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September 2006 Transformers Solicitations

Transformers News: September 2006 Transformers Solicitations
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 7:54pm CDT
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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IDW Publishing has placed their September Solicitations on their website. The following has been take directly from their site. Go to their September Solicitations page to also view the covers.

Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave
Simon Furman (w); Nick Roche (a); Nick Roche, James Raiz (c)

Presenting a series of one-shots, focusing on some of the best-loved (or loathed) characters from the TRANSFORMERS Universe. The spotlight falls on SHOCKWAVE as the coldly logical DECEPTICON undertakes a plan of devastating scope and ambition, one that will send shockwaves through the entire saga, including the Stormbringer and Escalation series and beyond! Guest-starring... the DINOBOTS! By Simon Furman (The Transformers: Stormbringer) and Nick Roche (Transformers: Generations).

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

The Transformers: Stormbringer #3
Simon Furman (w), Don Figueroa (a & c)

The action explodes on two fronts, as—on CYBERTON—the WRECKERS kick back (hard!) against BLUDGEON’s rogue cult, and—on Nebulos—THUNDERWING shows exactly why, last time around, it took the combined firepower of two armies just to put him on ‘pause.’ As events spiral out of control and the body count rises, MEGATRON prepares to execute his distinctly terminal no-win scenario. Features a special wraparound cover from Figueroa as well as a variant character sketch cover from Fig, too.

FC • 32 pages • $2.99
© 2006 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

Transformers: Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #4 (of 4)
Chuck Dixon (w), Guido Guidi (a & c)

Tobias Muldoon must stop the ASTROTRAIN from reaching New York or face a world under the iron rule of the DECEPTICONS. His allies are the AUTOBOTS and the legendary steel-driving man John Henry. Steam-driven, iron-clad action as the ROBOTS IN DISGUISE break cover to do battle at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Chuck Dixon and artist Guido Guidi conclude their special look at the Industrial Age reign of the TRANSFORMERS. This issue features two covers from Guidi, one a concept art cover.

FC • 32 pages • $2.99
© 2006 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

The Transformers: Generations #7
Bob Budiansky (w); Don Perlin, Ian Akin 7 Bob Garvey (a); Roche (c)

IDW continues their look back at some of the most beloved Transformers comics from years past. This special monthly series continues to present classic hard-to-find stories from the past two decades of Transformers comics. Nick Roche once again presents a new cover recreation of the original cover art. This issue features the story “Afterdeath!” originally presented in Marvel Comics’ The Transformers #24!

FC • 24 pages • $2.49
© 2006 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

The Transformers: Infiltration TPB
Simon Furman (w), E.J. Su (a & c)

Earth: 2006, and the fate of the planet is already sealed, its destiny decided... by the marauding mechanical beings known as DECEPTICONS. In their way stand an embattled crew of seven hardy AUTOBOT warriors, sworn to prevent the impending Armageddon at any cost, and an unlikely trio of human misfits, pulled kicking and screaming into a hitherto hidden world of pain and hurt. The can of worms is open, the genie out of bottle... and nothing will ever be the same again! Before ESCALATION begins next month, see how it all started—the saga of the war-torn robots in disguise, the TRANSFORMERS!

TPB • FC • 160 pages • $19.99 • ISBN: 1-60010-010-4
© 2006 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

New Pictures of Transformers Classics Starscream Prototype

Transformers News: New Pictures of Transformers Classics Starscream Prototype
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 6:56pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Ebay seller kayotoys-cn

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Ebay seller kayotoys-cn has placed an new auction on ebay. This new auction is for a prototype of Transformers Classics Starscream. The auction has seven pictures of a painted Transformers Classics Starscream. To view the auction click here.

Air Force Training Actors for 'Transformers' Movie and Some More Set Pictures!

Transformers News: Air Force Training Actors for 'Transformers' Movie and Some More Set Pictures!
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 6:51pm CDT
Category: Movie News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): The United States Air Force

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The United States Air Force has published another article on their website, Air Force Link, about the Transformers movie. This new article discusses how actors such as Tyrese Gibson on mannerisms and language. Here is what the article said:

"Airman trains Hollywood actors for 'Transformers' movie

by Airman 1st Class Heather Stanton
49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

6/12/2006 - HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFPN) -- For authentic military aspects, DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures looked no further than Air Force Airmen for the major motion picture production “Transformers.” Actors trained for their individual military parts with an Air Force senior NCO.

Master Sgt. Ray Bolinger, combat controller with the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron at McChord Air Force Base, Wash., trained Tyrese Gibson, one of the lead actors, on the mannerisms and language of a combat controller.

“I am his combat control technical adviser,” he said. “I taught him the authentic dialogue of calling in an air strike.”

As an Air Force combat controller, Sergeant Bolinger provides air and ground interface, is a certified air traffic controller and calls in air strike attacks when in war.

But Sergeant Bolinger taught more than language and dialogue. He also trained actors how to dress in a military uniform in order to look the part.

From the basic battle dress uniform to adding the bullet-proof vest, Kevlar helmet and weaponry, the actors will look like an authentic special operations team in the movie.

Sergeant Bolinger was able to teach the actors Air Force skills because he is an experienced Airman. He has been a combat controller for 20 years, deployed twice to both Iraq and Afghanistan and is now a terminal attack control instructor.

“I did about two years of training right out of basic,” Sergeant Bolinger said.

Combat controller training starts at Lackland AFB, Texas. From there it is on to Keesler AFB, Miss.; Fort Benning, Ga.; Pope AFB, N.C.; and Fairchild AFB, Wash. The Airmen also parachute train at the Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona and go to dive school with the Navy in Panama City, Fla.

Sergeant Bolinger graduated from Alamogordo High School in 1983. His father was an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot stationed here from 1977 to 1983.

As for the movie, Sergeant Bolinger is excited to see it. He trained with the crew in California for a week and was at Holloman for a week during filming.

“This movie is a good thing for the Air Force,” Sergeant Bolinger said. “I think it will help with recruiting, especially for special operations. Having someone so famous playing the role could bring people in.” "

Go to Air Force Link to read the original report and click here to see some more set images from the movie! 'Hearts of Steel' Interview with Chuck Dixon

Transformers News: 'Hearts of Steel' Interview with Chuck Dixon
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 6:41pm CDT
Categories: People News, Interviews
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Denyer and

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Forum member Denyer has informed us that has posted an interview with Transformers 'Hearts of Steel' writer Chuck Dixion. In the interview Dixion discusses 'Hearts of Steel'. Check the interview out here.

Robotmasters Fan Version #2 Completed!

Transformers News: Robotmasters Fan Version #2 Completed!
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 6:33pm CDT
Category: Cartoon News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): New Brandon

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New Brandon has stopped by our forums to inform us that Robotmasters Fan Version #2 has been completed! Here is what Brandon had to say:

Yes, folks, this is it. After 11 months and three days, we have finally released the sequel to the original Robotmasters short, which has been a logistical nightmare! We have titled this episode "Robotmasters FV 2." The great thing about this episode is that it bridges many of the series and OAVs we've done in the past. The plot revolves around the Scramble City project and features characters from G1, Victory, Beast Wars, Beast Wars II and even a few characters we've never seen before. There's nowhere else you're gonna see it... and see it all in cel-shaded CGI!

The episode is simple... The Decepticons have found Solitarium - the vital energy source they're looking for - somewhere in the city... which city? New York City! Have you ever seen a monkey at the top of the Empire State Building? Oh wait... But have you ever seen Optimus Primal do it? Of course, all of the characters from the original Robotmasters short are back, but there are new characters, namely Lio Convoy and Reverse Convoy... Enough good guy leaders, eh? Well, maybe the sides will be evened out a little more, if you know what I mean.

You can download it from our website,, or log on to IaconHub and search for "Robotmasters FV #2.avi." The file is approximately 19 MB zipped and is encoded in Windows Media 9. I'll (NewBrandon) try to have it shared as much as possible, and others will have it as well soon enough. Please use that as a secondary option, as I only have so much bandwidth and the website will likely give you a faster download. By the way, the original Robotmasters is still available, for those interested.

Feedback is appreciated! Just reply to this post. I'm sure the following people would love to know what you think...

Gigant Bomb ... Bjorn Rudolfsson
Lio Convoy ... Jon Bales
Megatron ... Daniel Ross
Narrator ... Benjamin Rossiter
Optimus Primal ... John Patrick
Optimus Prime ... Kenny McCoy
Rebirth Megatron ... Frank Todaro
Reverse Convoy ... Daniel Ross
Smoke Sniper ... Scott M.
Star Saber ... Brad Venable
Starscream .. Daniel Ross
Victory Leo ... Frank Todaro
Wingstun ... Curt Page

Produced by Brandon Williams and Peter Tagtstrom
Written by Brandon Williams
Sound Effects by Peter Tagtstrom
Music by Peter Tagtstrom
Encoded by Peter Tagtstrom
Directed by Brandon Williams
Translation by Yosuke Ishikawa

Car Chase and Other Photos from the Movie

Transformers News: Car Chase and Other Photos from the Movie
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 6:30pm CDT
Category: Movie News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Solidus&#x2122;, sumrow7 and tstrayer76 of

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Our own Solidus™ has pointed out two new galleries of movie pictures at The first gallery was posted by sumrow7. It contains shots from the "Brawl" and Bumblebee car chase. Click here to see the chase pictures.

The second gallery, posted by tstrayer76, contains some more photos of the human characters at Hoover Damn. Click here to view the second gallery.

BigBadToyStore Update - June 10th, 2006

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Update - June 10th, 2006
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 3:06pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a big weekend update from about a ton of new arrivals and many more new preorders!


MACROSS 1/48 LOW VISIBILITY WOOD LAND COLOR: The latest valkyrie has just arrived and is now available for $169.99. With lots of earthy camo and a cool missile battery under each wing this is another great release from Yamato. Other recent valkyries are also in stock bur running low.

SPAWN 29: McFarlane's latest line of Spawn figures is called Spawn Evolutions and contains Ninja Spawn 2, Man of Miracles, The Disciple, Spawn 9, Thamuz, and the lovely Zera. Sets of 6 are available for $64.99 and singles are available for 5 of the 6 figures.

STIKFAS: The new Assault Team, Outdoor Advernturer, and Egyptian figures have just arrived. We've also restocked about 30 other kits including Phantom, Samurai, Rock Star, Nurse, Fairy, Ninjas and many more!

STAR WARS SCALED REPLICAS: The 2005 Collector's Society .45 Scaled Full Darth Maul Saber is now in stock for $69.99 - this one was previously only available to Master Replica's collector club and selling near $100 on ebay

G1 ULTRA MAGNUS WAREHOUSE FIND: An exciting warehouse find in Europe, we have a couple of cases of Hasbro UK G1 Ultra Magnus. This particular version of Ultra Magnus comes with plastic wheels, unpainted head, and no windshield. Get your sealed Magnus now for $240 to $285!
View many other new vintage department listings here:

FANTASTIC 4 CLASSIC: Wave 1 has just been restocked with full sets of 4, Skrull variants, and singles in stock!

X-MEN 2006 SERIES 1: A few new figures were included in the recent wave of X-Men figures. Magneto and Stealth Beast join Storm, Archangel, Gambit and more.

GUNDAM HGUC AND HCM PRO: A variety of new HGUC and HCM Pro figures and kits have just arrived - check them out here:
= HCM Pro

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - COMBATTLER V: Limited stock remains of this popular release from several years ago - $139.99. GX-16 also restocked.

EVANGELION MICROMAN: The new Ayanami Rei and Soryu Asuka Plug Suit figures are now in stock for $17.99

VAMPIRE BUFFY EXCLUSIVE: The latest from Diamond Select - $13.99

BOWEN MOON KNIGHT STATUE: Awesome new 18" Statue for $184.99

SUPERMAN RETURNS 13" COLLECTOR FIGURE: The first 13" Superman from DC was wildly popular and we already have a re-order in on this one - get them before they are gone - only $49.99 ($10 under MSRP)


--TSUKASA NAMBU - Both the regular and repainted versions - $24.99

--HELLSING BUSTS - Walter & Arucard Busts

--IKE! INACHU TAKKYUBU (Ping Pong Club)- Trading Figure box of 10 $54.99

--AGNES BELLE - cool 9" figure - $37.99

HELLBOY STATUE - From Electric Tiki's Classic Hero Collection - this cool statue is about 12" tall and in stock for $169.99


STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 7: Hasbro has put together a superb new wave of figures coming out in October. This all new series features Darth Vader - Death Star, Graga, Holographic Darth Maul, Naboo Soldier, two versions of Endor Rebels, Podracer Pilot 2-pack, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gungan Rep Bean, and Luke Skywalker Endor. We've offered these as a set of 10 figures for $74.99, and also listed each individually - images available for all:

MP-01 MASTERPIECE PRIME: We've checked and rechecked the info on this release, and it seems while the Japanese market version has been canceled, Takara will reissue it through another channel in Hong Kong. Our cost is slightly higher there so we've reopened the preorder at $109.99. Don't forget about the complete MP-04 version with full trailer

DARTH MAUL SINGLE BLADE FX SABER: If you don't want the entire double-bladed saber, here is a chance to pick up a single blade for $109.99. This version will be the same as 1/2 of the full bladed set.

PREMIUM FORMAT 1/4 LEATHERFACE: Sideshow gives Leatherface the ultimate treatment with their superior sculpting and outfitting - preorder now at $239.99 - $10 under the MSRP.

ANIME PREORDERS: Another big batch of Anime girls, and a few boys too:

--FULL METAL ALCHEMIST - Two new 12" figures from Medicom and a new set of action figures from Southern Island - be sure to check these out:

--MECHA MUSUME - Truly cool figures - 1/2 girl, 1/2 plane

--CHAOS GATE - IGNIS 1/8 SCALE PVC STATUE - get all 3 versions of Ignis

--FATE HOLLOW - Three new figures including the stunning Rin Tousaka Swimsuit version, Karen Ortensia, and Sakura Matou Swimsuit Version.

--TSUKUYOMI - 1/8 Scale Hazuki Dress Version

--TENSHI NO ONNANOKO - Winged Angel - white & pink versions

--TRIGUN - Vash the Stampede Resin Statue - very cool

--FRUITS BASKET - Two new maquettes from Southern Island.

--AMAENAIDEYO HOT TUB TRADING FIGURES- A set of 6 nuns at the spa

--GUN X SWORD: Van and his shape shifting sword - very cool figure

ELECTRIC TIKI TV, MOVIE & COMIC STATUES: A variety of properties are represented here: Hellboy, Betty Boop, Underdog, Mandy Pin-Up, Mr. Magoo, I Dream of Jeannie, Zorro, Flash Gordon, The Lone Ranger, Holly Starlite, and Dick Tracy.

Look for more hot new preorders from Hasbro this coming week - we'll let you know as soon as they go live. Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new items listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Action-HQ Announcement: June 10th, 2006

Transformers News: Action-HQ Announcement: June 10th, 2006
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 3:05pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Action-HQ bringing the Best to you FIRST with the NEW Clone Wars "Hunt for Grievous Battle Pack", Transformers Hybrid Style Optimus Prime, Pre-Order the NEW Transformers Classics,
Star Wars Unleashed, Transformers & Titanium, Aliens Vs USCM Snap Kits & Many More!

Available Now!
- Star Wars Animated Hunt for Grievous!
- Hybrid Style Optimus Prime Convoy!
- Evangelion S.O.C GX-14 EVA-01!
- Transformers Specials - Star Convoy!

Hot Pre-Orders!
Star Wars!
- Unleashed Boba Fett (NEW)!
- Unleashed Gen. Grievous (NEW)!
- 3" Titanium Series A-Wing!
- 3" Titanium Series Sandcrawler!
- 3" Titanium Series Star Destroyer!
- Transformers Emperor Imperial Shuttle!
- Transformers Jango Fett Slave 1!
- Transformers Clone ARC-170!
- Deluxe Unleashed Battle Packs!
- Kubrick Series 6 Set of 6!
- Transformers Millennium Falcon!
- Kotobukiya 1/7 EP5 Luke Skywalker!
- Kotobukiya 1/7 Jabba Slave Leia!
- 3" Titanium Series Set of 3
(M.Falcon, Luke Speederbike & Rep. Cruiser)!

- Classics Deluxe Rodimus Prime!
- Classics Deluxe Starscream!
- Classics Deluxe Astrotrain!
- Masterpiece MP-04 Optimus + Trailer!
- BTA-04 Convoy + Melissa!
- Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream!
- Masterpiece MP-01 + MP-03 Package!
- Classics Voyager Optimus Prime (New Sculpts)!
- Classics Voyager Megatron (New Sculpts)!
- Alternators Tranemesis Prime (Black Version)!
- Battle field Statue Optimus Prime Vs Megatron!

From PopBox Collectibles!
- Ltd Ed 1/2 I, Robot NS-5 Sonny Light-Up Bust!
- Toynami Macross 1/6 Hikaru Ichijo!
- Saiyudo Ultra Realistic Ultraman Type A!

- Hot Toys Aliens Vs USCM Set of 10!
- Hot Toys Aliens Vs USCM Sealed Case!

- Kotobukiya Room Gargoyle Robin Statue!
- Kotobukiya Joker & Harley Quinn Cold Cast!
- Takara Cool Girl Batman Begins Figure!
- Takara Cool Girl Catwoman!

- Kotobukiya One Coin Trading Figures!

- Revoltech EVA-01!
- Ultimate Action Gashapon Set of 5!
- Re-Issue Soul of Chogokin EVA-01 Test Type!
- Re-Issue Soul of Chogokin EVA-00 Proto Type!
- Sega Prize Rei & Asuka EX Mermaid Set of 2!

- Max Factory Guyver 1 BFC-MAX!

- FIX Figuration #0030 Zeta Gundam!

Hot Toys Movie Masterpieces!
- 1/6 (12") Robocop Figure!
- 1/6 (14") ED209 Poseable Figure!
- 1/6 Batman Begins!
- 1/6 Superman Returns!

- Superman Returns Kubrick + Bearbrick!
- Jack Sparrows Kubrick + Bearbrick!

- Wave 1/72 VF-0S Battroid!
- Yamato 1/48 GBP Armor Camouflage Version!

Real Action Heroes - RAH!
- RAH X-Men 3 Wolverine!
- RAH Rocketeer Ver.2.0!
- RAH Jack Sparrows (Pirates of the Caribbean)!
- RAH Superman Returns!
- RAH Clark Kent Superman Returns!

Saint Seiya!
- Asgard Dubhe Siegfried!
- Silver Saint Lyra Orpheus!
- Mail Away Pandora Boxset!
- Andromeda Shun Final Ver.!

Superman Microman!
- Microman Superman Movie Version!
- Microman Supergirl!
- Microman Superman Comic Version 1!
- Microman Superman Comic Version 2!

Get yours FIRST at the NEW!

Small Update for Transformer: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition Website

Transformers News: Small Update for Transformer: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition Website
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 12:22pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Media
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s):

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Sony has finally updated, their website for the 20th Anniversary Special Edition release of Transformer: The Movie. They have now added a news link. The first story posted in the news is a copy of the May 30, 2006 press release announcing the 20th Anniversary Special Edition release of Transformer: The Movie DVD.

Test Shots of Botcon Optimus Primal

Transformers News: Test Shots of Botcon Optimus Primal
Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006 11:56am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): EasyNet Hobby Shop

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Views: 7,551

New test shots of this years Botcon exclusive Optimus Primal have surfaced. These new photos have surfaced on EasyNet Hobby Shop. Check these new pictures out by going to EasyNet Hobby Shop.

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