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Don Murphy at TransformersCon Toronto 2006

Transformers News: Don Murphy at TransformersCon Toronto 2006
Date: Sunday, January 7th 2007 10:51am CST
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): Alex Kingdom, TransformersCon, TFW2005

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Thanks to Alex Kingdom for bringing us the news that TransformersCon now has video footage of the Don Murphy Movie Pannel. Click here to view the video.

Click here to join in the conversation!

Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers

Transformers News: Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers
Date: Saturday, January 6th 2007 8:04pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Collectables
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): and

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New listings for Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers have appeared on under toys and games. There are 11 listings and each one has a list price of $9.99. Sadly the listings have no pictures. Here are the listings:

Transformers Fast Action Battlers Blackout
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Megatron
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Double Missle Deception Brawl
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Power Hook Optimus Prime
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Axe Attack Autobot RTCHT
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Barricade
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Ion Blast Autobot Jazz
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Ironhide Cannon
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Battle BLDE STRSCRM
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Bumblebee
Transformers Fast Action Battlers Deception Frenzy

New Images of Transformers Movie Book Covers Featuring Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Transformers News: New Images of Transformers Movie Book Covers Featuring Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
Date: Saturday, January 6th 2007 7:54pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): SKowl, Type-R of TFW2005, and Amazon Japan

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We are getting closer and closer to the release of the Transformers Movie. As we get closer new images of merchandise releated to the Transformers Movie surfaces. Earlier this week we reported here about books featuring new images of Bumblebee and Barricade. Now new images have appeared on Amazon Japan. The first one is an image of the Movie Novel and it features Optimus Prime. The second is a sticker book and it features Bumblebee on the cover. Here are the images:

"Sunstorm: New Character, or Old Trick."

Transformers News: "Sunstorm: New Character, or Old Trick."
Date: Saturday, January 6th 2007 7:33pm CST
Category: Site Articles
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Darth Bombshell

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With the new year we are going to be focusing on our article section more, bringing you more articles and reviews then ever before! To kick things off, our first new article comes from staff member Darth Bombshell and is titled "Sunstorm: New Character or Old Trick?". Darth Bombshell picked this one to answer a question posed by our own Equus Maximus. When you finish the article do not forget to check out four toy galleries of various Sunstorm toys here. Without further delay here is Darth Bombshell's article:

Sunstorm: New Character or Old Trick?

One of the things mentioned in the advertisement of the first issue of the Generation One ongoing series was that it would see the debut of a “brand one Generation One character.” When said character was revealed to be Sunstorm, a great deal of discussion arose on the subject. All this discussion stemmed from one simple question: Is Sunstorm really a new character, or is he little more than the latest tool by Dreamwave to make sure that sales of the series prove to be profitable?

For those who have no idea, Sunstorm started out life as an E-Hobby exclusive toy available from The character is meant to represent an orange seeker who appears very briefly in “More Than Meets the Eye: Part 1”. Many people consider this appearance an animation error, however, largely due to the fact that Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp were standing where he was only moments earlier. A seeker bearing the same orange color scheme would appear again in “Divide And Conquer”, in what was obviously an attempt to have three generic seekers on standby.

Despite these two appearances in the cartoon, no toy was ever made of the character during the original Transformers run. It’s not hard to see why. With characters such as Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream central figures in the cartoon, its stands that characters that played very little roles in the cartoon would not get a toy based in their likeness. The main reason for this is that the cartoon, and to a lesser extent the comic, was little more than a launching platform on which Hasbro could sell the toys. With characters like Ironhide, Jazz, Soundwave and Devastator taking up the majority of the time in both mediums, it stands to reason that Hasbro wouldn’t release a toy of a character that made very little impact in either. So, having said this, can Sunstorm be considered a true “character”? Not in any particular sense, since his appearances in the cartoon was either considered an animation errors or a filler character, in addition to not having a toy that kids would buy. Even though that is not the only way to see it, it's the way the majority of the fandom chooses to see it.

On the other hand, however, Sunstorm can truly be considered a character, just not in a way that most fans would recognize. As stated before, in 2003, Sunstorm finally had a toy made in his likeness. In this fashion, he can truly be considered a character, since he did have an appearance in the cartoon (questionable though it may be) and now has a toy to represent that appearance. However, the setback to this is that, with most fans not considering his appearances in the cartoon to be completely valid, the fact remains that the majority of the fandom continues to consider him a toy only character. And in this light, he is still not considered a “true” character. What I mean by this is that, unlike Optimus Prime and Megatron, both of who had toys as well, both of these characters had the opportunity, via both the comic and cartoon, to develop and mature into the characters that most fans nowadays are familiar with. Sunstorm had no such opportunity, and as such, can be considered to be one of those characters who never had their opportunity to shine.

Having said this, one must come to look upon the toyline from the perspective of a business executive, and not a fan. It should come as no surpised to anyone that both the cartoon and comic were merely vessels by which Hasbro could plug the toys, since it’s clearly apparent in both mediums that they were not above doing whatever it took to make sure that the toys of that year got the spotlight. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Movie and in #50 of the original comic. In both issues, characters of years past were killed off (or just disappeared without explanation) to make room for the current lineup of toys crowding shelves in every major store. And due to the limitations of their respective mediums (more apparent in the comic), few of them were able to develop in an interesting or memorable way. One is not too likely to find characters past 1987 high on their lists of all time favorites.

Two of the well known exceptions are Bludgeon and Thunderwing. Both of these characters made their appearance near the end of the comic once Simon Furman took up the reigns as writer. Both of these characters were toys in the 1989 line that few people would remember were it not for Furman’s writing. He portrayed Thunderwing as a respectful leader whose obsession with finding the Creation Matrix made for one of the most compelling stories of Marvel run. With Bludgeon, Furman created quite possibly the closest thing the Decepticons could call an “honorable” warrior, who eventually became Decepticon leader after Scorponok’s death in issue 75. It’s not surprising to see that these two characters are well known and liked throughout the fandom. Their recent appearance in the Armada “World’s Collide” storyline (also written by Furman) shows how well known these characters are. For Furman to utilize characters that Armada’s target audience has no idea about opens up the possibility for him to portray them in a new and interesting way. What does this have to do with Sunstorm? Well, as a toy only character who does not have a history behind him that fans, both old and new, would recognize, Brad Mick, writer of the G1 ongoing series, can feel free to utilize and write the character in almost any way he wants to, since there is no anchor holding him back. To a majority of the audience then, he will no doubt be portrayed as if he was truly a brand new character.

However, while we have established that Sunstorm is a new character, the question of whether or not he can be considered a brand new character in the Generation One universe is still in doubt. We have established that Sunstorm, as a toy, is more or less a Transformer character. However, we have also established his lack of name recognition outside of Japan. Even if that weren’t true, there would still be a number of fans who don’t consider him a true Generation 1 character. Why? Because, to a great deal of American fans, the Generation 1 universe ended, for all intents and purposes, with the three part “Rebirth” miniseries. At this time, the toyline was more or less sliding into unpopularity, no doubt in part to the fact that its major advertising campaign had gone off the air. However, in Japan, six more Transformer series were produced: Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Battlestars and Operation: Combination. And while Headmasters, and Masterforce to a degree, utilized the characters seen in that years wave of American toys, by the time that Victory came along, the cast of characters was made up of toys exclusive to the Japanese market (much like Sunstorm), and are not very likely to be well known by most American fans.

Even if it were true that Japanese characters aren’t well known to American fans, that does not necessarily mean that they cannot become a part of the Generation One universe. Take Overlord for example. The character, whose first appearance was in the Japan “Masterforce” series in 1988, was made the Decepticon leader in the 1991 European assortment. The European tech spec (seen here) makes very little mention of his role in Masterforce, with the exception of his twin human partners (referred to as “Energon mini-figures”). He is not the only one to get the “import” to the Generation 1 universe. The Motorvators (Flame, Gripper and Lightspeed), were also part of the 1991 European assortment after spending most of 1989 being known as the Brainmasters Laster, Blacker and Braver in “Victory”, while the Breastmasters Drillhorn, Jaguar, Killbison and Leozak got an allegiance change and were brought over to Europe in 1992 as the “Autobot Rescue Patrol.” Since these characters were released at the same time as Sideswipe, Tracks, Bombshell and Thundercracker (as Action Masters, yes, but well known characters nonetheless), one can make the assumption that these characters have, for lack of a better term, become brand new Generation One characters.

With Sunstorm, who will be making his first "official" North American appearance in the pages of issue #1 of the ongoing Generation One Transformers series, this is perhaps the best way to explain his status as a new Generation One character. In the end, though, it does not matter, because to a great deal of the audience, he will appear to be a new character, regardless of what previous origins he may have. No matter the case, it all hangs on the shoulders of Brad Mick, whose pen is the key that will make us remember Sunstorm as we would remember Thunderwing, or causes us to blot him out for all eternity just as we do Wheelie.

IDW to generally release TFClub exclusive comic!

Transformers News: IDW to generally release TFClub exclusive comic!
Date: Friday, January 5th 2007 10:38pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Store News, Collector's Club News
Posted by: Bed Bugs | Credit(s):

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Transformers has posted an update on their site. According to the Club website, IDW will be releasing the first two years worth of Club Exclusive comics (12 total) in a single domestic release.

To view the update, go to Transformers, log in, and click the newest update to see some amazing cover artwork by Dan Khanna featuring Vector Prime with headshots of Ramjet, Nemesis Prime, Dark Scorponok, Sentinel Maximus, Alpha Trion, and Skyfall.

The Club also claims that they will be offering the new edition through the Club Store aswell.

Die Hard Won't Face The Transformers on July 4th

Transformers News: Die Hard Won't Face The Transformers on July 4th
Date: Friday, January 5th 2007 4:50pm CST
Category: Live Action Movie News
Posted by: Shinobi Rendar | Credit(s):

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On July 4th the only competition the upcoming Transformers Movie had, seems to have backed away from the July 4th release date. According to the official Live Free or Die Hard site, the next installment in the Die Hard films franchise has been moved up a week to June 29.

The news crew will keep you posted on any new developments on the Transformers Movie

New Movie Binocular Autobot Pictures Plus Auction UPDATED

Transformers News: New Movie Binocular Autobot Pictures Plus Auction UPDATED
Date: Friday, January 5th 2007 4:12pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): s250, winfox of, Burn

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winfox of has posted some images of what appears to be a yellow binoculars transformer. Could this be another objectformer from Transformers Movie like the cellphone and others we have seen, or could it be some very well done custom. We will keep you informed as we learn new infromation on this new Bot.

To see the images of the new bot click here.

Additional infromation

Jimmyhuang1 of the TaoBao Auction Site has put up a auctionfor this new objectformer. You can view the auction here.

Update: Some better pics have surfaced and it appears that the name of this Autobot is "Longview". You can see the pictures here at the auction of spx_toys Update - January 5th, 2007

Transformers News: Update - January 5th, 2007
Date: Friday, January 5th 2007 4:01pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Joel @

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a ton
of new arrivals and some preorder news. There is a ton of new stuff so be
sure to take a look through the big list below including 20 new Anime


TRANSFORMING ROADBOTS IN TRANSIT: Our container of Roadbots is on the
water and we expect them here in very early February - the turnaround time
on a restock for anything that sells out will be several months so be sure
to get your orders in now - these are very cool figures.

STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 9: The majority of our order will be arriving in
around 10 days! Preorders are still available for full sets of 7 and
single figures are also available.

REISSUE SOUNDWAVE: We expect our network of buyers to be able to supply
some of the reissue soundwave figures sometime in February - a limited
preorder has been opened at $44.99

MACROSS YF-19: This awesome new valk is on the way and should arrive to
us on January 11th - get your preorder locked in at $199.99 before they
are gone.

TRANSFORMERS KISS AUTOLOOPER: Arriving in about a week, this new Kiss
Players Police Mazda is priced at $69.99


HASBRO MARVEL FIGURES: A variety of new Hasbro Marvel items have arrived.

--GHOST RIDER MOVIE FIGURES: Waves 1 and 2 have just arrived with many
various versions of Ghost Rider, a variety of enemies and also a cool
boxed set with cycle.

--MARVEL TITANIUM: The first round of Titanium figures turned out nicely,
Doc Ock, Spider-Man and Green Goblin are priced at $17.49 each and the
larger Ghost Rider & Cycle is $23.99

--SPIDER-MAN ORIGINS: Battle Packs, Waves 1 & 2, role play weapons, and
Bump 'n Go figures are all now in stock, check out the wide variety of
figures here:

--MARVEL SIGNATURE SERIES: Eight different 8" figures are now in stock,
these figures feature real cloth outfits and decent articulation in the
joints found underneath the outfits. Wave 1 & 2 sets are $64.99 each.

--MARVEL ATTACKTIX: All but one of the Marvel Attacktix items announced
so far are in stock, including booster boxes for $5.49

DISNEY CARS: Another shipment of the small 1:55 scale cars cases of 18
has arrived. These cases are priced at $69.99 each and contain a random
factory mix of both older and new figures. Also in stock are the Pullbax
mini figures with pull-back motors, Race Track and much more.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The first wave of limited edition Cylon Minimates
is now in stock. Only 500 cases were produced so these will likely be
tough to find in the future. The Classic Cylons are priced at $53.99 per
case of 12 and preorders are still available for the Modern Cylons.

STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO DELTA SQUAD: In stock now for just $29.99 -
this limited edition set won't be produced again and they are going
quickly. This set is great for troop building or as a standalone item.

GI JOE VIPER PIT: The ultimate troop building set, these vipers will fit
in well with your 80's Joes, and are great for creating huge dioramas or
battle scenes. In stock now for $21.99 each.

STAR WARS 12" BIB FORTUNA: Another highly detailed figure from Sideshow,
Mr. Fortuna comes with a variety of accessories and is very movie accurate

MARVEL LEGENDS FACE-OFF VARIANTS: A small number of wave 2 Face-Off
variants are now available at $89.99 per set of three 2-packs.

REVOLTECH GETTER 3: Kaiyodo continues to release a wide variety of
Revoltech brand figures - the Getter 3 is significantly different from
most of the other Revoltech figures with its unique body style, but they
have still managed to keep the articulation high. Nearly all of the
Revoltech items released so far are in stock.

NECA TRAPJAW & MORE MOTU: The awesome new Four Horseman Trapjaw statue is
now in stock for $189.99 and we've also received more Evil Lyn, He-Man,
Ram Man, Clawful, Hordak, and Sorceress statues & busts. The first 3
waves of action figure statues are in stock and more wave 4 will be
arriving soon.

GHOST RIDER MAQUETTES: Sideshow's regular and and Old West Ghost Rider
Maquettes are now in stock at $189.99 each.

TONNER DOLLS - SUPERGIRL: Supergirl and extra outfits are now back in
stock. The new Tonner Wonder Woman dolls should be arriving fairly soon
as well.

SOTA'S SPIDER-MAN DELUXE CHESS SET: Sota has created an awesome 3D chess
set with a variety of Spider-Man characters. You'll have to check out the
picture on this one, its worth taking a look.

THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS: It might be a tad too late for Christmas
'06, but you can get a wide variety of YWASC toys now to gear up for '07.
We have a variety of plush, PVC's and action figures in stock including
many version of the Heat Miser and Snow Miser.

UPPER DECK ALEX ROSS: The new high-end Thor and Silver Surfer statues
created by Upper Deck have just arrived, very cool items - check them out

MARVEL SELECT ULTIMATE HULK: This one has been sold out for quite some
time and its finally back - only $16.99 for a very beefy gray hulk.

JASON VS FREDDY SIDESHOW DIORAMA: This cool statue is limited to a mere
500 pieces and we have it in stock now at $189.99 - this one is sure to go
up in value with so few available.

HOT TOYS - RAMBO FIRST BLOOD: Sly Stallone looks great with his M-60
Machine gun and a big old string of shells, only $74.99 for this figure.

HARD HERO DEVASTATOR BUST: Only $32.99 for this huge limited edition
Transformers bust from Hard Hero - we just received a restock of these and
also have limited numbers of 10 other super-cheap busts in stock.

ANIMATED HELLBOY STATUES: Abe Sapien and Hellboy himself have a cool new
animated look in Dark Horse's latest line. We have these at $25 below
MSRP at $124.99 each.

RAT FINK & SKATEBOARD: Four different versions of the Rat Fink Sidewalk
Surfer figure are now in stock starting at $13.99

KURT COBAIN ITEMS: A variety of new Kurt items have just arrived
including Dog Tags, Lighter & ID Case, Chain Wallet, Mailbag, Wrist Band,
Lunchbox, and we also have preorders listed for his various action figures

GENERAL MILLS 12" FIGURES: Funko brings us large Bobblehead Bank figures
of Count Chocula and Frankenberry - just $22.99 each.

BRAVE SERIES GREAT BAAN GAAN: Just in from CMS Corp in Japan, this is a
complicatd little mech priced at just $49.99 - take a look here:

MORE NECA ITEMS: These items have just arrived - Jack Skellington Mini
Bust, Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Leatherface Mini Bust, Davy Jones Mini
Bust, Davy Jones Headknocker, NBX Statue Set, Gremlins Gizmo Backpack, NBX
24" Deformed Plush, NBX Lace Panel, POTC Jewelry Box.

ANIME - 20+ different items have just arrived, as usual, skin is in!

PLEASE TEACHER - Dessert Time Mizuho Kazami - $56.99

TANDEM TWIN - Sheep Girl Worara, suprisingly attractive for a sheep...

CHAOS GATE - 1/8 Ignis - very beautiful sculpt - $57.99

IKKI TOUSEN - 1/8 Ryofu - $56.99

NIGHT SHIFT NURSES - 10" Ren - with cool bed style packaging

CANVAS 2 - 1/8 Scale Ekis Housen - $44.99

VAMPIRE SAVIOUR - Lilith 1/8 PVC Statue - Pink & Green versions

FATE/HOLLOW ATARAXIA: Saber Swimsuit & Sakura Grocery versions

GUX X SWORD: Bikini Trading Figures and 1/8 Van Figure

LAST EXILE: Alvis 1/8 PVC Figure - $37.99

MAGICAL GIRL: Fate Testerossa 1/8 PVC Figure

MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA: Bunny Outfit Mikuru - red & black

TSUKUYOMI: Hazuki Dress Version -

MY OTOMOE: Jujo Shion 1/8 Figure

TO HEART 2: Lucy Maria Misora 1/8 figure

XENOSAGA: Excellent 1/8 scale Kos-Mos figure - very nice

Thanks for your interest in - we are really looking
forward to all the cool new products coming out in 2007 and we'll keep you
updated with info as they are announced by the manufacturers.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

New Images of Movie Bumblebee and Barricade

Transformers News: New Images of Movie Bumblebee and Barricade
Date: Thursday, January 4th 2007 7:15pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Live Action Movie News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Shokaract of TFW2005

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New images of Bumblebee and Barricade from the upcoming Transformers Movie have surfaced on Amazon Japan. Both bots are featured on the cover of childrens book called An I Can Read Book based on the upcoming Transformers Movie. Bumblebee is on the cover of the book Transformers: Sam's New Car which we reported would be released here. Barricade is on the cover of a book titled Autobot VS. Decepticon. Check the images out here:

6" Titanium RID Optimus Prime prototype on eBay

Transformers News: 6" Titanium RID Optimus Prime prototype on eBay
Date: Thursday, January 4th 2007 6:28pm CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): Kayotoys-cn

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Views: 20,267

eBay seller Kayotoys-cn has an auction up for the six inch RID Optimus Prime. This prototype is red, white and grey and comes with a nameless display stand.

Check out the auction here

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