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Exclusive Interview With Mike Costa

Transformers News: Exclusive Interview With Mike Costa
Date: Sunday, November 15th 2009 9:03pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Company News, Interviews, People News, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Mike Costa, IDW Publishing

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Mike Costa, writer of the new Transformers on going series set to debut this week is answering a few of the questions posed by staffers i_amtrunks, Darth Bombshell, and tigertracks 24. Mike also contributed to the recently completed IDW title, G.I. Joe: Cobra, a book that surprised many fans with its seriousness, and more mature handling of this particular portion of the joe-verse.

Mr. Costa is living the dream that so many folks in our community would love to get to do...get paid to be creative with Transformers and have your work officially effect the Transformers mythos, effectively carving out your own little niche in our beloved franchise.

Speaking of your own little niche, Mr. Costa, here are some questions relating to your work with the upcoming Transformers ongoing series...

-- What direction are the Costa written Tf stories going to take? Will we be heading back to a universal scope of war ala what Furman was working up to, or will we be getting an Earth-centric style story? Will the ongoing feature one large, over-arching plot with several ongoing subplots set up along the way?

All great questions. I'll try to give them great answers.

Here's the thing - Shane literally blew up the world in his last storyline. That is a really, really tough act to follow. I mean, I can't really blow up the world again. So rather than try to top that with spectacle - I guess I'd have to blow up the galaxy or something - I'm going to start small again, and then gradually expand the canvas. That's not to say that there won't be big events - there will be. They'll just be big character-events at first. No less status-quo changing, but we're staying Earth-centric in the beginning. You're going to find out why Earth is such an important place for the Transformers - and it's probably not the reason you think it is.

We'll definitely be building to events that, currently, are pretty far-off in the future. But the template I'm trying to follow is the one set by Bill Willingham in his Vertigo book FABLES. What that book does so well is juggle big storylines with smaller one, two or three-issue vingettes in between. With a cast as vast as Transformers, I feel like that's the best way to give as many characters the opportunity to shine as possible. But every issue will build on the next, even if it doesn't seem to at first. There's no guarantee how long I'll be on the book, of course (so... please, tell everyone to buy it and write glowing reviews online!) but hopefully I'll get to do all the things I have planned. That'll take quite a while.

-- Will the series be easy to get into for those who may have only become fans due to the live action movies?

I hope so. But the fact is, it's not a total reboot, like GI Joe was. These are still the same characters in the same continuity we've been seeing at IDW, so obviously there are many differences from the movie. I think we've struck a good balance though, between honoring previous continuity and being new-reader friendly. It would be great if fans of the movie jumped on. I think they'd really like what they'd see.

-- How much work have you had to do to correct errors of AHM, or has the CODA done this job for you?

AHM was planned quite a while before we consolidated our ideas for this new ongoing, so rather than start monkeying with Shane's story and forcing him to change his ending to better dovetail into our series, we created the CODA series to tie up the loose ends that the ongoing wouldn't have time to get to in the first few issues, and to work as a bridge between the two series'. Obviously all the issues are out now, so you guys can tell us how successful we've been in doing that.

We all have certain characters we want to see, but overall, we really know we want good characterization of whomever is in the story. The next set of questions revolve mainly around characters in your new series.

-- Will there be any lesser known personal favorite characters that you plan to bring to the fore in the ongoing series? Will you be able to use more of the obscure generation one characters, or even characters that were previously known only to the Japanese G1 universe (such as Victory Saber, Overlord, or Dai Atlas)? Are we following the same characters as were used in AHM? Will the cast start out small and then expand? Will the cast focus on a small group of characters or will we be moving all over the place and get to see different perspectives from different groups of characters?

The cast will definitely have it's core characters whom the major storylines follow, but we will break away from them occasionally to focus on other characters in the universe. Also, the core cast will definitely be evolving, expanding and contracting. It's not going to be "Optimus Prime and the Same Five Other Autobots" every month, but you'll definitely be able to tell who the important characters are by the end of the first arc.

Most of those "core" characters will come as no surprise to Transformers fans, but I'm definitely throwing some curve-balls in there as well. One of the major characters of my run will be someone I've had my eye on for quite a while. Shane in particular gave him some really interesting development in AHM. His inclusion in my cast will be the logical extension of what happened to him there.

As for the Japanese characters. Hm. Not a bad idea...

-- Can you please kill Drift ASAP? (Note this is a question submitted that not everyone agrees with.) Along these lines, will we see any more new IDW and creator originated characters in the near future, or will you be pulling from only currently existing Generation One Transformers?

I have no plans to kill Drift. But... I have no plans to use him right away either. So, everybody wins. Also, I can't speak for Zander or Nick, who are both doing auxiliary books, my intention is to exclusively use currently existing G1 Transformers. Of course I'll be creating supporting cast members, but the core cast will be recognizable faces for the time being.

-- What kind of Starscream are we going to get in the series, the Starscream of Infiltration, the Starscream of late AHM, or AHM #13 Starscream? They all were a bit different, there seemed to be no consistancy, or it was not explained well enough why he suddenly changes.

Every writer is going to have his or her own interpenetration of a character, and now you've seen mine of Starscream. I can tell you guys he's my favorite character, and that's why I was very excited to make him the star of my first-ever Transformers story in CODA #1. (Clever readers with an eye for pretentious writer-gags might even have noticed that I made sure his name was the first word written on the first page.) I'll agree there are some differences in how the character has been portrayed, but in a hugely collaborative medium like comics, those core character attributes are all you really need for a character. Brian Bendis doesn't write exactly the same Spider-Man as Stan Lee, or Gerry Conway, or David Michelinie. But he'll always be smart, guilt-ridden, wise-cracking and heroic. And Starscream's core attributes are always the same - he's ambitious, treacherous, manipulative and often cowardly. Anything after that is just an artifact of the medium.

And now Mike, we would like to know a bit more about you, and your feelings about the titles you have been involved with. Answer as honestly as you want (or at least as honestly as you feel you can to these questions).

-- Who is your personal favorite TF artist of all time? And what is your favorite previous TF story arc (from any series, comic or show)?

Guys... that first question isn't fair. I'm going to be working with a lot of great artists on this title (and I have already in CODA) and I can't make that call. I will, however, say that working with Don on my first stroyline is like getting Spider-Man and having John Romita draw it. And the man does not disappoint. When I saw the art he turned in for the first issue, my mind was blown. I'd really never seen anything like it on a book I've written. I couldn't be more thrilled about it.

As for my favorite Transformers storyline... that's hard. Recently, I really did like AHM a lot. It had a lot of really great, fan-pleasing bring-the-house down moments. From the older, original marvel run, it's probably issue #13, written by the legendary Bob Budiansky, where Megatron temporarily loses his memory and is found by a criminal who uses him on a crime spree. That was over 20 years ago but the story - and the cover image - have stayed with me even though I was probably 7 when I first read it.

And from the original cartoon - not counting the movie, which is actually the first movie I ever saw in theaters - it was probably The Return of Optimus Prime. That Hate Plague really scared me as a kid.

-- What's your personal opinion on the Transformers stories IDW has written thus far? Good, fair, poor, lame... How do they stack up to what has been done in the past by previous companies Marvel, and Dreamwave?

Here's the thing: There are two legends in the Transformers comic book canon. One is Bob Budiansky. The other is Simon Furman. For the past five years, Furman has basically been the driving force behind IDW's Transformers universe (not counting Shane's AHM of course.) I think anything he did for us here is pretty equal to what he did for Marvel back in the day.

--- If given the opportunity to write for the Movie-verse, would you take it? What kind of story would you like to do?

At the risk of bouncing myself out of later work opportunities, I'm going to be honest and say that, though I actually do think some of the ideas underpinning the Movie-verse are good ones, I much prefer the continuity I'm in. More characters to play with, really. And I like our Spike better than Sam (sorry Shia!)

--- Having written a GI Joe tale (GI Joe: Cobra), which franchise can you say you enjoy writing more?

This is a lame answer, but I enjoy them both in different ways. COBRA is a really dark espionage tale that I get a certain kind of evil satisfaction from. Writing about the bad guys is not only fun, but cathartic. They do stuff the good guys would never do, and finding motivations for chaos and mahem is a really rewarding challenge. But Transformers was always my first love, and the satisfaction I get from that is on a totally different level.

Back when I was in college, Wizard broke the news that Dreamwave had gotten the license for Transformers after Marvel lost it. I sat down at my job at the college library, and over two days I typed up a full pitch for a new ongoing Transformers series, planned up until about issue 60. It was the first comic book proposal I'd ever written. Of course, I never heard anything back about it. Obviously they already had their plans made before the announcement, even if I wasn't some totally unknown 19-year-old punk.

But to think that now, less than ten years alter I am actually writing a Transformers ongoing, starting at issue 1... well, that couldn't be more of a dream-come-true type situation.

--- GI JOE: Cobra was a very gritty, mature tale. Can we expect Transformers to start heading into a similar direction? In other words, you aren’t going to pull any punches with these robots, right. Humans will get squished, Robots will get atomized and not return, etc.

Humans will be getting squished and robots definitely get atomized, but this is not going to turn into a dark, gritty book like COBRA. COBRA is a very specific tone for a very specific book - if I was given the chance to write the G.I. JOE ongoing, I wouldn't use COBRA's tone there either. That tone works in that franchise specifically because we're only looking at a small corner of it, and the main book exists to give it context. Now I'm handling the flagship of Transformers, and my job is to keep that ship steady so creators like Zander, Chee, and Nick Roche can party below decks if they want.

I'm very lucky to have spent the last year watching how Chuck Dixon handles those kind of flagship responsibilities on G.I. JOE, and I have learned a lot from him - specifically how generous he is to creators like me, who handle the smaller books. I hope I can do as good a job as he does of both writing the main book, and staying involved with the smaller ones.

--- Should the next Transformers cartoon have a similar style to the very popular G.I.Joe Resolute cartoon that saw airtime recently?

As long as they don't make me look bad by being better than the comic, they can do whatever they want.

(But seriously, I think it would be great if they aimed at a slightly younger audience than Resolute did. I discovered the Transformers cartoon at age 6. It would be nice to have something that could be enjoyed for people that age again, now that the previous series is over.)

--- Can you comment on your feeling of the use of humans in Transformers storylines? At times, the stories seemed to forget that we buy Transformers because they are books about huge sentient robots that have the same faults, and strengths that humans do, not to see how humans react to said robots upon interaction.

It's a difficult line to walk. Sure, the hard-core fans want to see robot action, but for your average reader, they're going to pick up the book and say "who cares about all these robots? I have no idea what's going on." In my opinion, having human characters is a way of grounding the story in a familiar world, and having an instantly relatable character.

That's why the Transformers movies make sure they have a major plot line involving Sam Witwicky trying to get with the hottest girl on Earth - because that's a lot more relatable to audiences than an interstellar war between talking cars. Whether you think those subplots are brilliant or terrible, I can guarantee you those movies would not have been as successful worldwide if they didn't have a kid, his car, and his girlfriend along with Optimus and Megatron.

That said, my stories are definitely going to err on the side of more robots rather than more humans. But humans are definitely major characters, on par with the Autobots, and we will definitely be seeing some stories through their eyes. Just not as many.

--- Simon Furman started this whole IDW Transformers generation of comics and wrote many beloved issues for Marvel, Marvel UK, and Dreamwave as well. How do you feel about what Simon has written in the past for Transformers? Do you think he really deserves all the credit that he gets for what people expect in a Transformers story? Do you love Grimlock as much as Simon does? Any pressure trying to follow up this force in the world of TF lore?

I have not met a die-hard fan that doesn't credit Simon as having written some classic storyline that established these characters in comics for them. He is a living legend, and he really did set a template for how to write Transformers comics, the way that Chris Claremont defined X-Men comics for a generation. The pressure to follow that is huge, certainly. I really hope I don't blow it.

--- Who is your favorite Autobot? ...Favorite Decepticon? Do your favorites change when you have to consider writing them in stories? For example, HASBRO may tell you, you can’t write your favorite bot that way, so you strategically decide not to include him/her in the comic book.

My favorite Autobot is Blurr, and I make sure I gave him at least one scene in the first storyarc. My favorite Decepticon, as I mentioned above, is Starscream, all the way. And though Starscream and most of the other big Decepticons are going to be benched for a little while, they will be back in a big way.

But this is the way the story is working out. I don't want to shoehorn in tons of scenes with Blurr or Starscream just because I like them. I don't even think about it, really. When they're needed, they'll show up. And luckily, Hasbro has not questioned this at all. So far, they're happy with what I've been doing, and have been very supportive and helpful.

--- Who are your favorite GI Joe and Cobra characters?

To write, it's Tomax, Xamot and Hawk. As a fan, it's Flint. Back in the old cartoons, I was always wondering why he wasn't kicking Duke's butt.

--- ‘Rise of Cobra’, or ‘Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’, which movie is better?

You guys are just intent on getting me in some kind of trouble. The honest answer is, I have not yet seen GI JOE, so I can't say. But a friend of mine just got it (and REVENGE OF THE FALLEN) for me on Blu Ray, so definitely own both.

--- GI JOE and Transformers crossover, are you interested in writing/planning one especially now that IDW has both licenses?

If the right idea struck me, I’m definitely interested. But even though (or maybe because) I write for both sets of characters, their universes feel totally different to me. It would be like crossing Mickey Mouse over into the JLA. I'm not a good enough writer to make that work. We definitely have people out there who are though, so I suppose it is always a possibility.

--- Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, or Megan Fox?

I never kiss and tell. I'm a gentleman of the old school

--- Does gender exist in Transformers? Can you share where you stand on the whole fembot issue?

Gender definitely does exist. And where I stand on the fembot issue is this: A Cybertronian robot should have the right to marry anyone he or she desires, provided that they are consensual beings.

--- Who would be your ultimate Transformers comic book production crew? Artist, Writer (I would assume you would write it), inks, etc.? What might this ultimate story be about? Who would be featured?

Other than the book I'm working on (duh)... I'm going to say that the ultimate Transformers comic book would be anything that Nick Roche is working on. I first met him at BotCon this year, and I have learned so much from him, not just about who these characters are, but how to tell stories with them. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there is no writer/artist double-threat working right now who knows and cares as much about Transformers as Nick. I will follow that guy anywhere. I am really, really lucky to have him as support on this book.

And finally, what can you tell us about Supreme Convoy that members of our community should know about him? He talks about you guys ‘geeking out’ together, what exactly does this involve?

I've known Supreme Convoy for probably two years now. He's a cool guy and part of the very cool circle of the writer/comic book fan friends I've made since moving out here to the Los Angeles. As for what our "geeking out" entails... once again, a gentleman never tells. would like to say thank you to Mike Costa for answering our questions about the new Transformers ongoing series, and our questions about Transformers comics in general.

Be sure to check out Mike’s work in the new Transformers ongoing series, starting this November!!!

*TF Ongoing is set to be released this Wednesday, you can pick yours up at your local shop. Not sure if you want to or not, check out First Gen's review here, or the 8 page preview here. for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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15% Off Sale, Halo, Iron Cap, TF's, Star Trek, & More at BBTS

Transformers News: 15% Off Sale, Halo, Iron Cap, TF's, Star Trek, & More at BBTS
Date: Wednesday, October 14th 2009 9:37am CDT
Categories: Collectables, Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about more
new arrivals and preorders - and a 15% Off sale that will be running from
now through Friday.


Its time for one last fling before holiday shopping kicks into high gear,
from now until Friday, October 16 at 12:00 Central time - you can save 15%
on all instock items. 'New' and 'Preorder' items are excluded, but there
are still thousands of items to choose from including vintage department
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This new Big Bad Toy Store exclusive is taken from the cover art for What
If? Civil War #1, and is Steve Rogers (Captain America) going into battle
in an armor suit especially built for him by his friend Tony Stark, alias
Iron Man. This figure is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide, and is priced
at $24.99 - don't miss out on this iconic figure. ... ode=retail

A large shipment from McFarlane Toys has arrived, and a good chunk of it
is the new Halo 2009 Wave 3 Medal Edition. We've got the figures of this
wave listed singly at $11.99, or you can pick up the set of six figures
for $64.99. For $79.99, you can opt for a case, which gives you one of
each of the six figures, plus extras of the ODST Rookie and White Spartan
Soldier Recon figures. ... egory=5083

We've also received a number of the Alternity A-02 Nissan Fairlady Z
Megatron - Diamond Black version. This sleek vehicle has reddish-orange
secondary colors and matches Megatron's rage well. You can pick up this
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The latest Encore piece was also in our shipment, and now Skids is ready
to join your collection. Listed at $34.99, this import piece is a great
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Vivi, Garnet and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX have arrived, in Play Arts
figure form. You can pick up the set of three for $84.99 ($5 off MSRP),
or you can choose your favorites, priced at $29.99 each. ... +Play+Arts

We've also received the first wave of 2009 Mongooses, and although it
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should have plenty of the Cyan Spartan EOD set left over after pre-orders,
and ther'ye listed at $20.99 for the Mongoose and rider set. ... ode=retail

This new box set from DC includes a new printing of the Prestige Format
"Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" #1, as well as figures of both Batman &
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We've received a small shipment of the Marvel Legends Iron Man & Maria
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The third of Furyu's Deloreans has arrived. Taking its cues from "Back to
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We've received an import shipment full of Transformers and more, including
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2009 East Japan Toy Trade Fair - Takara Transformers Toy Images

Transformers News: 2009 East Japan Toy Trade Fair - Takara Transformers Toy Images
Date: Thursday, September 17th 2009 5:02am CDT
Categories: Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Cybergundam Blog

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Cybergundam blog has shared the images of Tomy Takara Transformers toys at the 2009 East Japan Toy Trade Fair (16th & 17th September 2009) currently held at Tokyo.

The Transformers toys at the exhibition include Transformers Alternity Bumble Bee & Cliffjumper, Disney Label Donald Duck, as well as ROTF toys such as Human Alliance series.

2009 East Japan Toy Fair - Takara Transformers Toy Images
2009 East Japan Toy Fair - Takara Transformers Toy Images
2009 East Japan Toy Fair - Takara Transformers Toy Images

Release date of Alternity Bumble Bee & Cliffjumper: November 2009.

Release date of Disney Label Donald Duck: December 2009

Stay tuned to Seibertron for all your latest news on Transformers.

Toy Images of Chara Hobby Exclusive Soundwave Black Version

Transformers News: Toy Images of Chara Hobby Exclusive Soundwave Black Version
Date: Sunday, September 6th 2009 7:35am CDT
Categories: Collectables, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Gonta Blog

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Views: 21,300

2009 Japan Chara Hobby Toy Fair that has just concluded confirm the release of the limited ROTF Soundwave Black Version. This version is repaint version of ROTF Deluxe Soundwave with the colour scheme also paying homage to Soundblaster.

Japanese Gonta Blog has provided us a gallery of the out-of-package images of the Soundwave Black Version, both in robot and alternate modes.

Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version
Toy Images of Chara Hobby Soundwave Black Version

If you wish to compare with normal version Soundwave, check out our very own gallery here

Stay tuned to Seibertron for all your latest Transformers news.

Update: More 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images

Transformers News: Update: More 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Date: Sunday, August 30th 2009 11:28am CDT
Categories: Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Actoys

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Views: 36,915

Actoys has posted additional photo images from 2009 Japan Chara Hobby Toy Fair.
This time we get to see more toy images, including the recent announced MP1B Convoy Black Version, ROTF Buster Optimus Prime, Chara Hobby Exclusive ROTF Soundwave Black Version, Alternity Black Megatron and many more.

There are also confirmation that some Constructicons, Combaticons etc beside the Encore Bruticus are just the prototypes during the design stage.

Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
Re: 2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images

To view the original post, click here

Stay tuned to Seibertron for all your latest Transformers news

2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images

Date: Saturday, August 29th 2009 8:41am CDT
Categories: Event News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Toy-World HK

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Views: 29,637

Toy World from Hong Kong has posted some new images of the upcoming Transformers toys from Tomy Takara at the 2009 Japan Chara Hobby Toy Fair.

Chara Hobby Toy Fair is a 2-day event, starting from today (29th August 2009) till 30th August 2009.

Thanks to Toy World, we can take a look at upcoming Disney Label Donald Duck, Halloween Disney Label Mickey as well as Device Label toys.

Encore Bruticus/Combaticons toys were also on display at the toy fair, interestingly the G1 styled Constructicon toys are also spotted beside the Combaticons. Speculation will surely mount whether the next upcoming Takara Encore will be the much-loved G1 Constructicons.

However, there are still no images of the Chara Hobby Exclusive, ROTF Soundwave Black Version, available to share at this moment.

2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images
2009 Chara Hobby Toy Fair - Transformers Toy Images

Stay tuned to Seibertron, as only here that you can get the latest Transformers news.

BigBadToyStore Update- 8-21- TFA Repaint Pre-Orders, RPM's, and MORE!

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Update- 8-21- TFA Repaint Pre-Orders, RPM's, and MORE!
Date: Saturday, August 22nd 2009 6:47am CDT
Categories: Collectables, Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another great round of new preorders and more new arrivals. Don't forget
to check out our current sales as well:


Hasbro has just released information about their new line of mini figures,
RC figures, and Battle Chargers. There are a bunch of movie characters
miniaturized to a size somewhere between mini-cons and legends class
figures. Also pull-back and Radio Controlled figures - take a look at
them all here: ... egory=5871

We've just listed a number of new Star Wars costume items. We've got
lightsaber (hilts) for Anakin, Obi-Wan and Luke, along with full costume
ensembles for those three and Imperial Death Star and Fleet Officers.
We've also got accessories like belts and caps if you prefer to mix and
match, and we've got Anakin, Obi-Wan and Imperial boots in sizes 8-13.
Check out the complete selection in the new costume section.

We can't release details on the characters included in wave 12 yet, but
Mattel has given us the go-ahead to accept preorders for cases of 10 that
contain all the figures needed for the Build-A-Figure. Sets of 8 are up
for preorder at $114.99. The listing is available here: ... ode=retail

Wave 5 brings us new versions of Snake Eyes v4, Duke v4, Desert-Viper,
Ripcord v3, Storm Shadow v4. Sets, singles and cases are available -
more cool figures: ... ode=retail

The case including Freeway Jazz and Electrostatic Soundwave has just been
listed at $99.99 and the set of the two new figures is also available at
$35.99. We don't have any images of these yet ... ode=retail

Gentle Giant's latest star wars bust shows Leia in her memorable outfit
from the beginning of "Return of the Jedi", wielding a vibro-ax and ready
to take on your slug problem. Leia in Slave Outfit is priced at $49.99,
and will be arriving this February. ... ode=retail

THis stylish dartboard and case set features the artwork of Adam Hughes,
showing the Princess (yet again) in her slave outfit. Priced at $139.99
($25 off the MSRP), this set also comes with Rebellion and Empire flights
- darts not included. ... ode=retail

From the upcoming "Avatar" film by James Cameron comes this AMP Suit
Maquette. This 30" tall sculpture shows former Marine Jake Sully standing
in front of his giant AMP suit, and we've got it priced at $1099.99, a
full $100 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This new figure is the first in Hot Toys' new Movie Masterpiece Vinyl
line. The Big Chap figure is priced at $76.99, is done in a deformed
style, and includes a transparent skull dome. ... ode=retail

The Unicorn Gundam is to be the main warrior in the upcoming Gundam series
"Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn" following a series of successful light
novels, and now Bandai is giving him a figure in the Super HCM line. This
figure appears to have the parts to switch between the two modes, and
we've got it priced at $129.99 ... ode=retail

The wizard responsible for Voldemort's final return to the flesh is coming
in bust form. Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew's bust is priced at $49.99 ($10
off MSRP) and will come with an alternate silver hand, given to him by
Voldemort to replace the one he sacrificed. ... ode=retail

One of the many types of creatures the Covenant can throw at the humans,
the Brute is a huge, powerful ape-like melee attacker. This furry beast's
bust measures 7" tall, is priced at $54.99 ($10 off MSRP), and will come
with a certificate of authenticity. ... ode=retail


Our 25% Off GI Joe 25th Anniversary Sale will continue a bit longer, the
response has been fantastic (some sale orders may take a bit longer to
ship due to backups in the warehouse) Take a look at the GI Joe menus
for great deals on all our remaining 25th Anniversary Stock: ... egory=3623

Also be sure to check out our other sale that features a variety of BBTS
Exclusives, Transformers, Star Wars and many other items:


Just in is the newest classics TF accessory from FansProject. This set
includes a trailer made to look like the original, which opens to offer a
repair bay and a luanching roller unit, along with storage spaces for the
included weapons for the rest of the Classics gang. We've got this set
priced at $79.99 - a great deal on a fantastic new trailer. ... ode=retail

This set of statues from Kotobukiya includes Captain Rex, Commander Cody
and Commander Gree, each done in a 7" scale. Each figure also comes with
a piece to assemble the build-a-figure for this wave, a Clone Trooper.
We've got the whole set priced at $149.99, a $30 savings off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Our latest exclusive offering is a 19" statue of the golden age hero Doc
Savage. This piece is done in a faux bronze finish, and comes with a
certificate of authenticity. This piece is limited to 50 pieces
worldwide, and we've got it listed at $249.99. ... ode=retail

We've got some singles in stock from the DC Universe Classics wave 8
assortment. We were shorted on some of the pieces from this wave, but
we've got singles of the Green Parademon, Hawkgirl, Gentleman Ghost, Red
Parademon and the standard Dr. Fate available, priced at $13.99 each. ... egory=5170

This new case includes the popular ARC-170 in the new delxue style, as
well as the brand new Clone Wars Era Y-Wing Starfighter. We've got the
ARC-170 priced at $74.99 and the Y_Wing at $84.99, or you can save about
$20 and pick them up as a case of two, priced at $139.99. ... egory=4941

We've also received the second wave of the Figure & Vehicle collection,
and we've got the case of 4 priced at $69.99; if you'd prefer to mix and
match, we've got singles of Anakin on Can-Cell and the Clone Trooper on
BARC Speeder, each priced at $18.99. ... egory=5417

Just in the door is the IGear Masterpiece Grimlock Upgrade kit. Priced at
$14.99, this set inludes a golden crown for him to wear, an oil cup from
Maccadams, and even a scaled non-transformable Thrust jet, to re-create
the scene from the cartoon intro, where dinobot-mode Grimlock bites him
out of the sky. ... ode=retail

Round 5's next wave of World of MMA figures has arrived. This series
includes Dan Henderson, Cung Le, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Matt Serra and
Gina Carano, and you can pick up the set of 5 for $74.99, or go ahead and
mix and match your favorites, priced at $16.99 each. ... rch=mma+04

Priced at $29.99 each, these two newest releases from Hot Toys' TrueType
series ought to be quite popular with 12" figure fans. Each has 38 points
of articulation, include alternate hands and a display stand, and the new
body alterations should make using them with new clothing a snap. ... +Caucasian

We'vwe restocked a number of DC Classics "Best Of" figures; each comes
with a display base and is priced from $12.99 - $13.99. These figures are
a great way to pick up some of DC's biggest heroes, without having to
collect an entire wave of figures.

SHAZAM ... ode=retail

GREEN LANTERN ... ode=retail

ROBIN ... ode=retail

BATMAN (BLUE & GREY) ... ode=retail

We've received some cases of Revenge of the Fallen Deluxes in, and as a
result, we've been able to restock a number of previously sold out items.
We've restocked Autobot Skids, Swerve, Cannon Bumblebee and more, priced
at $12.99 - $15.99 each. ... egory=5624

Antarctic Press has re-released their Cybertronian Recognition guide, in
an easy to carry pocket version. Priced at $12.49, this great book means
you won't have to lug a bag of price guides around, nor will you have to
hope the price you're looking at is fair, or that it is missing any
pieces. ... ode=retail

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items mentioned above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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First look at Alternity Suzuki Swift Bumblebee

Transformers News: First look at Alternity Suzuki Swift Bumblebee
Date: Friday, August 7th 2009 5:26am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): Real Devastator

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Views: 14,789

The first images of Suzuki Swift Alternity Bumblebee have surfaced. So far the figure is to have two colors, Champion Yellow (Bumblebee), and Pearl Red (Cliffjumper). Bumblebee is the 3rd installment of the Alternity toyline from Takara. The previous two were Nissan GT-R Convoy and Nissan Fairlady Megatron.

Re: Alternity Bumble Bee Images
Re: Alternity Bumble Bee Images
Re: Alternity Bumble Bee Images
Re: Alternity Bumble Bee Images
Re: Alternity Bumble Bee Images

For those wishing to obtain this figure, our friends at BigBadToyStore can help you out with preorders for both Champion Yellow and Pearl Red.

Stay tuned to for your latest news and updates!

Transformers ROTF Chromia Modification By Jin Saotome

Transformers News: Transformers ROTF Chromia Modification By Jin Saotome
Date: Sunday, July 19th 2009 8:30am CDT
Categories: People News, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Jin Saotome

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Views: 22,712

Toy modifier/creator Jin Saotome has updated our community with a great and fairly simple way to modify your Transformers ROTF deluxe Chromia toy so that she looks a bit more movie accurate, and poses a bit better. Check out what he has to say.

Not satisfied with Chromia's design? Thinking of holding off on buying her? Here's the mod for you. First cut out square sections of the gas tank exactly to where the little raised sections are (lay the gray bar against the tank to scribe your guide lines in) with your Dremel rotary toolor hobby knife. Then cut a section out of the frame behind the front tire. You can now fold the front of her body OVER the headlights without having to remove them and they're completely hidden! The wheel folds down against her back and she's much more movie-looking, poses better too. Best of all the cuts aren't really that noticeable in alt mode and you can't even see the front wheel cut at all.

Enjoy your new Chromia!

Not liking your Chromia? Try this mod

Not liking your Chromia? Try this mod for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

Ark Addendum: 'MegaZarak Transforms' (Base Mode)

Transformers News: Ark Addendum:  'MegaZarak Transforms' (Base Mode)
Date: Tuesday, July 7th 2009 1:04pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Comic Book News, Media, People News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Jim Sorenson

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Views: 49,040

Jim Sorenson has updated his blog with an addendum to his Ark and Ark II Compendiums.

This time Jim shares the MegaZarak (U.S. Scorponok) transformation designs, from Scorpion to city/battle station.

"One thing that's interesting is how certain models get lost over the years. For instance, Marvel didn't have the front of Optimus Prime's truck mode, which caused the back to be used in his Transformers Universe profile. I think MegaZarak was a lesser case of that. Most of the collections of models for him over the years, including the contemporaneously published Headmasters Encyclopedia, the Headmasters Laserdisk, and the fairly thorough Transformers: Generations, were only able to find his back."

Ark Addendum:  'MegaZarak Transformers' (Base Mode)

See the full image at Jim's blog here. for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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