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New Images of Power Core Combiners - Smolder with Chopster and Searchlight with Backwind

Transformers News: New Images of Power Core Combiners - Smolder with Chopster and Searchlight with Backwind
Date: Sunday, March 14th 2010 10:58pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): s250

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Feeling like some PCC? We're talking about the Power Core Combiners, one of the new Transformers toylines to launch in 2010. Transformers Insider and Energon Pub member s250 has received images of two of the sets that we will be seeing - Smolder with Chopster, and Searchlight with Backwind. Check the figures out, along with their minifriends below!

Smolder with Chopster

Searchlight with Backwind

If you missed out on our fantastic coverage on the 2010 Toy Fair, then you can check out stock images of the two sets below.

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New Images of Scouts Brimstone and Hubcap

Transformers News: New Images of Scouts Brimstone and Hubcap
Date: Thursday, March 11th 2010 4:14pm CST
Categories: Auctions, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Ebay seller TFCToy

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Thanks to reliable Ebay seller tfctoy, we get another look at the two newest scout class figures to be made in the Transformers brand. Recently we saw the figures from the 2010 Toy Fair, and now we get another look at Scouts Brimstone and Hubcap. You can check out the images and auctions in the links below.

Scout Hubcap

Scout Brimstone

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Transformers Collectors Club Issue 31, free for the public.

Transformers News: Transformers Collectors Club Issue 31, free for the public.
Date: Tuesday, March 9th 2010 9:13pm CST
Categories: Collector's Club News, Company News, Media
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Mkall

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The Transformers Collectors' Club has placed their entire last issue in full public view for those of you who are on the fence for becoming members for 2010. This issue previews War For Cybertron, talks about the 2010 Toy Fair, concludes their Shattered Glass comic story and much more!

Click here to see the whole issue and click here if you wish to sign up. Remember, you need to do so by Tuesday, March 16th if you wish to receive Dion free.


Dairycon Confirmation Packets Arrive/ "Pretender Convoy" Inner Bot Revealed!

Transformers News: Dairycon Confirmation Packets Arrive/ "Pretender Convoy" Inner Bot Revealed!
Date: Tuesday, March 9th 2010 10:36am CST
Categories: Collectables, Event News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Methusalen, Dairycon

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Views: 34,024 member Methusalen was so kind as to pop by and drop this new Dairycon update:

First off, Pre-Registration for the event has come to a close for the 2010 event!
As of now, all properly received Dairycon PreRegs have been processed, and Confirmation Packets sent out. If you, or someone you know did not receive theirs, please contact us at

Please review your Confirmation Packet carefully for important information regarding the show.


In big news, we have been graced with the reveal of Pretender Convoy's inner robot!
And for a refresher, here's Convoy's Pretender Shell "Pete"...
(Click to enlarge!)
Once again, Pretender Convoy can ONLY be won during the Raffle!


Part Two of the Return of Convoy Dairycon fanfic has been posted, giving us more info on this year's themes ("Return of Convoy" & the "Battle for Brew City").
As the Leader of the MexiCons, Nachos BelGrande had various special weapons and abilities at his disposal. He would not need all of them to combat this new threat.
Just one.
Reaching deep into his chassis, Nachos removed the Ancient Artifact and held it aloft.

"Ahora la luz nuestra hora mas oscura!"

The Taco of Leadership glowed from within, releasing a bright, pure cleansing light. It washed over the Ass-09 drones, dispersing the dark cloud that controlled them. Optics grew dim as the drones powered down and collapsed in the sand.
It took mere moments to shut down The Thousand Asses of the Apocalypse.

The Artifact stopped glowing. Nachos BelGrande slumped to the ground; it had taken nearly all of his power to maintain the effect at the level of power needed. He smiled inwardly, relieved that he had saved most of the Dairycons, yet saddened that he could not save his two favorites.

It was all the more distressing when the dark energy reappeared, containing a new menace within.

What is this mysterious force controlling the Thousand Asses of the Apocalypse? Who were Nacho's "Two Favorites" that he couldn't save? What happened to them? Did the Dairycons stop Pretender Motormaster in time? Did your favorite Dairycon survive? Did they sacrifice their own lives for the greater good? What are you still doing here? Get over to the Dairycon Universe and check it out for yourself!


I'd like to make note of an updated interview with Fred, which should be an interesting read for anyone interested in getting into the head of the person who created the Dairycon Universe...
We were lucky to have again caught up with Fred of Freds Workshop, the VariQuest, and one of the secret members behind the Dairycon convention. After baiting a trap with organic wheat crackers and another new Huffer variant, we managed to convince him to take the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about Transformers, Conventions, and the state of the world in general.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to sit down for an interview. I understand you usually try to avoid interviews?

You're welcome, and yes; I usually claim shyness.


So why did you agree to sit down and talk with us?

You wouldn't leave (as he munches on a wheat cracker).


OK, so ignoring my methods... what was your first introduction to the world of the Transformers? How did they take ahold of a place in your heart and manage to stay there for so long?

Like most of my 'generation', I grew up watching the Transformers on television... no small feat back in the day, when you have two channels, neither of which comes in clearly. I wonder if there are videophiles who prefer their television transmission thru an antenna, much the way audiophiles prefer their records full of noise over a clear compact disk?

As to why they have remained in my heart for so long, I imagine it was the excellent storyline and the unique 'fiddle factor' that Transformers provided my young mind.

Or else it was the insidious corporate marketing strategy. Either way.


The 2010 Dairycon convention brings back the character of "Uncle Whiskey Breath" to the Dairycon Universe. What was the impetus behind bringing back such a perennial favorite?

Uncle Whiskey Breath was our first convention exclusive. He is by far one of our most popular characters, and really set the tone for future shows. Over the years, many people have asked us if we would ever consider reissuing him - for the 10th Anniversary, it seemed a home run. We're giving fans one more chance to own the figure that started it all.


The original Uncle Whiskey Breath came with his signature Cloak of Cow and the Blizzard Shotgun. What can we expect with the reissue?

The 2010 Uncle Whiskey Breath will come packaged with a number of his original accessories, plus a few surprises. In the storyline, Uncle was usually accompanied by a small friend, a partner. No-one has commented yet, but on the website, the 10th Anniversary version of him is listed as 'Uncle Whiskey Breath with Stormsword Jet'. If you recall, the 2005 Stormsword set was the first 'Multicon Shared Exclusive' (for 2009, it was Ass-09, of course). That's just one of the surprises you can expect with this figure. There will be more revealed at the show.

I think the update to this figure and his weapons will please fans of the original.


The information listed recently has fans VERY excited. There's the Battle for Brew City assortment, which seems to contain a number of characters specific to Dairycon. You've recently introduced the Return of Convoy assortment, which contains Minerva, a Japanese character from the series. Can we assume, by the name of this second series, that something 'Big' is in store for fans?

No comment.


Oh come on! Nothing?!

Well, I will say this: The Battle for Brew City assortment does contain Dairycon-specific characters; the ones that likely won't be done in any other format. However, with the magnitude of what's coming next, we decided to give it an entirely different theme, that still tied fully into the Dairycon universe (and to celebrate our 10 years in the fandom).

When it's all finally revealed, I can promise that fans won't be disappointed.


There have been allusions, hints really, over the last few years that the 2010 show may be your last. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Hints? What hints? You mean in 2008 when we first introduced, 'The Last Dairycon' in the comic? In the 2009 interview where we said that, 'you'll want to get to the 2010 show, because you won't get another chance'? Or could it be on the website, where the last storyline is titled, 'The true and final End of the Dairycon Universe'?

Or could it be that there are no longer any listings on the site for 'Future/Unproduced Dairycon Exclusives'?



*Ahem* No comment…

More precisely, this question will be answered properly the day of the show. There needs to be a certain... context, I think, that being there, at the time of the announcement, will provide. We spoke of this a bit last year, and I think it might best help to explain: When people start taking the parody too-seriously, it's time to bow out.

I kid you not, we've found knockoffs of the Dairycon exclusives, there's a kid who wants to make some kind of yu-gi-oh game cards of the characters, several attendees have made their own t-shirts... heck, someone at Hassenfeld Brothers inadvertently 'borrowed' a couple of our parodies (FlatFoot and Checkers), and made them into characters. I often wonder who at corporate was so straining for an idea, that they had to slip in some of ours ;-) Funny when you think about it. They're in the Kmart Minicon packs. Get-it- MiniCon? Small convention?


It's a good plug... "At least Dairycon doesn't 'OverCharge' for their show!" ;)

It's as we said before: You don't make money off of something like this. Just ask Jon and Karl. We're a pro-deficit organization :-) We do this for fun, not to make money. How do you make money off something you love, and essentially give away?

I believe that when you start to try to make money off this kind of thing, then you've completely missed the point. And *that* is my answer.


How do you think that Dairycon compares to the larger Transformer Conventions, and its role in the ‘big picture’ of the current state of the fandom?

Well, obviously, there needs to be a large organization, such as McBotcon, to do the heavy lifting. And frankly, their business model proves that there's money to be made, or else they wouldn't be doing it. At the same time, I believe there is an obligation to prove the opposite is true; to set out to prove that it's not about the money :-) Quite a tough row to hoe, when you consider it's based on, essentially, one slick and ancient toy-based marketing strategy. I'd like to think we made our point.

That's the essential function of fancons, the one thing they can do that the big shows can't. Fancons aren't about the money. They can't be; if they were, they'd be gobbled up by the big boys. Or morph into a Big Boy themselves. Again, just ask Jon and Karl, and look at what Botcon has become. Can *you* afford to go to Disneyworld? I sure can't. That show is no longer about you, or I. They've lost something essential, something primal, if you'll pardon the pun. They've left the old fandom behind.

Then again, Transformers are about change...

This small 'niche' market, where disillusioned fans and Fancons themselves reside, is where I think the past (and the future) will be. Those that cannot honestly afford (or cannot justify) the high cost of large conventions or toys will always go to the smaller shows, to interact with like-minded people. They make smaller purchases that are more in-line with their budget. It keeps their interest alive, which actually helps to keep the brand alive. These are the folks that the Big Boys have left behind.

That's ok; we still love you :-)


Speaking of the bigger shows, what are your opinions about the current state of affairs of the Fandom itself?

The World of the Transformers is a very different place from when I was a kid. And you know? That's OK. Let another Generation of fans take up the struggle, to find out for themselves.

The perceived sickness that grips our society is mirrored by the fandom. It's very noticeable these days. Every Age has its Laments, and now that we're no longer an agrarian society, fighting just to survive (ie, not starve)... we've gone too-far the other way. We have too-much. Too-much food, too-many toys, too-much stimulus.

The thought that material goods are somehow the way to happiness? They're not. Life, Love, and Family... these are the things that truly matter. But in our increasingly isolated society, we're losing touch with that. Both parents working, folks are talking thru their e-mail... does anyone sit at the dinner table anymore and just talk? What about a phone call to grandmother? What about just taking a walk, and admiring the way your neighbor has landscaped his yard?

This new generation is missing out. I worry about them. -Just as the generation before no-doubt worried about us. You'll see.

Sorry, again, if that was wordy.


The Dairycon Universe is always full of interesting characters and storylines. Do you write these yourself? How do you come up with the ideas for the stories/character bios?

The Dairycon Universe could not exist without the assistance and dedication of the members of the DTF. There are many people who contribute thoughts, ideas, and sometimes characters to the mythos. All are welcome. Obviously, as a parody of an actual show, we're aiming for your funny bone, not your pocketbook. We end up with characters that probably wouldn't be done anywhere else, in any format. Having said that, I'm always waiting for some large nameless corporation to decide that funny is the way to go, steal a couple of our characters, and put them into a minicon 12-pk at Kmart :-) That would make the Dairycon Universe canon, wouldn't it? Or at least, it would make us as legitimate as JaAm....


What can you tell us about the Dairycon characters themselves? Are any based on any “real-life” personalites?

I'm always interested in hearing what Dairycon characters are the fandom's favorite, although there is a bit of a freestanding notion in the core group that each Dairycon character represents a particular fan... There are a number of characters that represent a very real archetype, a personality type that isn't normally seen in the Transformers Universe, yet exists in real life. We find this supremely entertaining, which is why so many of our characters are, literally, oxymorons and alcoholics :-)


Coming up with the characters *could* be considered the easy part. How do you come up with the design for the figures themselves? What kind of work and effort goes into each figure? What is the time frame for developing & creating each years' exclusives?

That information is now available in the Dairycon: 10 Years hardcover that will be available at this year’s convention. All I can tell you is that there's no easy part :-)


What can we expect to see at future Dairycons?



Any more hints you'd like to give out regarding this year? A passing mention of which character we'll see in figure form? Any hints as to what we'll see in the upcoming story arc?

2010 will be the best year ever, with the greatest figures ever. And you'd better attend, because you're not going to get another chance.

*That* is my final answer! :-)


Thank you again for the chance to ask you a few questions. I hope we might be able to shed some light on the Dairycon convention, Life, the Universe, and Everything...

Happy to help! If we've not helped, hopefully we've at least muddied the waters a bit further.

-And Remember, "Freedom is the RIGHT of All Sentient Beings."


Word has it there's still more to be revealed before the big day, which is only a month away now! Be sure to stay tuned in for more!

New Transformers: Drift Paperback in the works

Transformers News: New Transformers: Drift Paperback in the works
Date: Sunday, March 7th 2010 10:12pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Amazon

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Every Transformers era has had a posterboy, and with all the limelight comes more products featuring that special Transformer. While the movieverse has focused on Bumblebee, over the years IDW's current take on our favourite transforming robots has focused on a Transformer known as Drift. As reported in previous Transformers conventions and finalized in Toy Fair 2010, Drift will be getting his own toy.


Now a new listing has recently popped up on, signalling that Drift will get a 104 page paperback in his name. Whether this is brand new content or a recollection of old works is yet to be determined. Check out the listing here and the description below.

What was it that caused one of the Decepticon's most ruthless soldiers to turn his back on the Decepticon army and what is the ancient secret that lies hidden deep within an alien planet? All this and more as the origin of the newest Autobot, Drift, is finally revealed!

Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

New Images of ROTF Scout Class HubCap & Brimstone

Transformers News: New Images of ROTF Scout Class HubCap & Brimstone
Date: Sunday, March 7th 2010 8:07am CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): s250

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The recent Toy Fair 2010 has revealed a lot of upcoming Transformers toys, including the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Scout Class Hubcap - (looks like Greaser), turns into 1950s roadster, Brimstone (transforms into a chopper - motorcycle).

Seibertron Energon Pub member s250 has provided the new images of these figures, both in the alternate mode.



If you wish to refresh your memory on the Transformers toys showcase at Toy Fair 2010, you can visit our very own gallery here.

Stay tuned to, Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Toy Fair 1986 catalog now online! Many unseen colourschemes!

Transformers News: Toy Fair 1986 catalog now online!  Many unseen colourschemes!
Date: Monday, March 1st 2010 6:29pm CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): TFWiki

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Views: 21,193

Thanks to member Jeysie for letting us know that tfwiki has posted their page with high definition scans of the 1986 Hasbro Toy Fair catalogue. You may remember the site The Allspark ran a pledge drive to preserve this catalogue, which contains pre-release images of several Transformers, proving that not all decos were final. Some interesting schemes include:
--Galvatron with an alternate rifle and a black gun barrel
--A grey Runamuck
--Wheelie with a hint of blue
And many many more!

Check out all the images Here at TFWiki.

Many thanks to the many doners who helped preserve this piece of Transformers history!




Disney Label Donald Duck Review

Transformers News: Disney Label Donald Duck Review
Date: Sunday, February 28th 2010 2:02am CST
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Diem

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Views: 26,171

In summary, it's a cute novelty and a fun, if flawed figure....

Japan Resident and member Diem has gotten his hands on the latest Disney Label figure - Donald Duck. Disney Label mixes Transformers and Disney characters into one. The first was Mickey Mouse and Optimus Prime, while this time around Bumblebee and Donald Duck are as one. However the third figure in Disney Label line, Buzz Lightyear does not resemble a Transformer, but simply transforms. Check out what Diem has to say about the Takara figure below.

Like his precursor Mickey-Robo he's a scout-sized figure with a voyager-sized pricetag and has been designed more for display or novelty.

He's got a couple of fun features in robot mode. His snorkel can slide up onto his forehead, and pressing a button on the top of his hat makes his mouth open and close for traditional Donald-style incoherant ranting. The "real" Donald is inside Donald-Robo's head and automatically pops up when the head is turned. Unlike Mickey he comes with an accessory: a surfboard which is rather awesomely styled to look like Donald's body with a yellow beak-like section and a red cross on a blue background. The surfboard (or skateboard, I guess) has a minicon-esque button on it; plugging the board into Donald's foot causes the engine and exhaust pipes to pop up.


The figure itself is fairly hit-and-miss. He boasts only modest articulation (ball-jointed shoulders, rotating neck, waist and ankles, flip-down feet) and suffers from kibble-issues. His car doors are stuck on his arms and his headlight farings are stuck to his legs. Worst of all, his car mode bonnet, roof and boot all end up on his back as kibble. It's not an unforgivable problem since Donald canonically has a lot of junk in the trunk and the silver used for the car parts is the same as the silver used for his hands, face and lower torso (ie. what would be white on the "real" Donald) so the kibble does look kinda like a tail. It restricts his waist movement though. Also his hands are moulded open.

Transformation is way tricker than on Mickey. I would have felt confident that a young child could easily transform Mickey but Donald is nore elaborate. He's something of a shellformer and folding his various little tabs and pegs in. It'll present no problem to anyone who's transformed a movieverse figure or Universe Sunstreaker but it may be worth noting for anyone planning to buy this for kids.


The car mode is very small and neat with a small amount of undercarriage kibble but no other real problems. The driver Donald pops up semi-automatically and is seated in the middle ofvthe car, oddly enough. The surfboards mounts neatly to the top of the vehicle. I like the faction badge on the front

I guess his paint scheme in vehicle mode is one of the big points of contention for most fans. The bonnet, roof and hood appear to be styled after Herbie the Love Bug while the doors and wheel-arches are yellow. I'm not going to go into possible explanations or excuses as to why this is but I think the colours will grow on people. It's not unusual to see real life cars (especially beetles, and especially at the beach) having paint jobs like this.

In summary, it's a cute novelty and a fun if flawed figure but it's up to you whether you can afford to drop that kind of money. The figure is obviously far less TF inspired than Mickey who was more or less half Disney, half Optimus Prime, so it may be harder to justify fitting it into your collections.

Keep it at - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Extensive Look at Night Ops Ratchet

Transformers News: Extensive Look at Night Ops Ratchet
Date: Saturday, February 27th 2010 8:03pm CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): GenZhao of

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When you talk about longevity and Transformers toys, then the Voyager Movie Ratchet mold sits right up there. The figure has been repainted four times without any changes to mold itself. The first two repaints were in the 2007 Movie toyline as Rescue Ratchet and the Best Buy DVD exclusive. The other two are Revenge of the Fallen releases, Desert Tracker Ratchet and now Night Ops Ratchet. We were given glimpses of the figure prior to and during the 2010 Toy Fair. Thanks to GenZhao of, you can check out the figure below..


..while the entire gallery can be seen here.

Keep it at for the latest Transformers news on the net!

Toyfair 2010 Battle Beast Gator Guard Gallery

Transformers News: Toyfair 2010 Battle Beast Gator Guard Gallery
Date: Monday, February 22nd 2010 5:16am CST
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Savage | Credit(s): Seibertron, PlanetBeast.Com

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Views: 20,979

Seibertron.Com is not to be alone for long. Our beloved webmaster has been hard at work designing some new fansites dedicated to other great franchises. As the debut of our first new sister site, PlanetBeast.Com, Ryan has put together gallery of ToyFair 2010 Minimate Exclusive Battle Beasts Gator Guard. Head on over to PlanetBeast.Com to check it out, and welcome to the Seibertron Network.

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