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Action-HQ Store Update

Transformers News: Action-HQ Store Update
Date: Monday, October 3rd 2005 10:05am CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Big Grim | Credit(s): Action-HQ

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Hi, this is a full update of this weeks announcement. Unlike just the
Transformer or Star Wars announcement, it might include other things
that your readers might be interested in. Check out some of the cooler
stuff coming out this quarter. Will leave it up to you if you want to
the remaining items in. Thanks.

**** - bringing the Best to you FIRST with the new Walmart
Star Wars Exclusives Shadow Trooper & Mustafar Duel, Transformers
Re-issue Star Convoy & Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy, New Binaltech
Asterisk BTA-01 & BTA-02, Saint Seiya Final Version Dragon,
Microman Chirico Cuive & More!!

Available Now!
-Walmart Exclusive Mustafar Duel Set of 2
(Obi-Wan Vs Anakin)!

-Walmart Exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper Commander!

-Transformers Re-issue Star Convoy & HotRod!

-Transformers Galaxy Forice GC-23 Megalo Convoy!

-Transformers BTA-01 Alert with Ai!
-Transformers BTA-02 Sunstreaker with

-Saint Seiya Final Version Dragon Shiryu!
-Microman MA-24 Chirico Cuvie (Votoms)!

Pre-Order Now!
-Walmart Exclusive Die-Cast X-Wing

-Walmart Exclusive Die-Cast Republic

-Walmart Exclusive Separation of the Twins
(Infant Luke & Leia)!

-Unleashed Battle 4-Pack set of 4!
-KB Toys Exclusive Collector 9-Pack!
-The Evolutions Clone Trooper 3-Pack Version

-Marvel 8 inch Venom (Japan)!
-Marvel 8 inch Spiderman (Japan)!

AHQ Oct Promo!
-Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato Cosmo
Fleet Collection!

-Batman 1/35 Batmobile (1st Movie) EX Advance

-Knight Rider 1/18 Aoshima Die-Cast

AHQ Nov Promo!
-Saint Seiya Cloth Myth Hydra!
-Saint Seiya Cloth Myth Unicorn!
-Star Wars RAH StormTrooper!

AHQ Dec Promo!
-Max Factory Guyver Gigantic!
-XenoSaga 1/8 Kos-Mos Figure!
-Star Wars Fine Molds 1/72 Millennium

-Medicom RAH 24 Jack Bauer!

-Hot Toys Aliens 12 inch U.S. Colonial Marines
Corporal Dwayne Hicks!

-Hot Toys Aliens 12 inch U.S. Colonial Marines
Sergeant Apone!

-Hot Toys Aliens 12 inch U.S. Colonial Marines
Private Vasquez!

Get yours FIRST at Action-! updates

Transformers News: updates
Date: Sunday, October 2nd 2005 4:57pm CDT
Category: Digital Media News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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Once again, the site for the production company, run by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman, WildFur Productions has updated their news page. You may also want to take note of the picture of the incentive cover of IDW's Transformers #0, that can be found here.

The following text is a direct quote from the WildFur news page.

With IDW's Transformers Infiltration #0 hitting the stores mid-October, Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman are hitting the road, signing pens in hand. First stop is the Area 51 comic store in Bristol (UK) on Saturday 22nd October. Furman and Wildman will be signing copies of issue #0 and assorted Transformers trades from 2PM onwards, while no doubt gassing incessantly and recklessly about upcoming projects. Want to get stuff signed, find out what's coming up... then come on down. The shop can be found at 230 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol. For more information, contact Area 51 on 0117 924 4655.

And this just in... Area 51 have 20 limited edition prints of Andrew Wildman's breathtaking (alternate) wrap-around cover art for issue #1 up for grabs! The first 20 punters to part with a measly £5 (spent in store on whatever) get the prints, so make sure you're there early!


A mere one week on, and it's back on the road, and this time Simon Furman (minus the Wild one) is Bedford-bound. He, along with stellar line-up of UK creative talent (including Charlie Adlard, David Hine, Simon Bisley, Alex De Campi, John McCrea, Glenn Fabry and Jamie Delano) will be signing anything and everything thrust under their noses at Close Encounters, 59 Midland Road, Bedford (UK) on Saturday October 29th. For more information, contact Close Encounters on 01234 270777.


The Draw the World Together project moves into its second phase as the auction goes live on the 17th October. Currently available for view are all those amazing pieces of artwork donated by some of the industries best. Take a look at artwork from Bolland to Sakai, EJ Su to Hitch. This global event is all happening at


It's true... everyone's favourite Bounty-er, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent is back! Death's Head (or at least, the all-new Death's Head 3.0) is back. The new Death's Head will return this December in the pages of Marvel's Amazing Fantasy #16 (for a 5-issue run), courtesy of Simon Furman (Yes!) and James Raiz (who previously provided stellar artwork for Dreamwave's Transformers Armada series, among others). So... is this new Death's Head different again from previous incarnations? Well, yes... and no. A whole new era of DH excitement begins right here. For more information, check out


Don't miss the first issue of Titan Magazines' cracking new Wallace & Gromit comic, on sale now (or soon anyway!). This bumper-sized comic/magazine comes with host of outrageously funny features, bewildering puzzles, mind-boggling inventions and, of course, assorted cheeses, as well as two (count 'em!) comic strips, one of which is written by Wildfur's very own Simon Furman (and there's more to come). The first issue comes with a FREE Gromit pencil case... outstanding! For more information, check out


Coming soon... updates/news on Death's Head, Beast Wars, a Transformers (IDW) summer 'event' storyline and an incredible new UK-originated Transformers project, so secret that if we told you, we'd have to shoot you all! To know what's what, before others do, check out and sign up for our advance newsletter. You know it makes sense.

New Japanese Magazine Scans: Galaxy Force Blendal & Mole Dive and more!

Transformers News: New Japanese Magazine Scans: Galaxy Force Blendal &amp; Mole Dive and more!
Date: Sunday, October 2nd 2005 10:08am CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s): Fan2Fan

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Fan2Fan have posted several scans for the lastest editions of Japanese toy magazines Hyper Hobby, TV-Boy and TV-Magazine. The magazines include infomation and images of the new Galaxy force characters Blendal & Mole Dive, the TRU exclusive EX-02 Sonic Convoy special set, the Kabaya Change Galaxy line, TV Mag's exclusive Clear EZ collection set and more.
Head over to Fan2Fan for more infomation and images or click on the links below for some of the highlights:

Blendel again
Mole Dive
Mole Dive again
Scale chart for the new characters
EX-02 Sonic Convoy special set
Master Galvatron
Clear EZ collection set
Kabaya Change Galaxy

In-Box images of Crystal EZ Collection

Transformers News: In-Box images of Crystal EZ Collection
Date: Sunday, October 2nd 2005 10:06am CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): EasyNet, TFormers

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EasyNet has posted an image of the TV Mag Mail Order Crystal EZ Collection, in box. It contains crystal versions of Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron, Starscream.

See it here.

Entertainment Earth lists Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Pack Wave 2

Transformers News: Entertainment Earth lists Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Pack Wave 2
Date: Sunday, October 2nd 2005 9:51am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: JelZe GoldRabbit | Credit(s):

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Entertainment Earth has put up a listing for Wave 2 of the upcoming Mini-Con versus packs, bundled together with Wave 1. For those keeping track, these are Wave 1 packs, based on the Air Military and Land Military Teams:

Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer
Shockwave vs. Tankor
Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast

And here are the new Wave 2 ones, based on the Adventure and Destruction Teams:

Scattorbrain vs. Monocle
Payload vs. Ascentor
Kobushi vs. Landslide

New Galaxy Force Gigalonia Info (SPOILERS)

Transformers News: New Galaxy Force Gigalonia Info (SPOILERS)
Date: Saturday, October 1st 2005 1:54pm CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): TV Mag Magazine,

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TFormers notes some info about the planet Gigalonia, from the latest issue of TV Mag Magazine:

The Transformers of Gigalonia have evolved into huge Transformers with Microns. "KIRIBULL" and "BULBULL" can operate Blender and Mole Dive. In addition to collaborating in their work, the Microns can unite to various joints of their partner. Megalo Convoy is a field supervisor who commands the Transformers for construction and cooperates with the Cybertron.

Because he is a huge person, Megalo Convoy's movements are slow. Liger Megatron challenges Megalo Convoy. Liger Megatron's attacks with Death Break but his movement is quick so it is necessary to use his killer shot Megalo Crash, in order to put him away. However, Master Megatron's spark fuses with the planet force which is in the depths of Gigalonia and reincarnates into Master Galvatron.

Cybertron Swerve and Swindle on Ebay!

Transformers News: Cybertron Swerve and Swindle on Ebay!
Date: Saturday, October 1st 2005 1:42pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Sightings
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): BigPhill and TriBlurr of 2005

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Views: 16,334

TFW2005 user BigPhill makes note of Ebay auctions for Cybertron Swerve and Cybertron Swindle.

TFW2005 user TriBlurr has emailed the seller about both bios and tech specs:

Swindle Bio -

Though he is outfitted with a sensor package and weapons system nearly identical to his twin brother HARDTOP, SWINDLE scorns long-range tactics. He'd rather charge an AUTOBOT and club him across the visual cluster with his laser rifle than actually use it to blast another robot. SWINDLE is deceptively agile and tough for his size, traits developed over years of picking fights and winning. He's not as slavishly loyal to MEGATRON as his brother; he'll work for anyone who lets him trash AUTOBOTS.

Swerve Bio -

Impatient and short-tempered, SWERVE is a robot whose processors run so hot he was forced to install a backup exhaust system just to compensate for the excess heat. After his suspension from official races for poor sportsmanship, he found himself in the seedy underground oil-sport racing circuit. There, running races in which the last robot standing is declared victor, he's finally found an outlet for his temper, and a use for his lightning fast reflexes and sharp-shooting skills.

Tech Specs for Swerve -

Strength 5
Intel 6.5
Speed 7.5
Endur 9
Rank 3.5
Courage 6.5
Fireblast 5
Skill 6

Tech Specs for Swindle -
Strength 7
Intel 6
Speed 8
Endur 6
Rank 3.5
Courage 5
Fireblast 5.5
Skill 8

Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy galleries

Transformers News: Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy galleries
Date: Saturday, October 1st 2005 1:37pm CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Calenatarion | Credit(s): Tfkenkon

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Remy has posted a gallery of Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy! The first part of this gallery concentrates on his alternate mode, EZ Collection Galaxy Convoy and Megalo's Minicon, Horrible. Click here to see part one!

UPDATE: The second part of Remys gallery is now up, showcasing Megalo Convoys Robot-mode. See it here at

Transformers Collector's Club News Letter update

Transformers News: Transformers Collector&#039;s Club News Letter update
Date: Friday, September 30th 2005 2:12pm CDT
Category: Digital Media News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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The new newsletter from The Official Transformers Collector's Club has reached the mail-boxes of all it's members today. It includes the update for the TCC as wel as a thank you for the Botcon this past weekend.

The following is a direct quote taken from the newsletter.

Hello __________!

Thanks to all of you who attened BotCon! We appreciate your support. Those
who did attend had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year. We
hope to announce the location by the end of the year.

We have received the following Engergon Deluxe products in stock: Barricade,
Energon Kicker, Energon Starscream, Roadblock, Steamhammer. These came in right
before the show and their were many people at the show that wanted them. So in
case you missed them, check the store at Next week
we will be putting in the online store all of the BotCon boxed and loose sets if
you missed them.

We did find that we made a mistake and pulled too many for our archives of the
Ratchet/Flareup and the Virulent Clones souviners from BotCon.

This is exactly what we have left: 40 sets of the Ratchet/Flareup and 20 sets of
the Virulent Clones.

To order these items, we are holding them for any package holders that attended
BotCon (Primus, Protoform). Since there were a few people at BotCon that did
not have the chance to get these, we feel that we have to offer them to Primus
and Protoform package holders first. If there are any left by next Friday
(which I doubt) we will open the sales up to those who purchased the Iacon
package. You will be limited to one of each set when you call in.

To order these items, you have to call M-F weekdays 817-448-9863. We will not
put these in the online store.

Thanks for your support,


Simon Furman UK Signing on 28th October

Transformers News: Simon Furman UK Signing on 28th October
Date: Friday, September 30th 2005 9:09am CDT
Category: Site News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):

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Lying in the Gutters have announced that Transformers wirter Simon Furman will be appearing at Close Encounters in Bedford, UK on 28th October 2005 as part of a number of British Comic book celebrities signing on that day.
If you're in the area be sure to get down there to meet the man behind the majority of the Marvel G1 Comics, Dreamwaves Energon and War Within series, and the fothcoming IDW G1 'Transformers: Infiltration'!

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