeco w/ new bumper that transforms into crossbow and huge guns, gattling gun, knives, sniper rifle)
Bludgeon (G1 style - holy shit is this awesome, tank, complete w/ samarai swords which come out of gun turrett, skull face, has samarai garb)

Barricade w/ Frenzy (stores in front of vehicle or chest has some guns as well - very cool!)

New version of series will continue in fall 2010


Will Universe 2.0 continue?
Through spring 2010 we’re focusing on ROTF figures which you’ll see are universe inspired and in the Fall you will see what you know as Classics Universe begin again?

Will we be getting the IDW Publishing character Drift?
Drift? You may want to come back to tomorrows panel for that answer.

What is your stance on the decision to end Transformers Animated?
As many of you know, Hasbro signed into a joint venture with Discovery Communications and give that its so new we really can’t get into the details, but with the new network we will be bringing some new things which will feature G1 references and content.

In the first break between the Transformers movie and TF Animated we saw a bunch of repaints that fell into the movie line, will we see that again where its just pure repaints?
We try to go back and look at figures that fans liked and we don’t do repaints just for the sake of doing repaints, you may see some figures released like that again but not just pure repaints.

Going back to the Transformers Animated panel, are there any other characters from the series that may see a release like Omega Supreme?
There were a lot of characters we wanted to see released like Omega Supreme and the Constructicons. We thought they were great characters we would have loved to have released but the timing just wasn’t right to release them.

For the ROTF Combiner Devastator Supreme Class, why weren’t they given individual robot modes?
We put them in individual Deluxe class vehicles and to get the best Devastator robot, and to avoid redundancy of repeating the Deluxe figures, we left them with no robot modes.

Is there any reason we have not seen a Deluxe class Cliffjumper in the TF Animated line?
We thought that he was such a minor character in the overall story that the Activators line fit best for him.

Are you guys looking into moving away from using so many twist ties?
We are looking to move away from them and moving towards smaller packaging which is more biodegradable. In the future you’ll see smaller packages with Tam, which is easier to cut and biodegradable.

Will we ever see the Japan Legends Devastator set in the US?
There are plans for it to get a US release as an exclusive, probably in the spring of 2010.

Will we ever see a Leader Class Blackout?
We have plans for a new leader figure for the fall of 2010 that we think you’ll be excited about, but we can’t tell you what.

Is there any chance we’ll see Alternity in the US?
That’s an exclusive that we don’t think will see a release here in the US.

How much influence has Hasbro had on the retail store chains with the way the economy is?
Unfortunately we were hit with cost increases with the jump in prices for oil and production and we try to keep the figures at a low price but when it comes to a price increase or reduction in quality of the product, we have to go with the price increase as not to put out a bad product.

With the Takara legends class Devastator there are 7 figures but the Supreme Class Devastator has only 6 constructions. Why?
With out giving away too much, there can be a lot of constructicons that form Devastator, lets just say 15 start out to create him but only 7 make it to the end of the film. It’s a different concept than what you’re used to for the gestalt team.

Is there any chance of seeing a Transformers Animated Cyclonus?
We really wanted to but since we released him in the Universe line, it didn’t make sense to release him since they would be so similar in design.

This was asked at the Collectors Club panel but they passed the buck to you, did you guys choose the name Nexus Maximus?
Uh, yes.


Find out about Drift tomorrow as well as the Wingblade Optimus Prime
New TF series on new Hasbro/Discovery channel
TFA has set the new standard for new projects
No Paradron Medic planned
No plans for TFA Omega Supreme or Constructicons at this time
ROTF Constructicons - made decision not to combine deluxes/voyagers so that it would look the best and same with Ultimate Devastator)
Future TFA characters might show up in future version of Classics/Universe line
Expect smaller and more environmentally friendly packaging next year
Hasbro plans to release Legends Devastator set (possibly as an exclusive)
Plans for ROTF Leader Starscream

BotCon 2009: next club exclusive figure just announced

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: next club exclusive figure just announced
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 5:29pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Counterpunch

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Not much to say in this news post other than the next Club exclusive figure along the lines of Astrotrain, Airrazor, Nightbeat and the Seacons will be none other than PUNCH/COUNTERPUNCH which will utilize the Universe Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold. For those of you who don't know who this character is, check out the gallery of the original G1 Punch/Counterpunch figure by clicking here.

BotCon 2009: next club exclusive figure just announced

BotCon 2009: next club exclusive figure just announced

BotCon 2009: next club exclusive figure just announced

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 10:46am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron

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There's so many pics from Hasbro's display area on Friday that we don't have time to group them into proper categories. (Sounds like something Ultra Magnus would say, huh?) There're over 500 photos of Transformers bliss covering everything from a couple of new TFA items to new FABs to ROTF Voyagers, Deluxes and a whole slew of other incredible figures. To view the full gallery, click here. Here're some highlights by class size or series ...

Devastator Combiner Set

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

ROTF Fast Action Battlers

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

Transformers Animated

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

ROTF Legends Class figures

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

Walmart and Target Exclusives

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

ROTF Voyager Class

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

ROTF Deluxe Class

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

ROTF Scout Class

BotCon 2009: Hasbro's Display Area (Friday)

There's also a whole lot more, but you'll have to look through the main Hasbro Display Area gallery for the rest of the pics.

Botcon 2009: Confirmation that Transformers Animated is ending

Transformers News: Botcon 2009: Confirmation that Transformers Animated is ending
Date: Saturday, May 30th 2009 3:40am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Botcon

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In todays Botcon Transformers Animated discussion panel, the news that the cartoon series would be coming to an end after season 3 concluded was confirmed.

The panel discussed the creation and joys of working on the series and featured cartoon shorts and special bios for the characters of the series. Some spoilers of the seasons ending were revealed but you'll have to watch the final episodes to find those out Seibertronians.

Keep your optics locked right here at for all the latest news from Botcon 2009.

BotCon 2009: SDCC Soundwave in package

Transformers News: BotCon 2009: SDCC Soundwave in package
Date: Friday, May 29th 2009 10:30pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron

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The highly anticipated Soundwave set was on display in Hasbro's Transformers area today. The Soundwave set includes Ratbat, Ravage, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw and will be available as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive later this summer. Check out the pics of this set in and out of package by clicking here.

BotCon 2008: SDCC Soundwave in package

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