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Transformers: Ongoing #5 Reviewed and Last Stand of the Wreckers #3 Rehashed!

Transformers News: Transformers: Ongoing #5 Reviewed and Last Stand of the Wreckers #3 Rehashed!
Date: Tuesday, March 30th 2010 1:18am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW

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I would like to officially lobby for a full time comic to follow around Nick Roche’s Wreckers, and/or his new/old baddie Overlord. How about ‘Tales of the Wreckers’? Last stand be damned.

Last week, we didn't have the opportunity to review LSOTW #3 (of 5), but it needs to be discussed. Since it is no secret about my love of that series as opposed to the Transformers Ongoing, I am going to review each comic, sort of step by step, and you can be the judge. Juxtaposing the plot, characters, and so forth may help me to like TFOngoing more...or less. Hoping maybe it gives you all a chance to sound off on the similarities and differences you like as well.

First of all, Wreckers #3 came out last week. There are not a lot of secrets left about that issue. Transformers Ongoing #5 brings March to a close this week...but does it close in an exciting and stormbringery manner, or just kind of pitter around, quietly going about its business in a petrorabbit like way?

TFOn #5: The first six pages are a dialogue between Major Witwicky and Optimus Prime. Spike is trying to find out what is motiviating Optimus Prime and the Autobots on Earth. Optimus Prime is reflecting on his leadership abilities, and reasons through aloud to Spike, why it is that he left the Autobots. Deeply heartfelt, and sentimental, this section contradicts and yet compliments the other section of the book. Spike seems to start to understand that there is more than a war torn leader here, and that Optimus’ actions may not be some strategic ploy. Optimus is trying to learn, but has been both selfish, and selfless at the same time in his surrender to the humans.

“We needed to change. And so I chose to abdicate, and to turn myself upon your mercy for what my leadership has brought to your world.”

“You humans have the ability to learn in less than a single lifetime what it has taken me uncountable generations to grasp.”


But what if Optimus leaving the Autobots has caused an even worse fate to be thrust upon them than what would have been if he stayed?

LSOTW #3: The first two pages are Overlord freeing Shockwave from Garrus-9, and Shockwave monocularly seeing through Overlord’s ploy, as an attempt to get Megatron’s attention. The phase six robot idea is brought up again...

“Having one eye makes you see the world in unusual ways, Shockwave...”

“Thankfully. You’re not the first phase sixer to bait Megatron, Overlord...”

“True. But I only need to be the last...”

Fantastic dialogue. One can ‘hear’ these powerful robots having this conversation.

They have reached a bargain, and Shockwave is going to remove a virus that Overlord has, a blindspot, that Shockwave himself installed on Megatron’s orders in exchange for a crew, ship, and his freedom. We are led to wonder what this blindspot is or did? And how will Overlord be without it? Could this be like the kill switch that Sixshot had in him that Starscream used successfully in the -tion series?

Then, the next four pages-- Wreckers getting in over their heads, making a crash landing on Garrus-9, and infiltrating in two smaller groups. A very fun part, Fisitron’s Unofficial Wreckers’ Training Manual narrative absolutely contradicting the actions of said Wreckers’ actions on the pages. A nicely done piece of writing and art there. Very well thought out.

“Bold words Overlord. But you reckoned without one thing... Wreckers combine!”


“Well, I thought it was funny.”

An entertained Overlord ends up delivering the real punchline to the joke, and ending the life of Rotorstorm.

TFOn #5: Ultra Magnus proceeds to the Autobot headquarters cave, and decides he needs to deputize some of Bumblebee’s team to help him arrest the offending group (Rodimus’ group offended Ultra Magnus last issue, Magnus made like the Terminator and vowed to be back after he was summarily dismissed by Rodimus PRIME’s, perhaps, short-sighted thinking).

Ultra Magnus:
“We’re heading out in ten minutes. Get Huffer to bring me some Energon.”

Poor Huffer.

“Who’s Rodimus?”


Witwicky’s new ride (Brakedown) is ‘jacked by Dead End, and Dragstrip with him in it. Spike makes a funny right before he goes for this fateful drive...

“...unless some robot turns up that’s capable of eating the entire planet or something, don’t bother me, I’m heading out for a drive to clear my head.”

Foreshadow? Mr. Costa you do tease.

And the Stunticons true motivations are somewhat revealed as they communicate about the squishing of the pesky human even at the expense of their damaged teammate.


Spoiler and bad news: Spike escapes squashing.

LSOTW #3: Non-stop action as the Wreckers are in deep doo-doo. Both teams are overrun by cons, but they do not look as sharp, or as powerful as it seems we were led to believe they were in their legendary buildups in Stormbringer and the -tion series.

Jumpstarter fans are rewarded with some cool fan-wank about shared sparks. Turns out these two are like the Tomax and Xamot of the TF G1 Universe. (Don’t know who Tomax and Xamot are? Read G.I. Joe: Cobra II for some insight).

We also get to learn the fate of two Autobots in this issue that we have not heard from since issue #1. Poor Kickoff...You did not choose wisely. Or Overlord is simply sick and messed up.

Overlord issues rewards for the Wreckers’ heads...Decepticons get motivated. Wreckers get sloppy.

TFOn #5: Swindle tinkers with the Stunticons...‘fixing’ Brakedown. Bluestreak comments on the sudden overwhelming Decepticon interest in this action and how much time they are devoting to it instead of the ship. FORESHADOW!

Magnus and his Barney Fifes head back to the illegal starship created by Team Rodimus and Team Swindle. Ultra Magnus makes his normal decree about being an officer of the Tyrest Accord, he has a warrant, etc. Rodimus says no leave us alone, Bumblebee tries to step in. Magnus dismisses them both.

Swindle comes over to the negotiations, offers to “take over from here” almost giddy. Definitely smug.

Rodimus is confused. Swindle’s and the Decepticons’ true colors are revealed as he offers to take the ship, and kill every Autobot here, starting with Magnus.


Guess who’s doing the killing? Swindle’s creation. Must have some illegal tech specs being the arms dealer and all because he sure did make some improvements...robot has skills.


There is a very nicely rendered splash page here to emphasize the awesomeness of this creation’s 1st appearance in the IDW-verse. Nice work Don!

LSOTW #3: The Wreckers luck upon Fortress Maximus next. Overlord was using his barely online husk to try to pick the lock codes that will let them in to ‘Aequitas’ cell. This mysterious thing (Aequitas) was introduced last issue, but we don’t know anymore about it now than we did then. All we know is it is important, even Prowl thinks so.

Issue #3 ends with one group of Wreckers being tortured and the other group looking to enter Aequitas’ cell...

“At last everyone, this is Aequitas. I don’t think introductions are appropriate, do you?” (Wreckers are looking up into very tall, well lit cell)


Both issues were really solid reads this month. Wreckers is really panel to panel fun, both art and dialogue-wise.

Ongoing, while still the slower of the two stories, has come to a point where there is some good, solid action...that we should see next issue. Of course, being an ongoing series, story arcs can take more issues to build than in the minis.

If you have been reading these issues, you won’t be surprised by what is happening in either. Ongoing is doing its slow build to the excitement we should see in issue #6, where Rodimus’ ideals are ultimately betrayed, and we get some good bot on bot fighting. Fighting like we have been getting from issue #1 of the Wreckers series. The Don Fig TF Ongoing covers are dead giveaways of what is happening next. Looks like it should be a fun time based on the issue #6 wrap-around cover . Don has always been great at his splash pages, and his cover work. No surprise that this issue’s events warrant this ultra-awesome piece.

In the next issue of the Wreckers, we should see the reveal of Aequitas, and somehow, someone should be making a move to help out the Wreckers, or else issue #5 will be it. Maybe that’s why the series is called, “Last Stand of the Wreckers”. *sad*

‘Tales of the Wreckers’ needs to happen. Roche needs to be on it. Just saying.

I am curious as to how Mike Costa and Nick Roche were allowed to choose up characters for their series. Was it like a draft? After ‘All Hail Megatron’ and what we saw as a group that was Wreckers and a few others combined, we get split into groups that have Wreckers long time roster members left on Earth (noticeably Roadbuster, and Sandstorm), and new members joining in space.

The Earth-bound bots in ongoing don’t make sense to me. Why can’t they be extracted? Why didn’t the Wreckers come after Roadbuster, Sandstorm, Drift, Blurr, Hot Rod, Blaster, or any others that were with them before the great team meld of AHM?

I think my sense of time is off here. And I am confused by the end of AHM and who ended up where, and why, and what resources the Autobots have where. Who wasn’t confused by the end of AHM though?

Anyway, Wreckers is worth it, pick it up last week, Ongoing #5 comes out this week Wednesday, and well, same art, same story, slow build, and an exciting issue coming up next month! This issue is okay, and needed for story, but lacks the excitement of last week’s Wreckers. You can enjoy it for some fun puns, the Swindle-ness, or the art...

March’s Transformers comics end like a lamb-bot this week offering us something to get excited about in April anyway. for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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Most Recent Transformers News interview with Greg Gaub, organizer of CybCon 2010

Transformers News: interview with Greg Gaub, organizer of CybCon 2010
Date: Monday, March 15th 2010 9:15pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Interviews, People News, Site Articles
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): Greg Gaub, CybCon 2010

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If you're here visiting, chances are you're a Transformers fan. Transformers fans come in all shapes and sizes and express their fandom in all sorts of unique ways. Of course, an increasingly popular form of celebrating "TF love" has been attending Transformers conventions. That's something that isn't easy for everyone to do, especially if a TF convention hasn't taken place around where you live. However, for Transfans in the Northwest US, there is a surprisingly affordable convention that has been running for several years now. We caught up with the organizer of that convention, Greg Gaub and asked him some questions about his annual event.


Delicon: Hello, loyal Seibertronians. It is my honor today to be able to speak with Greg Gaub, the organizer of the annual Transformers convention known as CybCon. Greg, thanks so much for your time.

Greg Gaub:
Not a problem. Happy to contribute.

I guess it's probably best to start from the start. For those who are unfamiliar, what exactly is "CybCon" and how did it come to be?

Greg Gaub: CybCon, short for The Cybertronian Conference, is a gathering of fans of The Transformers of all kinds. It started as a mailing list, in about 1997, which was intended for local fans, but has fans from all over the world on it. A couple years after the mailing list, which was very strong at the time, I decided that I was tired of missing BotCons due to the expense of going, and so invited locals to my house for a get together on BotCon weekend. We did the BBQ and toy run thing for a couple years, which was fun, but then we decided to make it more convenient for more people by having it in a meeting room and making it more of an open invitation. It kept growing from there.

Delicon: Wow, talk about an "underground movement." So, how many years was this at your own house before you took it to a larger stage?

Greg Gaub: 3 years in total. The first two were great, but for whatever reason, the third year was a flop. Only Richard Mistron showed up that time, who had become a partner of sorts with his contact with Zobovor who made us some cool toys. Because of the poor showing that year, we decided to make it a real event for people to look forward to, rather than a "BBQ at Greg's house."

Delicon: That makes sense. So, what steps did you take to make it more of a real convention and not just a small informal gathering?

Greg Gaub: It wasn't hard. I located a rentable room in the city, Auburn, and then rented it for a good date and spread the word. I live in Auburn, WA, which is where it all started. We moved to Tacoma when we outgrew the places in Auburn.

Delicon: I noticed that you have been in Tacoma for a few years now, will that be your permanent home from here on out?

Greg Gaub: Since we moved to a large ballroom in Tacoma, we haven't exceeded its capacity. We've been there since 2006, and I don't expect, or want to grow out of it.

Delicon: Approximately how many people attended CybCon when you first started and approximately how many people do you average now?

Greg Gaub: Well, the BBQ at Greg's House version topped out at like...8 people I think. Maybe 7, I forget. We average between 60-80 people these days. I don't think we've broken 100 people at the convention, but last year I had just over 100 registered people. Some didn't show for whatever reason.

Delicon: What you mentioned earlier regarding your reasons forstarting CybCon was very interesting. A big criticism that many people have about the larger conventions is the pricing. Even when an event such as BotCon comes within reasonable distance of a Transformer
fan's hometown, many people feel that they really have to drop a lot of money to be able to fully participate in the event. CybCon, on the other hand seems incredibly affordable. Can you explain how you manage to make that happen?

Greg Gaub: CybCon is priced specifically to cover my costs. The primary cost is that of the hall for the event. Then pizza and other food items we include. My intention is only to break even on the costs and for everyone to have a good time.

Delicon: I was amazed to see that for as little $5 someone could attend CybCon and not only have their lunch covered but also be entered in a raffle. That's pretty unheard of, honestly.


Greg Gaub: The dealers help a lot. I also do an auction sometimes to help cover costs, but lately we've have enough attendance that it hasn't been necessary.

Delicon: Okay, so walk us through what a Transformers fan can expect to encounter when he/she attends CybCon. Other than the dealer tables and having the company of other fans, what events are going on?

Greg Gaub: It's actually a pretty crazy day of fun. From the time people enter and start perusing the dealer tables, I'm running raffles every hour on the half hour, sometimes more. I, or a helper, am also running various activities for people to enjoy, from toy transforming "races" to trivia contests and video game battles. There's also usually a display table of some kind showing cool artwork or rare and interesting toys. Sometimes people come, buy, and leave, but usually they stick around and enjoy the day. Lunch is often an interruption to get through. [laughs]


Delicon: What is the farthest someone has traveled to come to CybCon? I know this started as a "local event" but as you have said, it has grown quite a bit over the years. Do you find that you're starting to get people coming in from all over?

Greg Gaub: The farthest was CrazySteve, hands down. He did our exclusive toys for a couple years, and finally was in the country during the time of the 'con, so he came. I believe he took a bus from somewhere in the middle of the country. Many states farther than anyone else had come. We get regulars from Oregon, Canada, and Eastern Washington, though.

Delicon: You've mentioned the magic word for a lot of fans and that's "exclusives." Do you currently offer any exclusive toys?

Greg Gaub: The toys are interesting. They are often a last minute thing. For all but one year so far, we've had something made by someone in enough numbers to call it an exclusive toy. One year we only had one figure, which went at auction. Usually the toy sales pay for the toys themselves. At this point, we do not have an exclusive
for 2010. But that doesn't mean we won't. Anyone out there who wants to have their name on a convention exclusive toy, feel free to contact me. You won't be making a profit, unfortunately but your efforts will be much appreciated.

Okay, so now that our viewers have a good concept of what CybCon is all about, what would they need to do if they wish to come, as either just a normal entrant or a dealer?

Greg Gaub: Easy as 1 2 3. Fill out the registration form, send in their money, and come. They can do #2 last, but they have to do #1 or they can't come.

Delicon: Fair enough. As we stated in an earlier story, you were gracious enough to offer a special discount to the viewers of Can you explain what it is and what they need to do to get it?

Greg Gaub: I've extended the Early-Bird pricing just for your readers until the end of March. They need to put the code "SEIBCON10" in the comments of the registration form and I will send them instructions on how to pay the appropriate price.

Delicon: To clarify, the early bird pricing is just $5 for regular registrants and only $25 for dealers? Also, they are not to pay until after they register if they are taking advantage of this deal?

Greg Gaub: That is correct. After Martch 31st, the price will go up for them to the current normal pre-pay prices of $10 and $30 for attendees and dealers, respectively.

I have to say, that's still quite a bargain. Well Greg, I think you've covered the bases pretty well here. Is there anything else that you'd like to add before we go?


Greg Gaub: Only a reminder that CybCon is all about the fans and having fun and that I hope everyone in the area who has held off coming for some reason finally makes it a point to come. They won't be disappointed.

Delicon: Care to refresh everyone of the time and place for CybCon 10 one last time?

Greg Gaub: Sure! CybCon 2010 will take place on August 21st, from 10am to 5pm, at the King Oscar Hotel and Convention Center Tacoma, at 8820 and 8726 South Hosmer. The convention center is in the back.

Once again, on behalf of myself and the rest of the staff of, I'd like to thank Greg for his time spent with us today. If anyone reading this interview has questions of their own regarding CybCon 2010, feel free to post them in our Energon Pub forums. Greg would be more than happy to answer them for you.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the official CybCon 2010 page at or by clicking here.

For more coverage of CybCon 2010 and everything else Transformers-related, stay right here at, the ultimate Transformers resource!

Transformers: Bumblebee #4 Reviewed - Something Happens!

Transformers News: Transformers: Bumblebee #4 Reviewed - Something Happens!
Date: Monday, March 8th 2010 11:51pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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In the new lineup of IDW TRANSFORMERS comics, it's really hard to compete with THE LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS. And then it's also just as hard to not be quite as bad as TRANSFORMERS ONGOING is. This is exactly the kind of book we have here, something in between the fun, and fantastic story of LSOTW, and the overly 'drawn' out and serious TRANSFORMERS ONGOING series. Puns intended always...

So here you have a review of the middle child of the IDW TRANSFORMERS books, TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE Issue #4.

The series has been slow-paced until now. Snail slow. Its art does not lend one to openly love it, or berate it (like its two brother titles), but at least you don't need name drops, or tags everywhere to know who's who. The book's cast of characters is stuck in neutral, not really seeming to grow or change, all hiding from the government now that they have been duped.

And yet with one single issue (albeit, the last issue), we now 'RATCHET' things up a notch, so to speak, as Bumblebee deals with the situation he created in the last issue.


Bumblebee feels time running out on his newly found freedom, as Skywatch seems to get closer and closer to discovering his little secret, and thus, putting a quick end to any ideas the Autobots had of escaping this alliance that they so hastily joined.

But wait! We have a savior for Bumblebee and friends, as the creator of the control board for their badges left his spare around for the bots (and cons) to track down to his home.

Ratchet and Wheeljack communicate to Bumblebee that with the right tinkering, the next time the board is activated it can burn out all the control badges! Hooray shouted the Autobots...

Boo shouted the readers as Bumblebee used the poor, lonely daughter of the engineer to procure the control board, offering her false friendship and security for the ability to modify the board, under the false pretense of protecting her father (That statement sounds a lot like one of those, 'your mother tells you what your father always says is a lie, and your father says what your mother states is always true...OUCH!).

Anyway issue #3 left us with bad feelings all around as Bumblebee gets the job done, but at what cost to his conscience?

Enter Issue #4 (which takes place before events in TF ONGOING #5). Since nothing happened last issue something has to happen this issue. It is only a four issue mini-series, right? It's now or never!

In that sense the story in issue #4 does pay off. As I said, something does happen. Something that might make you actually want to pick this book up this month, and not ignore it. Something so spoilerific that I cannot mention it anymore specifically here, or IDW would have my head for ruining the book for everyone.

What I can tell you is expect that Skywarp is FINALLY ready to make his presence felt, as he takes the penultimate step in being prepared for Megatron's supposed return to Earth. His goal is nothing less than Autobot enslavement, and to beat Soundwave, and Starscream out for the spot of Megatron's right-hand lackey. Who knew Skywarp cared for such things? We do now.


The issue mainly focuses around Bumblebee, Skywarp, and the father and daughter that Bumblebee was using/protecting. Credits to Ratchet and Wheeljack for their straight-faced performances as uncaring robots, and to Cliffjumper for his devil-may-care scene stealing attitude.


Be on board as we see humans inside a transforming TRANSFORMER. Whether they are squished or not, you'll have to see for yourself.

Stay tuned as the young, reluctant, heart-on-his-sleeve hero/leaderbot makes some drastic changes to his thinking, and perhaps, makes the ULTIMATE sacrifice!!! (Or maybe something else entirely).


**Story Note** Does anybody else cringe when they see Blaster and wonder why the control badges are even a factor with him around? Seriously, he's the communications dude. He can't 'jam' a little Earthman made signal? Blaster, Blaster, Blaster, one too many Kremzeeks jumping in and out of your chest plate, I guess. Might want to work on that jamming thing if your group is ever set free, even though they probably should not have been duped in the first place. Shenanigans all around!**

Like I said, it is way too easy for me to ruin this comic for you (and thus, the series), so I suggest a purchase if you have been paying attention to the Bumblebee series at all. This one is interesting, and exciting (sort of). Some readers will no doubt still be disappointed, as the story is still revolving around humans, and showing the Transformers as pretty helpless beings compared to the might of the human race! GO EARTH!

If you read my reviews, you know I don't break down every aspect of the book. Mostly I just pick up on story points, and comment some on overall art. These are the two aspects that are the reasons we read the comics, so to me they are the most important to comment on. I'm not a page by page guy, nor am I one who will give away the main 'GOOD' stuff. I want you to still read it for yourself, and make your own conclusions, and maybe even pop back into my review, and think to yourself, "oh that's why he said that comment that made absolutely no sense."

Thanks for reading. Pick up the book if you want, or don't (and wait for the trade), but if you've been waiting, like me, for something to happen in this series, well, you can actually say that something actually did happen in it after reading issue #4.

Check out the five page preview here, if you want to get a feeling for the book. Then head to your local shop and pick it up this WEDNESDAY, if you're interested in reading the rest before a trade is released down the road.


Written by Zandar Cannon and art by Chee, Cover by Chee and Guido Guidi

When BUMBLEBEE has a change of heart and goes back to help a little girl whom he had used to discover her father’s secrets, he finds himself pursued by the terrifying and unstoppable SKYWARP! BUMBLEBEE’s big adventure as leader of the AUTOBOTS comes to an explosive and thrilling conclusion!
Transformers: Bumblebee
$3.99 US - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Exclusive Interview with the Transformers Collector's Club's Pete Sinclair

Transformers News: Exclusive Interview with the Transformers Collector's Club's Pete Sinclair
Date: Tuesday, March 2nd 2010 9:25pm CST
Categories: Collector's Club News, Interviews, People News, Site Articles, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): First Gen

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Views: 69,400

Hello Seibertronians,

Recently we were fortunate enough to catch up with the Transformers Collector's Club's Pete Sinclair, aka Pete@BotCon, and asked him a few questions about working with the Club and learing how Club exclusives are created. He was kind enough to field all our questions and is too nice of a guy to take a bribe. Check it out below:

First Gen: Pete, thank you so much for talking with us today. Well, first thing I'd like to get into: You're considered one of the "BotCon Elite" having been to every event. How has BotCon evolved over the years and what's your favorite part of it?

Pete Sinclair: Yes, and actually, there are 8 of us who have been to every show. There are things that have changed through the years and a few things that have stayed the same. I think what has been a constant, all the way through Fun Publications taking over in 2005, is that sense of community. Even with the show now attracting several thousand walk-ins, there is still that small group feel. Having the dinner and other "collector" events clearly facilitates that. Now, that said, what has clearly been part of the evolution is what I just mentioned. The thousands of walk-ins. BotCon is clearly a mainstream show now and that to me is the most exciting part!

FG: Yeah, last year was huge. Of course it didn't hurt having all those pretty girls doing promo flyers just outside the Convention Center. So, seeing as you've been part of BotCon for so long, exactly how long have you been involved with Transformers? Or to rephrase, how long have you been with the Transformers Club?

PS: When Fun Publications took over the Convention and Club license in early 2005 I, along with Jon and Karl Hartman, Ben Yee and Rik Alvarez, was asked by Hasbro to help Brian and his team get up to speed on TF's. What started out as a basic consulting gig led to me doing part time contractual work for them and then to a full time position. I currently am involved with the marketing (which I have a degree in), PR, sales and editorial side of the business. This extends to both brands we handle for Hasbro, Transformers and G.I. Joe. I went full time back in April of '08.

FG: Wow, now that’s pretty sweet. Its refreshing to see that Hasbro asked fans to help out and turned around and wanted you full time. So, seeing as Hasbro went to the "pros" for help, can you tell us exactly why the Transformers Collectors Club was formed?

PS: Many reasons I would think. To give collector's a chance to own product made just for them. Also, it’s a way for Hasbro to connect directly with the fandom and collector community. A lot of that is done through the Collectors' Club Magazine. It is really enhances the collecting experience, an additional outlet if you will...

FG: The magazine is a nice treat to get bi-monthly. With regards to the magazine and the Club overall, can you tell us how many people are part of the staff that works on the Transformers Collectors Club? And if any, what sort of volunteer/employment opportunities does the Club/FunPub/Master Collector offer for TF fans looking to contribute or become more involved in the evolution of the franchise?

PS: Outside of actual Fun Pub employees, I have about 6 people who do regular "staff" work for the club. In addition to that we obviously contract out art as well. Dan Khanna is drawing this year’s Club Comic and Casey Coller will be doing all of the Club profiles. Many of the people who do work for us are fans who were just looking to get in on something official. We are always open to people contributing, whether it be art or other ideas. Actually, many of the artists for TFs over the years were fans who got a break, either from Dreamwave, IDW or us. Evan Gauntt is our resident artist and has done quite a bit of work for us.

FG: I noticed in the last Club magazine that the art contest was back in effect. Looks like I gotta break out the crayons. Moving on, how exactly is the BotCon staff formed? And following that, what is the most difficult thing for organizing BotCon every year?

PS: That is all handled by Brian. I just show up and do what is on my schedule lol. But seriously, it is always a daunting task, that is for sure. I know he spends hundreds of hours working on the details. There are always problems that arise during a show of this magnitude, but never letting the public see the problems is a sign of a highly professional team. And that, I hope, reflects in the show we put on year in and year out!

FG: Well taking it to the other side of the spectrum, what's your greatest experience or experiences from BotCon?

PS: At this point, just seeing people excited about the exclusives. And personally, since I am the editor for our fiction, seeing people sitting down and reading the comic. That is actually even more thrilling to me...

FG: Hey since you brought it up, lets talk BotCon Exclusives, the pride of every collector’s collection. BotCon sets (attendee figures included) have gotten larger (in terms of the number of toys included) each year since Fun Publications took over the convention license. Do the larger sets make the conventions more viable or is there a chance we will see sets with fewer toys but of a larger size class?

PS: I think collector's can expect to see the same formula for the immediate future. Though the last couple years we have tried to offer a couple larger scale toys while we have all but eliminated the scout class. That is not to say that we won't maybe change things up down the road.

FG: So, with in regards to the BotCon sets and Club figures, can you elaborate on the Transformers Club's relationship with Hasbro and Takara, especially regarding the process of getting relatively small production runs of toys made for Club exclusives? Also, do you feel that instances of Japanese exclusive figures which tread the same ground as BotCon toys present competition and if so, is it a situation that can be avoided via communication?

PS: I wouldn't say competition. We do work with Hasbro to make sure we offer items that they do not have planned and will not be producing down the road while also making sure that they are characters and molds that our target audience will be eager to get. I think this year's Club exclusives and Convention exclusives will be just that.

FG: I know the Club exclusives are. This year's Punch/ Counterpunch and Shattered Glass Cyclonus are dreams come true for a lot of fans, and who would have thought the free Club membership figure Elite Guard Dion from Universe 2.0 Hot Shot would look so good? Oh yeah, that’s right, you guys did. On the subject of Counterpunch/Punch, it has been stated to have a new head mold. Will there be a functional hand remold as well since they would need to be reversed for the transformation?

PS: To keep the item in budget we had to forgo a hand remold. Fans, I am hoping, will be ok with that as we decided to put our budget towards an amazing head sculpt and not hands.

FG: That makes perfect sense. So, what are this year's BotCon Exclusives gonna be?

PS: I was trying to think of a witty response, but then even if I say something totally ludicrous there will be that one guy mad at us for NOT making that set...

FG: Ha, the funny part is your 100% right on that one. Why can't there be a "Battle for the Sewers" set? But hey, I had to try. Since we're talking about the set, when picking the molds for the boxed sets and attendee figures for BotCon, how is it determined which molds to use? Does Hasbro have a say and is there any specific formula they try and stick by (scout, deluxe and ultra ratio?

PS: It's a back and forth. We initially find out what basic lines are available to us, whether it be Classics, Universe, AEC and so on and then go from there. If Hasbro has certain molds in production then we may be unable to use that mold. I think people will be pretty excited when they see the molds in this year’s set. And the characters are going to be an awesome surprise as well...

FG: Ah Pete you're such a tease. On a personal level, do you have a favorite Transformers character?

PS: Sideswipe... He was my first one as a kid. The Grandfather and I were at a Gold Circle and I asked him to buy it for me. He said if he got me that one I would want them all. I assured him that this would be the only one I ever wanted...

FG: So are you a "geewunner" or did you fall in love with another era of Transformers goodness? Oh, and you can't answer with BotCon exclusive. *wink*.

PS: What is a geewunner? I ask that rhetorically only because I grew up on G1, loved the cartoon and the comic even more. Saw the ‘86 film in the theater. But then when Beast Wars hit I remember being just as excited, even more in ways, because the storytelling was just so good. I remember calling Karl after the Agenda Part 3 and telling him he was not going to believe what I just saw. So, no, not a geewunner. I think so many parts of the franchise have been great.

FG: So, if one were to try and bribe you for info on the upcoming set, where would we send that bribe, hypothetically speaking of course?

PS: It'll be worth the wait. Actually, we are working on the script as we speak. I'll be putting some news out about that soon as well.

FG: Ah, yes. Strike two, I won't go for a third. Well, Pete, I think I took enough of your time, jeez and hour and a half! Anything you'd like to say to

PS: Well, shameless plug... This year’s Club comic takes place in the Wings of Honor Universe. Part 1 of the story, which debuted last issue, was a prologue of sorts. Part 2 of the Coming Storm will begin the focus on the Elite Guard. Since we only have 6 pages per issue, we try and get as much story in to each page, and let me tell you, all kinds of surprises in these next 6 pages! I even have a bit of a preview for you of one of the Elite Guard members who will be serving alongside Dion so enjoy!

Here's a nice exclusive sneek peek at one of the upcoming members of the Elite Guard, courtesy of The Transformers Collector's Club: Elite Guard Overrun!


(Sorry Seibertronians, no plans for a toy of Overrun at the time of posting.)

FG: On behalf of, I'd like to thank you for being so gracious with your time and answering a few questions for us. You rock my friend.

PS: No problem, Thank you!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- would like to thank Pete Sinclair, Brian Savage and The Transformers Collectors’ Club for making this interview possible.

Are you a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club? Have you renewed your membership? Now's the time to get it in gear as all Club members who are active as of March 16, 2010 will be receiving the newest free membership figure, Elite Guard Dion with Micromaster Cop-tur. And if this interview wasn't enough for you, check out our official Transformers Collectors’ Club Q&A Thread and ask the folks at the TFCC your own questions and check out for all the latest information on the upcoming event being held in Orlando, Florida at the Dolphin and Swan Resorts located in DisneyWorld!

Keep your optics locked right here at, your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Transformers 'Ongoing' #4 Reviewed

Transformers News: Transformers 'Ongoing' #4 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 2:21am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Mix Transformers comics and exalted news administrator tigertracks_24 and you've got one very entertaining review. Check out Transformers Ongoing #4, as the drama and action continue this week...

“If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it's that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, expands to new territory, and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously.”

“No, I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way.”

-Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park (by Michael Crichton)

“Megatron acted as if the humans were beneath his attention. But he couldn’t have exterminated them even if he wanted to. Life will find a way.”

-Thundercracker, Transformers Ongoing #4 (by Mike Costa)

As you can see, Dr. Ian “Thundercracker” Malcolm, has been doing some deep thinking during his recovery on Earth. He studies the plants, the buildings, the weather, and of course, the television signals. He’s trying to find a greater purpose for himself, and the Transformers on the planet. After making an ultimate sacrifice that finds him to be the enemy to some of his brothers (‘All Hail Megatron’), he looks to the future, and what it might mean for himself and his fellow Decepticons. For some reason, Skywatch seems to be able to find a lot of Transformers that were able to move and transform to hide, but could not find the remains of Thundercracker as he had some epiphanies laying, crawling, and rusting in the streets of the Decepticon demolished New York City.


“But the Autobots were in hiding, too. The humans took away their victory, just as they took away my war.”

“So we fell in behind the only one who can lead us. The cheat. The fast-talker.”

As Thundercracker narrates his version of the story, another piece of the story is getting unfolded from the more omnipresent point-of-view. Swindle and his Decepticons and Hot Rod and his Autobots, make final preparations to their ship for the trip off of Earth. Their tentative alliance seems to be taking both groups in a direction that before was unheard of in the Transformers war.

And here we have an interesting set of relationships happening. We get to start to see a side of Hot Rod that we had not really seen before, he’s showing he’s more than a little conceited. Of course, a certain bot knows it, and is playing on this part of him.

"I just want you to know we see what you’re doing. Your followers, and me... We see your destiny. You know what they’ve started calling you? Rodimus Prime."


And to make matters worse, after his appearance in Bumblebee #2, Ultra Magnus makes his way to this Autobot group, still a dually appointed officer of the Tyrest Accord, etc., etc., and he is not happy with Hot Rod and Swindle’s arrangement. Magnus and Swindle have more than a little history, and this leads to...won’t spoil it for you.


The Transformers are 'transforming' in a way we have not really seen before, and it drives this issue, and the next few to come. It leads to conflicts of old ‘tried-and-true’ ideas and alliances, and leads to...unknown, uncharted ways of thinking and being for our favorite characters.

All this leads up to what looks to be a very exciting issue #5 next month! Do you still care about Transformers Ongoing? No. Yes. I hope so. It is getting better. When read alongside the other two books, we are seeing quite an interesting interweaving of stories that when read individually are fun, and interesting, but when read together, they really are creating a wonderful story in this IDW-verse.

For the record, I still don’t like Don’s art as much as I do Nick Roche’s (Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers). I think I like it better than Chee’s (Transformers Bumblebee) though. Each book has a nice style to it, but Don’s really, really is a stretch as it is much more of a new direction when compared with the other two styles. I could get on board with the intricate looking bodies, and panels everywhere, but the faces, and heads, they still seem to bother me a little too much. I have gotten used to them though, so I can start paying attention more to the story, and worry less about my dislike, and uncomfortableness with Don’s designs of faces and heads in this series.

It does seem that the writing and the art do head nicely in the same direction as we see the Transformers making changes in new and interesting ways in Transformers Ongoing #4. One can then see why Don might have tried to adapt a new style, as adapting and transforming old habits seems to be the theme here by Costa. But...
“Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”

-Dr. Ian Malcolm

I’m sure Mike and Don did think if they should change our Transformers, even if we don’t think so. I’m interested in their direction, hopefully, it will continue to intrigue us.

Thanks to IDW Publishing and for the ability to read this issue a day early, and review it for our community. I love the Transformers comic book mythology, and while I am always a bit cautious with all the reboots, and new ways, looks, etc., I still enjoy a good story, good art, and Transformers, and IDW is still allowing us to do this, even if it is not exactly what you or I would like to see, or read happening.

Pick this issue up. It gives us some very good insights into Mike Costa’s writing direction (which he also talks a little about in a column in the end ‘letter’s page’ of this book). And I would say it makes a pretty big impact tremor for the whole Autobot and Decepticon IDW future.

“That is one big pile of s***.”

Nah, it’s not, in fact, I am quite sure you will enjoy this book much, much more.

Transformers Ongoing #4 is due to be released this week in comic stores everywhere! You can see our coverage of the five-page preview here!



Written by Mike Costa
Art by Don Figueroa
Colors by J. Brown
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Associate Editor, Denton J. Tipton
Editor, Andy Schmidt - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Transtopia Newsletter - February 2010

Transformers News: Transtopia Newsletter - February 2010
Date: Sunday, February 21st 2010 10:16pm CST
Categories: Site Articles, Transtopia
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Art of Transtopia

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Hello Seibertronians,

First Gen here with your newest addition to the Art of Transtopia Newsletter! We have some more great custom figures, kit bashes, fan artwork and for the first month in Transtopia history, we will be featuring non Transformers artwork also. Lots to see this month, so scroll down to check it out!

How to Showcase Your Work

The newsletter is your opportunity to show off your work and talent. We rely on your articles, artwork, and customs to make it interesting. Entries will be reviewed on a monthly basis. You can submit your work here:
Repaints, Kitbashes, Scratchbuilds
Fan Art
Fan Fiction

Banner credits: Flix


First up, we have a group of repaints for your viewing pleasure. When it comes to customizing Transformers, the repaint is often the first type of customization that a Transtopian will undertake. This group of Transtopians have mastered there craft with unique styles and unique figures.

We had an abundance of postings this month for repaints. Unfortunately, we can’t showcase them all, but you can see them all in our Repaint Forum.

zfeakye has done a couple repaints that have been showcased for us. His first is a repaint of an extremely popular mold, Classics Universe Starscream. Here we get this mold made into an Autobot incarnation Starfire!


A second piece done by zfeakye is a Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire.

Next we have Skyfire77 with a Revenge of the Fallen repaint of Construction Scavenger.


Resident Transtopian omega666 has treated us again to a couple more repaints of his, the first being Revenge of the Fallen Lockdown.


Second up is his take on the Target exclusive Universe 2.0 Leo Prime.


Grimlockprime108 has given us a look on his take of Transmetal Rhinox.


Grimlockprime108 also gave us a new figure out of Cybertron Undermine: Skullcruncher.



Next up are the kit bashes. From a simple modification to a full out custom built, kit bashes take creativity to the next level. Here are some great submissions by our members.

Blobatron got shot by Cupid and made a custom heart transformer. At the time of posting, the figure didn’t have a name.


Magnus510 used Universe 2.0 Prowl to give us Classics Jazz


Viagra Prime took an Omnicon Arcee and a Transformers Movie Bumblebee to make a new Arcee that has four wheels instead of two


Streetsweeper made a custom Leader class movie figure: Barricade.



First up under our Featured Artwork is a new take on a G1 Favorite. Rodimus_Major86 did this piece of his version of Shockwave.


HOWEE74 did this piece initially in pen and pencil then colored it in photoshop: Blackarachnia.


As I said at the beginning of the newsletter, we are featuring non transformers artwork this month and once you see them, I think you’ll understand why.

Joshua Vallse is our first featured non TF artist with his rendition of the Thundercats leader Lion-O.


Here is some digital art by Joshua Vallse, depicting a worldly scene.


Next we have one of our newest Transtopians, Kristian. Kristian is credited with the creation of the Non Transformers Art thread with these pieces that he’s shared with us here.



We would love to see your artwork, whether Transformers related or not.


Normally our fan fiction section is dominated by resident Fan Fic writer hell kitty, but this month we have a brand new Seibertronian stepping to the plate with fiction, NemesisUK‘s: Nemesis Prime Chronicles

Part 1

Planet Cybertron

A peaceful day (Sarcasm)

Nemesis prime (with shadow commander trailer) is driving down a highway having just killed his creator Straxus (see fans project shadow commander comic for more details) when in the distance a gun fight is happening, Nemesis prime decides to investigate.

As he get nearer he sees that a small transformer (Shadow Warrior) is being attacked by a larger transformer (Blaster).

He speeds to wards them (his honorable side kicking in) and fly’s up in to the air transforming in to his robot mode, both of the transformers stop shooting at each other as nemesis prime stands with his stellar converter cannon pointed at blaster, his right eye lights up red as he blasts Blaster.

Blaster falls to the ground, nemesis prime walks up to the small transformer who is shaking scared that he’s next.

Nemesis prime
“Are you ok?”

He says in his gravely voice down at the small transformer. He then walks away to wards his trailer.

Blaster stands up and ejects a cassette out of his chest that splits in to two guns, nemesis prime transformers in to Shadow commander but is being bombarded with laser fire.

Shadow warrior seeing nemesis prime in trouble he scans a weapon that is discarded on the floor, he transforms in to a double barrel Gatling gun and combines on to shadow commander’s shoulder.

Blaster is now being bombarded and is over powered, he retreats.

Shadow Commander
“Why did you help me?”

Shadow warrior
“You helped me so I repaid the favor”

Shadow commander walks away but Shadow Warrior follows him.

Shadow commander
“Why are you following me?”

Shadow warrior
“We should become partners”

Shadow commander

You can read the rest of the story by clicking here.


Its been a while since we featured our Photograph section of Transtopia, so we’d like to try and reboot this feature by sharing these submissions. News Crew member Nekoman submitted this pic titled Urban Battle.


Drecepticon submitted these great pieces featuring Buster Optimus Prime and Battle Rollar.


Chuuzetsu got creative with an Armada Unicron figure and a Cybertron Primus figure to create this pic titled Unicron’s Snack Time.


There is so much more artwork that you can find in our Transtopia Forums, so feel free to stop by, check it out and comment on them. A huge thank you to all the Transtopians that submitted work, we try to feature as much as we can, but ultimately work gets left out, so get on over to the Forums and check it out.

We’ll be back next month with more custom goodness that you can find right here at!


IDW's TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee #3- Reviewed

Transformers News: IDW's TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee #3- Reviewed
Date: Monday, February 15th 2010 5:32pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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February 17th you have a chance to increase your enjoyment of Transformers. Last Stand of the Wreckers, and Transformers Bumblebee are both set to be released in just a few short days. Unsure whether you want to pick them up? Check out the advance review of LSOTW here, and keep reading for a review of TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee #3. Beware readers, there are spoilers ahead.

In our last issue:

Thanks to Blurr’s interference, Bumblebee was able to counteract the locking, tracking, and control mechanism of the ‘badge’ that Skywatch has bound their Autobot ‘allies’ with. Now with his plate removed and placed on a decoy, Bumblebee, along with Ratchet’s help, hatches a plan to free the rest of his comrades before things get even worse for them. Hunting down rogue Decepticons was one thing, but when the Autobots were assigned to bring in Blurr, they became even more challenged about their uneasy alliance with the humans. Issue #3 does not see these expectations by Skywatch getting any easier for the beloved good guys.

Bumblebee now traveling in cognito and ‘off the grid’ must act quickly to find a way to free his allies before Skywatch finds out that they are being duped.

In the first step of his journey, Bumblebee tries to recruit former Constructicon Scavenger claiming that there are no sides anymore, and that the Decepticons actually won anyway. Scavenger turns him down cold, and Bumblebee continues on his journey.

Issue #3 picks up with Skywatch trying to replace and fix Bumblebee’s badge. (Check out the five page preview for the beginnings of this issue). The savy tech starts to get suspicious, a theme built upon again throughout this issue.

The development of Bumblebee as a leader is as one would expect, not going too well. He’s still very unsure about his decisions, and needs the support of his closest friends to feel any success, and to gain support from his Autobot disbelievers (even though they elected him by popular vote). However, he is sure about what is morally right, and that he will do whatever he can to help his friends.

In direct conflict with the Last Stand of the Wreckers, this book is much more slowly-paced. This issue Bumblebee spends most of the pages trying to befriend a young, human girl, the daughter of the creator and maintainer of the control grid that the colonel uses to keep the Autobots in line by activating/controling their badges.

Moral issues arise for poor Bumblebee, and the savy Skywatch tech from earlier makes another huge discovery about the Autobots that may quicken the pace of this series.

If you have been enjoying the previous two issues of this series, this is another issue that you will like. If you read this after reading LSOTW, you may feel that this story is missing something, and that the artwork is perhaps not as fun. Fans of the ongoing space odyssey will not enjoy this as much, but fans of the Earth faring bots ongoing conflicts with being accepted by humans will enjoy this parallel story to the Transformers Ongoing.

IDW seems to be creating a little Transformers for all the fans out there, and if you are a fan of Transformers like I am, you are reading them all. However, if you are being picky-and-choosy for whatever reasons, this may be one that you want to skip.

Of note: A nice, little side story building slowly in the background of TF Bumblebee and TF Ongoing is Skywarp’s desire to be ready for Megatron’s return. It seems that Skywarp’s activities will be bringing him into conflict with the Skywatch Autobot team very soon (but not this issue).

Zander Cannon


Moose Baumann

Chris Mowry

Associate Editor:
Denton J. Tipton

Andy Schmidt

Image for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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IDW's TRANSFORMERS 'Last Stand of The Wreckers'- Issue #2 Review

Transformers News: IDW's TRANSFORMERS 'Last Stand of The Wreckers'- Issue #2 Review
Date: Monday, February 15th 2010 5:27pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Due to hit stands this week (February 17th domestically), LSOTW, as it has become affectionately called (‘cause face it, LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS is a mouthful), is the second issue in this five issue mini-series. This should be a nice week for Transformers fans at the comic shop, as Bumblebee #3 also comes out the same day! Read the two reviews and you can figure out which one to read first after this week’s trip!

LSOTW #2 picks up with the action and excitement right where issue #1 left off (Check out First Gen's review of Issue #1). I want to keep the spoilers for this issue vague, but intriguing, you should know I will be referencing plots and characters in issue #1 as if you have read it!

First of all, for those of us who have begged and pleaded to start seeing more variety (and Verity, I suppose) in the cast of Transformers used in the comics other than Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the old cartoon series, this series is a ‘must read’ for you. With the introduction of uber-Decepticon baddie Overlord as this series main villain, and obscure new Wrecker recruits such as the later G1 lightformer Ironfist, UK aerial acrobat Rotorstorm, and Optimus Prime wanna-be firefighter and Pyro, we get some new blood to enjoy characterizations of.

Then there are all the numerous background robots who just make you salivate because you want to see and hear more of them. Issue #2 continues to build on this and should not disappoint. This reader was happy with a huge revelation, provided by the inclusion of one of these characters...

The plot continues to thicken as in issue #2, we learn more about Overlord’s motivations, and origins. Kup generously provides these, partially from first hand experience, as the Wreckers learn from last issues climactic character reveal... Impactor... that Overlord is the cause of the Garrus-9 situation, and then the nightmares begin to be shared. As we saw the fear created in the eyes of the Decepticons attacking Garrus-9 in issue #1 when Overlord showed up and took leadership of the mission from Skyquake, we now see the same fear reflected in the Wreckers’s eyes as they hear the Decepticon commander’s name mentioned with the incident they are now going to navigate. Overlord’s character development in this issue has made THIS Overlord fan feel like IDW has treated this Decepticon with the amount of respect he deserves.

Interested in some character development? How about learning more about Overlord and Megatron’s relationship? Or if Autobot’s are more your ‘kup of tea’, the Springer and Impactor dynamic is beginning to unfold and the rockiness of their relationship makes even the reader feel awkward for the two of them. And as the Wreckers start forming their plan of attack and retrieval, a new mystery is revealed in the name Aequitas. Who or what that is will have to wait until future issues of the mini-series.

Nick Roche and company have clearly created a book worth reading and continuing to read. The characters are new and fresh, and yet the story also gives us new insight into some previous characters. The art is top notch and fun, leaving the reader secure in knowing they are reading a Transformers comic, and that they can pretty freely identify characters, both known and unknown without too much wonder. The dialogue and writing is also witty, and yet, interwoven with a sense of straightforwardness, and also a bit of psychoanalysis, as one wonders who might betray whichever team they are routing for first, and just how will the Wreckers survive this, or will they (note, the title of the series is, “Last Stand of the Wreckers”).

There are some great moments that I don’t want to spoil, but you should enjoy this both intellectually, and artistically, but mostly as a TRANSFORMERS fane. It should leave you impatiently waiting for the next issue.

I was disappointed that, even though we have added the huge new cast of characters that may or may not be recognizable to others, they opted to leave out the “More than meets the eye” profile this time. More pages for story, or advertisements? Regardless, I really enjoyed reading more about Rotorstorm last issue, and was looking forward to seeing another on Ironfist, Overlord, Pyro, Guzzle, Impactor, Snare, Fortress Maximus, or even Skyquake, or Kick-off. There are plenty of new characters to choose from, and it can be used as a device to help tell more of the story that we are perhaps not going to see in the panels of the comic.

If the sellout, and 2nd printing of Issue #1 are any indicators, this is an issue you should not miss.

TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers

Written by: Nick Roche and James Roberts
Script by: Nick Roche
Pencils by: Nick Roche
Inks by: Nick Roche and John Wycough
Colors by: Josh Burcham
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Associate Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Editor: Andy Schmidt

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The Official RPG - Invasion of the Shadow Parasites

Transformers News: The Official RPG - Invasion of the Shadow Parasites
Date: Sunday, January 31st 2010 5:12pm CST
Categories: Game News, Site Articles, Site News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): RPG

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The Official RPG is in motion and set into it's next phase: The Invasion of the Shadow Parasites!

The Autobots are back on Cybertron, continuing the eternal battle with the evil Decepticons when a new menace arrives that threatens both factions: The Shadow Parasites!

Infecting the host Cybertronian, the Shadow Parasites, alien entities that live only within the shadows, take over the host body, causing violent and combatative actions from peacekeeper and warmonger alike. Attempting to stop the Shadow Parasites is Elita - 1, who's Autobot team based on another planet was completlely destroyed by the dark entities. Elita - 1 has made it her mission to end the evil threat.

Want to get in on the action? The RPG is looking for new players to enter the fray and either help the heroic Autobots win peace for Cybertron and the Universe or side with Decepticons and conquer everything in your path!

A new list of available characters has been made available. See all playable characters below:


Ultra Magnus
The Aerialbots
The Protecobots


The Stunticons
Reflector trio

Learn everything you know and prepare yourself for battle by visiting the official RPG Forums!

Review of Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1

Transformers News: Review of Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1
Date: Saturday, January 30th 2010 12:33am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): First Gen

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Hello Seibertronians, First Gen here with a (hopefully) better late than never review of one of the most anticipated comic books to be brought to us by IDW Publishing, Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1!

Our story begins 3 years in the past from the current story arc, Transformers Ongoing, in the Autobot Penitentiary Garrus-9. Under seige by Decepticon attack, Fortress Maximus and the few Autobots who are left to fend off the attack, fall to Overlord and his destructive onslaught. From there we get taken back and forth through time, witnessing the induction of new "Wreckers", the reappearance by a very influential human from the Autobots past, a Decepticon manhunt and ending with an "explosive" finale that will have you second guessing.

Story: Written by Nick Roche and James Roberts, with the script being done by Nick Roche as well, Last Stand of the Wreckers is a serious, comedic and sometimes dark comedic treat that is sure to please. From the showmanship and brass rule of fan favorite Decepticon Overlord to the servo busting between the Wreckers, the story flows very well despite the time displacement that occurs throughout the comic. The story and mood of Last Stand is a stark contrast to the serious nature of Transformers Ongoing, offering light and dark humor amidst well timed action. Seeming to take page from Transformers Animated at one point and even throwing a Star Trek joke in there, Last Stand is setting itself up to be an instant classic.

Official Review of TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1

Art: Aside from writing and scripting, Nick Roche also took on penciling and inking duties for Last Stand. G1 fans will be pleased to see that, like the story, Nick took the book in a more traditional direction, giving us familiar faces and throwing a couple obscure ones in there for good measure. Nick also made sure that the art fit the scenario, giving us some great comedic facial expressions, one ala Blitzwing from TF Animated (along with some chin-tastic hints), and hard, edgy battle scenes that capture the horror of battle well. Hardcore fans and casual readers alike will definitaly enjoy the visuals provided. The colors on the panels are very well balanced and background imaging is present on most pages, giving you the feeling of being there rather than just Bots and Cons standing in emptiness.

One of the most pleasing things about the book is the way Nick did the namedropping within the script, negating the need for "nametags" like we've seen in Ongoing. If you are a casual reader that only picks up a book every so often, you'll be fine reading Last Stand. The book even includes a More Than Meets The Eye type profile in the back for one of the "new" Wreckers, giving you more background on the seldom seen bots.

Overall this book delivers on all levels. It was fun to read, great to look at and is shaping up to be a great addition to the Transformers Universe. If you haven't gotten the book, I highly recommend that you do. Last Stand starts with a bang, ends with a bigger bang and will keep you on your toes to the last panel.

TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers
Written by: Nick Roche and James Roberts
Script by: Nick Roche
Pencils by: Nick Roche
Inks by: Nick Roche and John Wycough
Colors by: Josh Burcham
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Associate Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Editor: Andy Schmidt

Keep your optics locked, right here at, your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #126 - False Finish
Twincast / Podcast #126:
"False Finish"
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Posted: Sunday, September 27th, 2015