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Transformers X Mimobots

Transformers News: Transformers X Mimobots
Date: Wednesday, June 22nd 2011 2:19pm CDT
Categories: Collectables, Media
Posted by: LOST Cybertronian | Credit(s): Mimobots

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Mimobots has come out with their new series called Transformers X. Mimobots are designer USB flash drives. The Optimus Prime and Megatron Mimobots come in capacities ranging from 2GB to 16GB. They come preloaded with special MimoDesk specific content such as wallpapers, icons, screensavers, and other digital extras. They retail starting at $22.95 each.

Optimus Prime


For 9 million years, Optimus Prime has battled Megatron over the Universe’s energy supplies and control of Cybertron. Now Optimus Prime is battling to defend your data!

The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime MIMOBOT® stands heroic with his trademark red, white, and blue armor, and matching helmet. He's travelled across the galaxy with a singular purpose: to protect your data from falling into the greedy clutches of the evil leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. Optimus Prime MIMOBOT, Transform and Roll-out



For 9 million years, Megatron has battled for control over Cybertron and the Universe’s energy supplies. Now he has set his evil mind on seizing control of your data!

With steel-colored armor, menacing scowl and piercing eyes, Megatron MIMOBOT® boasts his classic Transformers style and will stop at nothing, least of all the feeble attempts of Optimus Prime, to gain the Universe’s data, and that means your documents, music, pictures and more! Reviews Transformers DOTM #1 Official Comic Adaptation

Transformers News: Reviews Transformers DOTM #1 Official Comic Adaptation
Date: Wednesday, June 15th 2011 12:55am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Movie News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Greetings Seibertronians. has recently got ahold of a couple of copies of the official comic book adaptations for the first two books in a four book series covering the upcoming film, Transformers Dark of the Moon, produced by IDW Publishing, and have reviewed them. Written by John Barber, with Art by Jorge Jimenez Moreno and edited by Carlos Guzman and Andy Schmidt, Transformers Dark of the Moon the comic gives us a look at what the movie will bring to the table when it hits theatres June 29, 2011, along with a bonus prose story by John Barber that seems to "tie the loose ends" of the three films. As with any comic review, MAJOR MOVIE SPOILERS are ahead and would urge you not to read this, at this time, if you wanna stay "in the Dark" about the film.


Do Not Read beyond this point if you do not want to read spoilers.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The official comic adaptation #1

The first book starts us off in 1969, within NASA headquarters as the first moon landing occurs. According to the book, only a select few within the moon mission itself knew of its true intent, as the team on the moon "goes black" (sans radio transmissions) for a time, on purpose. The reason, to locate the object that caused a flare up on the Dark side of the Moon seven years prior. They find the original Ark ship, with a host of dead Cybertronians, and Sentinel Prime.

Flashing forward into the book, we see that the Autobots and Team N.E.S.T. have dug in even deeper with each other with, now, Colonel Lennox leading the way. Wheeljack makes his debut as a long haired "Professor Brown" ala Back to the Future, type bot who's alt mode is a classic Mercedes-Benz. The book must have been written before the script changes as Mirage is still referred to by name instead of the rumored "Dino" replacement. We get confirmation that a host of Autobots fell in the last movie as Optimus Prime vows vengeance for his fallen comrades. We also get a nod to the relationship held between Optimus Prime and Elita-1 once held in prior incarnations, as we get a pan shot of Elita-1's coffin and Optimus Prime motions to it affectionately.


The NEST team learns of new activity coming out of Prypriat, Ukraine. Colonel Lennox and the crew are in BioHazard suits while the Ukrainian Agent Voshkod is dressed regularly. He's about to tell them something when he spots Laserbeak in the sky and quickly quiets. They go to investigate the area famously known as Cherynobl. Upon arrival they find Cybertonian technology with Russian wrting all over it and this angers Optimus Prime. His anger is quickly directed to a huge threat as a Cybertronian Driller, said to be ruled only by Shockwave, attacks the Autobots and Optimus Prime battles it. Shockwave then appears with the Driller and escapes. Prime is hurt but he got what he was trying to keep from Shockwave, a piece of a Cybertronian engine. After all this, Laserbeak returns and kills Voshkod. Apparently the humans were working with the Decepticons in some fashion.


Optimus and the Bots then meet Director Mearing, who took over for Inspector Galloway, and Prime is not a happy camper that they've been witholding informattion. Mearing then goes on the inform them of the whole purpose of the Moon missions and Prime realizes there's a big problem.

Enter Megatron in some far off desert. After toasting an elephant that was in his way, he returns to a crude hideout to see Starscream and some form of animal Decepticons that may, or may not be, dogs. Starscream is there in true form as is Soundwave. Apparently, Megatron knew of the Ark crashing on the moon long ago and that is the reason Soundwave was there in the first place. Megatron opts to let the Autobots do "all the work" in getting Sentinel Prime and the artifacts back to Earth.

Optimus goes to the moon and retrieves Sentinel Primes body, the Cybertronian artifacts, and upon leaving, you see three Cybertronians, presumably Decepticons, watch his departure.

In the middle of all this, we see Sam Witwicky is moved in with his new girlfriend Carly. Mikaela dumped him for some reason, but he got to keep Wheelie and his pal Brains as a consolation prize. He's struggling to find a job when Carly arranges and interview and, essentially, gets him the job.

As far as the comic goes, as a comic itself, I give it two and a half out of four cubes. Given the degree of difficulty there must be to replicate the Transformers on paper, the artwork was good, but the human drawing was lacking and rushed at best. Some panels seemed just kind of thrown in there as filler space and there were some real opportunites that seemed to get missed, especially when Prime rips apart the Driller. The colors of the comic were decent, but it seems like the colorist went "outer glow" crazy on some panels. I can see it working on the Bots, but not on military cammies. None of the humans remotely resemble their real counterparts and the military uniforms worn by Lennox and his crew don't even look US issued. Storywise, I assume Barber did the best he could with what he was given. The story flowed well, but if this script holds true, then Dark of the Moon will make Revenge of the Fallen as pointless as ROTF made the first film.

The book did feature a special prose story by Barber at the end, in which we find Soundwave commanding a group of Decepticons on a space cruiser in search of the Allspark. The events of this story clearly occur prior to Revenge of the Fallen, as Soundwave follows a mysterious "voice" after an Autobot ship that goes through some type of dimensional gate and puts itself and the Decepticon space cruiser thousands of years in the future. This Autobot craft lands on a moon of a green a blue planet not far by. The rest goes on to try an attach the first two films to DOTM.

Overall the prose as a stand alone story is solid, but trying to connect the dots, in a movie franchise that clearly didn't do so in the films themselves, is going to be a heavy task to take on.

If you love Transformers comics, and dig the movieverse, the $3.99 pricetag is worth the investment to get in the know about what to expect from the upcoming film. This book is available at local comic shops now.

Stayed tuned for our review of Transformers Dark of the Moon The official comic adaptation #2, coming soon.

TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE MMO BotCon Assets from Jagex Games Studio

Transformers News: TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE MMO BotCon Assets from Jagex Games Studio
Date: Tuesday, June 14th 2011 4:40am CDT
Categories: Company News, Game News, Media, Press Releases
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Jagex Games Studio

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Earlier this month Jagex Games Studio announced the name of the much anticipated MMO: TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. Following that announcement, they released their first asset pack for the game including a teaser trailer, concept art and an animated screensaver.

You can checkout to register to receive email updates about the game and the chance to participate in the Beta.

For those who missed the news, here what was announced about the game at BotCon:

- Hasbro and Jagex have joined forces to develop and publish a TRANSFORMERS MMO.

- The title of the MMO will be TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE.

- TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE will be an action orientated MMO.

- In TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE players will be able to create and play as their own AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON, designing and customising the character to fit their game play style, combat preferences and appearance.

- After looking at the mechanics, the iconic TRANSFORMERS IP, and the TRANSFORMERS heritage Jagex distilled this into core themes which are present throughout the TRANSFORMERS universe: conflict, teamwork, and social regard (the AUTOBOTS caring for the humans)

- TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE sits within the "Prime" timeline, along with the book Exodus, the War for Cybertron games and the Prime cartoon.

- The game will be released in 2012.

Here is the concept art which was released in this asset pack for your viewing enjoyment ...

Autobot Base

Megatron Waterfall

Decepticon Mine



Decepticon Fighter

Botcon 2011 Coverage: Hasbro Intellectual Property Panel

Transformers News: Botcon 2011 Coverage: Hasbro Intellectual Property Panel
Date: Sunday, June 5th 2011 3:29pm CDT
Categories: Company News, Media, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron

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Botcon 2011 Coverage: Hasbro Intellectual Property Panel
- Aaron Archer (Vice President of brand)
- Rik Alvarez (Creative Manager)

- Brand Stewards
- Oversee the continuity
- Work across multiple platforms
- Work with internal and external partners
- Archivist

(worked with Shout factory to come up with better subtitles for American market)

Work together with their retail partners by coming up with potential artwork of what an exclusive could look like. Showed artwork of the TRU trans series and the Kmart sets. Also works with the vehicles team

Hasbro refers to their Transformers "bible" as the "Binder of Revelation"

Helps other parts of Hasbro with names, colors, etc (for example, the "vehicle" segment of Hasbro that makes the Speed Stars vehicles).

The Vault book had a lot of content provided by this team.

What didn't make it into the Vault: Action Master Mirage, Action Master Smokescreen (new mold), Cliffjumper (new mold), AM Rumble, AM Blurr, 4th Decepticon Targmaster that was never released (jet, looks really cool), some G2 artwork (Breakdown, Dragstrip, Wildrider, Dead End), Beast Machines carded Megatron Megabolt, showed us the original deluxe class Classics Optimus Prime side-by-side with the Voyager version, Omega Supreme decoed as part of the GIJoe line, alluded to a bit of Hasbro/Takara history that they didn't even know about.

Talk about Exodus and new "Exiles" book, which continues where Exodus left off.

- Story picks up where Exodus left off
- Story is set against the backdrop of the Autobots' Journey to find the Allspark
- Optimus Prime is the main character but there are lots of cameos
- Rediscover lost Transformers' colonies
- More Insight into the 13 will be revealed!
- Will introduce a new threat that will impact the greater Transformers Universe ...

Showed a new logo that looks like the Autobot and Decepticon logo with some blades on the bottom, but wouldn't

Brimstone reinvented as a "star seeker"
"Pirate" Cannonball returns!
Axer returns, plays a key role at end of Exiles

All 13 are "prototypes"
13 are representative of all types of Transformers
Showed art of Megatronus who becomes the Fallen
Alpha Trion (mentioned Covenant of Primus)
Liege Maximo (plays a key role in the story of the 13)
Nexus Prime (need to pick up Exiles to learn more about him)
Vector Prime (Watcher like character)
Sulles Prime (female, looks awesome, very different than other female Transformers - Makes the weapons for the 13)

How do Exodus/Exiles and War for Cybertron video games connect into the Prime story
- Each platform has its own story needs in order to be dynamic and successful
- Not every detail will line up perfectly
- The visual stylings are different for several reasons

- Online gaming experience for Chinese market
- Unique story with elements from modern continuity
- Art direction leans towards Prime with a G1 influence
- Some characters will have different designs compared to other entertainment
Showed some artwork of characters that have a unique look to the Netdragon MMO
Mentioned that we won't see a lot of this game, if any of it, outside of China
Platform based (?)

- Massive multiplayer online gaming experience
- Browser based
- Online community
- Takes place in modern continuity
Black vehicle is Barricade as SUV
Showed Prowl, police car mode looks amazing - 2 door sports coupe with spoiler

Showed us a trailer
Michael Bay directed
"People at Universal are knocking it out!"
Resolution is 4 times that of the feature films
Opens spring 2012

BotCon 2011 Coverage - Hasbro Toys / Hasbro Brand Team

Transformers News: BotCon 2011 Coverage - Hasbro Toys / Hasbro Brand Team
Date: Saturday, June 4th 2011 1:25pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron

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Greg Lombardo - Marketing
Billy Ward - Vice President of Marketing for Transformers
Josh Lamb - Design
Bill Rawly - Design

Transformers Dark of the Moon (MechTech)
Basic idea was they wanted to incorporate an external piece that didn't get in the way of transforming
Early concept was to combine the weapons
Deluxe wave 5 - 32363 Air Raid (color wise looks similar to Cybertron Jetfire)
Armor Topspin 36106
Dark Iron 36107 (Stingray corvette ... BW Quicksilver looking robot mode)
Deluxe Wave 6 to be released shortly after movie release
Voyager Wave 4 - Cannon Force Ironhide (G1 Inspired Ironhide - RED)
Leader Wave 2 Ironhide discussion
Ultimate Optimus Prime 28748 (fall launch) - discussed overall look of Prime, wanted to keep the piece count down)
SDCC Ultimate Optimus Prime - limited edition in a foil sleeve package, only time packaged in trailer mode, premium foil wrapped display box and sleeve, includes G1 sticker sheet for trailer, removable display case
Human Alliance Roadbuster w/ SGT Recon
Post movie reveal - 1 Human Alliance figure will be revealed after June 29th

Transformers Dark of the Moon (Cyberverse)
Action Sets wave 3 - Shockwave w/ Fusion tank (29738) will be in case this afternoon
Autobot Ratchet w/ Lunar Crawler
Autobot Ark w/ Roller

Transformers Dark of the Moon (Exclusives)
Showed all four of the TRU Scan Series figures
Cyberverse Battle Pack (homages the D.C. accident with Bumblebee ... got a laugh from crowd)
More deluxes: Elita-1, Bumblebee, Space Case, Autobot Jazz
Human Alliance Leadfoot w/ Steeljaw (Target exclusive)
Deluxe Two Pack w/ Leadfoot and Topspin (Target exclusive)
Walmart exclusives - Optimus Prime (deluxe), Bumblebee (84), Sideswipe (04 homages Lambor's numbering in Takara's G1 line)
Deluxe and Basic Human Alliance Pack (inspired by a black ops decoaration)
Animated Movie 25th Anniversary Edition Unicron, accurate from Animated movie, will be on display later (Amazon)
20 for 20 Toy Promotion - Starts July 25th - Sept 30th, buy $20 worth of toys, send in receipt and receive limited edition exclusive Optimus Prime t-shirt and retail coupons, QR scan or text and get a free music download from DOTM

Transformers Generations / Reveal The Shield
Addressed issue regarding RTS/Generations
Generations is continuing through entire year
RTS that you had trouble getting they are working to find homes for them

Transformers Prime
12-1-11 Transformers Prime
Deluxe Wave 2 - Cliffjumper, "awesome looking toy"
Deluxe Wave 3 - Vehicon, Terrorcon Cliffjumper (Have you hugged a Zombie today?)
Voyager - Optimus Prime (36492) "knocked this out of the park"
Voyager - Bulkhead (36490)
Entertainment pack will include Episode 6
SDCC Prime Optimus Prime - the power of the Matrix is yours to hold and wear, Matrix package that you can actually wear.
2012 Sneak Peak - concepts only, work in progress
Cyberverse Ratchet, Wheeljack (swords on back)
Legion Bumblebee (looks like it comes with 4 weapons)
Legion Arcee (looks amazing for it's size)
Prime Commander Class Iron Hide (truck)
Deluxe Soundwave (drawings only), Laserbeak fits right on his chest and can use him as a weapon
Deluxe Ratchet (with blades)
Deluxe Wheeljack
Voyager Starscream (MechTech features with lights after you plug it in to robot - concept only)

Kre-o Transformers
Summer 2011
More than meets the eye
28 Kreons in launch line
16 Transformers Kreons, 12 humans
Tons of accessories!

Transformers Rescue Bots
New cast of characters
Created group of guys that are specialized in rescue
Kind of an Elite Force
Blades - helicopter
Chase - police
Heatwave - firetruck
Boulder - Construction vehicle
Optimus Prime

Will be at SDCC and New York Comic-Con

If there was a WFC 2 video game, some of those characters would get toys [sarcasm aluding to we are getting new WFC toys)

TRU Exclusive Cyberverse Scan Series Four Pack Video Review

Transformers News: TRU Exclusive Cyberverse Scan Series Four Pack  Video Review
Date: Wednesday, May 25th 2011 10:04pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Quantum Reflex

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Our own Quantum Reflex has posted a video review of the TRU exclusive Cyberverse Scan Series four pack featuring repaints of four Legends class figures: Universe Bumblebee, ROTF Bumblebee, ROTF Starscream, and Cybertron Starscream. The set also features two new weapons that can be held by the movie-verse repaints. Take a look at his embedded video below.

On a side note, if you are planning on picking this set up it has been spotted at retail.

'The Road to Chaos' - Transformers Ongoing #19 Reviewed

Transformers News: 'The Road to Chaos' -  Transformers Ongoing #19 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, May 17th 2011 8:46pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): tigertracks 24, IDW Publishing

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Lots happening in the Transformers universe.

Galvatron and company are around the ‘live’ universe becoming more powerful and with purpose. The Autobots are in the most disarray that you can imagine them ever being in--- and making choices that lead to serious, SERIOUS ramifications.

Megatron is simply toying with Optimus Prime, and Optimus Prime is showing an extremely frustrated side that one would rarely remember seeing before from the freedom focused noble-bot in even the most dire of circumstances.

But we’re leaving this scene for another corner of the TF-universe. A corner not seen in more than a few issues (at least six!). A section that can only make fans scratch their heads, and imagine what could possibly happen next. Enter Rodimus.

After being ‘ka-boomed’ by Megatron’s super-charged rail gun in the climax of Ongoing issue #13, we catch up with Rodimus floating dead in space with the matrix. He achieves planetfall, and crashlands on a planet that this reader has to say, he didn’t think he would see again with the way events had been going, previous events getting lost in favor of, and sometimes seemingly replaced by newer directions recently.

But in an effort to perhaps reach out to loyal readers, or maybe it was the plan all along, IDW has been returning (finally!) to previously set plot points, and events once again. Plot points that may have been going somewhere in the previous creative crews‘ minds‘ eyes, but were seemingly lost when they left. The newest example of revived plot points, Rodimus landing on the very same planet that holds FAN FAVORITE, should have been First Ballot hall-of-famer, rhyming, wildbot of Cybertron....Wheelie!!!!

*Pauses for cheers to die down*

Last seen stuck on this far away planet thanks to Spyglass, and his Reflector crew, with a 99.999999% chance of never being rescued (fudged that number a little bit), and ominously living near some ruins containing hieroglyphs of a familiar alien race, WHEELIE is once again reunited with a fellow Autobot after quite a long time. The Autobot is fortunately for him, no longer dead ("I feel happy!"), as the matrix is now imbedded into Rodimus’ chest plate like it was always meant to be there, and sparks life back into him.

Rodimus remembers Wheelie immediately upon meeting up with him stating, “You’ve been MIA for almost as long as I can remember. From since just after I got recruited to the Autobots.”

That seems like a long time ago indeed. It’s so long in fact, Wheelie does not even remember being an Autobot.

This issue is otherwise fairly boring. Setting up for the next, much more grand event, where these two young Autobots are going to make their return to Cybertron, and confront a very familiar foe, this issue mainly provides, well, not much. There’s some small piece concerning three other aliens on the planet, but it is quickly put to bed in favor of getting us to the next issue’s ‘will-be-awesomeness’. Yes, Wheelie and Rodimus are going to, thanks to the unlimited power of the matrix and the three disposable aliens, be able to escape the un-escapable planet, and arrive on Cybertron just in time to be a part of this summer’s CHAOS event.

Wheelie rhymes. Rodimus expounds on his injuries, and his new life, and his previous life, vowing to never leave a fellow Autobot behind...again. And Wheelie plays music now. ‘Nuff said?

The Story:

...Is forgettable. This inconsequential issue will quickly be lost in the excitement of this summer’s huge CHAOS events. The two weary Autobots seem to be a bit less than benevolent in their dealings with the three aliens...a streak that seems to be on par with recent Autobot events.

Some might say this could be one of the most annoying issues ever containing both whiny Rodimus, and rhymey Wheelie, but overall the creative crew handled the two well, making sure to focus more on the positive aspects of each, rather than the more negative pieces of them that the fans have come to on some cases...loathe.

The dialogue is smooth and clean. I really wish if IDW changed something from G1 ‘as we know it’ that they would have kept Wheelie from rhyming. The Wheelie-logue drives me bonkers. Thankfully, it is not overwhelmingly done here. I’m just worried now that Wheelie’s back on cast, that his dialect will quickly make its way to the ‘drives me up the wall when I read it‘ category. But Wheelie calls Rodimus dumb to his faceplate, so it can’t be too bad right?

The Art:

---Is Phenomenal. But I’m a Guido slappy. He renders and lines like the pro we know here creating some very beautiful portraits of Wheelie and Rodimus. His alien grunts are excellent as well, reminding me of Skeletor’s hench-lackeys from Masters of the Universe. And the alien ‘general’ seems to have a bit of a cthulhu in his family tree at some point. I have to say, I think Guido stepped it up. His lines on the robots seem more angular and straight, his figures more detailed and less cartoonish. HIs backgrounds detailed, and immense.

The inks, and colors are superbly done, as well.

Honestly, I thought the whole creative team did a really nice job with this issue. ‘It is what it is’ as the oft overused phrase goes. A simple re-introduction tale, setting up a lot bigger event. We get some characterization, and exposition, but not a lot of action. It’s cool though, because the excellent art will keep your eyes and mind quite busy.

Transformers Ongoing #19 is in stores Wednesday, May 18th, be sure to check it out yourself. If you still need more convincing, just check out the 7-page preview, and that should be the deal breaker. See you next time gentle-bots.

Credits to Mike Costa, Guido Guidi, Joana Lafuente, Chris Mowry, Carlos Guzman, and Andy Schmidt.

BOTFAN Brazil & GI JOE Brasilia Present PLANET CYBERTRON 2011

Transformers News: BOTFAN Brazil & GI JOE Brasilia Present PLANET CYBERTRON 2011
Date: Tuesday, May 17th 2011 3:06pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): BOTFAN Brazil & GI JOE Brasilia, Glauber

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We’ve receive a message from our good friends at BOTFAN Brazil about PLANET CYBERTRON 2011, their upcoming Transformers convention in the capital city of Brasilia, Brazil. The event is being co-sponsored by BOTFAN Brazil as well as GI JOE Brasilia, the country’s GI Joe fan club. The convention will take place the weekend of May 28th and 29th at the University IESB, the school's South L2, 613/614, Distrito Federal location.

All the details can be found in the translated press release below.


BOTFAN Brazil wrote:
BOTFAN Brazíl and GI JOE Brasilia present the biggest event ever done by the fan clubs of Transformers and Command in Action in the history of Kodama! Planet Cybertron 2011 features four rooms with toy displays from each series, varied collections, competitions with awards, exhibitions of drawings and films of the series, and even the Market Cybertron. This event will be the first Brazilian event to showcase some of the new Transformers DOTM toy line thanks to a partnership with Hasbro in Brazil!


A room theme designed by fans of the famous for most famous series of transforming robots! The theme this year is the TRANSFORMERS MOVIE - 1989 TO 2009 - Revenge of the Fallen. Lots of exhibits, fun, and many contests await all Transformers fans and visitors.

A special room for display of collectors and collections of the most varied and curious toys, with the main theme focused on one of the largest Japanese series on display here in Brazil - Saint Seiya!! Also included is an exhibition of drawings and films of superheroes that have delighted fans for decades!

The newest issue of room BotFan Brazil, dedicated to fans of the series GI JOE and ACTION COMMANDS, a sample of old collections and the latest releases with displays of old and new series. The main theme of the room will be the film GI JOE - THE RISE OF COBRA (2009).

This room tells the story of BotFan Brazil from its inception in 2006 up to present day, with over 630 enrolled ones fans across the country! Memorable moments that await all visitors and also the famous Market Cybertron with various toys for sale and/or exchange. If you are interested in a table in the Market, contact

The other major attraction will be the Transolimpiadas 2011! Several mad competitions will be held throughout this event. Contest/event details and rules will be disclosed by employees during the day. Sign-ups must be completed 3 hours before each competition.

For more information about PLANET CYBERTRON 2011, contact

We are looking forward to you all joining us for the greatest of all events that BotFan Brazil ever!

BOTFAN Brazil team and GI JOE Brasilia Team
President: Glauber Freire
Regional Coordinators: Martinho Borges and Zander Panzini
Office of Communications and Marketing: Milene Mencari and Pollyane




Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Novel Preorder Includes Excerpt

Transformers News: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Novel Preorder Includes Excerpt
Date: Sunday, May 15th 2011 6:09pm CDT
Category: Movie News
Posted by: LOST Cybertronian | Credit(s): Barnes &

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Barnes & has a Transformers: Dark Of The Moon novel preorder listing for its Nook device. Written by Peter David the listing includes a lengthy excerpt from the novel. The Nook price is $7.99 and is available May 24.

Product Details
  • Pub. Date: May 2011
  • Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
  • Sold By: Random House
  • Format: NOOK Book (eBook)
  • Sales Rank: 76,458
  • ISBN-13: 9780345529169
  • ISBN: 0345529162
  • These items ship to U.S, APO/FPO and U.S. Protectorate addresses only.

Cybertron— The War Years
We were once a peaceful race of intelligent mechanical beings. But then came the war between the Autobots, who fought for freedom . . . and the Decepticons, who dreamed of tyranny . . .

I am Optimus Prime, and I remember my world from ages long gone and mourn for what my planet had been. I wonder whether it could ever be restored to the glory that had once permeated every inch of its glorious surface, and I am saddened to realize that the answer is very likely a resounding “no.”

Once . . .

Once the sky above had been a shimmering, cloudless blue.

Once the surface had been a vast stretch of gleaming silver composed of an array of flat metal continents that were interlocked with each other in perfect geometric shapes. Between the continents were vast valleys that served both as the homes of the population of Cybertron and as a place to take refuge should anyone be foolish enough to try to attack our small but hardy world.

We have lost the gleaming. That is our greatest loss: the loss of the gleaming.

The once-silvery world is now burnished and dark and gray, carbon-scored with countless battles that have ranged above the surface, upon it, and below it. The sky is permanently blackened through the haze of smoke that resulted from the constant explosions and battles that had ranged from one pole of Cybertron to the other.

The incessant battles have been destructive to far more than just the exterior of the world. It has suffered on every level. Once Cybertron had been teeming with life, the paragon of scientific research and development in its particular corner of the galaxy. The technological advances were beyond anything that was known for any other race. Nor had its advancements been limited to science. The arts were treasured as well. The residents of Cybertron wrote poetry . . . mostly of the great achievements by their ancestors.

We scream defiant howls of challenge in combat. We scream through the air, inflicting brutal punishment and damage and death upon each other. We scream in pain, and we scream in death.

Once we were a proud civilization. Now our very world is a victim of war, wounded and dying, and the only thing we have left to be proud of is simply surviving from one day to the next. And how much pride can we take in that when we think of all that we have lost?

I tread across the battlefield. To my immediate right runs the edge of a valley that is steeped in the shadow of death. I step carefully around random pieces of deceased brethren. It seems that every day sees the fall of another brave warrior. Will there ever come an end to it? Well, yes, obviously. It will end when all of one side or the other is dead. What would happen then? Would it be possible to rebuild and perhaps restore Cybertron to its former glory? Those very words have been asked by my devoted followers. I nod in confidence, as a Prime is expected to do, and assure those who believed in me that Cybertron can and will survive—has to survive—and it is upon them to make certain that it does so.

What else am I supposed to say? That Cybertron is doomed? Surely they could see that with their own eyes. But they need to believe in something greater than simply endeavoring to survive another round of assaults from their enemies. There has to be more to living than simply not dying. There has to be—and it is my job to make sure that it is provided even though I suspect it may be hopeless. This is no longer a world. It is simply a battlefield with pretensions of something more. Pretensions that will never be realized.

A noise rips through the air above the field, jolting me from my melancholy reverie. I see an aircraft, a large one that is moving far faster than its considerable size would have made seem possible.

I know the craft. I know what it contains and its importance to our future.

There are six Decepticon fighters howling after it.

Out of reflex, I whip my Energon sword into a defensive position. “No,” I say, and then louder, “No!” I wave my sword in a vain attempt to try to draw attention to myself. But the Decepticons are paying me no heed. They have their sights locked on to a far more formidable target.

The aircraft being pursued is far larger than the Decepticons that are chasing it, but the attack vessels have the advantage of both number and speed. Apparently aware of that, the aircraft is determined to shake its hunters rather than try to fight it out. It dives into the canyon that is to my immediate right. Without hesitation, the six smaller vessels dive in after it.

I start running, desperate to keep the larger air- craft in sight and perhaps provide aid if it is remotely possible.

This particular valley is a maze of towers and outcroppings. The larger aircraft darts into their depths, threading the needle of obstructions as the smaller ships follow behind, fast and hard.

The common wisdom would have been for the aircraft to try to gain even more speed. Instead it slows abruptly, twisting sideways to avoid blasts from the pursuing vessels while permitting a couple of them to get closer than they had expected, faster than they were prepared for. The aircraft flips its wings quickly, first in one direction and then in the other, slapping the pursuing vessels broadside and sending them crashing into the canyon walls. They erupt in balls of flame. Flying shrapnel is hurtling in all directions, cutting through yet another vessel, riddling it with holes and destroying its ability to maneuver. It flips end over end and strikes a tower, bending around it with a screech of metal.

On flies the larger aircraft, picking up speed, diving even lower into the canyon. Two more ships go after it.

It should have been impossible for the large aircraft to accomplish what it does next. It fires its reverse thrusters, and the ship flips over 180 degrees. It is suddenly flying backward, staring directly down its barrels at the ships pursuing it. The airship fires off a few quick shots, blasting aside the two ships, sending them colliding into each other. Then it flips back, narrowly avoiding smashing headlong into an outcropping before zipping around it and going faster than ever.

It is everything I can do to keep up, to be able to see what is happening. Five of the six pursuers are gone, and I allow, just for a moment, hope to swell within me.

Then I recognize the remaining Decepticon fighter, and dread fills me once more.

It is Starscream, leader of the air command. I know all too well that once Starscream is locked upon his quarry, he will never give up. In fact, he probably could have destroyed the target at any time. To Starscream, this is more of a game than a challenge.

But it is a game that he is still going to win, and furthermore, it is a game that he is tiring of.

“Starscream! Stand and face me!” I shout.

It is impossible to determine whether Starscream hears me. If he does, he ignores me. He probably even chuckles to himself inwardly at the desperation of my plea, a desperation that I could scarcely keep out of my voice.

With the section of the canyon coming to an end, there is nowhere else for the airship to go. Now it is simply going to be a matter of speed. The airship angles straight up a split second before reaching the end of the trench, hurtling vertically toward the outer atmosphere. Starscream does not slow a whit as he goes after it.

I have never felt more helpless. My grip tightens in frustration on the Energon sword. I can only watch as the battle plays out toward what seems an inevitable conclusion.

Higher and higher speeds the airship, and suddenly it puts on a burst of speed that threatens to leave Starscream behind. There is what sounds like a howl of outrage from the Decepticon, or it might just have been the screech of the air being rent asunder. Either way, for one glorious moment, it seems that a miracle might well occur and the airship will manage to elude its pursuer.

I should have known better.

Starscream locks on and fires. A single pulse from his cannon catches the aft wing of the fleeing ship.

The result is instantaneous and catastrophic. The blast tears off a stabilizer. It sends a shudder through the airship, and seconds later the cargo door blows open. Debris spills down from it, tumbling to the dirty gray surface of Cybertron like metal rain. The airship tries to compensate but fails completely. Instead, with no control at all, the airship spirals off into the darkness of space, the distant stars gleaming at it silently.

With his job done, Starscream banks sharply away. Again it could well be my imagination, but I think I may have heard mocking laughter as Starscream departs.

The Decepticon wouldn’t even do me the simple courtesy of facing me in battle. Either he is worried that I would destroy him or, more likely, he is arrogantly convinced that he would destroy me.

Which means he wants me to live. He wants me to be saddled with the awareness of what had just happened and my helplessness at preventing it. He wants it to eat at me, to make me dwell as long as possible upon the catastrophe that had just befallen the Autobots.

Disappointment hangs heavily upon me. I am all too aware of the importance of that ship that had been blasted away into space. It represents a horrific loss not only to the Autobots but to Cybertron itself.

I am not one to give up, ever. Yet three words go through my mind, three words that I dare not utter lest one of the other Autobots hear me and fall into despair to hear their Prime speak so.

And those three words are: we are lost.



Doctor Aaron Brooks had come to a conclusion: He was wasting his life.

How in the world he had wound up in the Mojave Desert, staring at a bunch of screens that were in turn linked to row after row of radio telescopes, looking for . . .

Nothing. He was looking for nothing.

He glanced around the room at others who were just like him. Half a dozen scientists who had gone into various fields, such as astronomy or theoretical physics. All of them had once been young students, looking forward to careers of accomplishment and exploration.

And one by one, they had wound up here.

If they were anything like Brooks—and he knew they were—they had joined up with the same ambition to do something remarkable: to be the very first to find a signal from outer space that was a sign of intelligent life elsewhere. There was little doubt that it would be the greatest moment in humankind’s history since the invention of the wheel.

Yet as year rolled into year, Brooks had monitored magnetic beats from pulsars or the background radiation left over from the big bang itself, searching for one signal out of a billion. He had felt the enthusiasm he initially had for the project slowly, steadily being sucked out of him. The most depressing thing was watching the same realization creeping over the other scientists in the control room.

Ah, the control room: crammed with the latest technology, lined with screens and instrumentation that could chart everything and anything that came within the considerable range of the telescope array. Once it had seemed vibrant and alive to him. Now it just seemed sterile. It was where dreams of close encounters went to die.

He was going off shift soon. The setting sun was casting its red glow across the desert, and soon Aaron Brooks would witness yet another day of disappointing emptiness come to an end. Just one more, the latest dropped on the stack of—

That was when the center lit up.

A Klaxon sounded, so deafening that Brooks leaped straight up out of his chair, mashing his knee on the underside of the console. He grabbed his earphones and shoved them hard against the sides of his head. He needed to hear the signals for himself, even as a message scrolled across the lit screens with as much dispassion as if it were listing stock market prices:

ufo detected. collision course

Aaron Brooks was the team leader, his predecessor having dropped dead two months earlier (of boredom, some had morosely joked). Even though everyone knew what to do, even though they all had trained for a situation just like this one, still every eye turned to Brooks. They seemed to be seeking confirmation from him—or perhaps they were hoping that he would shake his head, laugh, punch a button that would shut down the alarms, and inform them that it was a false positive or a test or even just a sick joke to shatter the ennui. They would all yell at him if that last one were the case and then would mutter that they knew the whole time he was just messing around and they hadn’t been fooled, not for one second.

Every one of these men, wearing the unofficial uniform of black slacks, white short-sleeved shirt, and thin necktie, was a professional. None of them was going to outwardly panic. There would be no throwing of papers into the air, no screaming of, Oh, my God, we’re all going to die! No one was going to soil himself or vomit up the tacos he’d brought in for lunch. Nevertheless, Brooks said firmly, “Stay on task, people. We have a job to do.” Even though it may well be that no one is going to be alive to know whether or not we did it. “Station One, confirm contact.”

“Confirmed,” Ralph Simmons said from Station One, and rattled off what his sensor apparatus was telling him.

Methodically, Brooks went from one man to the next until all six weighed in with identical readings. Then Brooks turned to Kelly—tall, bookish, the seismolo- gist who knew this stuff cold and could come up with conclusions without having to run numbers through computers—and simply uttered two words: “How bad?”

“If it hits us? Very. Bad,” Kelly said with his typical understatement, adding the second word as if it were an afterthought.

Brooks turned to Newman, the expert when it came to tracking collision courses. “Is it going to?” Brooks had looked at the same numbers as everyone else, but there were still variables: too many plus or minuses within the margin for error to be certain. Newman was the only one who might have a lock on it.

Newman wasn’t looking at him. He was running the numbers. He wasn’t inputting anything or even writing anything down; he was just staring.

Then, slowly, he turned and leveled his gaze on Brooks.

“Too close to call,” he said.

Dead silence.

“Nobody breathe,” Aaron Brooks said in what he realized might well be the last order he ever gave.


(The object—or, as half a dozen men would now describe it, the contact—hurtles through space, as it has for uncounted years. It is a dead thing, frozen and dark. All this time, all this way, it has managed to avoid falling into the grip of the gravity field of any astronomical body. Despite the vastness of space, this has not been as easy a feat as one might think. If it had endeavored to accomplish this by design, such a task would have been formidable. Since it has transpired by luck, it is nothing short of miraculous. It seems to be a compelling argument for the notion that there is some unknowable, unseen being who is guiding matters along—although whether it is because of some grand master plan for the betterment of the universe or just perverse personal amusement, it would be impossible to say.)

(Whatever the reason, though, luck has obviously run out for the object; a collision is imminent. And the target appears to be a blue/green sphere dead ahead, the third sphere in orbit around the Type G2V star hanging a mere 93 million miles away . . . a vast distance under most circumstances but a mere stone’s throw in astronomical terms. Moving at 33,000 miles per hour, when the object hits—depending upon where that should occur—the results will be catastrophic. If it hits the water, tidal waves or an underground seismic event will certainly result. If it strikes land, then the outcome will be a crater the size of several cities and perhaps another seismic event, possibly enough to split or sink a continent. Or it might not even reach ground. It could well superheat in the atmosphere to in excess of 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit and explode with a ferocity two hundred times greater than an atomic bomb. This had happened before, ripping apart eight hundred square miles of Russian forest, leaving 80 million trees flattened in a radial pattern.)

(Except this object might well detonate above a major city, leveling hundreds—even thousands—of skyscrapers and snuffing out the lives of millions of people. There are only so many times that a single planet can escape cosmic catastrophe.)

(Closer it comes to the blue/green sphere, and faster, and yes, it is going to be a city, a city that a group of scientists in the Mojave are powerless to warn because it’s going to take too long and an evacuation would require hours, perhaps a full day, and they have only minutes left. All they would have time for is to pray to the deity that has seemingly abandoned them to a random and capricious fate.)

(And then a small, silver-gray mass of rock—that doesn’t have anything on its plate except affecting the tides and serving as inspiration for both romantic poets and suckers for werewolf legends—puts itself between the blue/green sphere and the intruder. With no atmo- sphere in which the intruder can superheat, with no population to die, it has nothing to lose. It is an undead soldier throwing itself upon a grenade to save the troops.)

(Mission accomplished.)

(A journey that began oh so long ago is brought to an abrupt and terminal halt.)


“Lunar impact!” Aaron Brooks shouted. He didn’t bother to poll the other men but instead simply called out, “Confirmations?”

“We have impact!” “Lunar impact, confirmed!” “Way to go, baby!” The shouts were coming quickly, overlapping one another, laced with cries of relieved laughter and all the tension that they had managed to keep bottled up in the face of an impending crisis. They were clapping one another on the back, congratulating one another as if they themselves had somehow managed to move the moon directly into the intruder’s path.

Brooks sagged into his chair, his chest heaving, putting his hand to his head and realizing that his hair was now drenched in sweat. As he waited for his pulse to return to something approximating normal, Newman walked straight over to him, all business. Brooks wasn’t surprised at Newman’s detachment. The man lived and breathed numbers and had ice water in his veins. To him, the object striking the moon was an interesting outcome to a mathematical exercise in trajectory and nothing more.

“It’s not a meteor,” he said with certainty.

Forcing himself to take a slow breath and then exhale just as slowly, Brooks said, “So when the computer’s saying UFO, it really means . . .”

“Yeah,” Newman said. “The telemetry leaves no question. Whatever that thing is that hit the moon, it’s not a meteor or a fragment from a comet or anything that’s understood by anyone, except maybe those lunatics out at Area 51. We have a genuine unidentified flying object.”

“So you’re saying there may be an alien corpse lying on the far side of the moon right now.”

“Or several alien corpses. Or maybe . . .” His voice trailed off.

“Or maybe what?”

“Or maybe alien weapons.”

“You,” Brooks said immediately, “read too much of that sci-fi crap.” But even as he said it aloud, the truth of Newman’s speculation burrowed into his imagination and promptly began to eat away at what little peace of mind he had left.

At that moment, Brooks’s aide, an attractive young British woman—Carla Spencer—came running up to him and pointed at a blinking red line. “Mr. Webb’s ready to take your call now,” she said breathlessly. “They kept trying to put me off, and I told them they would bloody well speak to you now if they cared about the future of their bleeding planet.”

Brooks couldn’t help himself; he laughed. Spencer, normally brimming with British reserve, chuckled in response as she realized how she’d come across. Brooks felt as if he were truly seeing her for the first time. He had always been a single-minded workaholic, and there was nothing that focused someone on matters other than work more than a narrowly averted catastrophe. He reached for his receiver, but just before he pushed the button to connect it, he said, “You wanna go out for a drink after work?”

“Desperately,” she said.

He nodded, then put the phone to his ear and, just before he started talking, decided that perhaps boredom was underrated after all.

Transformers DOTM Reviewed (Update: No Twins)

Transformers News: Transformers DOTM Reviewed (Update: No Twins)
Date: Saturday, May 14th 2011 12:30pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Ain't it Cool News, rich prime, Connor A

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Capone of Ain't it Cool News had the opportunity to view Transformers DOTM in it's entirety and has posted the film's first review. While the version that was screened was in 2-D the reviewer states the movie's 3-D potential is "very clear". He also states the movie looks surprisingly complete considering it doesn't come out until July 1st. He has tried to keep his review free of major spoilers, but naturally there are some spoiler-ish details so read on at your own risk. We'll hit some of the high points below, to read his full review click here!

Update: After the Ain't it Cool News review started making waves in the Transformers community regarding the twins director Michael Bay posted the following in his Shoot for the Edit forum:

After the internet posting of a nice review by someone who saw Transformers Dark of the Moon, the writer had not been clear on one thing. He misstated that the Twins are in the film. They are not.

So I am offering a $25,000 REWARD to anyone who can find them performing in Transformers 3, on July 1, when the movie opens.


Capone has subsequently updated his review with the following regarding the twins:

[Hey, everyone. Just to be 100 percent clear, I'm not referring about the "The Twins" here; they are most definitely not in this film. I'm talking about Wheelie (Tom Kenny, who also voiced Skids in REVENGE OF THE FALLEN) and other similar smaller robots, who act like streetwise teenagers.]

The Chicago battle:
  • over an hour long
  • intense
  • lots of civilian deaths

The Twins:
  • they are in the film
  • they've been toned down from ROTF

  • very creepy
  • still has is disfigurements from ROTF
  • little spider-like robots crawl in and out of his head wound that he casually picks away
  • in surprisingly good spirits

Sentinel Prime:
  • left Cybertron in the Ark filled with technology he thought would eventually save their planet
  • voiced to "perfection" by Nimoy
  • retrieved and revived by Optimus Prime

Sam Witwicky:
  • has graduated college and is now living with new girlfriend Carly
  • not happy that he is not employed by the government
  • his boss is played by Malkovich
  • Ken Jeong is co-worker
  • his parents are in the film, but minimally

  • Sam's new girlfriend (obviously)
  • often in the tightest of cloths
  • often filmed as though she is in a Victoria's Secret show
  • better than Megan Fox in the reviewer,s opinion

Dylan (Patrick Dempsey):
  • Carly's boss and possible competition for her attentions
  • has a penchant for world domination

Agent Simmons;
  • has written a book about the Transformers on Earth
  • now a rich eccentric
  • trying to not get pulled back in to the game

Moon landings/alien technology:
  • the first and every Moon landing since has been in response to the Ark crash landing
  • Autobots are not amused that technology meant to save their race has been sitting on the Moon all this time without their knowledge
  • Chernobyl accident was caused by experimentation on retrieved alien technology

Bottom line: Best of the three!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #106 - McCarthyism
Twincast / Podcast #106:
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Posted: Thursday, December 4th, 2014