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The Frank Welker Rumor: An Apology

Transformers News: The Frank Welker Rumor: An Apology
Date: Sunday, October 1st 2006 12:17am CDT
Categories: Site News, Rumors, Press Releases
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): Professor Smooth

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As many of you may have read earlier, announced that Frank Welker was cast as Megatron in the upcoming Transformers movie. We at deeply apologize for this error. What happened is as follows:

In an effort to bring you the most up to date news from BotCon (and beyond) we, from time to time, create "potential stories" in advance of the actual release. This way, we're able to get our readers the news faster than we could hope to type it. Unfortunately the way the News system currently works meant that a forum post was created of this "potential story" despite our intention to keep the story hidden until such time as it were announced.

We at deeply apologize for any inconvenienience or confusion this may have caused. We assure you, that the problem regarding News and forum posts has been fixed and such a problem will never happen again. We thank you all for your continued support and thank everyone who has made not only the best "resource website," but also the best "overall designed website."

BotCon '07 Announced here at BotCon '06

Transformers News: BotCon '07 Announced here at BotCon '06
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 9:56pm CDT
Category: Event News
Posted by: Bed Bugs | Credit(s): Fender Bender

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That's right fellow Seibertronians, the location and approximate date for Botcon '07 has been released here at Botcon, shortly after the awards ceremony.

It pleases us to report that Botcon '07 will be in Providence, RI!

Not only that, it has been announced that the convention will be moved to the Summer for next year. Even one step further, it will be the weekend BEFORE the movie release!

For those wondering what is so special about Providence, it just happens to be the home of Hasbro's Headquarters. There has already been talks of the entire Hasbro staff coming to the convention as well as potential tours of the HQ.

The will keep you posted with further developments. wins Best Website Resource and Best Website Design at BotCon!

Transformers News: wins Best Website Resource and Best Website Design at BotCon!
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 9:49pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Event News
Posted by: Bed Bugs | Credit(s): Fender Bender

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That's right. The voting is in, the ballots are counted, and we have achieved victory in 2 out of 3 categories for the Website Voting Competition here at BotCon 2006.

An Honorable mention goes to our friends at for taking the other category.

The celebration has already started here in downtown Lexington, KY, but we don't want it to stop there! Spread the word fellow Seibertronians as we charge into the next year not only ranked #1 once, but twice!

P.S. Ryan would like to thank everyone of you for making us #1, but he's too busy celebrating ***coughdrinking*** to post. He would also like everyone to know that new galleries will be on the way as soon as he gets home to Chicago. Until then, this is Fender Bender signing off. wins 2 awards!

Peter Cullen Movie Line Contest Officially Announced!

Transformers News: Peter Cullen Movie Line Contest Officially Announced!
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 4:05pm CDT
Category: Movie News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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It was just announced at Botcon 2006 during the "Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen" segment, that if you sign onto Transformers Movie on October 2nd, You will be able to submit an line you want Optimus Prime to say in the upcomming movie. On October 16th several of the best lines will be available to be choosen from, the most popular line voted will be spoken by Peter Cullen in the new Transformers movie.

20th Anniversary Movie features, including Scramble City and more!

Transformers News: 20th Anniversary Movie features, including Scramble City and more!
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 1:30pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News, Press Releases
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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During the Q&A segement of todays "Hasbro New Product Unveiling", we were given a sample of a few special features including:

Color corrected remastered scenes.

Closed Captioned.

Spanish/French subtitles.

Photo Gallery.

Animated Storyboards.

Side-by-side comparison of the original and remastered. (Hot Rod fishing scene)

Interviews and commentary from Nelson Shin (Director), and Susan Blu (Voice of Arcee) as well as several behind the scenes personalities.

Nelson Shin, Susan Blu and others try to sing the theme song.

MOK (Matrix of Knowledge) which is an turn on and off segment that will display facts and interesting tid bits during the movie.

MANY Easter Eggs.

And Surprisingly, Scramble City will be on the DVD but it will have no audio (Hasbro wasnt able to precure the rights to the japanese voice rights and others). But it will have fan commentary.

And much much more!

BotCon 2006 Hasbro Reveal New Transformers Products!

Transformers News: BotCon 2006 Hasbro Reveal New Transformers Products!
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 10:43am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):

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It's what you've all been waiting for, Hasbro reveal new never before seen Transformers products live at BotCon 2006! are reporting live from the event. Read thier report here.


- Panel includes: Forest Lee, copyrighter for TFs. He comes up with the character bios on the packaging. Aaron Archer Toy Designer, Greg Lambardo Marketing Director, Eric Sabenhauler Toy Designer.

- Movie Toy line confirmed release date July 4th 2007.

- Two new movie preview figures will be released May 2nd 2007.

- Transformers Cybertron will end this year.

- Transformers Classics line is designed to fill the gaps between end of Cybertron and the beginning of the Movie Toy line. the thought process behind Classics is a continuation to G1, almost a sequel.

- Classics mini-cons. Started with as 2-packs but then switched to 3-packs explaining some unique parings. This was their first time doing beast minicons and it was a success they think.

- It has been requested that Oil Slick be repainted as big daddy. Fireflight was suppposed to be Poweglide, but they couldn't get that name. All the new mini-cons were shown in the cases yesterday at the Hasbro booth.

- Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron DVD Ultimate Battle 2-pack. The new molds for Prime and Megatron were inspired by G1 and G2. The concept behind the DVD is a sort of 'Transformers 101' chronicling Transformers over the years.

- Classics Bumblebee has been repainted as Cliffjumper. He will be in the Hasbro cases later today.

- Classics Jetfire's design is as close as they could get to the classic G1 form. Don decided to use that form for the comic. Hasbro says the jet-pack comes off.

- 20th Anniversary DVD Optimus Prime - They wanted to do something to celebration of the 20th Anniverary Transformer the Movie DVD re-release. Its the same mold as before and no DVD is included.

- Regarding the Trailer Archer said 'Takara has done one now and everything they do Hasbro has access. So you never know?'

- The G1 Soundwave reissue will be Toys 'R' Us exclusive with ravage and laserbeak and will hold both tapes. It will have a unique box and that will be in the display cases later today.

- No Classics Soundwave planned due to the Toy 'R' Us Reissue

- No plans for further G1 Reissues after Soundwave.

- Classic Devestator will be Wal-Mart exclusive. It appears to be an Energon Constructicon Maximus repaint. It will be in the display cases later today.

- Alternators will be ending before the movie. Decepticons Rumble and Ravage will be the last two figures. Rumble has no hands. Both will be displayed later today.

- However the Alternators may return after the movie. They feel the movie will help them broaden the scope for getting real licenses to do more with the line.

- The movie toy line will be a full line. It will be broad and have multiple scales.

- there will be a Titanium 6-inch Fallen and War Within Megatron set, 6-inch G1 Ultra Magnus (new mould) and 3-inch Predaking, War Within Grimlock will also be a Titanium 6-Inch figure.

- No plans for Titaniums larger than 6" and no combiners.

- The Characters chosen for the first wave of Classics were chosen because they wanted to do a broad variety recognisable characters.

- If the Classics line does well and they chose to continue Classics we are likely to see Cosmos, Jazz, Sideswpe and Sunstreaker.

- When asked about the recent Japanese prototype cell phone, camera and game machine figures they gave no comment

- Of the Takara Kiss Players line they said 'They are allowed to do in their market whatever they want but doesn't make sense to Hasbro. Whatever works for them'

- No plans for an animated DVD Classics movie but they said it was a cool idea.

- No plans for other Beast Wars toys right now other than those in Titanium.

- Transformers Heroes cartoon - Cant talk about it. Working title is just a hasbro title. It will be an American based developed show.

- The Cadillac XLR Alternator was something they were looking into but dropped since Altrenators went on hiatus. - It would have been Megatron!

- When asked about the possible Cybertron Traffic light (Signal Lancer) figure they said 'Maybe if they find a home for it'.

- When asked about who had more input in the Movie designs, hasbro or Michael Bay, they answered 'Its a great partnership. Trying to make cool characters that looked good on the screen, but wanted to have some heritage. Its been fun.'

- The G1 Seacons that were rumoured to be released as part of Universe are done and ready but Hasbro are looking for a home for them.

- No plans for other Classics combiners other than Devastator and maybe Seacons. If they do them they would most likly be as part of Classics.

- No plans to release Cybertron Blue Screapmetal.

- The Tan Abrams tank artwork seen online was a fan made experiment by friends of Hasbro outside of company.

- No plans for Fortress Maximus sized figures.

- The voice stand for 20th Anniversary DVD Prime was voiced by a hired 'local guy'. Hasbro wanted Peter Cullen but they had just developed a relationship with Sony so they couldn't get the sound clips. Also they didn't want interfere with Peters work on the new movie.

The panel ended with a clip from the forthcoming movie. Included images of Prime as Truck, an Autobot hood ornament on prime, an Army Scenes, lots of explosions, no scenes showing anything in robot mode.

See all the new Transformers products revealed at BotCon in our Hasbro's Toy Display Cases Photogallery!

Check out all the BotCon 2006 News Coverage here at

BotCon 2006 Transformers Comics: IDW Publishing Panel

Transformers News: BotCon 2006 Transformers Comics: IDW Publishing Panel
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 9:12am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Event News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):,

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Next on today's BotCon agenda is the IDW Publishing panel. Simon Furman, Don Figueroa, and Chris Ryall will be answering questions on Transformers Comics: Past, Present and Future. and covered the event. You can read thier full reports by clicking on the links above.


- No plans for any Beast Wars spotlights. It will just be G1 for now. However there are more plans for Beast Wars, which will be more than a one shot.

- IDW plan to reprint the Beast Wars covers in a big art book showing all the cover artwork, like they did with the Infiltration cover art book.

- Yes there will be more evolutions series, but mostly likely not until after the movie. They don't want to many different continuities.

- Stormbringer does not tie into the Dreamwave stuff. The Dreamwave material is all tied up in legal stuff and has to be resolved before they can think about finishing it off. That is if it is ever be resolved?

- However IDW will be reprinting the War Within books.

- Nick Roche doing is all the one-shots and Hot Rod’s redesign has been inspired by I Robot.

- They have considered doing a on shot Megatron Origins story.

- Furman will not connect Cyclonus and Scourge back to Unicron.

- The Beast Wars profile series is being written by Ben Yee and Simon Furman. Art by various artists including Don, Guido, Nick Roach and new talent!

- Furman revealed that the Predacons will be appearing in in the IDW comics. However the presence of the Headmasters in the comic books is denied despite Furnam letting it slip yesterday.

- Furman also says we will probably see stories that harken back to the Trasnformers past, like War Within did.

- Artist Robby Musso will be working on the Ultra Magnus oneshot.

- Chris Ryall and Furman are set to do a 4-part prequel for the movie dubbed 'Prime Directive'. Art by Milne, writer TBA.

- Originall Bob Budiansky was not interested in doing a new original Transformers story but after the movie adaption it seems to have wet his appetite. He may take past stories and do a 'Greatest battle' type title.

- Some of the Marvel UK stories will be reprinted in Transformers Generations.

- No denial or confirmation on the Transformers/Justice League crossover rumor.

- IDW are looking to do their own GIJoe/TF crossover, but only if its done right.

- IDW cannot do an Alternators comic book due of licensing restrictions.

Check out all the BotCon 2006 News Coverage here at

BotCon 2006 Transformers Creating Cybertron Panel

Transformers News: BotCon 2006 Transformers Creating Cybertron Panel
Date: Saturday, September 30th 2006 8:16am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):, The Allspark

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Day 3 of BotCon 2006 and first up is the Transformers Creating Cybertron Panel with David McDermott and Aaron Archer. Discussing the reserch and development of recent Transformers Cartoons like Transformers Cybtertron. and The Allspark covered the event Live. You can see what Tformers had to report here and The Allspark here


- The Japanese wanted all male characters in Cybertron, but Cartoon Network asked for female characters too.

- Originally there was only going be one key per planet, but Takara wanted force chips/keys for everyone.

- The accents in Cybertron were used because they wanted people to be able to differentiate all the characters from one another.

- Archer blames the death of Megatron in every Transformers series since RID on Takara. In Car robots when they did Devil Gigatron (RID Galvatron) it sold really well. So they repeated that in future series.

- The reason there are so many episodes is that the Japaneese design thier series to air just once. They dont do reruns so they need 52 episodes to fill 52 weeks in a year.

- Archer is over all happy with the way Cybertron turned out but had imaged it to be alot more elaborate. Due to time, animation and such it felt short of his imagination.

- The 'Decepticon' army of monsters that appeared mid-series were purly a Japaneese idea. Archer and McDermott were kind of confused by that to.

- It was Cartoon Network's decision to break the episodes up and have long periods of time between episodes. The reason being they kept starting over so people were brought up to speed.

- McDermitt talked of how one of the things that didn't turn out the way he expected Lio Breaker. Originally he was going to take over Jungle Planet and wouldn't want to leave the planet. They also planed to make it a one off episode but Japanese request they make it a serial

- Archer said they plan to continue the trend of new molds for characters that get upgrades instead of straight repaints.McDermitt claims to be pushing for a figure of the Stoplight guy (Signal Lancer).

- Archer was responsible for Kicker appearing in the end credits of the last episode.

- For the new cartoon, IF they partner with Takara. They will be have to do more serial episodes. If they don't parntner, they would like to go back to a pattern more like the way Beast Wars was done.

- Archer also seemed to be hinting that this new series will be done with fewer charcters and more like Beast Wars.

These next two bits come from The Allspark.

- Optimus Prime had to do battle in almost every episode, and had to go "super" every time he did so. That was to move the bigger toys from the Japanese shelves.

- The Coby Scrapmetal as seen in the show was actually the original design for the Scrapmetal! However, Hasbro found the head too herioc and redesigned it. But before the new head design was finished Takara had already created the mold. The decision was made to use the head for the exclusive Coby Ramble (the one in the Sonic Convoy giftset).

Check out all the BotCon 2006 News Coverage here at

News From BotCon 2006 Voicing the Beast Wars Panel

Transformers News: News From BotCon 2006 Voicing the Beast Wars Panel
Date: Friday, September 29th 2006 8:15pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News, People News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): and

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Among the many intersting panels at BotCon 2006 was the Voicing the Beast Wars Panel. This panel featured Blu Mankuma, Scott McNeil, Richard Newman, and Pauline Newstone. The panel proved to be rather interesting. and have posted reported on this, click on the links above tp read the full reports.


- Mankuma spoke about how enjoyable playing contrasting characters in “War Planets” and “Beast Wars” was. He enjoyed playing such a beautifull character as Tigatron.

- Newman mentioned that the powes that be decided his voice was to reconizablle to do Tankorr.

- McNeil said Beast Wars was his favorite project because of the deep and complex character writing, and "never since" has another North American animated show come close.

- Newman siad he was 'more drawn to the shows weve worked on (Beast Wars/Machines), We don’t really get to see the finished product when were working. Just animated mouths'.

- Newman recalled the recording sessions for Beast Wars/Machines as having the feel of a radio drama - contrasted with the solo studio dub for Cybertron, on which he admits not even knowing all of his co-stars.

- Both said they haven’t been contacted about voicing for the movie.

- All four will be back for another "Voicing the Beast Wars" panel Saturday afternoon

Scott McNeil Confirms New Transformers Cartoon at BotCon

Transformers News: Scott McNeil Confirms New Transformers Cartoon at BotCon
Date: Friday, September 29th 2006 7:57pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Kaijumaster of TFW2005

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Kaijumaster of TFW2005 has reported an interesting rumor. According to Kaijumaster during the Voice Actors Panel, Scott McNeil revealed that a new Transformers show will be coming soon and Scott and other Beast Wars voice actors will be doing voices for the show the show.


Our own Ravage Convoy has confirmer the report in this thread in the Energon Pub.

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