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Member Spotlight:: BURN

Transformers News: Member Spotlight::  BURN
Date: Wednesday, October 29th 2008 8:31am CDT
Category: Site Articles
Posted by: Counterpunch | Credit(s): Counterpunch

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Views: 27,963

Some members of our little online community do not need all that much of an introduction...

Without further ado...Seibertron Spotlight presents an interview with Burn.

1. Australian hunh? How’s that working out for you?

2. How did you get into the hobby of collecting Transformers and for how long have you been involved with them?

Grew up with the original G1. Held onto my figures from my childhood. Then a few years back when E-Bay was still young I found the Transformers section and said to myself "I always wanted a Grimlock and Rodimus Prime". It spiralled from there ...

Spiraled into what? How big of a collection do you have and what is it made up of?

Collection would be around the thousand mark. Haven't really made an effort to count as unfortunately 90% of it is in storage boxes due to lack of space.

As for what it's made up of, well pretty much all lines with the exception of non-transforming junk.

Really only need a few figures from each line for each line to be complete, G1 is probably the most but that's expected as some of the figures are harder to find.

I've got a fair sized Japanese collection. Back in the days when Takara were producing superior products. And they had the coolest of packaging, like the Microns with the Micron emblem molded into the plastic packaging. Thought that was a great touch.

3. What do you do for a living in order to support your hobby (and I suppose to put food on your table too)?

Up until June I worked for an Accountant. Data entry, compiling tax returns, client consultation, practically ran the office. But I changed jobs. Still in an office but i'm being trained up in a supervisory role with the long term plan (provided I stay there) to take over from the Admin boss when he retires in a few years, well at least that was the plan a few months back, they might be thinking different now that they've experienced me!

So you're a corporate suit eh? With this realization, is there any chance your street-cred has been damaged? Failing that, any advice for those seeking employment in this volatile economic period?

Definitely not a corporate suit. Especially when you live in a tropical climate. Plus I have to work with blokes who sell hardware and other blokes who manufacture machinery. It's definitely not a bright and sparkly place ... well actually it is but that's only because it's a brand new building.

As for those seeking employment in times like this, yeah ... good luck with that. You want a job? Become a lawyer, it's a booming business unfortunately. And with people losing money more and more they're going to want someone to help them sue.

4. Gundams are cool. Macross is even cooler. So, why Transformers and not other mecha?

Gundams are good for spare parts for Transformer kitbashes. Yeah, I said it. Gore backs me up, especially with his Gundam hips!
Macross/Robotech - Never had a problem with them. Saturday mornings was always a nice dose of Transformers and Robotech back to back on tv. It just didn't have the toy line like Transformers did/does. And even if it did it wasn't available in the small rural town I live/d in.

5. You’ve been around the Seibertron boards for a long while now. You’re essentially an elder statesman of this place. What are your thoughts on the community? on its evolving nature?

Evolving? I think the more things change the more they stay the same. Though it's interesting to see how the original G1 fans reacted to the younger Beast fans a few years back. Admittedly the Beast fans were like most teenagers, annoying little gits who liked to hide behind their monitors. But a few years down the track and those Beast fans have grown and matured, now we have to put up with even more annoying little gits because of Animated.

And i've always considered the biggest problem is that some people simply cannot let go of the past.

That being said, do you like the direction that Transformers is headed towards?

Given how Animated has turned out, it does worry me that Hasbro may opt for that style of animation more, which in turn gives birth to the more "curvy" look of the toys.

Add to that the dwindling attention span of children and Hasbro will have to integrate more and more "gimmicks" into the toy, and quite frankly, gimmicks have ruined MANY a good figure.

Vector Prime's a great example. He could have had great poseability but he HAD to have the force chip, which only made sounds. All that space wasted for a force chip gimmick and a speaker. ooooo.

Unfortunately however it's those lights and sounds gimmicks that has my 2 and a half year old nephew getting into Transformers.

Don't worry people, i've taught him how to play "Kick the Cane Toad" so he won't grow up to be easily amused by lights and sounds like Fender Bender.

6. What poster or member on the forums has had the most influence or insight for you over time here?
You? nah I don't know. Despite our differences and him always banning me and what not, I did respect Maximus Prime.

Banning gives you plenty of insight. Mostly in ways on how to piss people off in ways that don't get you banned! :P

7. Give us some insight into the world of Heavy Metal War.

- Create bot
- Deploy bot
- Check results
- Repeat until you have enough xp to upgrade bot
- Troll the forums

You left out your newsletter, the history and influence of factions, and the second coming...let's have it.

None of that is worth discussing I feel.

8. I understand you to be quite the fancy-pants artist type. Why can’t you just leave good enough alone and stop being all “creative” with custom toys and fan-fiction stories?

I definitely wouldn't call myself an artist as I think I do pretty shitty work, but like most, i'm my own biggest critic.

As far as fan-fics go, rarely write them these days. I can't be arsed to sit in front of the computer and type.

Kitbashing is getting the same way, I don't have the patience, the time, or in some cases, the skills to pull off the ideas I have.

But one thing I do pride myself on is that I come up with original characters. I do enjoy looking at repaints/kitbashes done by others, but I find the majority of them these days are canon characters. Boring. And I think it's a bit egotistical of some to say they can do a better job than Hasbro. Sorry, but creating a character, devising it's paint scheme, how it's going to look, then characterising it shows much more creativity than grabbing a Universe Powerglide and painting him red.

9. Transformers is primarily a US and Japanese merchandising arrangement. For the collector who resides outside those spheres of influence, how does this affect your collecting/enjoyment of the hobby?

Could it be the all-knowing Counterpunch isn't so all-knowing after all? For he should know that Transformers isn't primarily a US/Japan thing.

Contrary to what seems to be a popular belief, Transformers has had it's fair share of popularity in Australia (we did after all, get the 2007 movie before the US. Yeah that's right Fender Bender, I still saw the movie a few hours before you and your BotCon buddies did so ner!). Admittedly as a smaller population the fanbase isn't as large as even say, England's.

The hardest part for me has been my own location. I live in a rural part of Australia and the majority of Australian fans tend to live in Brisbane (3 hours by plane), Sydney (4 hours by plane) or Melbourne (5 hours by plane). So i'm essentially "on my own". But all things considered, I don't mind it. I've had a couple of people play with my Transformers and like all collectors experienced the "BE CAREFUL YOU BLOODY DINGBAT YOU'RE LIABLE TO BREAK IT AND THEN I'LL HAVE TO SIC MY DINGO ONTO YOU" moments. So even if there were other collectors around, I probably wouldn't want them near my collection anyway.

10. Is there such thing as “fairness” or “equality” in collecting? Should Hasbro or Takara be sensitive to this?
I spent over a decade working for an accountant so I can see things from Hasbro/TakaraTomy's perspective. They're out to make a profit, not appease the fans. And in all honesty I think they've done a pretty good job of trying to appease the fans. But at the end of the day they, and the retailers, are out to make a profit. And if they know a certain line won't sell, or a particular region has pretty poor sales figures, then obviously they're not going to not carry stuff just for the convenience of a handful of collectors.

Profits come first, and at the end of the day, Transformers is aimed at children. Hasbro/TakaraTomy have been pretty good to the fans but some fans need to remember that the neither company is geared towards making them happy.

Does any of that have anything to do with the question? Probably not. Blame Counterpunch people! He's the one who wanted to do these interviews through pm's and not over instant messaging programs!

Blame Burn for not making a trip to the good ole' US of A to do the interview in person. Speaking of which, you should come to BotCon next year for some weak beer and L o L s.

I had planned on it, but then I decided I should probably buy a new car (which i've yet to do anyway), and really, there's a few too many people i'd probably want to punch in the face anyway. 8)

11. What is your best Transformers related story of personal experience? (Could be toy, show, comic, convention related, doesn’t matter)

Collection wise, would easily be the day I came across a G1 Optimus Prime under the wrong section on E-Bay. Boxed, (though the box was a bit tatty but still in one piece) little to no chrome wear, perfect insert, and had nearly all of his accessories. Those that were missing I already had. And the best part, a boxed near complete G1 Optimus Prime for $20AU and a few dollars for postage.

The other one would have been after I got back into collecting, I had a bit of catching up to do (one of the most enjoyable bits was getting Beast Wars lots and figuring out what part belonged to who) so i'd snap up all the big lots of Transformers out there. One lot included all four Combaticon limbs, with all their weapons. The day before they arrived via mail another lot of TF's i'd won arrived which included a complete Onslaught, so in the space of a day I had a complete set of the Combaticons.

The other stand out memory comes from last year when I won tickets to the advance screening of Bay's TF movie in Sydney. This was about three weeks before it's actual release date and a few days before it's BotCon preview. Add to that Michael Bay, Rachel Taylor and Megan Fox would all be attending. So I find out i've won these tickets Friday afternoon. Fortunately I was going on two weeks holidays and was contemplating a trip to Sydney to see a friend before she left for the UK. Friday night i'm booking tickets and arranging accommodation for the following Tuesday. It was a very rushed trip with me arriving in Sydney at about 1pm, I barely had time to watch Days of our Lives and have a quick snooze before SharkySparky (from called to say he'd be picking me up around 3:30 (I won two tickets so I gave him one with the simple request he'd pick me up and drop me back to the hotel). We turned up around 4pm, 3 hours before the movie was to start! Suffice to say it was a long wait, but I met up with a number of other collectors that i'd known from TAAU and OzFormers and then the mad rush was on to get into the either of the two theatres they had running. Bay even got up and said a few words before the movie started. Did I enjoy the movie? Hell yeah! Made even better by the fact that I, some bloke from a small rural town at the other end of the country was in the same theatre for a big fancy movie premiere complete with the Director, a couple of it's stars, and a bunch of other so-called Australian "celebrities" (I use that term loosely because I had no idea who 99% of them were)

You can always hold it over other people's heads that you were in a dark room with Rachel Taylor and Megan Fox...

Yeah, I heard you got stuck in a dark room with a couple of other blokes from this place!

I win! 8)

12. What is your favorite Transformer? Favorite Series? Why are these special for you?
I'd call myself a fan of Ultra Magnus, well the G1 version at least. He was a truck, who combined with his frickin' trailer! How bloody cool was that!
Series ... you know, I grew up with G1 so it'll always have a special place for me, as dodgy as the cartoon/extended tv commercial was. Beast Wars was well written, and despite how it ended, Beast Machines was a good, different story. I will confess to having never watched all of Robots in Disguise, seen a few eps though.

13. Controversy! Give us the ‘Truth According to Burn’ on the following topics. Do not hold back at all… G1, Animated, 2007 Movie, BotCon, and Toy Exclusives

G1 - The classic stuff. Though it's time to let go and move forward.
Animated - ugh ... dear god. I despise the animation style. Story wise it's not so bad (but quite frankly i'd rather watch Armada, Energon or Cybertron). Toy wise ... well, with each figure I get the more I dislike them, and I really hope this isn't the future look of Transformers. I like my bricks!

2007 Movie - Enjoyed it! It wasn't perfect, but no movie is.

BotCon - meh, if anything, getting a little over-rated.

Toy Exclusives - I liked when the BotCon toys were new characters. I think that's all that needs to be said unless you WANT me to discuss the Thundercracker/Dirge/Thrust issue.

No, I actually agree with you that BotCon should return to the creation of all new characters etc.

It would certaintly cut down on the "Oh i'm a big fan of that character but I can't afford an exclusive! **** you Hasbro!" whines.

14. You seem like a savvy inter-web-guy… What are your thoughts on Internet Culture? Are you absorbed in the depths of /b/? Or do you abstain from less reputable circles? What does the phenomenom of internet culture mean for our hobby and collecting in general?

Like life, I tend to not get too involved in groups. I love my lolcats with Cheezburgers. I don't download that much in the way of music, I do however download a lot of tv shows because I have no faith in Australian networks. Oh and I download porn on Sundays.

15. What 3 people on Seibs would you most want to drink with? If you don’t drink, what 3 people would you most be willing to be the designated driver for?

Well first and foremost, i'd have to say Whisper and War Hammer. Whisper will no doubt be serving the drinks to War Hammer so when he's eventually passed out that'll leave time for Whisper and myself to take incriminating photos of War Hammer and beer bottles. More incriminating than anything Sharpwing could come up with!

Third person? Dunno. I think most people suck really. But i'll go with steve2275 for the simple fact I want to know if he really is capable of conversation in the "real world" or if his one word posts really do reflect the man himself.

Hell, there's probably people reading this who have never frequented the HMW forums and going "who the hell is steve2275?" Don't worry, you're not missing much!
(It's always good to get in a jab at stephanie)

Burn's work:{L_IMAGE}



Transtopia: Fix Universe 2.0 Ironhide's "Low Self Esteem"

Transformers News: Transtopia: Fix Universe 2.0 Ironhide's "Low Self Esteem"
Date: Saturday, October 25th 2008 12:32am CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Toy News, Transtopia
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Geekee1

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Views: 58,008 member Geekee1 has taken time to show all you Ironhide loving TransFans out there how to do a relatively simple modification to Universe 2.0 Ironhide. This fix will eliminate the "hanging head" problem. Here's what he had to share"

I will post this in both the kitbashing forum and the toy forum, as I believe more people will see it there.


Poor ole Ironhide. he just can’t catch a break with his head can he? For as long as we’ve known he’s gotten screwed when it comes to his head. First he had no head, then he had it blown off in the movie, and now with Universe the poor bastard just can’t stop looking at his boots.

If you’ve been wanting to fix this as much as I have then I have some good news for you, and I have some bad news. The good news is that it can be fixed! Yes, yes hooray, you may love me now. The bad news is, is that it is a fairly extensive (albeit overall easy) mod that takes a good deal of cutting and sanding. Booo! You suck. I know.

So if you’re still with me (and if you love Ironhide you’d better be) here’s what you need.

First tools. Not a lot really. You’ll need a small phillips head screwdriver, and X-acto knife, some sand paper, and a small flat surface like a popsicle stick to wrap the sand paper around.

There are three major culprits in Ironhides head tilt, and how this got passed engineering is beyond me. The first is his “lower spine.” This piece folds down and presses against his rear bumper in robot mode. The problem is that there is too much plastic to allow it to sit flush, so that has to go. First partially transform him and then remove the three screws that hold the roof on like so.


You will also find it easier to work with him if you remove the “lower spine” from the upper body. Just pull the pieces apart.


It may be a little tight at first but I have removed and put this piece back together at least fifty times and it still works perfectly. Now carefully cut and sand the shown areas until you can push the spine to the bumper and his head sits flush when you reattach the spine. Remember to go slowly with the cutting and the sanding. You can always take more off, but you can’t put it back on. It took me a good hour to get this how I wanted it, granted I was being supremely careful.


Now it would be nice if that was the only problem, but unfortunately it’s not. We have two other problems to deal with. The next one that we will deal with is the hinge that is between his headpiece and the roof of the car. The problem here is that when his wheels come up into his backpack the wheel wells hit the underside of this hinge. What needs to be done here is to cut out a triangular shape on both sides so that the wheels can slide into them. I marked where the pieces were hitting with a marker and went from there. After finishing I’ve found that a good place to cut is parallel with the second “line” on this hinge as shown. The other cut for this triangular piece should be at about a 45 degree angle to the first cut. Once again you will have to keep test fitting until you get it just right, and again slow and steady.


Now onto the last problem that we have that’s got ole Ironhide lookin’ down. Remember those three screws that you took out to take backpack off? You can get rid of two of them because they are part of our last problem. The two screw pegs on the outside of this piece are keeping the tire from fully coming up into his backpack. They’ve got to go. You can cut these little buggers completely flush to the larger piece of plastic and then sand them smooth.


Do you have to take them all the way off you may ask? The answer is yes you do, and I should know, I spent about two hours carefully sanding these down little by little, fitting and refitting to see if they could still be used. They can’t. Don’t worry about the roof no longer being secure either. It is still plenty sturdy with just the center screw in there, and if it bothers you that much it can be glued on too.

Now put all pieces back together and voila! No more looking down for Mr. Hide. Now a few additional notes. The head won’t be quite perfectly flush, but it’s damn close. Also if you look at the rotating pelvis area it won’t go quite the whole way back, as it’s hitting the automorph bumper. Honestly this isn’t at all noticeable unless you’re looking at him from underneath. I didn’t even notice it for a couple of hours after I finished the mod.

Lastly I would highly recommend clear coating the backpack pieces. Mine were scarily tacky right out of the box, and I haven’t had that problem on any of my other figures. I recommend Testors Dullcote for this. I used it and it worked great, and the sheen on the figure isn’t that different either. Remember to mask of the windows though or you’ll end up with foggy ugly windows. I also painted his face silver with Games Workshop boltgun metal, followed by chainmail, but you can use whatever you want.

I would consider this mod to be of intermediate difficulty only because of how much plastic you’re actually getting rid of. It’s more time consuming than anything. I also may be a little biased having about 25 years of model building experience, but I’m sure that if you’re careful anyone can do it.


Toys R Us "Big Toy Book" to be Biggest EVER

Transformers News: Toys R Us "Big Toy Book" to be Biggest EVER
Date: Wednesday, October 22nd 2008 12:39am CDT
Categories: Company News, Press Releases, Store News, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Toys R Us

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Views: 36,061

Toys R Us will be sending out and stocking in local stores this holiday seasons Big Toy Book that usually holds great deals and savings for consumers, but according to a press release by the company, this years book will be its biggest savings book ever!

With over $5000.00 in savings, shoppers can look forward to an array of bonuses and incentives to shop at the toy store:

FREE $10 Gift Card with any purchase of $75 or more (see back cover of the Big Toy Book for details)
FREE $25 iTunes® Gift Card with the purchase of ANY Apple iPod® touch
FREE $10 Glimmering Disney® Fairies Gift Card with ANY Disney® Fairies purchase of $40 or more
FREE life-size Barbie® dress ($19.99 value) with ANY Barbie® Doll or Barbie® Doll Playset purchase of $40 or more
FREE Star Wars® 10" Transformers Millenium Falcon ($39.99 value) with ANY Star Wars® Action Figure, Vehicle, Playset or Role-Play purchase of $99 or more
FREE Disney® High School Musical 3 Cheerleader dress with ANY High School Musical purchase of $40 or more
15" Nick Jr.(TM) Wonder Pets(TM) Ming-Ming or Linny for only $4.99 each ($20 value) with ANY $50 purchase
$50 off the A.T. Rex battery-powered ride-on
$20 off the Circus Ring from Playmobil®
$20 off the HOT WHEELS Trick Tracks Ultimate Stunt World
More than 25% off ALL Tag(TM) Reading Books from LeapFrog®
25% off select pink board games from Hasbro®
25% off select Disney® Hannah Montana games
25% off select EduScience Microscopes
Save $300 on Easton 7' (Air Hockey or Billiard) Game Table

And thats just the start. The Big Toy Book savings take affect on Sunday, October 26, through Saturday, November 22, while supplies last.

To see the original article, click here.

Alternity Megatron- Nissan Fairlady Z Pre-Orders At BBTS

Transformers News: Alternity Megatron- Nissan Fairlady Z Pre-Orders At BBTS
Date: Tuesday, October 14th 2008 3:24pm CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Optronix, BBTS

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Views: 10,558 Alternity Megatron, available in the silver, and blue varieties of the Nissan Fairlady Z are also available for pre-order from site sponsor,

You can pre-order Megatron blue, or Megatron silver. There are not pictures available yet, but much like Masterpiece Grimlock, these are due out in March, so we can probably expect some images soon.

HASBRO Answers's October 6th Questions!

Transformers News: HASBRO Answers's October 6th Questions!
Date: Monday, October 13th 2008 2:02pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): HASBRO

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Views: 24,207

Ever since HASBRO shared with us that our community would be able to submit 5 questions for them to look at and answer, we have really been generating some awesome ideas and questions. We had too many great ones, so the staff and I had to go through and pick the most timely questions, those that we thought would receive response, and those that hopefully were not being asked by other sites, so we could get the most information presented to the whole fandom.

HASBRO has returned the answers to our questions that were submitted last week. I am quite thankful that they took the time to answer all of the questions asked.

Here are the questions we submitted and their HASBRO answers:’s HASBRO Round 1 Q/A:

1.) Will there be toys based on characters presented in any of the IDW comic book series? We know the new character DRIFT is supposed to get the toy treatment, but what about favorites like Sentinel Prime (Megatron: Origins), Nova Prime (-tion series and Spotlights), Thunderwing (Stormbringer). An answer in response to the general question, not the specific characters would be much appreciated (unless you want to mention specific characters...)!

When we can we love to fold into the product line any new or popular
character from any outside source Comic or Video game. We have done
things like the Fallen in the past, and we look for more down the road.

2.) Will we see the Alternators line return soon? BinalTech has returned to Takara Tomy, and Takara Tomy is also adding the new Alternity line. The Alternators line was supposed to make a comeback after the first movie, but we are getting close to the second and no mention of any Alternators revival.

There are no current plans for Alternators in 2009. There are just so
many exciting things happening in 2009 that we had to make choices. The
team likes the Alternators concept, but unfortunately it's just not the
right time for a re-launch.

3.) Are you considering releasing any other re-issues of Generation 1 toys like 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime at this time? He’ll be pretty lonely on his own shelf.

We have a few G1 molds that we would like to see come out in Fall 2009,
but not yet ready to announce as they will likely be retailer exclusives.

4.) There are a lot of issues with HASBRO brand product quality control lately. We know you care about the brand and toy because of your desire to protect collectors from lesser quality Knock Offs, but can you tell us what you have been doing to address issues with HASBRO Quality Control problems such as loose pieces that fall off out of the package, poor paint application quality, missing paint applications, and as the case may be with Universe Prowl- tacky, sticky paint.

You are correct in stating that a quality product is at the forefront
of our minds. First point, as conversion of Transformers has become more
complicated, it is critical for peices to pop off more easily. This is
meant to stop breakage and stress points. It some of the pieces didn't pop
off, they might end up snapping off or at the very least stressing the
plastic. However, we have heard some complaints about Animated products
and are currently investigating. If you have specific issues please
contact our consumer affairs department.

5.) Transformers fans love the fact that you are now putting us on a more equal footing with GI JOE and STAR WARS collectors by doing this Q/A, responding to the fandom more, and offering more nods to popular fan characters. Any plans for the ‘fan favorite’ idea to be put to use with Transformers? A poll could be taken in the same manner as has been done for GI JOE and STAR WARS. That way, you could see if there was a large demand for characters without us flooding HASBRO’s regular e-mail address, or filling forums with, "Will Hasbro ever make 'X' threads?”

The fan choice would be a lot of fun to do! Transformers are a little
harder to pull off than Joe or Star Wars because of the complex tooling
(costs a lot more due to size and complexity). But that doesn't mean we
won't do it - it just won't be in 2009...unless of course you vote for the
Bay-former since we already have Michael Bay's head sculpted - HA! (those
of you that saw the Easter Eggs on the movie DVD will know what I'm
talking about).

Thanks to HASBRO again for giving us this opportunity to do this, and thank you, the community for your well thought out questions. ROUND 2 is scheduled for December 1st submission date, so look for a thread soon asking for your NEW questions that you want answered by HASBRO!

Attention UK fans! HTS UK sale.

Transformers News: Attention UK fans! HTS UK sale.
Date: Friday, October 10th 2008 11:03pm CDT
Categories: Store News, Toy News
Posted by: City Commander | Credit(s): Oddsey

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Views: 6,612

That's right folks! The good people at Hasbro toy shop uk are hosting quite a sale on all of their transformers stock (excluding Star Wars transformers)!

At the time of writing, HTS UK have marked down all of their transformer products by 25%! If you have been keeping an eye on certain items at their site, I would highly recommend you seize the day and order now!

But that's not all! Courtesy of's own Oddsey, we have a special code to allow you good people another 25% off!


Just type this code into the promotional code box on the checkout page to save more cash!

To further add to the tf savings, I'd also like to let everyone know that Tescos is currently hosting half price sales on TFA deluxe and voyager lines. I'm sure a fair few know this by now, but better safe than sorry!

I would also like to take this moment to welcome four new news crew members to the staff of; Sustain, Nekoman, Black Magnus and myself!
We'll do all we can to bring you all the latest info of our favourite addiction!

Binaltech Convoy - Weight Info

Transformers News: Binaltech Convoy - Weight Info
Date: Thursday, September 25th 2008 5:09am CDT
Categories: Rumors, Toy News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): ACToys

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Views: 10,645

ACToys in China, which often gets a sneak peak at soon to be released figures, is indicating that the upcoming Binaltech Convoy weighs .9 kg. (This weight may include the packaging.) If this report is accurate, it may bring relief to some fans because it indicates that the figure will have a fair bit of die-cast parts.

In comparison, you can see below the weight for Binaltech Black Convoy, which was die-cast and plastic vs KISS Convoy, which was all plastic.


Big Bad SALE!!! 900 Item Clearance!!! Yes, 900 Items!!!

Transformers News: Big Bad SALE!!! 900 Item Clearance!!! Yes, 900 Items!!!
Date: Friday, September 5th 2008 5:43pm CDT
Categories: Company News, Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): First Gen, Big Bad Toy Store

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Views: 31,280

Our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have just informed us of some more great news. Recently they updated their sale section with a wopping 450 items!!

Guess what, they just added another 450 items!!!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals, more new preorders and another big update to our
current clearance sale.


We listed 450 clearance items last week and have just added 450 more for a
total of 900 items on sale. There are a wide variety of items from many
properties on sale. Be sure to browse through the three new lists that
each contain 150 new sale items.


The reissues continue with this cool boxed set featuring Skywarp and
Thundercracker packed wing to wing in a fairly large double window box.
The set is in stock now at $69.99 - take a look here: ... ode=retail

This quarter scale figure of Lara Croft has arrived and she looks great.
Measuring 19" tall and wearing her signature 'archeologist' outfit from
Tomb Raider: Legends, this figure is bound to be a hit with video gamers
and collectors, and at only $229.99, she's $20 off MSRP - take a look at
her here - ... ode=retail

This case contains a mix of figures from series 8 and other earlier
figures. We have a limited number of these in stock now at $59.99 - this
is one of the first GI Joe cases that we've actually been able to list 'in
stock' in quite some time due to extremely high demand, so don't miss out. ... ode=retail

This 1:1 scale helmet features a leather liner and very sturdy metal
construction. The helmet is hinged in the middle and can be worn fairly
comfortably. Only 500 pieces are being produced and we have it in stock
at $75 under MSRP at $299.99 ... ode=retail

Takara's Cool Girl line has been extremely popular over the years, so much
so that Catwoman has been re-released with some slight modifications to
the costume color. We have a limited number of these in stock at $109.99
each ... ode=retail

The ghost with the most has finally arrived! This 7" tall figure is
dressed in his black and white striped suit, and includes two snakes and a
copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. We've got him listed at
$14.99, $2 off the suggested retail price
- check him out here - ... ode=retail

This bust from "Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem" portrays an experienced
warrior, come to hunt down escaped prey. It has individually cast
dreadlocks and is cast in polystone and fiberglass, with hand-finished
detail galore. This piece needs to be seen to be believed - take a look
at it here - its a whopping $849.99, but you do get what you pay for. ... ode=retail

The first of the Real Action Heroes' take on the Rolling Stones, this
figure of Mick Jagger has him in a purple leather jacket and pants combo,
and includes other accessories such as a studded belt and a microphone and
stand. Pick up this excellent 12" figure before they're gone @ $139.99. ... ode=retail

The second Real Action Heroes figure from the Rolling Stones, this version
of Keith Richards goes back a ways, with big hair and bell bottom jeans.
Keith comes with his guitar and a stage-ready outfit, and he's priced at
at $139.99 - $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The creepy cannibal from "Silence of the Lambs" makes his Real Action Hero
debut with this great new 12" figure. This figure comes with good
articulation and a display stand, and is dressed in his orange prison
suit underneath a belted-up straightjacket. Hannibal comes in at only
$94.99 - check him out here - ... ode=retail

Our first Fist of the North Star Real Action Hero has come in. Rei is 12"
tall and comes with a detailed cloth costume, accurate weapons and other
accessories and a display base. He's available at 164.99; check him
out here - ... ode=retail

This little monster from the upcoming "Trick 'r Treat" horror movie has
arrived just in time for the Halloween season! Thisd large figure of Sam
includes a removable burlap mask, lollipop and bag of treats. Take a look
at this new figure here at $54.99 ... ode=retail

This 20" tall museum-quality figure has Aragorn in battle with sword at
the ready. He's cast in polystone, then hand-painted, and finally
finished with a replica costume composed of real fabrics, including
leathers. We've got him in stock now at only $289.99 - check him out here: ... ode=retail

This Real Action Heroes figure from the anime Death Note shows Misa Amane,
the second 'Kira', dressed in a ragged-edged straightjacket. Misa also
has shackles on her ankles and a blindfold, and measures 12" tall with
all the articulation you could want. We've got her listed at only $119.99
- take a look! ... ode=retail

Gears of War fans take note - 12" Marcus Fenix is in stock right now!
Marcus is loaded with detail and comes with his Lancer and a handgun, and
as a bonus has sound at the touch of a button!
We've got this large-scale figure listed at only $29.99, saving you $5 -
take a look! ... ode=retail

Packed in his own special window box, the original 1979 Alien has arrived
in Kubrick form. The detailing on this small piece is impressive, from
the ribs and coils on his chest to his transparent skull puts this figure
over the top - don't miss out! We've got his at only $15.99; check him
out here - ... ode=retail

A wide variety of other items from many manufacturers have also just
arrived, take a look at the most recent 100 items here:


These two new Transformers Collector's Club have been announced, and we've
got them up, with Nightbeat listing at $74.99 and the Seacon set at
$169.99. Nightbeat is a redeco of deluxe Energon Hot Shot, and the Seacon
set is a recolor of the original set of six. Nightbeat comes with a comic
book, and the Seacons come in a die-cut display box. Check them both out
here - ... egory=1519

From the same highly skilled designers that are bringing you City
Commander, FansProject has put together a cool custom accessory pack that
will work perfectly with the upcoming BT-22 Convoy, Alternator Prime, or
any repaints of either figure. The accessory set transforms into a Gun
and matrix in scale with the 1:24 alternator line. Limited to only 2000
pieces, this item is available at $28.99 ... ode=retail

Medicom has a new exclusive coming out - an RAH (Real Action Heroes)
version of Bruce Wayne! Dressed in a blue pinstriped suit with a maroon
tie, this figure is only available in Japan to lucky collectors who get a
special ticket inside their RAH Batman packages. We were able to secure
an amount of these for our domestic customers at $179.99, we expect to
see it in the early part of the new year. ... ode=retail

Hasbro has just confirmed the quantity of GI Joe wave 8 'Internet
Exclusive' cases that we will be receiving, and we are happy to say that
there is enough stock coming that we are able to re-open our preorders.
This case is available to reserve at $59.99 and our shipment should be
here within a week. ... ode=retail

This wonderful new Diorama from Sideshow portrays the classic moment as
Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers first board the Tantive IV in search of
the Princess and the Death Star Plans. Darth Vader is trying to get info
out of one of the rebel troopers, whose boots no longer touch the ground.
This great diorama is on pre-order at only $209.99, $15 off the MSRP.
Take a look! ... ode=retail

The new Street Fighter line from Revoltech is on its way! These new
figures come from the new "Street Fighters Online" iteration of the
classic game, and it features characters old and new. This first wave
consists of the old standby hero Ryu, in his classic white and red
costume. it also contains new character Tei-Ran, in a bright pink, blue
and yellow costume with long claws reminiscent of Lei-Lei from
Darkstalkers. Check out both these new Revoltech figures here - ... egory=5044

Hasbro is packing five fan-favorites into a new inexpensive gift box.
This set includes one each of Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul,
Boba Fett and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, and is up for preorder at just
$21.99 ... ode=retail

Hollywood Collectibles is producing two new versions of their machete from
"Predator." To go along with their 20th Anniversary edition, we are
taking pre-orders on a standard edition, priced at only $124.99 ($159.99
MSRP), and the Dutch Schaefer Signature edition, at $139.99 ($179.99
MSRP). This crossover collectible will delight movie fans as well as
weapons collectors when they coe in later this month. Take a look at
these two new knives here - ... egory=4286

This great scale figure is loaded with detail, from her leather jacket to
the crazy look on her face. Coming out some time this 4th quarter, we're
hoping for a Halloween release of this great new figure. She's a great
companion piece to the 15" "Bride of Chucky" Chucky figure; Check her out
now - only $57.99! - ... ode=retail

We've received a whole list of new Gears of War and Gears of War 2
accessories from NECA. There are wall scrolls, a pennant, keychains,
lighters, a holiday stocking and more, as well as backorders up for
sold-out items - take a look at all the newly-listed and older items here ... egory=4281

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new sales items as well as some of the many new items mentioned


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Too much good stuff my fellow Seibertronians. Get in on the goods at [url"> now!

Rare Transformers Auctions

Transformers News: Rare Transformers Auctions
Date: Sunday, August 24th 2008 7:19am CDT
Categories: Auctions, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): prowl13f, Yahoo! Japan, and eBay

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Anyone got a few thousand dollars lying around wondering what to spend it on?

Recently, prowl13f found the elusive dino-cassettes on eBay and shared the auction with our community, but now, now some even more hard to come by items have made there way to auction sites.

Yahoo! Japan has a Chrome Colored G1 Soundwave for auction, at a fairly reasonable price at this point. One might even hazard to call this the ultimate 'pimped' Soundwave.

And now for the high rollers, an unproduced Lucky Draw Black G1 Rodimus Prime...starting bid, a whopping $2,999.99. A few holidays worth of gifts there.

What's cool is that we get to actually see these, and some lucky collector(s) could own them. Should we start a pool of money here at Seibertron, buy the toy, and share it, each of us can have it in our toy room for a week? Just a thought.

Enjoy the images while the auctions are live, you may never get a chance to see these rarities again.

The 100 Item Sale and New Preorders now available!!!

Transformers News: The 100 Item Sale and New Preorders now available!!!
Date: Friday, August 22nd 2008 12:59pm CDT
Categories: Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): BBTS

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Our friends at have just sent us another update with a new 100 item sale, and this time you're gonna wanna check it out. Also included in the update are new preorders that are available. Just too much good stuff going on here Seibertronians:

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
wide variety of new preorders, more new arrivals, and a new 100 item
clearance sale.


Our warehouse is getting full so its time to clear out some overstocked
and older items. We have a wide variety of Transformers, GI Joe, Indy,
Comic, Sci-Fi and other items on sale, many with significant price cuts.
We appreciate any help you can give us in clearing space in our warehouse.
Take a look at the menu below for savings on a variety of items:


The newest series of World of Warcraft figures has been announced. The
regular figures in this assortment include a Murloc two-pack, a Gnoll
Warlord, a Succubus Demon and a Tuskaar; we have these listed at $16.99
each or the set of four for $59.99. Also in series 4 is the new Deluxe
Naga Monster figure, available at $36.99. All of these figures are
expected in April 2009, and you can take a look at the assortment here - ... egory=5016

This new Transformer accessory from TFC Toys is the perfect companion
piece to Masterpiece Optimus Prime. This new version of the classic
Roller accessory has been upgraded to a full transforming figure, and he
is not only in scale with Optimus, but he also comes loaded with
accessories and weaponry of his own. Don't let Prime's trailer be lonely
- check out Rollar today! ... ode=retail

Newly announced by Mezco, the first wave of figures from the upcoming
holiday season movie includes the Spirit along with his enemies the
Octopus, Pathos, Sand Seref and Plaster Of Paris. We've got the set of 5
listed at only $69.99, and the single Spirit figure at $14.99 - take a
look! ... egory=5017

Square Enix's newest Final Fantasy figure line comes from the video game
Crisis Core, and features the "return" of a long-dead friend. Aerith
Gainsborough, Cloud Strife and Zack Fair are each available as singles at
$24.99, or you can pick up the set of 3 for only $69.99! ... risis+Core

Medicom's RAH line has a new entry coming this winter - the Alien from the
original 1979 movie "Alien." With its creepy biomechanical styling and
extending inner jaws, this creepy creature will be a treasured part of any
collection - take a peek! ... ode=retail

The third in the Field of Battle ArtFX Statue collection, this one is a
shiny gray steel spartan, complete with lowering shell. Add this one to
your collection for only $89.99! Take a look at ths new version here - ... ode=retail

This new bust from Diamond Select shows Ultra Magnus in all his City
Commander glory. Hovering over a Cybertron-shaped base, Magnus has his
rifle at the ready, in case of Decepticon attack. Put your pre-order for
him in today - only $52.99! ... ode=retail

This piece is a retro-inspired creation based on the original, with all of
the functionality of the original release. Featuring the classic fold-up
design, this playset opens up to show the bridge, with interchangeable
view screens and a transporter that works with the turn of a dial! At
only $49.99, we expect these to go fast - take a look at it here - ... ode=retail

This Kotobukiya figure is clad in the original Bat-Suit is seen in the
early part of "Batman: The Dark Knight," and displays him crouching down
on top of the Bat Signal, cape fluttering in the air behind him. This
piece is set to show up this December, and we've got it listed at only
$104.99, a $20 savings over MSRP. Check it out - ... ode=retail

Rescued from the brink of nothingness, these two Kratos figures are bound
to make anyone's day! Poseidon's Rage Kratos (clear blue with lightning)
and Dark odyssey Kratos (Black with gold tattoos) come with their weapons
and we're expecting them sometime this October. Reserve yourself this set
of two great figures, at only $28.99, before they disappear! ... ode=retail

This figure of the video game world's best-known archeologist
comes in her new brown and black outfit, with a pistol in each hand. We
expect this one to make her appearance this October, and she's priced at
only $14.99 - take a look at this figure here - ... ode=retail

We don't have a lot of detail on the two new predator figures in series 4
of NECA's Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem line, but it appears that one is
masked and the other bare-faced, and that each has bright green
battle-damage wounds. We'll let you know as soon as we know more; check
out the pics here - ... ode=retail

Kotobukiya has announced a number of new Marvel Fine Art Busts. Daredevil
come from the recent Ben Affleck movie, while Punisher War Zone is a new
movie coming later this year. Both of these busts take their likeness
from the movie actors, and include the movie logo on the base. The new
X-Men Classic Fine Art Bust line shows the X-Men in their classic looks,
beginning with brothers Cyclops and Havok. Cyclops' visor lights up via
red LEDs, and Havok's symbol is glow-in-the-dark! Each of these works is
only $69.99, $10 off the MSRP, so take a look! ... a+Fine+Art

Two new figures in Shunya Yamashita's new Character Series are up for
pre-order. Nasuka is 9-1/2" tall and is suspended in the air, sowrd
hanging beneath her. Kanaru is dressed in a light blue futuristic outfit
and stands just over 8" tall. Both are available for $68.99, and should
arrive in January - check them out! ... egory=5003

We've got two new Kotobukiya Witchblade Anime figures listed. The first
is a Maria 10" ArtFX statue, with red and blue pigtails, seated on a
metallic red display base. The other is the Sexy Masane ArtFX Statue,
which is limited to 800 pieces and has Masane displayable either
vertically on the base or horizontally on the included cushion base. Take
a look at these and other Witchblade Anime figures here - ... ategory=99

This first series is from a new line inspired by Alex Ross' cover art from
recent issues of "Justice Society of America." The first assortment
includes Golden Age Flash, Golden Age Green Lantern, Starman and the
Sandman. Each of these figures is sculpted and scaled to fit right in
with the previous Alex Ross Justice figures and Alex Ross Kingdom Come
figures. Check them out here - ... ode=retail

Two new maquettes from Gentle Giant are up for pre-order - Ahsoka and a
Clone Trooper. The Clone Trooper is in a pure whtie outfit, while Ahsoka
is in her padawan outfit from the new Clone Wars movie. Each of these
maquettes is listed at $79.99 9$10 off MSRP) and both should be here this
November - take a look! ... egory=4926

CMS Corporation has announced the nineteenth entry in their Brave Gohkin
line - Baldios. This ABS & die-cast figure is fully transformable and
includes accessories. We expect this one in sometime in October; go ahead
and take a look here - ... ode=retail

A whole bunch of new MimoBot Flash Drives have been announced, in a few
different lines, but all with 2 GB of storage and exclusive brand media.
For new Star Wars MimiBots we've got C-3P0, Darth Sidious (Emperor
Palpatine), a Royal Guard and Wicket W. Warrick the Ewok. The new Halo
line includes Master Chief as well as Red and Blue Spartans, and the Happy
Tree Friends line includes regular and Gory versions of each Flippy,
Giggles and Mole. ... lash+Drive

The World War Two hero is back and ready for action! This Collectors
Edition 1/6 Scale figure will come with accessories and a display stand,
and he'll look great as part of a DC collection, or a military one! Take
a look at this new figure here - ... ode=retail

This box set combines a special Edition New Frontier comic book with four
of the most famous characters in it - Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and
Wonder Woman. The three male figures are the same as the original
releases, while the Wonder Woman figure sports a brand new head sculpt!
Take a look at the figures here - ... ode=retail

The first in a new line of busts, these will be the male counterparts to
the Women of the DC universe bust line. The first release is Hal Jordan,
the first of the silver and modern age Green Lanterns. With ring hand
outstretched above him, this Carlos Pacheco-designed Hal is coming out of
an oversized lantern base, with green energy erupting as he does.
Take a look here - he's only $54.99! ... ode=retail

The second Batman Black And White statue from the new animated Gotham
Knight DVD, this piece is taken from segment 3, "Field Test." It shows
Batman in a new costume, arms out at his sides with cape flowing out
behind him. Check this new piece here - ... ode=retail

We've got a whole bunch of new Death Note figures listed. The final Death
Note Craft Label piece, Misa Amane, is up for pre-order for only $44.99,
and there are also a number of PVC figures - a wave 1 set of 6 and a wave
2 set of three - different lines, but great figures. Also, the new Final
Scene Series from Jun Planning includes versions of Light, Misa, Rem and
Ryuk. Check out all these new figures here - ... egory=3675

The newest in the anime-inspired Ame-Comi line is the Joker's assistant,
Harley Quinn. A former psychiatrist, Harley was driven crazy by the
Joker and now is happy to help her 'puddin' commit crimes. Her figure
comes with bomb in hand, and an eerie Joker mask on the back of her head -
take a look - ... ode=retail

This new bank is a bust of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.
Brandishing his red Lightsaber, this Sith will be able to protect your
money like no one else! This new bank is only $12.99, and makes a great
gift for any fan! ... ode=retail

Not much is known about this new character - apparently it's related to
the Venom symbiote and is here to hunt its brethren down. This new
character is debuting in the current pages of the Spider-Man comic, and
soon you'll be able to have a figure of him, too! Check him out here -
only $17.99! ... ode=retail

The newest of the GN-U Dou announced figures, this updated version of
Dancouga comes from Juusou Kikou Dancouga Nova, 100 years in the future
from the original Dancouga Anime. This figure boasts over 30 points of
articulation, and he's listed at only $33.99 - take a look - ... ode=retail

This 1:1 scale rendition of Sakurahime, one of the dueling pocket-sized
robots from the popular 80s anime/manga Pla-Wrestler Sanshiro is a
fully-painted polystone statue, complete with a display base. Sculpted by
noted garage kit creator Toy Fujiura, now you can pick up one of these
little ladies at retail - take a look! ... ode=retail

These deformed little figures include great people of culture and history,
packed into little five-packs of plastic joy! We currently have
pre-orders up for five of these packs - the Artists Collection, the
Revolutionaries Collection, The Genius Collection, the Scientists
Collection and the Writers Collection. Take a look here for the
individuals in each assortment - ... egory=4996

The presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate has what may be his
first action figure coming out this fall along with his opponent (see
below). The Barack Obama figure will have six points of articulation, and
makes a good gift or a great conversation starter
- take a look here - ... ode=retail

The presumptive Republican Presidential candidate is also represented for
quite possibly the first time as an action figure. John McCain (the
figure, not the candidate) has six points of articulation, and also makes
a good gift or a great conversation starter - check him out here - ... ode=retail

NECA has got a whole slew of new Calendars for 2009 - something for almost
everyone! We've got 2009 calendars listed for A Christmas Story, The
Crow, The Exorcist, Gears of War, The Princess Bride, Pulp FIction, the
Shaw Brothers and Sweeney Todd. We're waiting on pics for most of them,
but you can take a look here - ... 9+Calendar

The Hogwart's House Cup Challenge Collectable Adventure Board Game by NECA
is coming this September. It appears that each player takes the role of a
student at Hogwart's, but beyond that we don't have any gameplay details
yet. Take a look at the box, board and cards here - ... ode=retail

This full-sized replica of Kratos' Blade of Athena from God of War (and
God of War II) is coming this October from NECA, and we've got it listed
at only $149.99 - $30 off the MSRP! Take a look at this great new replica
here - ... ode=retail

NECA has created a new figure and assortment from "A Christmas Story."
Scut Farkus, the tall redheaded kid is here individually, or you can pick
up the set of four Christmas Story Kids - Scut, Ralphie, Randy in snowsuit
and Flick, complete with metal pole. Scut himself is only $14.99, or the
Kids box set for only $32.99! ... egory=2314

This new boxed set celebrating the second series of Gears of War figures
includes holdover Marcus Fenix, alongside new figures Damon Baird, Dominic
Santiago and an elite Theron Guard with helmet. These four figures come
with accessories and everything will look great in the display box, for
those collectors that choose to display in-package. Check the figures out
here - ... ode=retail


The DC Universe's newest figures come in a new 3.75" scale, similar to GI
Joe and Star Wars. This first assortment incldues heroes the Atom, Adam
Strange, Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Captain Marvel, alongside villains
Black hand and the Alternate Flash (Reverse-Flash.) We've got these
listed as a set of six for only $39.99, or you can pick up a case of
twelve (two of each figure) for only $74.99! Check them out here - ... Assortment

The newest Soul of Chogokin release is GX-42, Kotetsushin Jeeg. Another
Mech piloted by a child to protect his home, this new Mech comes with
alternate weapons, a giant hammer and a display base - at only $99.99,
you'll want to take a look, here - ... ode=retail

Our shipment of the first wave of 5 inch figures has shown up! Included
in this wave are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Donkey Kong, and each is
available singly (except Donkey Kong), or in the set of 5. Also available
is a case of 12, which includes one Donkey Kong, two Toads, and three each
of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi! You can check them all out here - ... egory=4353

Best Toys has created these custom heads for the original and Encore
releases of Ironhide and Ratchet. Replacing the cardboard add-on heads
from the Encore releases (or the circuit-sticker from the originals),
these pieces snap right on to the cab of the van, and the head itself
folds down and in for transformation. We've got the set of two heads for
$17.99, or the heads along with the Encore rleases of both bots for only
$74.99 - Check them out - ... tom+encore

The most economical of the new Batmobile releases, the standard model is
in stock right now, for only $29.99. Reminisce about the good old days of
Adam West and Burt Ward in this 1/18 scale batmobile, designed by George
Barris with Mattel to make it just right. Check out this great vehicle
replica here - ... ode=retail

Another SDCC Exclusive, Diamond Select's "Valley of Darkness" Cylon
Centurion is blood-stained and -splattered after working his way through a
number of Galactica residents. You can get a vicious monster of your very
own for only $15.99 - Check him out! ... ode=retail

This set of 16 Star Wars characters in Bearbrick form is from a Pepsi Nex
promotion in Japan, but we'll save you the trouble of going over and
collecting all 16! Including characters like Darth Vader, R2-D2 and Darth
Maul, these great little collectibles are space-saving and interesting all
at once! Check out the assortment here, available for only $59.99! ... ode=retail

Mezco's SDCC 2008 Resurrection Set, Second Coming, is in stock and ready
to go today. This set includes Sadie, Lou Sapphire, Lilith and Lulu, and
if you missed out on them in San Diego,
this is your chance to pick up the set, at $279.99! ... ode=retail

The first of two new G1 Transformers busts from Diamond Select is
Soundblaster. Originally he was the Decepticon known as Soundwave, but he
was rebuilt into Soundblaster after being destroyed in battle with
Blaster. The 'new' Soundblaster has a black deco, and on this bust he's
accompanied by Ratbat, one of his later cassette allies. This bust is
priced $10 off MSRP at only $49.99 and is limited to 1000 pieces - take a
look at Soundblaster and Ratbat here - ... ode=retail

The other new G1 TF Bust is one of Megatron's longest-serving lieutenants,
Shockwave. Acting as a combination scientist and general, Shockwave's
analytical nature made him a perfect candidate to watch over Cybertron in
Megatron's absence. Shockwave's bust has a translucent purple
hand, as well as his gun appendage and chestplate; at $49.99, it's a great
display piece! ... ode=retail

We've got four different McFarlane NFL Ultimate Team sets in stock now -
the offense teams of the Oakland Raiders, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New
England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. Each set of figures comes in
its own display, set up to look like a football field, and they're only
$19.99 each - take a look! ... egory=3808

This 11.5" statue shows Cobra the Space Pirate walking from the
battlefield, weapon in one hand and Lady Armaroid slung over his opposite
shoulder. This statue from the popular manga, anime and tv series is
available for only $229.99 - saving $20 off MSRP. Check it out! ... ode=retail

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the 100 item sale mentioned above as well as some of the many new


Joel & The BBTS Crew

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