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Video Review of Leader Starscream

Transformers News: Video Review of Leader Starscream
Date: Friday, November 6th 2009 1:10am CST
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): GenZhao

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Views: 21,039

A video review over at Youtube from GenZhao shows off the latest Leader Class figure, Starscream. GenZhao goes over Starscream's features, articulation and transformation, with some comparisons to other Transformers figures. You can check out the video embed here on this news post, or on Youtube.

Starscream is set for release in the first half of 2010. When exactly is still to be determined.

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Pictorial Review of Revenge of the Fallen Scout Scattorshot

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Revenge of the Fallen Scout Scattorshot
Date: Wednesday, November 4th 2009 10:14pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): Pascal of

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Views: 19,326

Pascal of has a quick hand, receiving Scout Scattorshot well before the mass release. He has taken pictures and reviewed the figure. Scattorshot is a brand new Scout cast, and will be released in the upcoming year. Here are some highlights of the review and a few pictures.

Alternate Mode:
-Shovel can move up and down a bit due to transformation.
-Weapons on top of the cab can move up and down and rotate 360 degrees.
Robot Mode:
-Very good articulation: ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, ball jointed forearms just under the elbows, fists can move inward/outward, waist rotation, ball jointed hips, ball jointed knees, ankles can rotate forward/backward
-Guns can be popped off if you don't want them.

Pictorial Review of Revenge of the Fallen Scout Scattorshot

Pictorial Review of Revenge of the Fallen Scout Scattorshot

Pictorial Review of Revenge of the Fallen Scout Scattorshot

You can check out the rest of Pascal's review here.

Stay tuned to, your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

ROTF Deluxe Dirge Video Review

Transformers News: ROTF Deluxe Dirge Video Review
Date: Wednesday, October 7th 2009 1:47pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): GuyIncognito, Peaugh

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Views: 13,526 member GuyIncognito has alerted us that there is a video review of the highly anticipated Deluxe Dirge from the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen toyline.
The Video if from none other than Peaugh who usually is the first when it comes to reviewing toys that haven't been released yet.
You can see the video ether by clicking here or embedded in this very article.

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Transformers "Matrix of Leadership Edition" DVD boxset review

Transformers News: Transformers "Matrix of Leadership Edition" DVD boxset review
Date: Thursday, August 13th 2009 12:38pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Media, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Supreme Convoy

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Views: 99,167 Site Moderator Supreme Convoy has been kind enough to draft a detailed review of the Shout! Factory Transformers Matrix of Leadership DVD Boxet for your reading pleasure. You can purchase this set at

Hitting on all the fine points and comparisons between previous releases of the Generation 1 series cartoons, this informative review is a must read for any Seibertronian considering buying the set.

Without further ado, here's the review:

I originally set my San Diego Comic-Con 2009 budget to $300 on merchandise. Last year’s budget was around the same price so I figured it was a good number. However, on the first hour on the floor I destroyed that budget. I saw the Transformers and GI Joe boxsets for $150 and $155 respectively. A number of thoughts went through my mind as I stared at these beautiful looking DVDs.

"I can save money on shipping now and pick these up."

"I already have the Rhino sets. Hell, I just paid $140 to get Season 2 Part 2 and Season 3 Part 2/Season 4. Do I really want to double dip?"

"Where the hell am I going to put these?"

"OCD collector Supreme Convoy needs these."


The Shout employee wanders over to me and says they include a GI Joe poster and Megatron poster signed by Frank Welker with purchase at San Diego. Needless to say, I gave him my credit card immediately. Of course, I had to increase the budget during Comic-Con as the weekend went on.

On to the set ...

Video & Audio
The video quality is practically identical to the Rhino release. I couldn’t spot any differences between the two. However, Shout didn’t include the extra sound effects that Rhino made for the previous release. While this didn’t necessarily bother me, Shout does a great job on presenting what the cartoon would’ve been like during the 80’s without any artificial alterations.

The greatest improvement that Shout made is the simple menu screens. Rhino had a complicated menu screen when you wanted to pick individual episodes where you slowly had to move the cursor to start the episode. With the Shout release, all you have to do is go down a list and pick an episode.

I absolute love how the box pulls open like the actual Matrix of Leadership. The set includes a souvenir book and magnets with the Autobot and Decepticon logos. The souvenir book is a bit misleading. It’s mostly an episode listing for the entire series; it also includes bios for characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron. These bonus items aren’t exactly a draw for me.

Though for $5 more, the GI Joe complete boxset is made of metal and plastic and includes a dogtag flashdrive with two comics on it (the comics are very brief but the flashdrive itself is pretty neat!). That set is classier looking and feels more durable. I’m concerned about damaging the cardboard Matrix box. Though there is a charm to opening the Matrix box like Rodimus Prime

Bonus Features
For me the highlight of Shout’s release are the documentaries, each running about 30 minutes:

1. Triple Changer: From Toy to Comic to Screen - The Origins of The Transformers
2. The Combiner: Forming The Transformers Animated Series
3. The Headmasters: Voicing The Robots in Disguise
4. The Autobots, The Decepticons & The Fans
5. Into the Creation Matrix: A Conversation with Bob Budiansky

The documentaries are fascinating and go into details that I don’t believe have been covered before in either the Rhino DVD’s or even Michael Bay’s Transformers bonus features. We learn things such as a Hasbro executive’s son named the toyline Transformers and created the Autobot and Decepticon fraction names. The documentary even goes into how the Marvel Comics did the heavy lifting on the Transformers back story. Bob Budiansky even presents original documents and treatments he used to create profiles such as Starscream and Megatron.

While the Rhino sets has interviews from different actors and creators, they always felt like the filmmakers took out the interview tapes and edited down to 10 minutes. It’s serviceable but doesn’t go too in depth and frankly boring to watch. Shout Factory has created compelling documentaries that are entertaining yet informative.

The most bizarre thing is that commercials for the toyline blur out the child actors. I suppose Shout could not secure the likeness rights to those children. It’s a bit distracting while watching the commercials but I’m sure you can find those easily on YouTube. (Note: I also did not realize that the faces were blurred out on Sony’s release of Transformers: The Movie).

The voice actor roundtable doesn’t include Peter Cullen but it’s still pretty fun. It’s great when the actors go on a tangent and talk about other things such as old time radio shows and the process on voice acting.

The greatest bonus materials for me? The original scripts! The DVD includes PDFs of the Transformers series bible, scripts, and and dialogue scripts. For someone who wants to know the pre-production side of a cartoon, this is an incredible look!

Of course, I love the Transformers fans documentary ... mostly because it features and my screen name is featured for a few seconds

Closing Thoughts
My main focus while tearing through the boxset was to look at the brand new extras and check out the quality on the episodes. I didn’t really feel the need to review the series as a whole because most of us have seen them all. Though in my case, I still haven’t seen a handful of them so it’s a treat to watch them and feel like a kid again.

Once I’m completely through watching the series, I will be jealous of the people that have never seen the original Transformers cartoon and will watch it for the first time through this set.

Since the video and audio qualities are almost identical to the Rhino release, this would be a cautious purchase for those that already own them. I went in wanting the extras and actual Matrix box. For those who never owned the Rhino DVDs and want a better deal, I believe the individual season sets might be cheaper to purchase as opposed to the Matrix boxset. Even though I love the GI Joe box better, this packaging is still excellent and will look spectacular on a collector’s shelf amongst toys. I highly recommend the Shout's Transformers sets and the Matrix set for the hardcore fans., your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Transformers – Matrix of Leadership edition DVD boxset review

Transformers – Matrix of Leadership edition DVD boxset review

Transformers – Matrix of Leadership edition DVD boxset review

Transformers – Matrix of Leadership edition DVD boxset review

Auction for signed Transformers movie poster

Transformers News: Auction for signed Transformers movie poster
Date: Friday, July 24th 2009 11:52am CDT
Categories: Auctions, Reviews
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Starlight

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Views: 15,734

Starlight is currently auctioning off a poster for the 2007 Trnasformers live action movie. This poster is signed by:

+Michael Bay
+Steven Spielberg
+Josh Duhamel
+Jon Voight
+Shia Leabuff
+Megan Fox
+Alex Kurtzman
+Roberto Orci
+Tom DeSanto,
+Don Murphy
+Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

Starlight states that they are a foundation that helps seriously ill children and their parents to live with their illnesses and difficulties. So if you bid on this auction, which is a non-profit auction you're helping a child in need.

Click here to visit the auction and bid on it.

Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news!

Human Alliance Sideswipe Video Review

Transformers News: Human Alliance Sideswipe Video Review
Date: Thursday, July 23rd 2009 2:49am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Real Devastator, newnanou

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Views: 15,893 member "Real Devastator" found a video review to the upcoming Human Alliance Sideswipe and Epps figure.
The review is split up in two parts.


Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news!

GI Joe: Rise of Cobra to be better than Transformers ROTF?

Transformers News: GI Joe: Rise of Cobra to be better than Transformers ROTF?
Date: Saturday, July 18th 2009 6:44pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): skywarp-2

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Views: 19,541 member skywarp-2 has informed us of a movie review posted on Ain't it Cool News covering the newest Hasbro franchise to hit the silverscreen in a live action film, G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

According to the article, a few lucky people got a chance to see a special advanced screening of the upcoming film. While not giving it an Oscar, all the reviewers concurred that the film was well paced with action and story enough for it to beat out Transformers Revenge of the Fallen in the enjoyment factor.

According to Steve Weintraub of

“G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” is not the train wreck you’re expecting.

In fact, some of the film is quite good. While many of you won’t believe me til you see it with your own eyes on August 7th, last night I got into a research screening of director Stephen Sommers “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” at the Bridge Theater in Los Angeles and came away liking what I saw.

My one sentence: It’s the cartoon come to life.

Without getting too spoilerific for you Joe fans out there, here are some of the finer points of the film that the reviewers say will make it better than Revenge of the Fallen:

-The action scenes are really well done and there are a lot of them.

-The movie is cheesy but fun. Yeah, the dialogue is corny and everyone was either a good or a bad guy, but that’s the cartoon. Also, it never went for the really cheap joke or any bathroom humor.

-The pacing is spot on. With the film clocking in around 1 hr. 45 minutes or so, you’re never far removed from an action scene.

-The plot actually works and makes sense…for a “G.I. Joe” movie. Unlike “Transformers 2″, “Joe’s” got a clear story.

The fine folks over at Latino Review also gave The Rise of Cobra a thumbs up.

For fans of both Transformers and GI Joe, it's shaping up to be an amazing summer with the monster smash Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, still in theatres and on IMAX screens and with GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra due to hit a theatre near you on August 7th 2009.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Transformers News:'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator
Date: Friday, July 17th 2009 9:05pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Seibertron and dahpadre

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Views: 100,452

Fellow Seibertronian dahpadre was kind enough to provide with a review of the ROTF Devastator figure to correlate with our latest galleries. Check out his review below which includes links to the official galleries of Devastator and his component characters!

dahpadre wrote:

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Constructicon Devastator

This is my first review so forgive me if it comes off either too simple or too detailed.

This figure has caught a ton of heat ever since it was pretty much announced. In fact I think the only good impression it had was at the New York Toy Fare when it was first unveiled. Most of the complaints it caught were unjust, but enough of them did have valid reason. So lets begin. I'll start with the individual VEHICLES, and I will stress VEHICLES since they are either that or the various appendages that make up Devastator.

Mixmaster (head): He is a large, ultra class silver, light gray, and dark gray cement mixer, with blue/purple painted windows. Sorry not actual translucent plastic. For what he is I would say he actually has nice detail. Along the rear you can see what is made to be the pipe work for cement to be poured from along with rivets and simulated panels, and red painted tail lights. The drawback, it is all done in the dark gray tone, so there is no definition to it. it comes off as a Tonka toy where it's enough for the imagination, but seeing what has been done in terms of movie figures it's a big let down. Now along to the cement mixer chamber it is done in sections of alternating light gray and dark. Missing from the detail is the ominous Decepticon faction symbol. Something as simple as that would add so much to this figure. As for the cab it takes on the mostly dark gray color with a light gray bumper and crash bar. Surprisingly done well is the detail for the door, gas tank, side mirrors and off road lamps. Missing once again is the additional paint applications to add definition, as mostly all is done it the dark gray with no separation to look as if real effort was done to make this feel like a transformer by appearance. Last but not least is a randomly activated vehicle sound. Random because you don't have to do much but touch it and it makes this annoying sound. Hair trigger is an understatement. Rating this vehicle alone on a 1-10 scale I'd go 5 to 5.5's gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Scavenger (torso): To any that have seen the YouTube review, you know this guy is massive (bigger than leader class). Easily dwarfing the vehicle mode of ROTF Leader class Optimus Prime. It is represented as an excavator done in a burnt orange and white with gray painted windows, and dark gray faux treads (actual/typical tiny wheels that make it roll) and shovel. Highlighted is signs of a good paint job as the Decepticon logo is done in white along with the letters SCVNGR, which is done in an imperfect paint job as if this vehicle has been in use for a few jobs, and wear and tear have taken its effect on the paint job. Don't get me wrong for detailing, that is it The shovel itself has three (3) points of articulation. The shovel section, lower arm, and base to the arm that connects to the main vehicle. For a sandbox toy that you'd give to a 6 year old, that is awesome. The savvy collector I'd give it a nice grin. The main vehicle body is done in decent detail, where you can see simulated railings, gears, and a ladders for electrical access and a human operator. From a top view you are exposed to more detail which sadly stands out as the crown jewel of detail as far as Devastator as a whole goes. There is the presence of fans, vents, walkways and various other things you can expect to come across on a true to life construction vehicle. From the underside view you can't help but get this "HALLOW" feeling. Why? because that is just what it is. The underside is the resting place for Mixmaster in bot mode. I give this guy a 6.5 for his vehicle rating.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Scrapper (right arm): This is represented by a voyager class wheel loader, done in a mostly goldish yellow, with a large gold engine on the front end of the vehicle. This figure as well demonstrates detail of gears, hydraulics, stairs and hand rails with exhaust pipes towards the rear. On the large block engine is the Faction logo painted in silver, I'm gonna say this is nicely done overall until you get to the shovel. It has nice detail, but pulls a big zero in articulation. When in vehicle mode there is no pose-ability. I wish there were more to say of it, but that is about it for Scrapper. 4 for scrapper.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Hightower (left arm): Represented by a truss crane, done in solid happy meal toy yellow. I Can leave the review of this figure there, as you can expect no more, and probably get less. But I will not cheat it as so. The cabin for the figure is don in the same coldish yellow as Scrappers engine block with the painted windows in the same color as the other Constructicons. Also painted is the Decepticon logo near the rear. The choice of this particular vehicle is puzzling, cause the real life form has just as much detail. 2 rating for this guy.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Rampage (left leg): A yellow deluxe class bulldozer with amazing detail done in the same color yellow as Scrapper. Side by side comparisons put his vehicle mode on the level of the wave 1 deluxe class rampage with robot form minus rubber treads. Also unlike scrapper the shovel carries articulation in motion and paint scheme. There is the presence of a shadowed gray to represent a used dirty feel that you would normally see on a real life bulldozer. From the sides you can see the workings of an engine, vents, wires, and hydraulics. 6 rating for this con.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Long Haul (right leg): Green deluxe class dump truck with weathering/dirty shadowed gray toward the bottom of the load carrying portion of the truck. From the sides and front attention to detail was well thought out with railings, but poorly executed. The cabin portion of the cab the typical painted window detail with areas represented as the door and access panel, to the right of this there are formations of exhaust pipes and engine sections. Also is the Decepticon symbol to the front of the engine block. Missing from this is simple paint to show the all important definition of this vehicle. As for articulation in this mold.....It rolls! Alas it is a dump truck that instead of dumping debris, it just takes a dump. Long Haul earns a 3.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Now on to the bread an butter of this gift set......'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

Devastator: Skill level of this figure is said to be level 4 which is the highest rated of transformers. I know these rating are given out based on size, not actual effort. For the transformation sequence I've provided a pic of the instructions Devastator came along with. Sorry the scanner is incapacitated right now.

This guy puts the term Hulking at a new level. The width of this guy is the equivalent of Leader class Optimus Prime, Megatron and Ironhide from shoulder to shoulder. Front to back this guy clears approximately 10 inches from face to "hump". Done in nice detail this form is easily gorilla like with the long bulky arms and shorter bent legs. To answer can he walk on all fours? Yes. Recommended? No. This form is definitely the saving grace of a seemingly lost cause. With the transformation of the limbs come a new level of detail that make the parts seem as if the went through some serious twisting and rearranging to reach this form. At glance you can no longer recognize the original vehicle forms of each construction vehicle. Robot mode is highly poseable with all joints capable of range of motion equivalent to a double jointed human. There is no lack of poses this figure can be put in. Note: due to the top heaviness, some positions may need additional support.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

There are two (2) claw like hands consisting of three (3) fingers each that can open wide, but not truly grasp anything other than Autobot chassis to throw in the well represented Vortex Grindor, which can be activated by depressing the typical center mech alive button found in the center chest much like all movie leader class figures. Once activated you'll be treated to several sounds to the effect of the actual revving sounds of the suction device, phrases such as "crush Autobots", "I am Devastator", and the all too sinister laugh. He actually has more sounds than the box would lead to believe. The actual detail to this vortex grindor is amazing. Inside the mouth there is articulation representing a spiraling death device all throughout. It puts you in the mind of anything unfortunate enough to come into contact will be destroyed on contact. Also there are approximately 8 LED lights in the back of the mouth that flash and spin to enhance the grinding effect.'s gallery and review of ROTF Devastator

The face of this beast is also pretty accurate showing several green eyes (ten by my count). The main four also have the blinking LED effect. Also is the lower jaw shown in a 2 part mandible, much like the vampires in the Blade movies. When activated, the mouth opens wide enough to fit deluxe class Mudflap inside. Which I know will make for great gallery imagery. Detailed is the face with a mangled mass of light gray plastic with splashes of neon green paint. The length of the head which doubles as Mixmaster's cement barrel has folded back panels that expose the outer gears of the vortex grindor, with splashes of neon green paint as well which I'm guessing are to represent the oozing fluids of defeated foes. From the top and side views this guy look imposing and moderately cool. The back view gives you nothing more that a view of Scavenger's shovel and Mixmaster's cab. Sorry no wrecking balls of devastation.

What you get is 6 construction vehicles with lackluster detail and no individual robot modes that merge to form a 85% screen accurate Devastator. I would say 95%, but missing is the 7th Constructicon (the articulated dump truck). It goes as high as 85% because if you did see the movie you will know that the Constructicons that actually formed Devastator did not have individual robot forms. I'm guessing, based on their screen time, Hasbro might have a valid point with the lack of detail to the vehicles.

The overall impression that I am left with for the Devastator form is a strong 8 out of 10. The only things truly missing is the height, and the detailing that Leader class Optimus Prime carries in a paint job. To touch on the size, I'll say in a normal stance he is larger than Supreme class Animated Prime, but if you were to extend the legs straight he is actually taller than Unicron. Due to weight issue without a stand, he could never stay in this pose.

To wrap things up if you are a collector and want all figures represented in the movie, go out and get him, but wait for the inevitable price drop. The $99.99 price tag is definitely not warranted when given the lack of detail to the individual vehicle forms, but I would honestly jump at paying $59.99 for this guy.

New Video Review For Alternity Megatron

Transformers News: New Video Review For Alternity Megatron
Date: Saturday, July 4th 2009 9:12am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): Peaugh, YouTube

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Views: 13,463 member Peaugh has posted a new video review on of the silver version of Alternity Megatron. Check out the link below or just watch the embedded video here.

Alternity Megatron Review

After watching the video, leave you comments about Alternity Megatron here.

And as always, stay tuned to for all the latest Transformers news.

Transformers ROTF Supreme Devastator Video Review

Transformers News: Transformers ROTF Supreme Devastator Video Review
Date: Friday, July 3rd 2009 12:57pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Real Devastator, Frenzy_Rumble

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Views: 37,364

Real Devastator notified us that frenzy_rumble posted a video review of Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Supreme class Devastator.

See it by clicking the links or right here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news!

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