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Classics Optimus Prime vs Megatron two-pack to be released internationally, in different packaging.

Transformers News: Classics Optimus Prime vs Megatron two-pack to be released internationally, in different packaging.
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 11:52pm CST
Category: Toy News

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Views: 9,760 has reported that the upcoming Classics Megatron vs Optimus Prime battlepack will be released internationally. The international release will come in more compact packaging, which doesn't seem to include a dvd.

Click here to view in and out of package images.

BIG Transformers Restock and Update from

Transformers News: BIG Transformers Restock and Update from
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 9:23pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Views: 27,456

Joel from has privded another update for his website. This time we have news of Kiss Player Rodimus shipping, but also an huge restock of many Transformers! Check out the update for a complete list!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a big
round of new arrivals and more cool new preorders:


BANDAI'S 1/350 SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: This is the mother of all
motherships! At $499.99 this kit packs a lot of features into its hull
including electronic lights and sound, and a hand held controller that you
can use to move the turrets and other features on this ~30" kit.
We have only preliminary images right now, but there reports back from the
latest show in Japan say this kit will be amazing.

MARVEL ATTACKTIX: Booster Boxes for the upcoming Marvel versions of
Hasbro's popular Attacktix game are now up for preorder at just $5.49
each. We also have the Ghost Rider and Spider-Man Origins sets listed.

IMPORTED GUNDAM MODEL KITS: Another new round of kits from Bandai have
been listed including: HGUC GM Striker, EX Model White Base, Master Grade
Strike Freedom Gundam, Master Grade GM Sniper, High Grade 1/144 Stargazer
Gundam, UCHG ESEF MS Team Briefing Set, 1/400 Dendrobium vs Neue Ziel -
check them all out here:

STAR WARS RADIO CONTROLLED R2-D2: Imported from Japan, these fun little
~4.5" droids come with a mini lightsaber that functions as the remote
control - only $29.99 each and we offer regular and battle damaged


ALIEN CINEMAQUETTE: 24 inches of pure evil at only $62.50 per inch! The
new Alien Cinemaquette is an ultra high-end collectible limited to 1000
pieces worldwide, and each piece is hand signed by H.R. Giger - in stock
now for $1499.99

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The new GX-02R Great Mazinger and GX-12 Venus A 2-Pack
has just arrived and is available for $114.99 in somewhat limited
quantities. Also in stock is the GX-31, GX-08, GX-24, GX-26, GX-01R,
GX-03 and many more high quality figures from Bandai

ROBOCOP AUTO-9 PROP REPLICA: This 1:1 life sized prop replica comes in a
shadowbox with plexiglass front. We have it priced $15 below MSRP at

TRANSFORMERS: Many items have been restocked as well as a new arrival:

--KISS PLAYERS RODIMUS - This new figure will be arriving tomorrow, get
your preorders in now and they will ship out asap - $69.99 each.

--ALTERNATORS NEMESIS PRIME - A very small restock of this extremely
popular figure has arrived - in stock now for $89.99 each.

--REISSUE TRANSFORMERS - We've just restocked #18 Sound Blaster, #19
Perceptor, #13 Hot Rod, #11 Astrotrain and also have others available.

--BINALTECH TRANSFORMERS - Back in stock are the BTA-01, BTA-02, BTA-03,
BT-05, BT-08, BT-13, BT-15, and BT-16 + more already available

--MASTERPIECE MP-01 CONVOY - The original MP Convoy is back in stock for
$119.99, if you missed it the first time here is your chance

--ROBOTMASTERS - The RM-01 Convoy, RM-11 Beast Convoy, RM-24 Reverse
Convoy, RM-21 Burning Convoy and Skywarp & Thundercracker 2-Pack are all
back in stock along with a variety of other Robotmaster figures.

--HASBRO COMMEMORATIVES - Jazz, Dirge, and Astrotrain are now available

--BEAST WARS 10TH: The awesome BWR-01 giftset with prime and megs in
their original beast forms is back in stock for $149.99 - this set is
getting hard to find

--EVEN MORE TRANSFORMERS: Other new arrivals include Sixtrain, Sixturbo,
Mega PVC Metallic Megatron, Mega PVC Starscream, Japanese Minibot
Keychains, Superlink Repaints & look for a ton of Japanese G1 vintage
department listings tomorrow

different monsters from the hit series of games including: Bahamut, The
Magus Sisters, Leviathan, Ifrit, and Cefca Palazzo - available as a set of
5 for $79.99 or singly for $16.99 (Save $5 by buying all together)

BLUE BOX 1/18 F-18 HORNET: This giant fighter jet is now in stock for
$94.99 - tons of detail at a reasonable price

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new arrivals and preorders.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Win a Limited Edition Transformer!

Transformers News: Win a Limited Edition Transformer!
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 8:19pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Store News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): nicholas-prime

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Views: 19,297

UK based website is offering an contest where you can win an Optimus Prime VS. Megatron statue. But this ends November 12th so act fast!

Win a Limited Edition Transformer!

There have been many great scraps over the ages: Ali vs. Foreman, Bush vs. Gore, Corrie vs. Eastenders and many more. However, none of these duels can rival the most exciting bout of fisticuffs ever seen; Megatron vs. Optimus Prime! The fiercest of rivals, their titanic struggle finally met its conclusion in Transformer the Movie. The result? A disputable draw. What followed was one of the greatest animated adventures ever seen, as the remaining Autobots battled to defeat Unicron, the world-devouring planet and the malevolent Decepticon invaders.

To celebrate the enduring success of Transformers the Movie, we're giving away a very special prize indeed. Take part and you could win a limited edition model of Megatron vs. Optimus, based on the epic movie battle! With interchangeable and removable parts, you can manoeuvre the two rivals into a number of postures. In addition, the winner will also receive a certificate of authenticity and a mini-poster! You'll have the touch and the power if you emerge victorious!

To enter all you need to do is answer the question below, fill in your details and click 'go'!

Competition closes - 12th November 2006


Who is the primary villain in Transformers?

Terms and Conditions

1. How to enter this Competition:
- answer the question and enter your details
- click 'Go'
2. Prize is an Optimus Prime Vs Megatron transformer!
3. Closing date is 12th November; all entries must be made by midnight on this date.
4. The winner will be notified by email; the prize will be delivered within 28 days of notification.
5. Only one entry per person.
6. No purchase necessary and no proof of purchase required.
7. Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are legally binding.
8. The promoter's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative and the prize is non-transferable.
9. Entrants must be 18 or over and live in the UK. Employees of, their families and agencies, and anyone directly connected with the competition are not eligible to enter.
10. Promoter's address is Play Ltd, PO Box 192, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8RP. Prize is subject to availability. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the promoter retains the right to offer an alternative prize of equal value.

Our standard Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions apply. See website for details

To enter the contest go here and click on the thumbnail above that says "WIN A LIMITED EDITION TRANSFORMER!"

Hasbro updates Transformers site with more Classics pictures

Transformers News: Hasbro updates Transformers site with more Classics pictures
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 5:35pm CST
Category: Company News
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s):

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Views: 18,824

Hasbro has updated their site to include pictures of Wave 1, which include:
Mirage & Grimlock
Classic legends - Fireflight, Leo Prime, Trypticon, Perceptror
Demolition team and Night Rescue Team.

See them all here.

They also have a preview for wave two, which is the same as the previews we've seen since Botcon.

Lastly they have included Bios and Box shots of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Rodimus, Bumblebee, Starscream and Astrotrain.

They also have included the new Transformers Flash game on the main page with a "watch demo" feature.

Check out all the transformers mayhem here

Cybertron sale at Canadian TRU

Transformers News: Cybertron sale at Canadian TRU
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 5:24pm CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): 83457W422102

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Views: 8,781

Now that Cybertron has shed its last tear, Toys R' Us Canada are putting almost all of the Cybertron line on sale!

This sale is advertised in the newest TRU Christmas flyer. Here are what the prices are were and are as of the sale:

Cybertron Deluxes, were $14.99, are $11.97.
Cybertron Ultras, were $39.99, are $32.97.
Cybertron Leaders, were $69.99, are $49.97.
Cybertron Supremes, were $79.99, are $59.97.
Beast Wars 10ths, were $19.99, are $14.97.
Star Wars Transformers, were $19.99, are $12.97.
SWTF Millennium Falcon, was $39.99, is $29.97.

This is a wonderful move from TRU as it will make much more space for newer items in time for Christmas and give a little something to the fan who just has to finish off his or her collection!

Happy Savings Canada!

Kiss Players: the story so far...

Transformers News: Kiss Players: the story so far...
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 2:31pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Media
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s): Teletraan-1, tigertracks 24

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Views: 21,399

During a debate on our Energon Pub forums about the identity of the Kiss Players Autolooper character, forum member tigertracks 24 pointed us in the direction of a wealth of information on the background to this controversial and rather bizarre new Transformers line.

Originally posted by Lycanthropic Tendencies of the 2005 boards the link to Teletraan-1: The Transformers Wiki provides background taken from and the Official Kiss players site and possibly translated from the instruction booklets, radio show and manga that accompanying this line. Find out about:

Kiss Players
Atari Hitotonari
Shaoshao Li

and more by clicking on the links above. Whatever you might think of this line it's certainly different, discuss!

More International DVD deals with TV Loonland

Transformers News: More International DVD deals with TV Loonland
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 9:33am CST
Categories: Company News, Media
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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Views: 12,794

C21 Media has reported that TV Loonland, who owns the media rights to the original series of the Transformers in Europe and several other parts of the globe, has made new DVD deals with YTV in Canada and Selecta Vision in Spain for the Transformers brand.

New images of Classics Minicons Divebomb, Firebot and Swoop.

Transformers News: New images of Classics Minicons Divebomb, Firebot and Swoop.
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 9:06am CST
Category: Toy News

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Views: 8,623

Ebay seller spx_toys is auctioning test-shots of upcoming Classics minicons Divebomb, Firebot and Swoop featuring new images!

Free Holiday shipping from

Transformers News: Free Holiday shipping from
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 3:47am CST
Category: Store News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s):

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Views: 8,711 will be offering free shipping for orders over $50.00 through December 13th. So if you need to buy some presents and what not, be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Free standard shipping on orders over $50 at Qualifying purchase based on pre-tax amount and exclusdes shipping and handling charges.

Offer excludes Easy-Bake Sweet Delivery Club, FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony, and Nerf Showtime Hoops.

Offer expires December 13, 2006 at 11:59 PM (ET). Not volaid on previous orders. May not be redeemed for cash. Offer may expire without notice die to error, fraud, or other unforseen cistumstances. Subject to terms and conditions of use.

New Images of Classics Grimlock and a Short Review

Transformers News: New Images of Classics Grimlock and a Short Review
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 2006 12:18am CST
Categories: Toy News, Reviews

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Views: 14,290

TheMightyMollusk of has gotten his hands on a test-shot of the upcoming Classics Grimlock, and has posted a short review plus some pictures.

You can view the thread over at The AllSpark here!

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