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"Iron In The Blood"- Transformers Ironhide #2 Reviewed

Transformers News: "Iron In The Blood"- Transformers Ironhide #2 Reviewed
Date: Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 7:41pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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“Last Bot On Cybertron”(my title)

The part of Vincent Price, known as Dr. Richard Morgan, will now be played by Ironhide. Or if you prefer, Will Smith’s Dr. Richard Neville in “I am Legend...” is now being portrayed by Ironhide. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Up for a review is the second issue of IDW’s new miniseries, TRANSFORMERS: IRONHIDE. This issue is due to hit comic retailers tomorrow (Thursday) because of the U.S. Memorial Day holiday on Monday messing with shipping schedules.


Mike Costa spins a mysterious tale here, taking charge of the lovable, gruff Ironhide, and putting him through his paces mentally and physically. But did someone forget to tell Mr. Costa that Ironhide died in issue #1 of THE TRANSFORMERS ongoing series? You might remember it made the news in ‘USA Today’ even!

I suppose, one must have faith that Costa has a plan for this use of the newly dead, instead of a character that is known to still be in the world of the living, or at least not dead yet (“I feel fine!”). It does seem to have purpose as Ironhide is as Cybertron is: hard up/dead/lifeless, and yet, here he is on Cybertron, supposedly alive and this issue, facing the only other living thing on Cybertron that we know of...THE SWARM, previously left destroying Autobots, and ruling the planet in ‘All Hail Megatron’.


Dr. Robert Morgan wrote:“This is Robert Morgan. If somebody can hear me, answer me. For God's sake, ANSWER ME.”


Do you see a relationship?

Ironhide travels in and out of ‘reality’ as we get glimpses of his past. Last issue, we saw him as Prime’s bodyguard, this time, he’s working security for the Cybertronian Raceway races.


This issue, besides taking us deeper into Ironhide’s internal mental toils (Where is everyone? Why am I alone?), and struggles as the ‘Last bot on Cybertron’, delves deeper into what is going on on Cybertron right now...this issue lays a bit of a surprise on us at the end. Don’t want to give it away, but it certainly advances the story and pockets the two already known mysteries, and introduces another that as of yet, we have no idea as to how it relates to the others, but we assume it must.


The art is really well done. Colors and line work all support the story parts, whether they are the dark, broken, lifeless Cybertron, or the bright, shiny memories that play through Ironhide’s head as he attempts to keep from going insane. There’s plenty of eye candy in the flashback scenes, looking for Cybertron forms of well known, and obscure characters, and how these characters interacted with Ironhide.


This is certainly a new play for an Autobot that everyone probably looked at as a fairly one dimensional character--I know I did. Costa is doing amazing work writing a dead bot! What he is doing with this dead man (or is he?), and how it relates to Cybertron’s state, and our ‘other’ new plot point, well, there’s a few more issues to get those answers. And we want them.

Better than the TRANSFORMERS ongoing, and a lot better than the BUMBLEBEE mini, this series is definitely a must for those like myself, who like getting more TRANSFORMERS history to fill in our gaps, and characters are portrayed fairly classically.

This is probably the next best thing to Last Stand of the Wreckers. It can compete with that series in story. It’s not as action packed, but it is turning psychological in its treatment of a very strong character all of the sudden finding weakness in not knowing, and being alone...a fear that many people can relate to. The art is well done, and classic G1 Cybertronian designs, which is what many folks liked about LSOTW.


Richard Morgan wrote:“December 1965. Is that all it has been since I inherited the world? Only three years. Seems like 100 million.”

For some reason this movie quote seemed appropriate, but I could not come up with the words to relate it to Ironhide. Dr. Morgan (Neville), and Ironhide certainly have a lot in common...

You can view the multi-page preview here, and then drag yourself to your local store and strip one off the shelf! You won’t be sorry.

In-Package Images of Human Alliance Jazz with Captain Lennox

Transformers News: In-Package Images of Human Alliance Jazz with Captain Lennox
Date: Saturday, May 29th 2010 12:12am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Blurrz

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The 2010 Toy Fair revealed to the fans that we'd be getting a sixth Human Alliance figure. It happens to be Human Alliance Jazz with Captain Lennox. Since the 2007 Movie toy line, Jazz had yet to receive a new figure other than the lackluster Deluxe version. This version of Jazz is in Alternators scale, armed with a multitude of weapons. Captain Lennox comes with a bike, who does not complete the trifecta of bike sisters, Arcee, Elita-1 and Chromia, but rather is simply Jazz's blaster. Feel free to check out the packaging images and Jazz's biography below, courtesy of The-Arker!

Against the massed forces of the Decepticons, it will take every bit of power and ingenuity Autobot Jazz and captain Lennox have to win. Though the two soldiers have only just met, they are both experienced fighters, used to working in synch with others. They easily team up to focus all their fire on a single, huge Decepticon, and bring him crashing down.


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Youtube Video of ImpossibleToys TRNS-01 - Valkyrie (aka Arcee). Paradron Medic is Coming Next!

Transformers News: Youtube Video of ImpossibleToys TRNS-01 - Valkyrie (aka Arcee).  Paradron Medic is Coming Next!
Date: Monday, May 24th 2010 4:57pm CDT
Categories: 3rd Party News, Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): ImposibleToys

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After a long period of waiting 3rd-party toy manufacturer Impossible Toys has posted a youtube video of this femme fatale showing us boxart and showcasing the transformation. See the video by clicking here or watch it below. This is good news as this must mean the figure will be ready soon!

This is the closest we've seen to a Generation 1 Arcee, which fans have been begging for since her first appearance. We've been temporarily satiated with various similar characters but it's fairly safe to say that this figure may just fill that long-empty void.

This is of course their fist iteration of the figure. We have been informed that TFCon will feature an exclusive redeco of this figure into Nightbird. However in the next video, the next repaint, TRNS-02, will be the teal green that is most familir with Paradron Medic!

Keep it at for all your Transformers news!

More Images of Generations Drift - Weapons Storage

Transformers News: More Images of Generations Drift - Weapons Storage
Date: Monday, May 24th 2010 1:03pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): goshjosh95, Red Leader @ TFW2005

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Half of the fandom hates him and wants to see him dead. We've been teased with the possibilities of a toy for eighteen months or more. At BotCon 2009, we found out the figure was green lit. At ToyFair this year, we saw a nearly finished version of his toy. Now, courtesy of TFW2005's Red Leader, we see more of Generations Drift's toy manifestation. In particular, we finally see detailed images of the weapons storage in robot mode and the range of his posability.






You can see the entire thread at TFW2005 here.

Was this the tipping point to make you decide to buy Drift? If so, then head on over to site sponsor, where you can preorder him individually, in a set containing all of Generations Wave 1, or browse all of the upcoming Generations figures.

New Cybertron Scout Class Galleries!

Transformers News: New Cybertron Scout Class Galleries!
Date: Friday, May 14th 2010 12:14pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): Seibertron

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Although not as rare as the figures from the last batch of galleries added to the site, the Toy Gallery section has been updated with galleries of three scouts from Transformers Cybertron. Released towards the end of the toy line, each figure is fairly unique, the most obvious homage being to War Within Kup, from Breakdown GTS. To view each gallery use these links:

Breakdown GTS


Scrapmetal (yellow)




Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide Review and Gallery

Transformers News: Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide Review and Gallery
Date: Thursday, May 6th 2010 8:39am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Pascal

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Member Pascal continues with some first impressions of Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide.

Pascal wrote:-very, very, very nice truck mode with no obvious robot parts other than the huge feet sticking out from under the rear of the truck (not any worse than on Deluxe Ratchet though)
-tricky transformation, as complex if not more than on the voyager version
-some creative solutions on how to close the back (2 panels), hide the wheels (2 under the feet, 2 angled under the chest), hide the smokestacks, etc.
-a bit stubby for a deluxe (Bumblebee is much taller in comparison)
-elbows sit very high up on the arms
-knees also sit fairly high up on the legs
-some nice silver, bronze and blue-ish grey paint apps showing up in robot mode
-leg kibble (hip panels, upper lower leg panels, truck rear halves behind the lower legs... all can be positionned to your liking though
-nice little drone that turns into a cannon and that can also be stored inside the truck in alt mode thanks to that neat right cannon that split open to make room for it!
-clear blue windows (would have been easy to be lazy and just paint them over black plastic)
-movie accurate head (similar to the one found on the newer versions of Voyager Ironhide)
-good articulation overall, even has ankle swivels (no waist though)
-very nice toy overall, once you get a feel for the transformation, you'll love it (if you don't mind scale issues!)


War for Cybertron - Hands on Impressions

Transformers News: War for Cybertron - Hands on Impressions
Date: Wednesday, May 5th 2010 2:45pm CDT
Categories: Company News, Game News, Site News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Counterpunch

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April 27th, was invited to preview the new Transformers: War for Cybertron game at High Moon Studios in Carlsbad California. We were privileged to attend the event, unfortunately the only person on-call was Counterpunch. Here is his review of the game:

Counterpunch wrote:Well, confession time...I'm a gamer. Even now, approaching 30 that fact doesn't seem to be changing. True story, I was asked to fly out to San Diego in order to preview Transformers: War for Cybertron on very short notice. Imagine the fun when I go to my boss and say, "I need a few days off. I have to go out to California." Mind you, I work in a professional office setting where most of my co-workers have very little idea about how I spend my free time (I'm at least 10 years younger than most). Of course, I was asked why I have to go to California. "Because a video game company is flying me out there to play and review a Transformers game..." That's right baby, I said it with a straight face. A blank stare and the requisite..."Why?" followed.

"Because people online need to hear my opinion on pressing matters regarding Transformers."

Ok, I didn't actually say that last part. But I was thinking it, and that's the important part. (For the record, my boss is very cool about these kind of things.) Now, as to video games? I've been at it for a while. My credentials to this fact include owning a Nintendo prior to Nintendo being packaged with Super Mario Bros. My long history of gaming has blessed me with the ability to know a fun game when I see it. I have to go ahead and state this upfront, Transformers: War for Cybertron is the Transformers game you've been waiting for.

I think there's a tendency for reviewers (particularly game reviewers) to lend credit to their opinion by focusing on the negative aspects in their reviews. I don't really find this to be helpful. That being said, the problems and complaints I had about the game were this:

1. I'm really bad at shooters.
2. I kept accidentally transforming.

While I'll cover the controls in depth later on, you should know that the default setting for transformation is a click (inward press) of the left analog stick. The idea is that all movement is controlled via the analog sticks and that you don't have to remove your thumbs from them in order to move, transform, strafe, aim, or whatever. It makes sense. Remembering that I'm bad at shooters and understanding that the play testing was on a XBox360, where as I am used to the PS3 controller (it's harder to click the PS3 controller analog stick than the 360 one), I really do think that some of my difficulties in this regard were more my own failings rather than the design layout. Never the less, an option to move the transformation button is present (and I will probably take that option when I get my copy).

So, that's the extent of my complaining. There's a quote I want to reference from Pete Hines "It's easy to be a dick. It's defensible. If you score something higher than everyone, well you're just a moron. But if you think a game is worse than everyone else, then you're the cool, see-through-it, not-buying-the-hype guy, who's not afraid to tell the truth." Happily, I think my reputation around here gives me enough lead-way for you to know that when I say that this is shaping up to be a really good game, that you know I'm giving you an honest report. To start, I'm going to discuss the factual aspects of gameplay.

First thing to know is that this is a 3rd person shooter, meaning you play from an over the shoulder perspective of your character. Matt Tieger, lead designer for the game began a demonstration of the gameplay by telling us that the control scheme was directly influenced by the Gears of War games. This sets movement to the analog sticks while firing functions are attached to the triggers. Each character has two special abilities that were attached to the L & R bumpers on the 360 controller and would be attached to L1 and R1 on the PS3. Face buttons on the controller provide a variety of functions from interacting with the environment to jumping. Transforming, as mentioned above is done via depressing the left analog stick with a click. Converting back to robot mode is much the same. As mentioned before, transforming can be changed to set it to the 'Y' button on 360 or the [] button on PS3.

Not having a 360 myself and therefore never having played Gears of War, the controls were fairly easy to adapt to. Aiming was precise, though I imagine experienced shooter fans will want to increase the sensitivity from the default settings.

Single Player Campaign
The single player campaign is broken into two segments. The first story told is from the Decepticon point of view and deals with the amplification of the conflict. The second story told is from the Autobot point of view and deals with Optimus growing into his role of leader. More details about that can be found later in this review.

Combat is squad based. You operate in a group of three Transformers for each mission and you get to select which of those characters you will control as you play. The single player mode is on-line capable with drop-in, drop-out support. So, as you play your friends can enter your session and fight alongside you. In-game voice chat is supported and the difficulty of the AI increases as human players enter your campaign to assume control of the rest of your squad.

We saw that there were ten chapters total with five per campaign. Each of the individual characters has a payload of weaponry and special tactics that are unique to either their character design or character class. For instance, Optimus can ram enemies in his truck mode or boost his team mates via a rally cry in robot mode while Ratchet can create barriers or turrets with his scientist abilities or heal allies with his medic gun.

We were given access to try out two levels with the first being a raid on a mining facility where a mini-boss essentially teaches you to use your alt mode. Your robot mode isn't agile enough to deal with some of its attacks, so use of and quick shifting to your alt mode is required. The second level we previewed dealt with a small scenario where Prime, Ratchet, and Bumblebee had to break through a Decepticon embankment to enter a facility. This level required more of the bot mode as the terrain didn't allow for easy driving, much less shooting.

So, in the short preview we had of the one player campaign, the game seemed to require varied play styles and use of most of the available functionality.

The game supports a multi-player battle with what I believe was up to 16 players (I maybe wrong on that account, but I think I remember 8 player slots per team). All the traditional shooter gameplay options were there from pure deathmatch to control points to team play. There are four different classes of characters to play with numerous different weapons payloads that affect how you will play the character. If you're familiar with Team Fortress 2, you'll feel right at home strategy-wise.

The different classes were as follows:

Large build character with powerful attacks in vehicle mode and a medium to heavy weapons armament. This class makes the rest of his team mates better during game play.

Medium to heavy build character with heavy weapons and lots of life. This class had access to the more damaging, straightforward weaponry.

Medium to light character build with flying alt modes. This class had specialized weaponry including healing and life siphoning weapons.

Light build character with rapid fire light damage weapons. Scouts are the car alt modes. This class has powerful specialized abilities and a fast agile alt mode.

In addition to choosing your class, you choose a set of weapons and abilities for the character. For instance with your scout you may choose to use cloaking or you might choose to set up weapon-drop beacons for your teammates. As a scientist, you may go with a medic build or you may go with abilities that let you appear as one of the opposing faction's soldiers.

Character creation did not stop at abilities though, you were given mostly free range to customize the look of your transformer from color to body design. One of the best features was that in the lobby while waiting for matches, you can work on your in-progress customs with the downtime. Several character slots were available for you to create, save, and develop your own Transformers.

Creating a character involves both the Autobot version as well as a Decepticon version as you won't necessarily know ahead of time which side you'll be on when you join a random game. A leveling-up system was incorporated into multi-player, but aside from knowing that accumulated ownage of other players equates to a higher level, I do not right now know how this affects long term game play and match making.

Play Through Final Word
I liked this title. Games should be fun, diverse, and immersive. Though my time playing was limited, I think that Transformers War for Cybertron does exactly that. The game plays well, the characters are clear representations of the Transformers we know and love, and there is a good back story to be experienced that really does add to the TF lore in meaningful ways. If you're the least bit hesitant after the previous Transformer games, you may just want to go ahead and dive into this without hesitation. As I said earlier, this is the Transformers game you've been waiting for.

Spoilers to follow:

We've heard previously that the idea with Transformers War for Cybertron was to make a great game that happened to be a Transformers game at the same time. Knowing that, what impressed me in genuine fashion about the game was the amount of care put into knowing and understanding the Transformers mythos. Sure, there are deviations and adaptations, this is necessary for growth in any long term franchise; but the core elements of who these characters are and more importantly WHY they do the things they do was examined in detail. Allow me to relate a bit of information regarding Megatron and Starscream and the reasons why Megatron values his lieutenant.

One important premise for the story is that Megatron has found ancient information on a process to refine energon in dangerous but effective ways. This information was purposely sealed up and sent away on a space station, protected by guardians who's job is to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. It turns out that chief among these guardians (seekers?) is Starscream. After listening to Megatron's great plans for remolding Cybertron into a great society he is convinced to hand the technology over to Megatron, thus Starscream's importance to the cause is established.

Cool right? I mean, from my perspective something like this makes perfect sense. That wasn't the hook though. On the other side of the equation is Jetfire...who upon hearing the same story from Megatron is appalled and wants nothing to do with the Decepticons.

It takes care and research to begin putting a story like that together. Hearing those kinds of things about the story was really what convinced me that the single player game alone would be worth my time. There's more to tell of course. You'll remember earlier in this article how I mentioned the team aspects of the single player game, well, each of those groups has their own dynamic that evolves as the game plays out. Things like how and why Bumblebee follows Prime and the contrast between the gritty war-weary Ironhide and the brash, saber rattling Warpath's view on the conflict really showcase the character development.

I touched on the fact that the Autobot campaign deals with Optimus Prime's growth as a leader. Well, from what we know in fact, he starts out as just Optimus. The story explains how he becomes Prime. On the Decepticon side of the equation, we learn why Megatron's ambitions lead to war and why his hatred of Prime is so deep-rooted.

Now, one opportunity that I had was to chat with the developers and talk about not only the game, but how the game came to be and all the things that surround that. So, to wrap this up I'm going to give you a list of interesting bits of information that played out over our various discussions with the development team. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

-Development started with Bumblebee. His was the first design presented to Hasbro and the project went from there. Very few revisions were done over the course of his development.

-Hasbro provided dossiers on the characters in the game that detailed their personalities and signature physical characteristics.

-The development team made regular and significant use of on-line fan communities for information and research.

-One central development aspect of the game and its tie-in to Transformers was that the game is intended to reach several different layers of audience from people who are looking to play a good 3rd person shooter with no knowledge of Transformers, to casual fans, to the most hardcore Transformer fans.

-Decisions were made to limit the character cast to a degree in order to develop their personalities further (though, from what I've seen the cast is really large, even if just in sighted appearance)

-The toys were a surprise, while happy to see the result, the game developers were not restricted ahead of time by needing to create character models who could be converted to toys.

-Megatron was required to be a tank in alt mode by Hasbro.

-The designs of the Decepticons being angular and harsh are a reflection of their purpose, the same is true of the Autobots.

-A sequel is very possible if sale support it.

-DLC is coming and will be character based.











New Image of Transformers Autobot Alliance Battle Blade Optimus Prime

Transformers News: New Image of Transformers Autobot Alliance Battle Blade Optimus Prime
Date: Tuesday, April 20th 2010 9:01am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): MADCAT4

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Seibertron member MADCAT4 has informed us that Japanese Online toy store - Red Mercury has open the pre-order for the new Autobot Alliance Battle Blade Optimus Prime.
This is a brand new Voyager Class figure that revealed in the recent Toy Fair 2010.

According to Red-Mercury, the release date of this figure in Japan will be on the 25th September 2010.


Check out original post here.

Stay tuned to Seibertron, Ultimate Resource of Transformers!

"Logic is the ultimate weapon."- Transformers Spotlight Prowl Review

Transformers News: "Logic is the ultimate weapon."- Transformers Spotlight Prowl Review
Date: Tuesday, April 20th 2010 7:31am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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“The evaluation is self-evident: one of their lives is not worth one of ours. That’s what the math dictates.”


Let me get this off my chest first and foremost. I am a Prowl S-L-A-P-P-Y. He was one of the first toys I owned as a child. From the TV show, he was also not everybody’s favorite robot, but he did see plenty of screen time, so I felt comfortable having him as a favorite that nobody else did. Man did I hate seeing him go down like he did in the movie.

In the Marvel comics, he was forgettable until the final issues of the series (“An 80- issue miniseries!”), mostly because in the span of the first 10 issues, he and a band of other Autobots were put down for the count early on by Shockwave, and then put into storage until they could be repaired. When Grimlock found the nucleon and repaired all the wrecked Autobots (wikitron fan fact- causing them to no longer have alt modes), Prowl came back to lead the Autobots as Bludegon led the Decepticons...and of course, Prowl led the Autobots into a Decepticon trap that just about destroyed them. Can’t catch a break. Grimlock dispised him as a weak leader as well.


So, I think you get the picture. Prowl’s claims to fame have been...
-right hand robot to the leader
-unfeeling, logic driven cad
-incompetent leader and soldier
-overall ‘party pooper’ of the Autobots

He did have a shining moment, at least in this Prowl fan’s eyes.

The episode Roll For It in Season 1 was the closest we’ve seen to an independent Prowl who does more than think, or act as a ‘yes man’ to authority. Unfortunately, he needed Chip Chase’s help to be this remarkable a warrior.



The TakaraTomy Binaltech fiction saw the reemergence of Prowl as a character, but again, needing Chip Chase as his more human side.

Prowl has been in every re-imagining of Generation One continuity you can name. His importance, as already stated, has never really gone past that of strategist relying on facts. As you can imagine, when the Transformers Spotlight Prowl was announced I was really excited ('Starscream fangirl' excited, no, excited, yes) that we might get something more about this underrated character.


The return of E.J. Su. Through the hazy mists who is it that we see reappear to light our darkest hour? None other than Transformers artist E.J. Su, back at work with IDW drawing Transformers.

“Hi, I’m EJ Su, you may remember me from such previous Transformers stories as Transformers: Infiltration, the hiding, and Transformers: Escalation, the slow build.”


Oh, and remember when we didn’t like E.J’s new designs on our 'Precious'? Many of us would love to see him come back and give Transformers Ongoing pencils a go.

His art does create a familiar, happy feeling to return to though. E.J. calls upon his ‘-tion’ style mostly, and brings us simpler, blockier designs based on each character’s Classics and Universe toy (for those that had one).

The work is gritty, and energetic, and yet, it fits like an old glove. Textures are handled, but not in an overly complex way. The inks and colors work well with the pencils to create an effect that many of us have missed in our Transformers comics lately.


What I really like though are the uses of the large, dark, shadow spots. They work well, and as a style, allow the artist to use less detail, and think more about the inter-workings of the negative and positive spaces these dark shadows cause. It also allows for more attention to be brought to the parts that are bright, which are usually the most important to helping us see the story.

I am sure that the art is going to cause some wincing among fans, but I find it refreshing, nostalgic, and interesting to look at. It has a certain Mike Mignola Hellboy feel to it (with less hell, more boy) that works well with Transformers.


Since All Hail Megatron Coda #15, Prowl has been left out of things. We’ve seen him helping Rodimus Prime’s bunch trying to get off of Earth in the Transformers Ongoing series (wikitron Fan Fact: Prowl got captured by humans as he was baited into trying to save Breakdown then **edit** rescued, in the battle for his rescue, Ironhide was lost). We’ve seen him pulling some strings as a high ranking Autobot leader to get certain people into certain places (See Spotlights Kup, and Ultra Magnus, and Last Stand of the Wreckers #4).

All this has led us to think is that Prowl is pretty much the Autobot equivalent of Shockwave, albeit less powerful of a fighter. Always calculating the math, and making decisions based on logic and numbers, never using instincts, or feeling to make his decisions. Prowl supports the Autobot cause to no end, and really does not question authority, as long as logic, and the numbers, support it.

This 'attempting to save Breakdown' incident in TF Ongoing #1 was a step in a new direction for Prowl. For those who may have thought, ‘What the hell?’ when Prowl made that somewhat uncharacteristic move, you’re about to be enlightened. This story tells the tale of Prowl between All Hail Megatron, and Transformers Ongoing #1. It gives us insights into the character that we perhaps have not given much thought to, or thought that the writers had given much thought to either.

This spotlight also helps fill in some pieces (like AHM Coda did), it is a fairly necessary read for anyone trying to make sense of the continuity that IDW is placing together.

For fans of Generation One characters that transform into police cars that are not named Streetwise, Siren, or Stakeout, this is written for you, as well.

Finally, Prowl fans can feel good that their guy is not just a logic driven, uncaring, strategist. We saw some passion in the Marvel series, and on the old cartoon, but until now, have really only seen him giving, and receiving orders.

In this issue Prowl has some intense inner dialogue where he is calculating the effectiveness of what they are doing on Earth, making suggestions, and feeling the command structure fall to pieces around him. He is caught up between his emotions and the logic, and this is what drives the story.

And then we see the heart in the tin man...

The entirety of the issue is either Prowl ‘debating’ with himself, self-narrating the story, or dialogue where he interacts with others. It fits very well. It is well written, and Mike Costa deserves praise for this issue's success because he is sure getting enough people contesting his writing/pacing in Transformers Ongoing.

This issue allows us to get into Prowl’s head, and heart, and finally feel he’s...something.


Long time coming, long overdue, and well executed. Prowl fan happy. Enjoy.

Check out the 5-page Prowl preview here, the issue hits your local comic shop somewhere near tomorrow.

First Look at Deluxe Movie Battle Blades Bumblebee

Transformers News: First Look at Deluxe Movie Battle Blades Bumblebee
Date: Wednesday, April 14th 2010 2:05pm CDT
Categories: Auctions, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Taobao

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It's that new figure smell. The 2010 Toy Fair revealed that we'd be getting a brand new Bumblebee figure in the Deluxe class size. Battle Blades Bumblebee was actually mis-transformed during the display, so this Taobao auction is the fandom's first look at the figure in hand. This Bumblebee is mostly a new mold, while the legs and transformation look to be of the same design, the feet, and torso upwards seem to be redesigned. This Bumblebee also features a slew of new weapons and a moveable battle mask!. Check out the silent yellow fighter below!


Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #111 - New York Toy Fair 2015
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