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Transformers News: Wins Best News Site At BotCon!
Date: Saturday, April 26th 2008 11:44pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: GetterDragun | Credit(s): Ryan, GetterDragun

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We have won the 2008 BotCon award for the best news site! A big congrats goes out to Ryan, the News Crew, and especially to all of our members who help us get the news out! We look forward to keeping you up to date on all the latest and greatest, so as they say...stay tuned to Seibertron for all of the latest Transformers news!

Congrats again!

New Pictures of 25th Prime and Classics revealed at BotCon!

Transformers News: New Pictures of 25th Prime and Classics revealed at BotCon!
Date: Saturday, April 26th 2008 4:48pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: GetterDragun | Credit(s): GetterDragun, jazzrules

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Views: 24,093 has updated with pictures of some of the upcoming figures revealed today!

Check the link out here: ... 995C59944E

Botcon Transformers Collectors Club Panel

Transformers News: Botcon Transformers Collectors Club Panel
Date: Saturday, April 26th 2008 4:22pm CDT
Category: Event News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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Transformers Collectors Club Panel
Year 4 Magazine and Comic

This is some of the information given during the TCC Panel.

Going to be even more like a magazine.

Covers, interviews, Hasbro previews, mini mayhem, lil formers, fan Spotlight and Transcendent storyline.

They stress the importance of putting forth your fanwork to them. This is a way to get your stuff out there, Hasbro and others do see this.

Transtech. Wanted to get outside of the norm. Wanted to bring it to life as the toys will probably never be released. Story is much more political. Political conflict instead of martial conflict.

3 stories for Transtech. Focus on Outworlders.

Gone Too Far- starring Jackpot and Hubcap.
Withered Hope – The Gobots have return!
I, Lowtech – Nick Roche doing art! Nuff said

Online Features:
Profiles, mini mayhem, max cops, contest and Me, Grimlock!

Shattered Glass:
Fall 2008 3 pose fiction stories.

Dungeons and Dinobots!

Maybe Exclusives?

Nightbeat comic is currently in limbo. The figure will be packaged with the comic
Issue #22 will have a 2 page profile on the Nightbeat story.

BotCon 2008 Report - Targetmaster Cyclonus, 25th line & more

Transformers News: BotCon 2008 Report - Targetmaster Cyclonus, 25th line & more
Date: Saturday, April 26th 2008 1:02pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron

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Hasbro announced a slew of goodies for all of us Transformers fans. If you have some questions, please ask in this thread and I'll do my best to answer the questions with what I heard.

Over $700 million box office worldwide
#1 DVD in the USA in 2007

#1 action figure toy brand (npd data)
Movie Deluxe - action toy of the year
#1 fans

2008 Product Update
Toy Launch - June 22nd
Deluxe Sentinel Prime - Sept 08 street date
Deluxe Swoop
Deluxe Elite Guard Bumblebee - Sept 08 street date (going to be doing more themed repaints due to the equity that they have in some of the main characters)
Leader Class Ultra Magnus - Sept 08 (HUGE round of applause)

Deluxe Ironhide (turns into a red SUV) looks so much better than Botcon version) has a license plate that says Oregon on it)
Deluxe Sideswipe (had wrong head in photo which was a black Sunstreaker head) - August 2008
Ultra Class Silverbolt - everyone laughed that they had his name wrong as "Sliverbolt", 1/2 was through transformation has transformation sound, other sound effects in robot mode such as gun firing
Ultra Storm Cloud - repaint of Powerglide (Numbers on jet say "MM-88" ... guess what that stands for? Basically an updated color scheme for Micromaster Storm Cloud)
Deluxe Hound with Ravage (new mold ... Hound transforms into a green jeep like vehicle, Ravage transforms into a cassette who will fit in Soundwave and also attaches to Hound, Ravage does not have weapons, hound's cannon will fit on shoulder or in hand)
Deluxe Cyclonus w/ Nightstick Targetmaster (new mold) ... looks frikkin' badass! Attaches to vehicle mode or in his hand, also "plugs" into his hand like the Japanese Headmasters series
Deluxe Cheetor (looks pretty cool, new mold, tail is his weapon, no spots on tail due to the type of plastic, will have two throwing star weapons like animated Prowl, little switch on back of cheetah mode that opens jaw and switches eyes from blue to green)

Tank Megatron (looks similar to G2 version, realistic dark green)
Brawn (looks awesome!)
Beachcomber (looks awesome!)

Kickback vs. Ironhide
BW Megatron vs BW Silverbolt
Thrust vs Blaster
BM Cheetor vs BM Tankor
RID Optimus Prime vs RID Megatron

Nemesis Prime (Japanese version will have red windows) (Comic-Con / HTS exclusive)
6" War Within Skywarp (Comic-Con / HTS exclusive)
Breakaway (Cybertron Hot Shot repaint) - Walmart
Fracture (Classics Mirage repaint) - Walmart
Crankcase (Cybertron Red Alert repaint) - Walmart
Mini-Con 12 pack (Kmart)
WW Prowl and WW Grimlock as TRU exclusives (Sept 2008) - have no plans to release Cosmos, Arcee, WW Bumblebee/Cliffjumper or Shockwave. Too expensive to tool up for these molds and they're not profitable enough.

Target exclusives - include a Voyager and a Deluxe
Deluxe Roadbuster versus Voyager Dirge (Cybertron Hot Shot II repaint / Cybertron Starscream repaint)
Deluxe Ratbat versus Voyager Springer (Cybertron Evac repaint vs Cybertron Sideways repaint)

25 YEARS (1984 - 2009) SNEAK PEEK
Continue with Animated (might show some more stuff tomorrow)
Reissue of Optimus Prime with silver roller (launch November 2008) with reprint of Comic and digitally remastered DVD of More Than Meets The Eye), autobot logo sound box (like GiJoe sound boxes) with some of Peter Cullen's quotes
Flip open packaging looks awesome for 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime
25th Anniversary line will be celebrating all years of Transformers (showed logos for all series from Beast Machines to G2)

(Gearing up for 25th anniversary)

Put out an official G1 Counterfeit toys statement

Here are some off the answers given to the questions Fans asked.

Gestalts – Very hard to design and produce, not for a typical series. There will be a return for Gestalts when the time is right. MAYBE 25th Anni but they don’t want to make any promises. Definitely not the end of them though.

Robot Heroes. Our very own Fender Bender asked the question if the Transformer Robot Heroes would get “more love” like the Star Wars and Marvek guys are. Hasbro said there will be “more love” like possible bigger sizes.

Hasbro wants the new Universe line to expand, so more classics can be made. It will have to take a back seat when TF2 comes out since that will be upfront, along with the continuation of Animated. But the series will return.

TF G.I.Joe. This issue is talked about every year. It is a possibility but the time isn’t right, there is no business sense in bringing the 2 together when both lines are standing strong by themselves. Could be in the future, but not time yet.

Battle of the Boards Results - Loses First Round

Transformers News: Battle of the Boards Results - Loses First Round
Date: Friday, April 25th 2008 8:37pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Event News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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Tonight 5 members of engaged in glorious battle in the Battle of the Boards tournament. Team Seibertron was made up of Fender Bender, Counterpunch, FirstGen, Sgt. Grumbles and Savage . We engaged last years winner Transformers Wiki, but in the end Wiki came out on top. In round 2 TFW lost to Team Canada, but in the end it was Wiki and TFCC fighting for 1st place. Wiki managed to come out ontop and win their second straight tournament.

Team Seibertron had a lot of fun and we look forward to next years Battle. Congrats to Transformers Wiki!

Botcon Bagged Sets Bios

Transformers News: Botcon Bagged Sets Bios
Date: Friday, April 25th 2008 12:32pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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Here are the bio specs for the 2 additional figure sets that you could purches at Botcon. Megatron, Rodimus and Divebomb came in a pack for $112 and Sideswipe, Blurr and Rampage came in a pack for $73. To view the images please visit the front page news story.

Decepticon Leader

Strength 9
Intelligence 9
speed 9
Endurance 9
Rank 10
Courage 9
Fireblast 9
Skill 8

"Peace will come for all Cybertronians"

As a young mathematician, Megatron lectured at one of Cyberton's most prestigious universities. During the course of his studies, he had developed a set of equations that could predict social trends in a given society. He was alarmed when these trends pointed to a Civil War on Cybertron. His colleagues dismissed his work as the paranoid ranting of a lunatic. He saw them as simply misguided and he retreated underground to prepare for the coming war. When Optimus Prime began his march across Cybertron, Megatron was ready. He had developed the art of transformation, refashioning his own body into one capable of converting to an aerial vehicle of tremendous power. While Optimus spread the gospel of destruction and conquest, Megatron championed compassion, courage and freedom. His Charisma and humor in the face of a war helped him form a united front against the Autobots. Though Megatron is a pacifist at heart, he has the soul of a warrior as many have discovered time and again.


Strength 8
Intelligence 7
Speed 9
Endurance 7
Rank 8
Courage 9
Fireblast 8
Skill 8

"There is only one rule now; revenge!"

Once part of Prime's elite seeker unit, sideswipe was feared as the most ruthless of the trio. French, the teams leader, believed that there should be a balance between a stern hand and compassion. Though there was a difference in philosophy between the two, there was also a mutual respect. However, for Optimus, these were not traits he found appealing in his sub-commander and when the opportunity arse, he had drenched killed. Sideswipe, though ruthless, was loyal and did not agree with the fate that had been dealt to his fallen leader. Sensing a conflict in Sideswipe's "loyalties," Prime let Sideswipe walk into a staged ambush in which he and a fellow Autobot were left to die. Though the companion, who was there by mistake, was killed, Sideswipe survived and ended up being accepted into the ranks of the Decepticons. While Sideswipe fights for different reasons than his his new comrades, he fights nonetheless. As a tribute to his former commander, Sideswipe has taken the colors Drench once bore as a constant reminder to Prime that vengeance is coming.

Aerial Combat

Strength 6
Intelligence 7
Speed 9
Endurance 6
Rank 5
Courage 8
Skill 8

"Soar above those who would bring you done."

Divebomb was a daydreamer who would often come up with brilliant theories as he stared happily as the sky. When the war came, his only escape from it's horrors would be to dream of a better time, both in his past and future, when destruction would not be a part of his every day existence. There is a deep sadness inside Divebomb's Ember that he masks with a cheerful exterior. He understands his importance in the Decepticon/Autobot conflict and never wants his personal sorrow to a affect anyone else. The only time he will let his true feelings show are when he is alone, soaring above the world in the sky that he could one dream about touching.


Strength 7
Intelligence 9
Speed 7
Endurance 7
Rank 3
Courage 9
Fireblast 8
Skill 9

"Thought preceding action equals success."

Rampage's mind is always working furiously. During his time as one of Razorclaw's students, he would often begin on a new assignment before finishing the previous one. The war did not diminish his enthusiasm; it allowed him to simply reorient his focus on warfare. He would often destroy twice as many Autobots as Razorclaw or Divebomb by constantly trying out new and more efficient ways of dispatching with his enemies. Watching alien transmissions tends to clam him down. It was Rampage who presented Razorclaw with transmissions showing Predators that became the basis for the alternate mode designs for the Predacons when they joined the Decepticon Army.

Botcon Set Accessory Shortage Advisory

Transformers News: Botcon Set Accessory Shortage Advisory
Date: Friday, April 25th 2008 12:17pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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Just a quick note to the individuals who have picked up their Botcon set, or going to. There have been a few reports of the sets coming with a missing Cyberkey and missile baggy set. When you get your set, double check to make sure you have all 3 Cyber Key and Missile packs. If you do not, the Botcon staff has some for replacement.

Botcon Cartoon Network Pannel

Transformers News: Botcon Cartoon Network Pannel
Date: Friday, April 25th 2008 12:13pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream

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I atteded Cartoon Networks Panel at this years Botcon and they had a lot of good Q&A that sheds a lot of light on certain issues. I took notes on the answers, they don't have any particular order I just wrote them down as they were given.

Transformers Animated Panel:

More Deceptions for Season 2.

Swindle, Ratbat, Galvatron and Waspinator: 3 of the 4 will be in Animated.

Why Animated style? Working with Cartoon Network usually means animated work. Wanted to get back with the roots of drawing Transformers.

Animated done in a widescreen format, but clipped for standard.

Looking Forward. More obscure characters, more of Cybertron.

Ad-Lib is a big part to story dialogue.

Last Scene in Season 2 finale is completely ad-lib.

Allspark to stay mysterious.

Ultra Magnus figure exactly like he is on the show, completely tricked out. Expect each wave of Animated to be better than the last.

Oil Slick – Not a cartoon character, toy only but will probably be in around comic #3. MAY make it into later seasons.

Exec Producer decided on female human lead character decision. Tried really hard to make her a fun and different character, but not annoying like previous human characters in past cities. Detroit is a diverse city, one reason why the show takes place there. Cast and crew of Animated is also from diverse backgrounds.

Theories about who or what Sari is on the internet. Some have come close, many however are WAY OFF. But none are exactly right to who or what she is.

Season 3 – Nothing definitive, but looking like a pretty good possibility.

Season 1 ratings – “Doing very well”

Arcee second appearance. Nothing for Season 2, but would like to bring back in the future.

Omega Supreme: Can not confirm nor deny e will be in series.

Waspinator: Would not be voiced by Scott Mcneal.

Sentinel Prime was originally going to be Rodimus with the attitude that Sentinel Prime currently has. Hasbro did not want Rodimus to have that attitude, so they changed Rodimus to Sentinel Prime.

Combiners not likely. Though names from Combiner members may be used. Lots of talk about wanting Combiners, but not likely.

Hasbro working really well with Aniamted team.

Soundwave being a van. Best vehicle to have the same shape, likeness to a cassette player. Big debate over what his Alt should be, but they knew they wanted to have Soundwave.

Bringing Primal back, has been talked about but nothing solid. If he were to show up it would be a completely new character.

The Arc is not the Arc, it’s a repair vessel.

Unicron is a no.

Big plans for Soundwave, look forward to 3rd season.

Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker Gallery now online!

Transformers News: Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker Gallery now online!
Date: Friday, April 25th 2008 11:34am CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron

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The first of several BotCon 2008 exclusive galleries from have been added to the site. View 130 photos here of the all-new upcoming Sunstreaker from Hasbro's 2008 Transformers Universe line (aka "Classics 2.0") have been added to the galleries. Check back Friday for a gallery of Prowl! updates website with radio ad

Transformers News: updates website with radio ad
Date: Wednesday, April 23rd 2008 10:54am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Digital Media News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Views: 16,576 has updated its website with an official radio ad airing in the Cincinnati area right now. The ad promotes the three day event mentioning attendees and goodies. What's most interesting about this ad is that it states that "The first 100 kids to arrive saturday get a free figure".

No details as to what figure this could be are given, but it is known that all Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass sets and the Richochet attendee figures are spoken for, so this could be a different figure altogether. Could it be a TF Animated figure? A TF Movie figure? Only time will tell.

You can here the official radio ad at

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