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New Alternate Mode Images of Dark Of The Moon Sentinel Prime, Unnamed Copter, Sideswipe and More!

Transformers News: New Alternate Mode Images of Dark Of The Moon Sentinel Prime, Unnamed Copter, Sideswipe and More!
Date: Friday, February 4th 2011 1:32am CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Yahoo Japan member nihaohuwen

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We're less than five months away from the release of the Dark Of The Moon in theaters, and we've certainly seen our fair share of the first few waves of the film's subsequent toy line. Today we get a closer look at the alternate mode of the figures featured in the large group photo from a few days prior. We've got a look at Sentinel Prime, the massive Leader class fire truck. We also have images of the yet to be named helicopter, and the No.48 Lowe's Nascar. Their mechtech weapons are a machine gun, and a bow, respectively.

We also get a look at the new Deluxe Ratchet, armed with a Mechtech chaingun. We also have images of the new Deluxe Barricade and his mechtech claw and Sideswipe with his new convertible alternate mode and mechtech gun. And lastly, there is an image of DOTM Bumblebee. You can check out the images through the links above, or by viewing the YouTube video below ...

Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

DOTM Voyager Ironhide Reviewed

Transformers News: DOTM Voyager Ironhide Reviewed
Date: Friday, January 28th 2011 10:49pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Pontimax 01, Peaugh

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Earlier today we were treated with official images of the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon Voyager Ironhide and Deluxe Starscream, and now popular YouTube reviewer Peaugh has uploaded a video review of Ironhide! He gives us a quick size comparison to the previous Voyager and Deluxe Ironhide figures, and toward the end of the video poses him with the upcoming Optimus Prime and Megatron Voyagers.

To watch Peaugh's video review of the figure click here!

Ironhide and Starscream product images from UK Toy Fair from Hasbro

Transformers News: Ironhide and Starscream product images from UK Toy Fair from Hasbro
Date: Friday, January 28th 2011 4:23pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Hasbro

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We received a couple of high resolution images from Hasbro this afternoon that we wanted to share with all of you Seibertronians out there. These images were released at the UK Toy Fair. The U.S. Toy Fair, which will be attending, takes place on February 12th. Make sure you stop in the early evening on the 12th to see our extensive Toy Fair coverage that you have all come to expect from In the meantime, enjoy these new product images that Hasbro provided us with.

Hello Transformers Fans!

I would like to share with you some images of the new TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH DELUXE STARSCREAM and TRANSFORMERS MECHTECH VOYAGER IRONHIDE. Please see attached.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!



Transformers Mechtech Voyager Ironhide




Transformers Mechtech Deluxe Starscream




Dark of the Moon DOTM toyline descriptions from UK Toy Fair

Transformers News: Dark of the Moon DOTM toyline descriptions from UK Toy Fair
Date: Tuesday, January 25th 2011 10:37pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Trikeboy, Kapow Toys

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Kapow Toys has updated their blog with news on the DOTM toyline. Of particular note is the Ultimate Optimus Prime with trailer. Optimus Combines with his trailer, yay. Below is the full blog post from Kapow Toys:

New Dark of the Moon UK Toy Fair product breakdown
No pics as not allowed but here are the general products from DOTM you can expect with a little more info


1) Transformers Movie 3 Mechtech Deluxe Assortment

New Mechtech weapons system features an assortment of new key transformers movie 3 characters. Includes new deployable mechtech weapon system that works with other mechtech assortments. Deployable weapons attach and convert in both modes

2) Transformers Movie 3 Mechtech Voyager Assortment

New Mechtech weapons system features an assortment of new key transformers movie 3 characters. Larger scale voyagers include bigger mechtech weapons that can be attached at multiple points in both robot and vehicle mode.

3) Transformers Movie 3 Mechtech Leader Assortment

Largest scale movie themed Mechtech weapons provide the most features in the mechtech system. Weapons include light and sounds and attach into large scale converting characters in both robot and vehicle modes. Weapon conversion deploys when attached.

4) Transformers Movie 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime

Movie 3 features Optimus Prime driving into battle with his weapon trailer. Trailer converts into Mech suit that powers up Optimus Prime. Try me packaging with lights and sound. Optimus Prime has several ports to armor up with Mechtech weapons from other characters.

Cyberverse - ( Scout and Legends class with extras )

1) Cyberverse Legion Assortment

Create the massive and immersive transformers world. Cyberverse Legion delivers smaller scale key characters and aspirational styling that is seen throughout the transformers world. This is the entry price point for Cyberverse and Transformers.

2) Cyberverse Commander Assortment

Create the massive and immersive transformers world. Play out the heroic story with a collection of larger scale more prominent figures from the transformers world. Large roster of key recognisable characters drive collectability

3) Cyberverse Ark Playset

The Cyberverse Ark is the capstone of the Cyberverse world. The Ark provides 2 in 1 play as it converts from vehicle mode to battle station. Includes light, sound and projectiles as well as multiple battle scenario play. Also includes a figure.

4) Cyberverse Action Set Assortment

Multi configurable sets have a variety of modes an include legion or commander sized figures. Sets have a wide range of features including weapons, accessories, ramps and gunner stations. Connect 2 or all 6 together to build out your ultimate world.

Robot Heroes

1) Robo Fighters - can you say Action Master ???

Traditional Action figure play with simply push button activiation in robots chest reveals special weapons and gear for each character. Assortment includes top tier characters like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime that children love.

2) Activators

Great introduction to the transformers fantasy and conversion play. Simple push button activation allows kids to change back and forth from vehicle to robot mode.

3) Go-Bots

Pull back and go in both robot and vehicle mode.

4) Revving Robots assortment

Introduction to Transformer brand with great crash and bash play. Big demonstratable weapon is kid activated through shoudler trigger. Weapon has lights and soundthat get bigger brighter and louder the more kids play with it.

5) Bash Bots

Head to head battle play with more than meets the eye magic. Pick your opponent and engage in battle. Push the trigger for automatic vehicle to robot conversion. Knock your opponent off of their base for ultimate victory. Top tier characters Optimus Prime, Bumblebee , Megatron and Starscream.

6) Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

Key weapon that Optimus uses to takeout the decepticon threat and save earth. Heroic blaster with lights sound and multipe projectiles help children playout the climatic battle scene.

7) Energon Shock Sword

Key weapon used by the nest forces and a key character in the movie 3 battles. Automatic converting weapon converts from cybertronian weapons into the energon shock sword used to protect earth from the decepticons.

8) Battle Mask Assortment

Converting Battle mask with moveable visor for normal to battle mode play. Includes Optimus and Bumblebee.

Movie Speedstars & Stealth Force

1) Mini Chargers assortment - Please be a MASK redux!

Create your own battles with the Stealth Force mini chargers . These 1/50 scale vehicles include manual weapon reveal and come complete with figure for out of the pack battles.

2) Stealth Force Assortment

Transform and roll out Easy pull activation for partial transformation weapon reveal and vehicle battle mode. Try me packaging.

3) Stealth Force Deluxe Assrotment

As above but push button activation

4) Stealth Force Bumblebee

With the push of a button Bumblebee unleashes a fury of offensive and defensive weapons in a dramatic reveal. Also with lights and sound for more realism, only this Bumblebee with allow boys to play out full vehicle battling.

New Pictures Posted of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Skids

Transformers News: New Pictures Posted of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Skids
Date: Saturday, January 22nd 2011 7:26pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s):, b-o-t

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New pictures of the all new version of deluxe Skids for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon have been posted to by member b-o-t. This new version of Skids features the new, black paint scheme we've seen from the set pictures and is also noticeably smaller than the last figure from Revenge of the Fallen (and the Hunt for the Decepticons line) as seen in the size comparison. The new figure also includes the latest Hasbro gimmick, Mech Tech, add on guns and weapon accessories that may or may not actually mimic what we'll see in the movie.

The Dark of the Moon toy line is expected to be released in May and be previewed next month at Toy Fair in New York. To see these latest pictures, click HERE.

BBTS News: Marvel, Transformers, DC, Statues, Batman & More

Transformers News: BBTS News:  Marvel, Transformers, DC, Statues, Batman & More
Date: Wednesday, January 5th 2011 2:33pm CST
Categories: Sponsor News, Store News, Toy News
Posted by: RodimusConvoy13 | Credit(s):

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Site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent out an update.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a ton
of new arrivals and some more new preorders. Take a look at all the
arrivals here:


We have just received these long-awaited figures. Series 07 includes Mera
with Dex-Starr, Black Lantern Superman, Black Lantern Terra with Scar and
Sinestro Corps Arkillo, complete with ripped-out tongue necklace. The set
is available for $59.99, or singly at $16.99 - $18.99 each.

This new 10" statue of the siberian tiger Thundercat wields his Hammer of
Thundera and stands atop a rocky outcropping. We have him available as
the Limited Edition statue (350 pieces worldwide) at $199.00, and also as
the Artist Proof edition (50 pieces worldwide) at $215.00.

This new take on a fairy is a lot darker than the standard, with
translucent bat-type wings and a deadly spear. The piece measures 11.25"
tall from bottom to top and is listed at $109.99, $10 off the MSRP.

This new Deadpool statue by Kotobukiya has him crouching atop an ammo
crate, with guns pointed in each direction and a bazooka laying propped up
nearby. The piece is listed at $149.99, saving you $25 off of the MSRP.

This add-on set turns your Energon (,etc.) Aerialbot set into a truer ,
more accurate form of Superion. It includes parts that transform into
weapons and accessories for the various planes, and
they form feet, hands and more for the gestalt version. This set is
listed at $69.99, and if this shipment is anything like the previous ones,
these sets are sure to sell out quickly.

This Japanese version is painted yellow to match the character on screen,
and includes a number of special features such as light-up eyes and cannon
in robot mode, light-up cannons in vehicle mode and a battle mask. This
import version of Bumblebee is listed at $159.99, and stock is moving

Our first shipment of the import version of the Generations line has
arrived, and have been very popular. These figures have style differences
from the Hasbro versions, from metallic paint to different colored
accessories and detailing. A few figures have already sold out, but we've
still got stock of Cliffjumper, Straxus, Megatron, Optimus Prime and more
- take a look at the menu and grab your favorites before they're gone.

This new 1/6 scale version of the Dark Knight is designed from his look in
Alex Ross' Justice miniseries. Done in black and grey with a serious look
on his face, he comes with alternate hands, a batarang and a display base,
and is listed at $84.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.

The Merc with a Mouth has arrived at our warehouse. This assortment
included more of the variant maskless figure than what was originally to
be shipped, so we now have that version available singly as well. We have
the regular version listed at $17.99, the variant at $21.99 and the set of
both at $39.99.

Magneto has also been received at our warehouse, and like Deadpool we have
received a number of additional variant helmetless singles. Like his
fellow release, we have the regular version listed at $17.99, the variant
at $21.99 and the set of both at $39.99.

This long-awaited series has finally arrived. The set of 5 includes
Thanos, Constrictor, Iron Man 2020, Dark Hawkeye and Yellowjacket, and is
listed at $69.99; we also have a case of 12 with returning favorites and
more, priced at $99.99. Finally, we have singles available of all of the
new singles except for Thanos, priced at $14.99 each. in addition to the
new singles, we have plenty of previous figures as well, like Team X
Wolverine, Iron Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Juggernaut and more, so check out
all of the available figures and grab your favorites.

This version of Catwoman is wearing a shiny purple leotard and boots, and
has her whip held above her head, curling to the floor. Wonder Woman's
fellow Amazon Artemis is wearing black armor with green clothing and has a
broadsword, with her wild red hair flowing. Each piece is listed at
$49.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.

Before Christian Bale, Val Kilmer or George Clooney, Michael Keaton set
the bar for portraying the serious version of Batman in the movies. DC
Direct has released a bust of him from the 1989 "Batman" film, and it is
listed at $69.99, $10 off the MSRP.

For anyone who may have missed this item the first time around, we have
got a small quantity back in stock. This box set is designed like the
TARDIS and contains action figure versions of all eleven Doctors, and is
priced at $99.99.

This statue is almost 9" tall and depicts the classic Barbara Gordon
Batgirl with her cape-let spread behind her. This porcelain piece is
priced at $84.99, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.

Gentle Giant's Star Wars bust series continues with Luke Skywalker in his
original "farm boy" look. In this version he has his newly-found
lightsaber stretched upward to the sky, and he is priced at $53.99, $6 off
the MSRP.

The newest assortment of Minimates includes Professor X in his hoverchair
with Warpath in his X-Force Outfit, the six-armed version of Spider-Man
with the Lizard, the Thing with a Doombot and variant Trenchcoat Thing
with a Doombot. This set is listed at $29.99, $6 off the MSRP.

Jun and Emile have joined her Noble Six in Series 01 of the Play Arts Kai
Halo: Reach figures. The Jun figure comes with alternate hands, a grenade
and a sniper rifle, while Emile has alternate hands, an ammo vest, a
grenade and a shotgun, and Noble Six comes with alternate hands, a grenade
and his standard gun. Each figure is listed at $49.99.

This set includes Batman and Superman figures and friends from a variety
of movies and cartoon series, and is priced at $84.99, saving you $15 off
of the MSRP.

This assortment includes figures like Guardsman, Modern Iron Man,
Whiplash, War Machine, Arctic Iron Man and more - take a look at the
available figures and mix and match the ones you need.

This set takes its cues from the 1960's Batman TV series, and has Batman &
Robin in the Batmobile racing against the Joker in his '59 Cadillac Goon
Car. It includes 28 feet of track and is listed at $114.99.

The next statue in the Black & White series is designed from Batman's look
in the Arkham Asylum video game. Standing 7.25" tall, he is priced at
$69.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.

The Caper Crusader and his feline ally-enemy are the most recent releases
in the DC Universe Online series. Designed by Jim Lee, these statues
stand 7.5" (Batman) and 7.25" (Catwoman) tall, and are priced at $69.99
and $64.99 respectively, saving you $10 each off the MSRP.

This new set of Halo Minimates includes Master Chief, UNSC Marine 2, a
White Spartan Scout and a Cobalt Elite Assault Armor. Each figure comes
with a weapon, and the set of 4 is listed at $13.99, saving you a couple
of bucks off of the MSRP.

This new replacement sword for Fortress Maximus or any of his analogues is
so large (almost 21"!) that it has to come in three separate pieces and
must be assembled. It is priced at $69.99, and looks fantastic in the
hands of Fort Max and other TFs.

We've received a small shipment of Power Rangers Samurai figures, and
although we're already sold out of sets, we have got singles left of the
Red, Blue and Green Ranger figures. Each figure stands 4" tall and comes
with two weapons, and each is listed at $8.99.

This fast-selling set is now back in stock. Not only does it include the
Jetpack, alternate hands, the clear orange axe and more, but our set comes
with a BBTS exclusive clear blue version of Prime's rifle as well. This
set is listed at $21.99, and looks great on the G1 Prime or his
mold-sharing brothers.

We have received a replacement shipment for the original assortment, and
although we have been told we will not be able to get the Warlord or Gray
Ghost three-packs, we have now got stock available of the Green
Lantern/Manhunter/Manhunter, Despero/GL/Katma Tui,
Batgirl/Penguin/Nightwing and Livewire/Superman/Weather Wizard three
packs, priced at $15.99 - $26.99 each.


Hot Toys has announced their latest figure from "Iron Man 2", the Iron Man
Mark V. This version comes with swappable chest plates, an alternate
battle-damaged arm, alternate hands, the armor suitcase and more, and is
currently listed at $199.99, although that price may decrease once a
domestic supply is found.

CrazyDevy has branched out to a new gestalt, the Seacons. Their first
upgrade piece is a new head for Pirahnacon, with light up eyes and a
slimmer sculpt, and we have it listed at $29.99.

NECA and Wizkids are releasing their first Star Trek Heroclix game. This
self-contained set is for 1-4 players who work together to solve a
mystery, which changes with each playthrough. The set includes clix for
Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura as well as the Enterprise and a Klingon
Battle Cruiser from the 2009 movie, and the set is priced at $44.99, $5
off the MSRP.

A number of new listings are up for Perfect Effect TF add-ons. We have
the PX-03 Backpack, which is a red and blue recolor of the Shadow Pack and
is a great way to add the other figures to your larger Classics
characters, and is priced at $16.99. The PX-03 & PX-04 Ultimate Form Set
adds Ejector, Rewinder, the Sun and the Night to the Backpack (the former
are new versions of Blaster's cassettes, while the latter are recolors of
later exclusive tapes) and is priced at $99.99. Finally, we have also
listed the PO-05 & PE-06 set, which includes Ejector and Rewinder by
themselves, and is listed at $59.99.

We have now listed a case assortment for the upcoming DCUC Series 17.
This assortment includes White Lantern Hal Jordan (may possibly be
randomly replaced with the Black Lantern version, but we don't have
verification of that at this time) along with Violet Lantern Wonder Woman,
Indigo Lantern the Atom, Blue Lantern the Flash, Sinestro Corps Scarecrow,
Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, All-Star Martian Manhunter and All-Star
Superman. This case is priced at $114.99 and is to contain all of the
pieces to assemble the CnC Anti-Monitor figure.

The first of two new Sportspicks assortments this week is the MLB Series
28. This wave includes Andre Ethier, Buster Posey, David Wright 2, Jason
Heyward, Kevin Youkilis 3, Mariano Rivers 3 and Ryan Howard 2, and they're
available singly at $11.99 each or as a case with a Chase or Collector
Level figure for $84.99. This wave also have a Mass Assortment version,
with singles of Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzales, with each
figure listed at $11.99.

This series includes popular stars of today, in their college football
uniforms. This assortment includes Adrian Peterson 2, Beanie Wells,
Charles Woodson, Joseph Addai, Ndamukong Suh, Tim Tebow and Troy Polamalu,
and each is available singly at $11.99 or as a case with a Chase or
Collector Level figure at $84.99.

The second in the Mega Scale line of 1/48 model kits has been listed.
This time, it is Char's red Zaku II, a perfect foil to the
previously-released RX-78-2. It stands 14" tall when completed and is
listed at $129.99. Be sure to check out the Gundam directories for other
new listings - we just listed 38 new and returning sets, like the 08th MS
Team RX-79 vs Zaku II set, a restock of many 1/144 scale Seed and Seed
Destiny kits, and 7 EcoPla kits, which are black kits of familiar Gundams
made out of remolded leftover sprues from previous kits.

The second movie in the rerelease of the Evangelion tetralogy has been
listed for pre-order. This movie includes updated animation as well as
new characters and more, and we will have it on DVD for $29.99, and on
Blu-Ray for $34.99.

Funko is expanding their 3.75" figure line with POP Rocks, a new series
starring the biggest names in music. The first figures to be listed
include Jimi Hendrix, two versions of Elvis, the members of KISS, Bob
Marley, Ozzy Osbourne and the members of Run DMC. Each figure is listed
at $8.99. While you're at it, be sure to check out the Plushies of Run
and DMC, as well as Wacky Wobblers of KISS and Elvis Plushies, each under
their menus.

We have listed two waves each of Lost, venture brothers and Twilight Zone
Bif Bang Pow! 8" Mego-like figures. Lost Series 03 includes Jacob & the
Man in Black, while Series 4 includes Sawyer & Juliet. Venture Brothers
Series 03 has Henchmen 21 & 24, and Series 04 includes Hank venture & Dr.
Girlfriend. Twilight Zone new sets include the Doctor & Henry Bemis and
Talkie Tiny & Willy; each set of two is listed at $44.99.

Two new 8" maxi busts are on their way allowing you to add more Doctor Who
characters to your shelf. This wave of 3/4 length busts includes the
Doctor's nemesis the Master in his newest incarnation, along with ally and
Torchwood leader Captain Jack Harkness. Each of these busts is priced at
$64.99, $5 off the MSRP, and should arrive this April.

Following on the popularity of the Gryffindor releases, Museum Replicas
has announced that they will release Slytherin School Robes as well. We
have them in Adult and Young Adult sizes, and they are listed at $139.99,
saving you $10 off the MSRP.

Round Two is releasing four new model kits based off of the looks in KISS'
Destroyer tour. Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter each have their own 1/10 scale
model where they are standing on a rock base, and the four model kits fit
together to make a great KISS display. Each kit is listed at $29.99.

Marusan Toys' latest series of Godzilla vinyl figures is limited to 200
pieces each, and includes Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1955, Anguirus 1955,
Gamera and Flying Gamera. The figures range from 8" - 12", and each is
priced at $59.99.

We've listed a number of new items from Schleich. We have new historical
warriors and animals under the New Heroes line of historical figures, new
elvish and faerie figures under the Bayala lines and Smurfs Multi-Pack Box
sets representing different decades in their directory. Check them all
out and grab your favorites.

Electric Tiki has started a new line of Animated Ladies statues from
various fantasy stories. The first two entries are Tinkerbell from
Disney's "Peter Pan" and Princess Daphne from the Dragon's Lair video
game. The pieces stand 12" and 14" tall respectively, and each statue is
listed at $179.99, saving you $20 off of the MSRP.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items mentioned above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

IDW's Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4-- Review

Transformers News: IDW's Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4-- Review
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 7:09pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): tigertracks 24

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Views: 115,182

Reviewing Transformers movie-verse history... Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4 (of 5)...(in stores Wednesday, December 29th).

For anyone who has been reading Sector 7, and I’m still not sure why I bother with movie-verse related comics, you know what’s been going on. For those who haven’t, I offer you the blurb review below from issue #4.


I have to say, I am not as much of a detail junky as many (like, oh say, the writer in this series). While the series is a ‘somewhat interesting’ step into the past of what is possibly the ‘most interesting’ new part of what came out of the whole movie thing, it is of the movie, and based on humans, so this series probably did/does not call out to many Transformers fans doesn’t feature many Transformers. No Transforming robot appears until page 15. Mechs in the previous pages though, yes. No actual named/known Transformer until the 4th to last page. Not much for a giant sentient robot fan to enjoy there.

And then there are those who will buy anything comics, merchandise, and/or toys with the Transformers name on it. I tend to be that way with comics, mostly because I think I am still looking for that perfect Transformers story. Sector 7 is not that story, but could be of interest to SCI-FI/conspiracy theory/X-Files type fans. But not so much Transformers fans (minus HARDCORE movie fans, you know who you are).

The writing of the series is not entirely bad. It certainly has not stood out to me to be distracting, or entirely ground-breaking, just the writing is doing a good job doing what writing should do... help to clear up the details in the story that the art work does not make clear, using dialogue, setting narration, etc. Except the German parts in this issue have started to irk me. I now find that piece of the writing to be utterly annoying--no translations--you can guess some phrases meanings, but many go unknown or unexplained. German dialogue is a large part of many of the last 10-12 pages.

Gutentag herr doktor. Gib mir all deine Transformers Spielzeug ... JETZT!

Anyway, issue #4 continues telling Sector 7 history as family members of its original 7 continue with ‘the family business’ that founding member Walter Simmons started. This time the story is set during 1944. A new Simmons, Bill or Billy, has been asked to carry on in Sector 7 activities and he is none to happy about it. Currently a soldier, he feels he should be in battles fighting the Nazi threat, not participating in “wasting his life like his mother (Margo)”, who we find out in this issue (Five page preview spoiler alert!!!) has passed since we last left her.

Reluctantly, Bill agrees, convinced by his grandfather (General Walter Simmons, Margo’s father), to join a group of 6 other operatives (Yo Joe!) to go behind enemy lines and destroy an NBE (non biological entity) that the Nazis have gotten their hands on, and have started reverse engineering tech from (We all know the United States is the only country responsible enough to have reverse engineered tech from the Transformers, right?). Who is the new NBE under NAZI control? Somebody we already knew about and I was surprised to see based on the earlier issues. Surprises are good in stories, so consider that a plus.

What struck me most about this comic, it was a decent read, but violent. As soon as the mission starts it basically falls prey to the Nazi’s new tech (human-piloted, transforming tank mechs), and Barber (writer) and Kang (artist) waste no time in adding in some gross out elements. Limbs here, missing limbs there, it wasn’t as excessive as January’s INFESTATION crossover is sure to bring about, but it just seemed...oddly placed or even unnecessary. You’re welcome IDW, I may have sold a couple more copies for you there.

How does a guy get his hand blown off (yes, it cauterized the wound, but pain!!!), and still continue on his mission looking no worse for wear (minus a hand)?
-I'm Simmons, Bill Simmons. Chuck Norris can lick my boot straps.

It is meant to be a suicide mission and for most of the group it is--thus, the violence, but not before Simmons carries out the group’s task, and destroys a large portion of the base, along with the projects and people (at least one, pretty cold-blooded killing) involved. However, for Simmons, the act was meant to be totally selfless for his country, but as the Transformer the Nazis were using to reverse engineer weapons from awakens, it destroys the Nazi tech and monster, deliberates, decides humanity may be mostly okay based on a few minutes with Simmons, and helps Simmons to finish his mission parameters, then flies them both away into the wild blue yonder sunset. Happy trails soldiers. Oops, dropped the spoiler there.

The artwork is pretty well done most of the time. It’s crisp and clear, no cluttery details. All lines have their purpose. The humans are able to emote, without looking like they stepped out of Bugs Bunny. The tech, weapons, and armament are nicely, accurately, and again simply detailed. Overall, an enjoyable presentation. I’m a bigger fan of the detailed work done in ‘Tales of the Fallen’, and ‘Nefarious’, if it has to be movie than make sure to put the details in intended in movie designs, but this is good work.


The colors are more vivid than previously seen in other issues, assuming that this is meant to be a progression through time, and previous art and color were meant to represent the eras they were telling stories about. The colors are still limited though, as most of this takes place in a nighttime operation setting, thus using more muted, dark colors. While aboard the plane we have a lot of red, from the emergency lights. So the colors are effectively used to express the settings.

I do have a problem with both of this issue’s covers though. If you didn’t like the Jazz/Hubcap cover of the last issue, I’m not sure how you can like either of these any better. A pile of scrap shooting something--courtesy of the retail incentive cover--, or a tank with legs chasing some soldiers depicted on the regular cover (meant to connect with the other covers to create a dossier of the NBE/Sector 7 activities). Take your pick. The very realistic and detailed, dirty, painted regular cover is the best of the two, but the tank on legs kind of makes it silly (is there commentary in here?), and ruins the presentation of the rest of a beautiful piece of military art. Probably not going to get many Transformers fans interested in a book with either of those designs.



Something about the mech designs as I flip back through the issue. The transformation from tank to mech is fudged...a lot, and the mech modes seem to retain nothing of the tank-- minus the treads/tracks and the cannon. They also seem faster and more maneuverable than the tanks they were, which for experimental tech, is quite amazing, as tanks were fairly high-tech devices for quite awhile. Where did the the hisstank (G.I. Joe) like cockpit come from?


Ultimately, this issue is, as I stated, an alright to fairly enjoyable fiction. If you could read the German phrases than maybe it is even more fun, or meaningful, but without knowing what they translate to is frustrating. I find the book to be a decent short war story with a little bit of robots in there. Not much “Transformers” though.

I have to say, I’m not sure if others enjoy them or not, but I like the final page of the issue, where Agent John Barber (the writer) has his ‘Field Notes’ and explains ideas, relationships, inspirations, and easter eggs along with artist Lou Kang (Mortal Kombat lover here?). I loved this kind of after sharing when WIZARD did it for DC’s Kingdom Come, and then MARVEL did it for their MARVEL’s series. I really like to be made aware of facts, etc., that inspire work, or are hidden in the work that many of us may never even be aware of.

I have read much more exciting issues. I’ve read a lot worse issues and series. This one works as a stand alone story, and as a part of the Sector 7 mini, making it effective for what it is... a book about a group of humans involved with the Transformers and how they evolve over the decades, but not much of a Transformers comic book.

Ratings (out of 5):

Art- 3
Colors- 4
Writing- 3
Covers- 2

Check out the five page preview for a little taste of the issue for yourself.

Pre-Toy Fair 1985 Catalog Images

Transformers News: Pre-Toy Fair 1985 Catalog Images
Date: Monday, December 20th 2010 1:48pm CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Diem | Credit(s): The Obscure Transformers Website

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Uberfan Monzo's website, The Obscure Transformers Website hosts some very interesting images from a catalog pre-dating 1985's Toy Fair. In these images we can see some early test colours for some familiar faces:




The full gallery with more images can be seen by clicking on the images above or going here.

For the latest in Transformers news stick with! reviews "Transformers Prime"

Transformers News: reviews "Transformers Prime"
Date: Thursday, November 25th 2010 3:31am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles, Site News
Posted by: Seibertron

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So where to begin telling you about Transformers Prime? In less than two short days, many of you will get to experience what I've already watched about a half dozen times. Earlier this week on Monday morning, an unexpected package arrived from The Hub via UPS. I quickly opened up the package and was surprised to see that they had sent me an advance copy of the first two episodes of Transformers Prime.

I quickly got to work writing extremely lengthy and detailed summaries of the first two episodes. I wasn't sure who my review would be competing against so I decided to do summaries instead of a review first in case everyone and their robo-brother did reviews. I figured detailed summaries would be least likely by everyone. My instinct was correct. If you missed the spoilerific summaries I posted earlier this week, you can check them out by clicking on the following links.

Summary of Transformers Prime Darkness Rising Part 1
Summary of Transformers Prime Darkness Rising Part 2

Much to my surprise, I really liked the show. I'm not sure what I was expecting. To be honest, I've had Transformers Prime on my mind's back burner. I've been so busy with keeping up with galleries on that I hadn't really given "Prime" much thought other than making sure news was getting posted about it when necessary. Prior to seeing the show, I would never have believed what my reaction would have been. To sum up my thoughts about Transformers Prime, let me put it like this in terms that Seibertronians will understand loud and clear -- "Prime is like the love child of Beast Wars and the Live Action Films". Basically everything I like about both of those series seems to be here, except without the senseless and cheesy humor.

On November 24th, weekly entertainment trade magazine Variety posted a review of "Transformers Prime". I was hesitant to read what they wrote initially, but after getting through the first paragraph or two I realized that they liked it as well. Their review wasn't quite what I was expecting from a mainstream magazine. I thought for sure that my Transformers warped mind was making me watch the show through rose-colored glasses. Nope -- they liked it and even summed up several of my thoughts.

Variety wrote:As no-brainers go, a Transformers TV show on the Hub -- welding Hasbro's popular toy line into its cable co-venture with Discovery -- ranks down there with making a sequel to the first movie. Yet the product of that assembly line, "Transformers Prime," proves unexpectedly sharp -- better than the movies (admittedly damnation with faint praise), thanks to the arresting CGI animation, which proves especially well-suited to rendering shiny robots and their vehicular alter egos. There's nothing more than meets the eye here, but what does appear is a plenty entertaining addition to this well-oiled moneymaking machine.

Having read such a positive review from Variety, I felt more encouraged to state how much I liked Transformers Prime. The voice acting is superb, the animation looks incredible and uniquely stylized (even if the human animation models are lacking something), the musical score was beautiful, and the aggressive story below me away.

The first two episodes were serious, sophisticated, rather dark and contained various mature themes -- something I was not expecting at all, especially after the somewhat misleading character trailers that The Hub recently rolled out. This show is definitely not geared toward the younger kids like Transformers Animated was. I don't even know what previous series Transformers Prime is most like. I think I'll need to view a few more episodes to decide. I'll tell you what it's not like ... it doesn't have the kiddie feel to it like Animated, it's extremely coherent and not dumbed-down or poorly dubbed like the Unicron Trilogy, it's not simplified or hyperactive like RID, it's not a whiny complaining misguided hippie like Beast Machines, it's not like Beast Wars despite being the closest thing I could compare Prime to, and it doesn't come across like a toy commercial like G1 does at times (sacrilegious, I know).

Transformers Prime doesn't waste any time. Something major happens in the first third of the first episode that I don't think anyone was expecting. I can't wait to see if the second episode truly ended what happened or if there's more than meets the eye awaiting us. I'm still shocked at what happened, especially in the second episode. Crazy!

Knowing that an army of you Seibertronians will be here on Friday evening posting your reviews in this topic, I'll keep the rest of this review to a minimum. Here are some of my final thoughts that I want to share with you to tide all of you over until Friday afternoon when Transformers Prime debuts.

  • It's in widescreen, though (unfortunately) most of us won't get to watch it in widescreen because most of our Cable companies haven't started airing The Hub in HD yet. Here's hoping for a quick release of this show on DVD, or at least when the toys inevitably come out.
  • This show has an actual musical score along the lines of the music from the live action Transformers films. It's complex, not repetitive, and it always seems completely appropriate for the scene. Beast Wars suffered greatly in this department whereas it seems to be one of Prime's greatest strengths.
  • The voice acting is superb in my book. I was pretty geeked about Peter Cullen and Frank Welker reprising their rightful roles as Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. The rest of the voices seemed appropriately cast. None of the voices seem out-of-place. Everything seems natural. It definitely feels like the animation was done to the voice acting instead of the other way around, which was one of Beast Wars greatest strengths.
  • The kids weren't as annoying as I had expected. I'm one of those fans that understands the purpose of having humans in the Transformers cartoons. Without humans, there'd be little point to Transformers being "robots in disguise". They're a necessary evil and, in this case, they're handled fairly well. The show is about the Transformers and not the kids -- there seems to be little confusion about that.
  • "Prime" is dark at times -- some themes that might not be appropriate or suitable for young children. They might even be getting away with some of what happened in the first two episodes because what occurred happened to "robots" and not humans and because it's airing on a cable channel half-owned by the same people who own the Transformers (*ahem* that'd be Hasbro folks). If you question whether or not the show is dark, just ask yourself this ... has the word "cadaver" ever been used in an episode of Transformers before?
  • The overall mood of the show, or at the very least the first two episodes, is far more serious than we've seen in a long time. I guess this is what makes me keep thinking of Beast Wars. But not all of Beast Wars. Think "The Trigger", "Dark Voyage", "Law of the Jungle", "Other Voices", "Other Visits", and "Code of Hero". Not on an epic scale like Other Voices or a heart-wrenching scale like Code of Hero, but in its own unique way.
  • The animation has grown on me. There are some things that I don't like. This might be the show's weakest link and one of its greatest strengths. The backgrounds, the complexity of each scene, the transformations, the alternate modes, and the Transformers robots themselves all look incredible. Yet at the same time, I get this feeling like I'm watching the cut scenes in a video game. Something's not quite right and I can't pinpoint it. For the most part though, the show looks incredible. I really like the overall style of the animation even though I have a few issues with it. It is definitely unique, as unique as the style of Transformers Animated is and the style of the live action Transformers films.
  • Speaking of transformations, they're very fluid -- more along the lines of the live action films. To be honest, I really had to think about this because none of the transformations really stood out to me -- but that's actually a good thing because it means they didn't waste a lot of time forcing the transformations upon you. It just happened and the show went on.
  • As I've said before, War For Cybertron/Exodus and Transformers Prime are a "forced" continuity meaning that they weren't originally intended to be the same continuity despite what Hasbro tells us. There are a few things that contradict what's already been established in the WFC universe, not to mention a flash back scene in Transformers Prime that uses the Prime animation models and not anything that looks like the WFC designs. I'll consider them the same continuity to humor everyone but they're as forced together as Transformers Cybertron was forced into the Unicron Trilogy.

And now for my thoughts on the characters ...

  • Optimus Prime - he's basically the same as his movie counterpart. As much as I love Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, I sometimes feel that he takes the role a little too serious. Everything always seems so epic and heavy with him voicing Optimus. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just looking for something to complain about like a typical fan boy. Or maybe he does need to loosen up a little bit.
  • Megatron - I'm not usually on the Frank Welker-voicing-Megatron bandwagon like many fans are. Every time I've heard him do his "Megatron" voice in recent years, I kind of cringe. His recent Megatron voice is definitely not his G1 Megatron voice, whether it's him or how it's vocoded I don't know. So I was a little reluctant about him reprising the role of Megatron. His voice at the end of the first episode is like his recent Megatron voice that I don't particularly like. However, his voice in the 2nd episode is unlike any other Welker/Megatron voice I've heard before. It's unique to this character and very appropriate. This Megatron is EVIL, a true villain, something that has been missing from Megatron for a very long time. Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between Megatron and Optimus because we rarely get to see Megatron be evil. You do in Transformers Prime and that's why this Megatron has got me wondering if this could be my favorite Megatron since the Beast Wars Megatron.
  • Arcee - She's a pretty major character in the first two episodes that gets a lot of screen time. She's the bridge that basically brings the humans into the Transformers storyline. She's a very serious Arcee. This isn't your Headmasters "secretary" Arcee or Susan Blu's Animated Arcee. This is an Arcee with an attitude. Not IDW's Furmanized Arcee, but definitely more of a serious warrior Arcee
  • Starscream - not a wuss. Voice is different than previous incarnations. More like the first live action film than the second. It's unique and not the "screaming" high pitched voice either. I wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first. I liked it, but I just kept thinking that it's not a voice for Starscream. I was sold pretty quickly on it when I saw Starscream being a complete badass in the first episode when he does something we haven't seen in a Transformers cartoon in a really long time (if ever). Give this Starscream a chance. He might just give previous Starscream incarnations a run for their money.
  • Ratchet - Jeffrey Combs does an incredible job with this really fun character. This might be the best rendition of Ratchet to date. Picture a cross between G1 cartoon, comic, and Transformers Animated Ratchets -- and the best of each to boot. He's not fond of the human kids, has a sense of humor, grumbles, complains, and still gets the job done. I'm rooting for a Starscream versus Ratchet battle, they both might be worthy of revisiting Simon Furman's Marvel Comics battle between these two characters.
  • Soundwave - Megatron's here because of him basically, no thanks to Starscream, but we really don't find out too much about him. We don't even really hear him speak, he just plays back a recording of something Arcee said. Hopefully he's more than just a drone.
  • Bumblebee - more-or-less like his movie counterpart with some added bits from his Animated self. He can't talk, which is one of my few complaints about the show, especially with no explanation about why he can't speak other than via beeps and boops, which Raf can oddly understand. He surprisingly didn't get as much screen time as Arcee did, which I thought was a little odd. I'm sure he'll get his moment in the spotlight in the near future though.
  • Bulkhead - basically like his Animated character, but without the goofy clumsiness. All muscle it seems. Voice is similar but different. Lots of fun potential with him. Minimal screen time but enough to get a taste of him.
  • Cliffjumper - seems like a cool character. Not sure that they needed to bring in a Hollywood name to do his voice. His design is one of my favorites in this show. Definitely a risk taker. He was portrayed very well in IDW's Transformers Prime comic and his characterization carried over to the cartoon show.

"Transformers Prime" Production Credits:

Produced By Hasbro Studios

Executive Producers:
Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Kline are executive producers. Kurtzman and Orci served as co-writers of the feature films "Transformers," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Star Trek." Kline was also executive producer of the animated series "Jackie Chan Adventures."

Main cast:
Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen
Arcee - Sumalee Montano
Ratchet - Jeffrey Combs
Bulkhead - Kevin Michael Richardson
Megatron - Frank Welker
Jack - Josh Keaton
Miko - Tania Gunadi
Raf - Andy Pessoa
Starscream - Steve Blum
Agent Fowler - Ernie Hudson
June Darby - Markie Post

Well, that's it for me for tonight. Please make sure you stop by to share your thoughts after you watch Transformers Prime. I look forward to hearing what other Seibertronians think of this show.

Featured eBay Items: Overlord, G1 Thunderwing, Skullgrin, Ghost Starscream, Dairu, Zaru and more!

Transformers News: Featured eBay Items: Overlord, G1 Thunderwing, Skullgrin, Ghost Starscream, Dairu, Zaru and more!
Date: Saturday, November 20th 2010 11:07pm CST
Categories: Auctions, Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Seibertron

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Every few days we'll be bringing you some cool Transformers eBay auctions that are worth taking a look at. If you have eBay Transformers auctions, please post them here in our Carbombya Buy/Sell/Trade forum. We'll take a look there first to see if you've got something cool posted that should be featured on Check back in 2 to 3 days for some more featured Transformers items from eBay


Featured eBay Auction #1
1989 G1 Vintage Transformer THUNDERWING 100% COMPLETE

You can find stickers for G1 Pretender THUNDERWING from fan-favorite

Check out this item from eBay seller Old Toy Empire. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.

Old Toy Empire wrote:Hello, This auction is for a 1989 G1 Vintage Transformer THUNDERWING 100% COMPLETE. This figure is in very good condition with minor wear. There is some sticker wear and a bit of paint wear. Some paint wear to the black on his head. A nice quality example. 100% unbroken. All parts 100% original and unbroken. 100% original G1. I do not sell remakes, fakes, knock offs, reproduction, imports, or reissues. All my toys are the original ones bought in the u.s. that we grew up with in the 80's. Some weapons may show light wear, nothing bad, broke, or unusual. Some figures may not have all stickers applied. If techs, instructions or inserts are included they may show wear. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my other items. I have tons of awesome finds!!!!


Featured eBay Auction #2

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toyslairbest wrote:up for auction is ULTRA RARE!!!!vintage transformers g1 pertender with sell , gun , sword and robot to selling , toys is been used and have played wear and tear condition and the right feet of the robot are missing but is great for collect or display dont miss out!!!!! please see the photos for more details..item sold as it


Featured eBay Auction #3
Red Cliffjumper * Vintage G1 Transformers FREE SHIPPING

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wheeljackslab wrote:This is an AUTHENTIC vintage Hasbro item. This item is NOT a fake, bootleg, reissue, remake, or encore.

Figure Condition: This item is rated an 80 with some wear. My grading scale is 1 - 100 with mint flawless items a 100, near mint items a 95, excellent items a 90 and so on.

Stickers Condition: rated an 80

Accessory Condition: 100% complete with all accessories.

Joint Condition: tight


Featured eBay Auction #4
New Transformers Gen. Thunderwing Skullgrin Cliffjumper

Check out this item from eBay seller bt_dc. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.

bt_dc wrote:You are bidding on a lot of 3 new Transformers Generations deluxe figures that includes Thunderwing, Skullgrin and Cliffjumper. They are MOC on nice cards with some wear (C 7/8 or better) and in-hand. U.S. bidders only (International bidders please contact me before bidding). Bidders with under (10) feedback, please contact me before bidding. U.S. Shipping/Handling on this lot is $11.95. PAYPAL is preferred for this auction. Contact me with any questions. Check out my other auctions to save on shipping. Good luck bidding.


Featured eBay Auction #5
Vintage Transformers G1 Fortress Maximus C-114 MIB

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Anglo's Toys wrote:Up for auction is for this vintage Transformers G1 Fortress Maximus C-114 MIB. Item is used but in good condition. Missing some paperworks and accessories. Toy is in good condition with minimal wear. Box has some wear and tear but box art still looking vibrant. Stickers wear is visible. Master sword missing the handle. Joints are still tight with clicking sound. Styrofoam box has some parts broken off. All items shown in pictures is included in this auction.


Featured eBay Auction #6
Vintage Transformers G1 Overlord D-307 Powermaster MIB

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Anglo's Toys wrote:Up for auction is for this vintage Takara Transformers G1 Overlord D-307 MIB. Item is used but in good condition. Missing some paperworks and missles. Instruction manual has a little tape residue. Toy is in good condition with minimal wear. Styrofoam box looks clean with minimal wear. Box has some wear but box art still looking vibrant. Stickers nicely applied. Powermasters chrome has tarnished in certain areas.


Featured eBay Auction #7
Transformers Vintage C-123 C-124 Dairu Zaru Cassette

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Anglo's Toys wrote:Up for auction is for this pair of Vintage Japanese Transformers Dairu & Zaru. Item comes to you complete with all parts. Weapon is still minty chrome but toy itself has some oxidation. Box is in fairly good shape with no flap crease. Please note that both pieces does not comes with both bio-card and instruction sheet. Please see picture, what you see is what you get


Featured eBay Auction #8
Transformers G1 Starscream Ehobby Clear Version MISB

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Featured eBay Auction #9

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Openning canopy and swing open nosecone
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Adjustible thrust vectors


Featured eBay Auction #10

This item is from fan-favorite and very reputable, which is one of's sponsors. You should only buy Henkei Ghost Starscream from sellers you are familiar with to help ensure that you are receiving an original and not a knock off.

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TFsource wrote:Henkei Classics Clear/Ghost Starscream, and a very limited edition figure only available through the Transformers Generations Book 2 in Japan. Very limited in its release, this piece brings the e-hobby clear Starscream to mind, which was long ago sold out. A great looking chromed and clear combination of everyone's favorite Starscream character.

Each figure is MISB, sealed in its original box, and will be in C9-Mint box condition. Inside contents are mint, as the toy has never been opened and is still factory sealed.


Featured eBay Auction #11

Check out this item from eBay seller TFsource. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.

TFsource wrote:This is the exclusive 2010 TFCon Nightbird figure! TFCon is the annual Canadian Transformers convention, and this custom figure is the first time Nightbird from the original G1 series has been brought to life. Transforms from car to Ninja and back, figure is on the smaller side, but still is quite impressive.

Image's Transformers and more!

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