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"Leakin' Lubricants!"- Transformers Ironhide #1 Reviewed

Transformers News: "Leakin' Lubricants!"- Transformers Ironhide #1 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, May 11th 2010 10:32am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Views: 45,705



"If you're a TRANSFORMERS comic fan, this is a must-have. The story has huge ramifications for the ongoing TRANSFORMERS comic saga," adds Schmidt.

-from the Ironhide press release back in February-

You heard it from IDW’s own editor, a ‘must have’.

I’ve been chatting with Mr. Andy Schmidt (IDW Transformers Editor) about all things Transformers, but that’s a tale to share another time. Today we want to review the Transformers Ironhide comic #1 a bit. The five page preview is out, and tomorrow, you can buy this issue on your comic book shelf.

I’m going to share with you my thoughts for some reasons why you may pick the issue up, or you may end up avoiding this issue and series altogether.


BUY IT: Number one this is a G1 series. If you like G1, you will probably enjoy it, or at least comparing it to previous G1 incarnations of characters.

SKIP IT: Because it’s IDW’s new take on G1, and as we have seen, its had its good points (Last Stand of the Wreckers), and its bad points (Ongoing's slow start, and the Bumblebee miniseries).

BUY IT: It’s Ironhide, and from the first issue he seems to be the character that we know and love, albeit, he does not seem to have his Cullen-isms that he was famous for from the G1 cartoon, he is still tough, mature, smart, and a good warrior. Added to that, it looks like we get to have more history about Cybertron during the war, albeit from Ironhide’s point of view.


SKIP IT: You don’t like G1 Ironhide.

BUY IT: The art is by Casey Coller, with covers by Marcelo Matere, and colors by Joana Lafuente. This has been a very competent crew in the past, and it looks like we can expect the same thing this time around. The vision here seems to be yet another redesign, Cybertronian in nature, of characters, but they are familiar, and some characters have designs previously used in IDW’s TF-verse. G1 designs are respected, and used to create the Cybertronian forms. I think Coller does a very good job with Transformers’ faces, bodies, forms, and proportions. The scenes feel a bit crowded at times, but due to the part of the story being told it’s needed, and is nowhere near as crowded as many panels were in Megatron Origins.

Did I mention you can tell who characters are?


SKIP IT: Don’t like yet another artists rendition of Transformers? You really got used to Don’s portrayal of characters, and don’t want to go back?

BUY IT: Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries. Why is Ironhide where he is? How is the Swarm involved? Isn’t Ironhide dead? What purpose does this serve to the overall IDW TF-verse?


SKIP IT: “I Hate mysteries. Don’t like to try to tie things together. The Swarm again, oh’s AHM revisited!”


BUY IT: Action, and background TFs populate panels, and they are recognizable!

SKIP IT: “IDW never uses my favorite Transformers, and if they do they die right away.”

BUY IT: Prime’s learning to be a leader through the tutelage of Kup and Ironhide.


SKIP IT: “Prime’s learning to be a leader...still. Ugh...”

RECOMMENDATION: I’ve read the issue, and I suggest you might want to give the series a try, especially if you are interested in G1, or even mildly interested in seeing where IDW is taking their vision of G1.

I hate to admit it, but Ironhide has never been one of my favorite characters. He was likable enough, but the van alt mode, and the cranky nature, turned me off a bit. Then there was Kup, and I realized Ironhide was not that bad...but it was too late then, because he had died nobley in the movie, never to return to my beloved cartoon series. Poor Ironhide, nobody wants to keep you around. Wrong, looks like Costa and Schmidt want you around for at least 3 more issues!

*Mostly I think the toy turned me off to Ironhide the most. So odd, and so different from the cartoon model. It was very hard to like a character that one could not own the toy of, at least for me anyway, and there was no desire to want Ironhide’s toy at ALL!*

The first issue of this mini lays the story out well, includes some great action, and some intriguing mystery set up to be solved by the final issue. The art is really enjoyable, and the story flows well, even if I don’t like the dialogue much (Prime ‘sounds’ different-almost cocky at times).

The first issue of four is here, and Ironhide’s liquid nitrogen may be needed to cool off the fan reaction (take that how you want).

Decepti-creeps look out, Ironhide is slowly, but surely here to save the day!
(I can’t believe I just wrote that.)

READ IT TOMORROW, after you pick it up from your local comic guy or gal!

Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Battle Blade Bumblebee Review and Gallery

Transformers News: Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Battle Blade Bumblebee Review and Gallery
Date: Thursday, May 6th 2010 8:55am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Pascal

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Views: 76,451 member Pascal also gives us a detailed review of the upcoming Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee. The figure features a transforming arm cannon and transforming energy blade, as well as flip down battle mask.

Pascal wrote:

-same '09 Camaro as previous ROTF versions
-pretty much the same deco as Cannon Bumblebee, but tail lights are painted with a darker red, tail pipes aren't painted (silver on Cannon Bumblebee), no visible Autobot symbol anywhere to be seen, front bottom lights (4) aren't painted either (silver on Cannon Bumblebee) and black stripes have sharp outerlining corners (they were rounded on previous versions)... also, the stripes don't go over the yellow part under the rear window unlike previous versions and the yellow is less orangy than previous versions
-all windows are clear blue


-legs retain the automorph feature but rear window is now part of the roof assembly
-feet now have fold out heels like HA or Battle Ops Bumblebee
-waist piece folds down from under the front of the car like on HA or Battle Ops Bumblebee
-front wheels swings out and sit in front of the door wings like on HA or Battle Ops Bumblebee
-outer halves of the front of the car are hinged and can extend forward and be angled
-the separate black grill halves can be also angled
-backpack compresses in a fashion similar to HA or Battle Ops Bumblebee but the tip of the hood piece kinda pegs in the rear spine
-hip guards are now hinged and can be positionned as you wish (on the sides, facing front or in between)


-battle mask slides down like on HA Bumblebee
-to transform the right arm into cannon mode, you fold up the hand against the forearm, you split open the yellow arm cover, you swing the rear piece forward and align it with the forearm and you close the arm cover panels
-to deploy the battle blade on the left arm, you press on the bronze-ish piece of the arm cover, the blade will swing down and up forward then you just need to unfold the upper half of the blade... I can you can fold the hand against the forearm or not, not sure how it's done in the game (that's what that weapon is based on, right?)


-best transformation yet for a deluxe Bumblebee
-great articulation, even has waist swivel
-great headsculpt
-probably the sleekest version of the battle mask yet
-2 real arms and 2 real fully integrated and unobtrusive weapons
-automorph feature in the legs (always liked that one)
-chest halves can be angled to your liking
-somewhat poseable hands (fingers + thumbs)
-some cool silver paint apps on the arms and crotch and yellow on the waist


-can't see the eyes behind the battle mask
-tip of cannon should have been grey to better flow with the forearm
-black hands and heel pieces?
-hood halves sit a bit far from the rest of the chest
-waist panel tends to unpeg when you try to rotate the torso
-no wrist rotation
-no matching bronze-ish paint app on the right arm cover

Is it the best Bumblebee out there? As far as Deluxe Bumblebees are concerned, yes. Some minor deco glitches, but playability factor is very high compared to the other versions with the 2 integrated weapons, the dual mode head and the 2 real arms/hands. Highly recommended!


Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide Review and Gallery

Transformers News: Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide Review and Gallery
Date: Thursday, May 6th 2010 8:39am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Pascal

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Views: 68,956

Member Pascal continues with some first impressions of Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide.

Pascal wrote:-very, very, very nice truck mode with no obvious robot parts other than the huge feet sticking out from under the rear of the truck (not any worse than on Deluxe Ratchet though)
-tricky transformation, as complex if not more than on the voyager version
-some creative solutions on how to close the back (2 panels), hide the wheels (2 under the feet, 2 angled under the chest), hide the smokestacks, etc.
-a bit stubby for a deluxe (Bumblebee is much taller in comparison)
-elbows sit very high up on the arms
-knees also sit fairly high up on the legs
-some nice silver, bronze and blue-ish grey paint apps showing up in robot mode
-leg kibble (hip panels, upper lower leg panels, truck rear halves behind the lower legs... all can be positionned to your liking though
-nice little drone that turns into a cannon and that can also be stored inside the truck in alt mode thanks to that neat right cannon that split open to make room for it!
-clear blue windows (would have been easy to be lazy and just paint them over black plastic)
-movie accurate head (similar to the one found on the newer versions of Voyager Ironhide)
-good articulation overall, even has ankle swivels (no waist though)
-very nice toy overall, once you get a feel for the transformation, you'll love it (if you don't mind scale issues!)


Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Hubcap Review and Gallery

Transformers News: Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Hubcap Review and Gallery
Date: Thursday, May 6th 2010 8:26am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Pascal

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Views: 44,730

Our very own member Pascal has posted some first impressions and mini gallery for upcoming Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Hubcap:

Pascal wrote:-cool retro alt mode
-nice shade of red and silver paint apps (could easily have been left grey)
-very basic transformation (see Optibotimus' video on Youtube)
-good range of articulation (but no wrist articulation unlike Breakdown or Detour)
-feet are empty on the bottom and feel a bit cheap
-would have been cool if the arms panels could have folded in half like on Scattershot
-all in all, maybe not the best or most spectacular movie 2 scout out there but still pretty solid


New Images of Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Backfire

Transformers News: New Images of Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Backfire
Date: Thursday, May 6th 2010 3:55am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s):, Ben Yee

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Views: 45,048

Thanks to Ben Yee over at his website, we've got a review of a brand new scout class repaint. The figure happens to be Scout Class Backfire, who's a repaint of Revenge of the Fallen Knock Out. Backfire is a red and white motorcycle, and is the third repaint of Knock Out, following Reverb and Trenchmouth. You can check out the biography of Backfire and some of the images below, while the review in all of it's entireity can be seen over at

Many battles between TRANSFORMERS happen at high speed, but few are as spectacular as those between robots trained to use the traffic around them as a weapon. BACKFIRE is a master of zipping between moving vehicles as if they were standing still while keeping his sensors trained on his target. OIL PAN may be famous for his ability to disappear in plain sight, but there's no way he's getting away this time.


Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

War For Cybertron - First Level Gameplay Commentary

Transformers News: War For Cybertron - First Level Gameplay Commentary
Date: Wednesday, May 5th 2010 10:40pm CDT
Categories: Game News, Reviews
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): G4tv

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Views: 46,824

G4tv has kindly posted a video featuring the first level of the new upcoming Transformers video game - War For Cybertron. This level kick offs the Autobot campaign. High Moon Studios Matt Tieger goes the details within the game. Beware the video contains spoilers! You can check out the video here, or embed below!

Keep it at - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

TRANFORMERS: Nefarious #3- In Stores Tomorrow, reviewed here!

Transformers News: TRANFORMERS: Nefarious #3- In Stores Tomorrow, reviewed here!
Date: Tuesday, May 4th 2010 7:19pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Views: 60,329


TRANSFORMERS: NEFARIOUS #3 continues the story set up in the previous issues, focusing on HASBRO’s possible next candidate for it’s robot HALL OF FAME, SOUNDWAVE (the movie version though).

NEFARIOUS is also the ‘official’ continuation of the movie-universe, taking place after the box office blockbuster movie, TRANSFORMERS Revenge of the Fallen.

As is often the pattern with middle issues in longer mini-series, not a lot happens to further reveal plot points, or add to the mysteries in this issue. It kind of holds the status quo.

In this issue we see Optimus Prime and Lennox at odds over N.E.S.T. related issues:

“Right now I’d rather face a dozen Megatron’s, than one Major William Lennox...”

Bumblebee, Jolt, Dune Runner, and Knockout lead the N.E.S.T. convoy to move Soundwave to a safer, more secure location.


Soundwave realizes further that he has lost control of Ravage and is not sure to who, or how he will regain Ravage into his strikeforce. But, he still saves some of his thoughts for his Autobot captors.

Speaking of Soundwave’s strikeforce, although imprisoned, Soundwave enacts measures to free himself from the N.E.S.T. convoy before he is moved into his ‘more secure location’ that Optimus and Ironhide are preparing for his arrival.

Bumblebee starts to feel the pressure of leadership, reminiscing on the loss of Breakaway in issue #1, and the fact that he has responsibilities to not only N.E.S.T., and Optimus Prime, but to the Autobot rookies under his command. This growth from Bumblebee has him making command choices that he may not have made previous to the events in issue #1.

A quick and ugly battle is fought again, as Soundwave’s mini militia returns to stage a rescue operation, first taking down the airplane transporting the prisoner guard force, and then working to destroy each accompanying guard member.



Bumblebee has to make a quick decision...keep Soundwave imprisoned or save his Autobot friends. What would Prime do?

Galloway, the man who now wants to shut down N.E.S.T, is angry that he is no longer allowed access to Hoover Dam, and pulls a Lennox, as he disobeys orders to continue to check it out. Enter a new toy-based character’s introduction to repel Galloway’s helicopters.


Oh, and the faux Allspark the INITIATIVE is making may blow up at any time, destroying life as we know it. Be cool though, the INITIATIVE is not worried at all.


What I like:

The art is still pretty darn good. Magno and Carter combine for a nice team, creating realistic, and true to movie and toy versions of the robots for the most part. The humans while excellently rendered, are not quite as faithful to the previous materials representations of them...but that doesn’t bother me in the least.

The introduction of characters who were ‘off-screen’ in the movie was nice, but we need to start seeing more of the fan favorites to help keep my interest. Let’s bring on some bigger names than Dune Runner, and Knockout...

What I don’t like:

Well, it’s a movie-verse comic, so it already has that going against it. The design of the robots bothers me, and the overabundance of human interaction bothers me.

And you know what is getting really old, overplayed...whatever? Bumblebee’s song/radio voice. It’s kind of nifty to see his inner dialogue compared to his vocal exposition, but having him only talking in songs and radio DOES NOT translate to the comic medium well.

Fix him already Ratchet, please.

The fact that nothing really unpredictable, or new happens in this issue pretty much makes this a stale issue story-wise; unless you really like movie Soundwave, or Bumblebee, or must see the ROTF toys coming to life in the comics.

So making your own Allspark is a good idea??? This plot point seems a bit contrived even for comic books, but I suppose, seems to fit quite well in the movie-verse.

TRANSFORMERS: NEFARIOUS #3 is released onto your local comic book shelf tomorrow, May 5th.

You can check out the five-page preview and see some of the fun for yourself!

Video Review of Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Class Hubcap

Transformers News: Video Review of Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Class Hubcap
Date: Friday, April 30th 2010 4:03am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Youtube user Optibotimus, DevastaTTor

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Views: 46,170

Youtube user Optibotimus has conducted a toy video review for the upcoming Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Class Hubcap.

Check out the video review below:

Stay tuned to Seibertron, Ultimate Resource of Transformers!

Video Review of WST Twincast and Grey Shockwave

Transformers News: Video Review of WST Twincast and Grey Shockwave
Date: Thursday, April 29th 2010 10:08pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): G1COLLECTOR

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Views: 35,885

A review has been posted and sent to us by G1COLLECTOR on YouTube. The video entails his opinion of the figures and show's us these rare item's from the World's Smallest Transformers series. To view the video, click here or scroll down:

You can look forward to's galleries of these figures in the near future!

"Leave No Autobot Uncrushed!"- TRANSFORMERS #6 Review

Transformers News: "Leave No Autobot Uncrushed!"- TRANSFORMERS #6 Review
Date: Tuesday, April 27th 2010 8:49am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Views: 62,758


The final issue in the first story arc of IDW’s Transformers Ongoing comic series does pretty much what you would hope it would do. Motivations are revealed, and we have an ultimate climax of situations as we follow up last issue’s cliffhanger of good ol’ Swindle ready to have Menasor... CRUSH ALL THE AUTOBOTS!

Credits for this issue's creation go to:

Written by: Mike Costa
Art: Don Figueroa
Colors by: J. Brown with Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by: Chris Mowry
Editor: Andy Schmidt
Associate Editor: Denton J. Tipton

Last Issue:

The stunticons were reunited, Ultra Magnus confronts the Autobot/Decepticon group, and Spike has a heart to heart with Optimus Prime about why the giant robot surrendered to Skywatch.

This Issue:

The relationships and growth of characters that has happened in the IDW books seem to really become evident as recent events in Spotlight Prowl, TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee, and of course, TRANSFORMERS Ongoing have finally come to fruition.

What I liked:

The action is fun. Pure and simple, metal-mashing robots. Lots of gunplay, and some nifty dialogue make this, if nothing else a fun read. If that’s why you like Transformers, pick this issue up to see some ‘SMASHING’ being done.

...But there is more...

Thundercracker makes an important step that I think many will find helps his character to grow even further toward what IDW has set up for him. But does it seem a step too far? Will he be allowed to be a Decepticon anymore? Does he even want to be?


Bumblebee goes Goldbug and grows up...Bumblebee Prime??? The BUMBLEBEE miniseries dragged us through a painful four issue process of Bumblebee becoming more confident, and better able to lead the Autobots. He steps even further into this role thanks to Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Rodimus, but now seems to embrace it.


Optimus Prime, even though confused himself, still uses his reputation to inspire and build confidence in the other Autobots.


The humans finally wise up. Well, Spike as a leader wises up. I actually like the human element realized in this issue. Spike comes down from his pedestal a moment to reflect upon his actions and how his immaturity has cost others. The idea that not everything is black and white finally hits him, and he also grows from it, realizing that he perhaps has a greater duty than he has been taking responsibility for previously.

And FINALLY they realize that there are good Transformers and bad Transformers, and they might be able to work with good ones to help them in their efforts to stop the BAD ones.


The art was very well rendered and images were excellent in quality and detail. Great movement and emotion shown in the figures in the pages, Don really shows his stuff with fantastic detail.

What I didn’t like:

SPOILER!!!!Optimus Prime has to save the day SPOILER!!!
(Even though he gets the ideas from another person who gets them from someone else). It seems to come about too easily. But you know, it’s fiction, so things like that can happen. It also seems just too easy of a choice for Spike to make to get Optimus back in the mix.


Rodimus the cry baby. Okay it’s harsh to say that, but of the characters who have grown and changed the most over this story arc, I think his character has taken the biggest step backwards. It seems inconsistent with where he was in TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT HOT ROD, the -ation series, and even in MAX DINOBOTS...what happened? Why ignore the treatment that you had set up for a character to totally change him into another? What purpose do the writers have for him? Some will like how Hot Rod has been written, and others won’t.

Some would also say the same thing for Optimus Prime. His character perhaps has taken a step backwards as to what he started out portrayed as in the IDW-verse. But is it to show just how complicated this new situation is, and just how much it DOES effect even the 'great' leaders? That answer is coming, hopefully.


Thundercracker seems a bit too goody-goody. Again, is it a change for the better, or worse? Will readers be happy with it, or not?

The art style still has me wondering. It is beautifully rendered most of the time, but the faces still are at times hard to accept, read, or recognize. The humans seem to be to me, the opposite...not very detailed or realistic looking in their features, most of the time.


I also wonder what in the world they are going to do with such a large cast of robots now that the rosters of Bumblebee and Ongoing have merged. Will the Season 1 robots still tend to take the spotlight as they usually do, or will we see others stepping up and being used and explored more?

Pick this issue up for yourself as it wraps up the first TRANSFORMERS story arc, and sets the table for what will be happening next in the series. Check out the five-page preview here!

TRANSFORMERS #6 hits comic stores tomorrow!

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1,012 total news articles in this section, 10 per page.

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