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NFR's Top Toys for 2008 Holiday Season

Transformers News: NFR's Top Toys for 2008 Holiday Season
Date: Wednesday, November 19th 2008 10:53am CST
Categories: Editorials, Site Articles, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): National Retail Federation

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The National Retail Federation recently conducted a survey amongst holiday shoppers and got the scoop on what consumers say are the hottest toys to grab this Holiday season.

The TRANSFORMERS brand ranked 5th in the top 10 toys for boys catagory, just behind Video Games and the Ninentdo Wii console but beating out Star Wars and XBOX 360.

2008 Top Toys for Boys

1. Video Games
2. Nintendo Wii
4. Cars (generic)
5. Transformers
6. Elmo
7. Star Wars
8. Hot Wheels
9. Remote Controlled Vehicles
10. Xbox 360

Another interesting report the survey had was that 77 percent of shoppers who participated had less than 10 percent of the their holiday shopping done. In a statement made by NFR President and CEO Tracy Mullen, she cited that “Americans may be hesitant to purchase expensive gifts this holiday season, but personal and practical gifts will resonate most with shoppers this year.” She also said that “Though many companies have already been featuring substantial sales and discounts, retailers may still have a few tricks up their sleeves to attract and entice holiday shoppers.”

Whoa nelly! With Walmart already featuring Transformers Deluxe class figures at $7.77 USD, and TARGET Stores following suit at $7.79 USD for the same class figures, the thought of getting better deals on Transformers figures may just bump Video Games out of that number one spot.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news on Transformers Toys and Products.

Fan-Made Movie Bumblebee costume.

Transformers News: Fan-Made Movie Bumblebee costume.
Date: Thursday, October 23rd 2008 9:08am CDT
Categories: Editorials, Media, People News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Psychout

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Views: 40,099 has an article about a fan-made Transformers the movie Bumblebee costume. Lionel Lum the creator of the costume took 3 months to plan and make the costume so he could wear it at the San Diego Comic Con 08. This costume is a highly detailed and incredibly accurate representation of the screen character. Just take a look below and feast your eyes on the awesomeness that is the best Movie Bumblebee costume.
click here to see more images and read the article.

Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news.

Stock Watch: HASBRO "The Best Play in Toys"

Transformers News: Stock Watch: HASBRO "The Best Play in Toys"
Date: Wednesday, October 22nd 2008 5:14pm CDT
Categories: Company News, Editorials, Media
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Glenn Curtis of Investopedia Community

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Despite the loss in profit that HASBRO, Inc. (HAS NYSE) reported on Monday, October 21st, analysts reports and investors continue to give the toy company the greenlight when it comes to buying common shares.

Financial Writer, Glenn Curtis of the Investopedia Community posted an article today outlying why he believes that HASBRO is the best choice when it comes to toy makers. Taken from the article:

Nemesis Mattel (NYSE:MAT) has a long and storied history similar to that of Hasbro, but I think that when it comes down to it, Hasbro is the better play. First, Hasbro managed to beat analyst's estimates by a pretty impressive three cents in the period. Meanwhile, Mattel released its third quarter earnings on the same day, and it earned 66 cents a share, which was five cents below what analyst’s had been looking for.

He then goes on to list all the acheivments that the company has made within the last year and the massive buy back of HASBRO stock that the company invested its money in. He explains that the buy back shows the confidence that the toy manufacturer has with its projected financials which will translate into common stock gains over the next year.

All in all its a great read and you don't have to be an Exchage specialists to understand what he's saying.

Check out the complete article by clicking here.

Stock Watch:3rd QTR Earnings Preview for HASBRO

Transformers News: Stock Watch:3rd QTR Earnings Preview for HASBRO
Date: Friday, October 17th 2008 2:08pm CDT
Categories: Company News, Editorials, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Views: 20,804

In a report earlier today by Seeking Alpha (a stock anaylst website) the projected earnings report for HASBRO, Inc. (HAS NYSE) has been posted.

According to the report "Analysts are looking for a profit of 86c on revenue of $1.26B. The consensus range is 73c to 94c for EPS, and revenue of $1.16B to $1.31B".

In a nutshell, the outlook is good for the Transformers creator's quarterly financial gains despite current economic stresses and a projected cut down on "discretionary spending" by consumers.

Analysts are also predicting that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will generate even more revenue than the first film in both box office and toy sales, keeping HASBRO at a higher gain.

As previously reported, HASBRO is set to webcast its 3rd quarter earnings report on Monday, October 20th, 2008 at 8:30 A.M. EST.

To view the full report, click here.

Sinfest Introduces "Banktron" Triplechanger

Transformers News: Sinfest Introduces "Banktron" Triplechanger
Date: Wednesday, October 15th 2008 3:03pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Editorials
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Views: 27,267

In todays rough economic times, its comforting to see that even political cartoonists can find refuge in the Transformers genre. In what seems to be based of of Matt Moylan's own Lil' Formers, has found a way to incorporate transforming robots and the current financial recession the countries in and find a happy (or not so happy) median.


To view the original post of this, click here.

Chinese Junkyard Uses "Autobots" to help business

Transformers News: Chinese Junkyard Uses "Autobots" to help business
Date: Friday, October 10th 2008 5:11pm CDT
Categories: Editorials, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Views: 32,789

Since the Transformers live action movie hit the production phase, people all over the globe have been finding ways to capitalize on the phenomonom that is Tranformerdom. We've seen piles of junk made into Optimus Prime. We've seen complete paper replicas of Bumblebee. Now we get a look at how one Chinese junkyard owner is trying to cash in on the Transformers.

{L_IMAGE} Chinese entrepreneur from the Zhejiang province had a plan to promote his particular pile of junk as something special. He'd build full scale Autobot sculptures.

It's hard to say who this BMW is supposed to be, but it definately favors the G1 era. Check out the original article on this here.

HASBRO: Most Holiday Toys will be under $20.00

Transformers News: HASBRO: Most Holiday Toys will be under $20.00
Date: Wednesday, October 1st 2008 9:34pm CDT
Categories: Company News, Editorials, Press Releases, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Views: 28,005

In an effort to quell the economic crunch being experienced by consumers, Transformers creator HASBRO, Inc. (HAS NYSE) has issued a statement regarding toy price ranges for the upcoming Holiday season.

In the statement, HASBRO projects most toylines to fall within the $20.00 USD pricing bracket. This pricing is a direct result of the current financial stress that families have been experiencing from the recent Stock Market woes and is meant to help parents in their time of need. The Company's CEO, Brian Goldner, also stated that two thirds of HASBRO products are already priced at $20.00 USD or below.

Walmart Stores has stated that its franchise has already cut prices in advance of the Holiday season with price reductions in most Deluxe line figures of the Transformers Toys and HASBRO's Play Doh Ice Cream Shop.

Good news for us consumers for the fast approaching festivities.

To view the original article on this, click here.

New MP Thundercracker Images At Toys R Us Japan Online

Transformers News: New MP Thundercracker Images At Toys R Us Japan Online
Date: Monday, September 22nd 2008 2:53am CDT
Categories: Editorials, Store News, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Toys R Us Japan

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Views: 32,472

Toys R’ Us Japan has some more images of the upcoming Masterpiece Thundercracker release highlighting some of the features of the toy.

Thundercracker is a repaint of the Masterpiece Starscream mold, and is the fourth coloring of the mold that we have had. The mold has been painted as the original, realistic Starscream in darker, muted colors, the Anime colored Starscream, Skywarp, and now in Thundercracker deco.

You can still pre-order MP Thundercracker at many online stores including BigBadToyStore.

Check out the mirrored images below (when we get news control back), one of which shows the new facial expression for Thundercracker!


Canadian Armed Forces lauch "Op Timis Preem"

Transformers News: Canadian Armed Forces lauch "Op Timis Preem"
Date: Monday, August 25th 2008 5:33pm CDT
Category: Editorials
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): First Gen

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Views: 23,394

In what could be the first time a mission name was ever done after our beloved Transformers, Canadian officials reported dealing a huge blow to terrorist forces in the middle east during Op Timis Preem, a mission in which the objective was to stop terrorist forces from creating and using Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

Canadian news outlet reports that Canadian military had a decisive victory over the weekend against Taliban terrorists. The operation was carried out in the Zhari district of Kandahar province last Thursday through Saturday Taken from the article:

Lt.-Col. Dave Corbould told reporters Monday that Canadian Forces "hit the Taliban hard" during operation Op Timis Preem.

Corbould said the operation's objective was to strike at the Taliban's command and control infrastructure and take away their ability to conduct operations against Afghan and coalition forces.

The mission's key goal was to reduce the Taliban's ability to build improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which they routinely plant along Highway Number One -- the main national highway that crosses Kandahar province.

The article then went on to explain the casualties of the operation and what the soldiers of the Canadian military face on a daily basis. What's never mentioned is the origin of the mission name. Apparently, the reporting journalist didn't make the connection between the mission and the heroic Leader of the Autobots.

To view the entire article on this, click here.

GeekDad: The 12 most Ridiculous Transformers

Transformers News: GeekDad: The 12 most Ridiculous Transformers
Date: Sunday, August 24th 2008 11:57pm CDT
Categories: Editorials, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): GeekDad

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Views: 41,172

With a tagline like Less than Meets the Eye: The 12 most ridiculous Transformers, you have to expect the author to be an anti-Transformers type who spends most of their time looking for things to hate the in the TF Universe.

This list, while very suprising, may make sense to some and not so much to others. Below you will see a list of Z's 12 Worst Transformers ever created, in no particular order.

(Generation One) Cosmos

(Beast Wars) Waspinator

(Generation One) Kup

(Generation One) Arcee

(Note: Energon Arcee used since no G1 figure was created)

(TF: Victory) Deszaraz

(Beast Wars Neo) Heinlad

(Generation One) Huffer

(Generation One) Ultra Magnus

(Robots in Disguise/Car Robots) Fire Convoy

(Generation One) Shockwave

(Generation One) Ratbat

(Transformers: Live Action Film) Frenzy

Now I know what you guys are thinking: What?!! How could he say that about (fill in the blank)?!! But before you go crazy, read the authors reasons why each Transformer made the list. Some of the explanations weren't exactly suitable for, so be warned about the language.

Agree or not, its sure to be an entertaining read for those diehard Transformers fans. You can view the complete article by clicking here.

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