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Transformers: War Journal

Transformers News: Transformers: War Journal
Date: Tuesday, November 27th 2007 5:54pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Event News, Site Articles, Site News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Richter

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Every war has its casualties...

Transtech to get new lease on life

Transformers News: Transtech to get new lease on life
Date: Tuesday, November 27th 2007 4:45pm CST
Categories: Collector's Club News, Comic Book News, Event News, Rumors
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): waaaaghlord

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... with a little help from the Official Transformers Club.

Seibertron's own waaaaghlord reports the following:

Pete from the TCC has announced on the club boards which direction the club comic is going to take following the current (post Marvel) Classics arc. While I can't quote directly from the club boards Pete has been kind enough to let members report in broad terms what's coming up to the wider community. And Transtech is it.

This will apparently be a different take to the original post Beast Machines concept, since the Universe comics have already covered the post BM era. Since the club comics have been focusing on the club combiner figures and hopping between realities it's fair to assume that this will in fact be a totally new TF continuity within the broader scope of Timelines. The Transtech name is apparently not being used for the project, what name they are going with is not known as yet.

It's been seven years coming but it looks like the TT designs are finally going to get their day in the sun.

Looks like interesting times ahead for Transformers fans, with Botcon adding a twist to next years toys, and now the TCC reviving Transtech in Comic form.

Botcon 2008: Everything you know will be shattered

Transformers News: Botcon 2008: Everything you know will be shattered
Date: Monday, November 26th 2007 3:56pm CST
Categories: Collectables, Event News, Media
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s):,

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Views: 38,747 have updated their website with a new image contain darkening images of Classics Optimus Prime (or could it be Ultra Magnus?) and Cybertron Crosswise/Smokescreen with a third un-identifiable bot beside them.

Also adorning the updated page is a short Quicktime video that promises that "everything you thought you knew will be shattered."
Turn your sound up too, for at the end, a reversed version of the "More than Meets the Eye" riff is played.

Could we be getting some figures based on IDW's Dark Universe? Who knows...

Check out the page for full information.

A date and Location for Botcon 2008 are yet to be confirmed, stay tuned to for all the latest news as it happens.

Upcoming Japanese Movie Exclusives Pictures, and G1 Sky Lynx!

Transformers News: Upcoming Japanese Movie Exclusives Pictures, and G1 Sky Lynx!
Date: Sunday, November 25th 2007 6:15am CST
Categories: Collectables, Event News, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): TFW2005

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Just a quick update and some pictures of some of the japanese exclusives coming out (we have seen them all before):

Sky Lynx (No Box yet)

"Pretty in Pink" Starscream HD DVD Exclusive

Lawson's Movie Accurate Blackout

Chromed Legends Bumblebee (70's Camaro)

Enjoy these pictures from Visual Media Technology's Newsreader Website.

Salivate and discuss exclusives that many of us will never own, and will curse HASBRO up and down for not releasing here in the states. Just kidding HASBRO, we love you!

Auto Assembly (UK) 2008 Announced

Transformers News: Auto Assembly (UK) 2008 Announced
Date: Thursday, November 22nd 2007 6:10pm CST
Categories: Event News, Media
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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After having to cancel last year, the Auto Assembly has announced it will open it's doors once again on August 2nd 2008, at the Clarendon Suites, Hagley Road in Birmingham, UK.
The following has been taken from their board.

"Yes, it's finally here! We are pleased to announce that Auto Assembly 2008 has been confirmed for Saturday 2nd August 2008 and will once again be taking place at the Clarendon Suites right here in Birmingham, England. After taking a much needed year off, we're back and hoping to bring you the biggest and best Auto Assembly convention EVER with loads of activities, and what could well be our biggest guest line-up to-date...

This time we're running the event to raise funds for Help A Local Child (formerly known as Cash For Kids) - a local children's charity founded by BRMB radio station - through a charity auction and raffle and any excess funds left over from the convention.

Help a Local Child was launched in 1994 with a commitment to helping the children and young people of the West Midlands, who experience the negative effects of poverty, abuse, neglect, homelessness, violence, crime, illness and disability. There are many children in and around the Birmingham area who are carers for their own parents or who are indirect victims of domestic violence or suffer daily pain due to illness. In this world of glamour and gain, these are the children that BRMB want to help. Their focus is local fundraising, with all money raised being awarded locally and really benefiting our community. With the help and support of their listeners, local celebrities, corporate partners, volunteers, and their employees, the fundraising year on year will help more and more children in the area, enabling them to achieve dreams and ambitions they would never have thought possible.

Back to this year's convention and we're going to be having the usual mix of activities - plenty of dealers, video screenings, a bar or two(!), toy and art displays, competitions and guest talks. We're hoping to have our usual mix of UK comic guests including all of our "regulars", another voice actor (who we will announce as soon as possible) but this time we want to have the biggest guest line-up ever at a British Transformers convention!

In 2005 Auto Assembly was the biggest ever held in Europe with 409 fans attending and last year we had 400 attendees and we are confident that we're going to smash the European record next year. Every year we have a fantastic amount of interest for the convention with fans booking up from across Europe and as far afield as Australia and America!

We'll be producing another issue of our fanzine, The Cybertronian Times, producing another one of our infamous "goodie bags" with plenty of great free gifts including two more convention exclusive postcards, and much more!

Anyway, we hope to see many of you there next year and feel free to get in touch if you want to know more! There will be full information about next year's convention going on the website over the coming days and weeks and bookings will be open in the next week or so!

Simon and Sven
Auto Assembly 2008


The following announcement regarding their guests has been directly taken from their board.

"Things are moving along at a blinding pace already for Auto Assembly 2008! No sooner have we announced the convention, that we're now able to announce our first guest!

We are pleased to announce that once again we will be joined by comic artist Simon Williams who will be making his fourth appearance at Auto Assembly. Simon has recently started working for IDW on some of their Transformers titles and doing some work for SFX magazine and is hoping once again to work on one of our exclusive postcards.

Also joining us will be Lew Stringer. Lew's work will be known to fans of the original UK comics published by Marvel when Lew wrote and illustrated the "Combat Colin" backup strip that appeared in the comic. Lew will be making his first and long-awaited appearance at Auto Assembly in 2008!

As always, all of our guests will be appearing subject to work and personal commitments.

Simon and Sven
Auto Assembly 2008

Submit Your Questions for Transformerscon Toronto Hasbro Q&A Panel

Transformers News: Submit Your Questions for Transformerscon Toronto Hasbro Q&A Panel
Date: Sunday, November 18th 2007 9:54am CST
Category: Event News
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s):

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The Transformerscon Toronto website has been updated, and is now allowing fans to submit their questions for a Hasbro Transformers Q&A panel to be held during Transformerscon 2008 in Toronto.

You can submit your questions for the Hasbro panel by clicking here, just follow the links.

TransformersCon will be on June 21st at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel Toronto Airport - 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario.

Transformers Animated Debuts Dec 26--Cartoon Network Confirms Previous Rumor

Transformers News: Transformers Animated Debuts Dec 26--Cartoon Network Confirms Previous Rumor
Date: Friday, November 16th 2007 12:08pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Wheeljack35

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Cartoon Network has announced the Transformers Animated Movie: Transform and Roll Out! will premiere on Wednesday, Dec. 26 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

The movie kicks off a new animated series based on the Transformers characters.

Here's how the network describes the film:

"Optimus Prime and his small crew of Autobots come into possession of the AllSpark, a powerful Cybertronian artifact that attracts the attention of their long-forgotten enemies the Decepticons and sends them crashing to a strange and distant planet known as Earth.

"Set on Earth in the near future in Detroit, the alien Transformers are thrust into a world populated by humans and automatons. As visitors to Earth, the Transformers -- Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl, Bulkhead and Rathcet-- work in the human world, interacting with the Œnatives¹ in exciting and humorous ways. Transformers Animaed has been created to showcase the heroic Autobots working together to battle the evil Decepticons and save Earth with kid-relatable plot lines filled with humor, distinctive character personalities, and dynamic action."

We reported earlier that it was a rumor, but it is clearly not any longer.

The old story found here.

And of course, Seibertron has a gallery of Prototype Animated Bulkhead here.

Last reminder: Photocontest Entries Close Soon!

Transformers News: Last reminder: Photocontest Entries Close Soon!
Date: Wednesday, November 14th 2007 4:25pm CST
Categories: Event News, Site News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Neko

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Time is running out to enter your photo in the October-November Photocontest! You only have until 0000 hours on Saturday 17th November 2007 ( time) to submit your entry.

The theme for this Photocontest is: EPIC

Your challenge this month my fellow Seibertronians is to depict your Transformers in the very real and brutal war they've fought throughout time. Their war's stretched from the inner chambers of Cybertron to our our own planet and beyond! Alien worlds have crumbled by their destruction. Show us the battles, the aftermath, the casualties, the winners...

Show us war.

Extra comments: Extra attention to clearity of photo (how well we can tell who's fighting who), set up, and scenery will be taken.

The maximum amount of Transformers has been risen to 15 for this contest.

Winners will receive Custom Signatures by our very own Sunstar with their winning entries.

For the full list of rules, please click here.

You can submit your entry to the Photocontest in this thread, and discuss your entry, and all the other entries here.

The results of the October-November Photocontest will eb announced on November 26th 2007.

Best of luck to all participants.

Transformers Nominated for People's Choice Award

Transformers News: Transformers Nominated for People's Choice Award
Date: Saturday, November 10th 2007 3:16pm CST
Categories: Event News, Media, Movie News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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The entertainment section of NBC5 has reported that Transformers has been nominated for Movie awards at the 34th annual People's Choice Awards, to be held on Januari 8th 2008.

You can cast your vote. Transformers is nominated for Favorite Action Movie against 300 and The Bourne Ultimatum and for Favorite Movie against The Bourne Ultimatum and Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End. "What I've Done" by Linkin Park is also nominated for Favorite Song From A Soundtrack for Transformers in the music catagory.

Transformers Animated debut at NTFA cut short. Updated!

Transformers News: Transformers Animated debut at NTFA cut short. Updated!
Date: Monday, November 5th 2007 4:21am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Company News, Event News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Groundsplitter,

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Groundsplitter from has posted some bad news from the NTFA Minicon held on the 3rd and 4th of November:

We regret that we will have to back out on the exclusive showing of the first episode of Transformers: Animated at the Arlöv Mini-Con this weekend. Both we and Hasbro Nordic thought we had permission to show the full episode, but it seems there was either some miscommunication or just a case of conflicting opinions at Hasbro USA. First one party told us yes, but later another party said no.

We want to emphasize that Hasbro Nordic's manager wanted to make the exclusive showing possible, and thanks to his efforts we can still show a partial preview of the episode, just not the full episode. So you will still get a taste of Transformers: Animated at Mini-Con!

Following this bad news, Groundsplitter posted a short review of what was shown at the NFTA Minicon:

It was a very interesting preview though, and I can tell you that even though I were very sceptical when I saw the first posters for the series a while ago, I think the cartoon may turn out to be quite entertaining. What struck me the most is that it seems all the characters will be portrayed with distinct personalities - a very welcome change compared to the three latest series, were most of the characters were blank slates.
There were also quite a few nods to the old fans - I haven't seen the clips on YouTube so I don't know what has been shown before, but the show actually starts with Optimus Prime looking at some archive clips from the war that ended a few hundred years ago - clips that are taken straight from the original G1 cartoon! And Ratchet is said to have taken part of that war, which poses the question if this is the original Ratchet, or just someone who shares the name.

To read GroundSplitter's original post, please click here.

More People who attended the NTFA Minicon have also posted in this thread, with more details about the preview Emerging:
Animated takes place in the 22nd century (or was it 23rd?). Some notes (I don't know what is already known so bear with me):

Blitzwing has three faces, although the third wasn't very clear (the entire Decepticon scene is in the dark). First is the strict monocled guy, the second is a very clichéd Arnie "stupid" German accent and the third was just crazy and singing. Not too sure about this guy, but he might make a cool toy.

Allspark looks vaguely Matrix-shaped with handles, but it's much bigger. So far the only Allspark-carrier has been... Ratchet

Blackarachnia is exactly her BW self (her alt mode is considered organic, btw) and Starscream is exactly his G1 self, personality-wise.

Ratchet has a mix of Ironhide/Kup with the "old-timer" personality thing going on. As mentioned, not clear whether he is actually THE Ratchet.

Sentinel (Prime) is an officer in the Autobot army and Ultra Magnus is the Supreme Commander who bosses Optimus around.

Optimus trained at the Autobot academy and is going about doing heroic stuff from the very beginning, but there must be a reason why he's stuck on a crappy repair mission...

Optimus' axe has quite a few features except the energon blade. It has a rocket thruster on it, and the handle can extend Dragonball style for him to do polevaults. Somehow Optimus can also fire nets.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #131 - The Darkest Timeline
Twincast / Podcast #131:
"The Darkest Timeline"
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Posted: Monday, November 16th, 2015