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"Iron In The Blood"- Transformers Ironhide #2 Reviewed

Transformers News: "Iron In The Blood"- Transformers Ironhide #2 Reviewed
Date: Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 7:41pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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“Last Bot On Cybertron”(my title)

The part of Vincent Price, known as Dr. Richard Morgan, will now be played by Ironhide. Or if you prefer, Will Smith’s Dr. Richard Neville in “I am Legend...” is now being portrayed by Ironhide. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Up for a review is the second issue of IDW’s new miniseries, TRANSFORMERS: IRONHIDE. This issue is due to hit comic retailers tomorrow (Thursday) because of the U.S. Memorial Day holiday on Monday messing with shipping schedules.


Mike Costa spins a mysterious tale here, taking charge of the lovable, gruff Ironhide, and putting him through his paces mentally and physically. But did someone forget to tell Mr. Costa that Ironhide died in issue #1 of THE TRANSFORMERS ongoing series? You might remember it made the news in ‘USA Today’ even!

I suppose, one must have faith that Costa has a plan for this use of the newly dead, instead of a character that is known to still be in the world of the living, or at least not dead yet (“I feel fine!”). It does seem to have purpose as Ironhide is as Cybertron is: hard up/dead/lifeless, and yet, here he is on Cybertron, supposedly alive and this issue, facing the only other living thing on Cybertron that we know of...THE SWARM, previously left destroying Autobots, and ruling the planet in ‘All Hail Megatron’.


Dr. Robert Morgan wrote:“This is Robert Morgan. If somebody can hear me, answer me. For God's sake, ANSWER ME.”


Do you see a relationship?

Ironhide travels in and out of ‘reality’ as we get glimpses of his past. Last issue, we saw him as Prime’s bodyguard, this time, he’s working security for the Cybertronian Raceway races.


This issue, besides taking us deeper into Ironhide’s internal mental toils (Where is everyone? Why am I alone?), and struggles as the ‘Last bot on Cybertron’, delves deeper into what is going on on Cybertron right now...this issue lays a bit of a surprise on us at the end. Don’t want to give it away, but it certainly advances the story and pockets the two already known mysteries, and introduces another that as of yet, we have no idea as to how it relates to the others, but we assume it must.


The art is really well done. Colors and line work all support the story parts, whether they are the dark, broken, lifeless Cybertron, or the bright, shiny memories that play through Ironhide’s head as he attempts to keep from going insane. There’s plenty of eye candy in the flashback scenes, looking for Cybertron forms of well known, and obscure characters, and how these characters interacted with Ironhide.


This is certainly a new play for an Autobot that everyone probably looked at as a fairly one dimensional character--I know I did. Costa is doing amazing work writing a dead bot! What he is doing with this dead man (or is he?), and how it relates to Cybertron’s state, and our ‘other’ new plot point, well, there’s a few more issues to get those answers. And we want them.

Better than the TRANSFORMERS ongoing, and a lot better than the BUMBLEBEE mini, this series is definitely a must for those like myself, who like getting more TRANSFORMERS history to fill in our gaps, and characters are portrayed fairly classically.

This is probably the next best thing to Last Stand of the Wreckers. It can compete with that series in story. It’s not as action packed, but it is turning psychological in its treatment of a very strong character all of the sudden finding weakness in not knowing, and being alone...a fear that many people can relate to. The art is well done, and classic G1 Cybertronian designs, which is what many folks liked about LSOTW.


Richard Morgan wrote:“December 1965. Is that all it has been since I inherited the world? Only three years. Seems like 100 million.”

For some reason this movie quote seemed appropriate, but I could not come up with the words to relate it to Ironhide. Dr. Morgan (Neville), and Ironhide certainly have a lot in common...

You can view the multi-page preview here, and then drag yourself to your local store and strip one off the shelf! You won’t be sorry.

New Alternity Starscream and Skywarp Video and Review

Transformers News: New Alternity Starscream and Skywarp Video and Review
Date: Saturday, May 29th 2010 5:43am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Diem | Credit(s): Diem

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A Seibertron exclusive: Board member Diem has been fortunate enough to get his hands on the Alternity Seekers, Starscream and Skywarp and has posted a review with videos!

Diem wrote:First up, the packaging. As usual, the packaging is excellent and fits in nicely with the other Alternities. The instruction sheet includes the Tech Specs and Power Plans for each character. It also includes a text-only story and information on the car mode, the Orochi.

Speaking of the Orochi it's certainly an unusual-looking car. Far less well-known than the Nissans or Suzuki, the car has a very streamlined and organic appearance. The various vents and lines make it look fairly jet-like by car standards. There are a lot of nice details like a tiny rubber radio antenna and the car's badge. Sadly, the opening parts aren't too exciting. Opening the doors reveals a steering wheel that turns and car seats but the rest of the interior is pretty obviously composed of robot parts. Even more tragically you can see through the floor of the car. Opening the bonnet reveals not even a fake engine but only the back of the robot head. Opening the boot reveals only more robot parts.

Intrestingly the figure has a second alt mode, sort of. The rear wheels can be folded up to reveal tiny wings. It's similar to G1 Tracks' flight mode but not as good. The Engrish instructions refer to this mode as "Flight From" which seems appropriate for Starscream.

The transformation from car to robot is sophisticated but not too complicated. His doors and door frames have a tendancy to fall off their ball joint and his number plate bends up to become a heel on one foot and also often falls off ( and it's annoyingly small). Other than that there are no real issues.

When it comes to Alternity Bumble I feel that his "G1-ness" was to the detrement of the figure but in this case it's impressive that Takara managed to force so much Seeker-osity into a carformer. The homage details are everywhere, whether it's the leg fins, the wings, the shoulders or the guns. The robot form is detailed, distinctive and posable, and makes a strange balance between blocky G1 designs and modern mecha aesthetics work well.

Skywarp is treated well here. His car mode is a homogenous purple but his robot mode adds some black and lilac to the mix and generally keeps his traditional colours. His head suffers from a small amount of Dull Surprise but is otherwise a nice sculpt.

Starscream however has a more unusual appearance. His pale grey has been totally replaced with white. This makes him look more like Jetfire than anything else. The other strangest point is his headsculpt which, as you've probably seen doesn't look very Starscream-y. Even a fan of originality like me thinks it's a bit too.

The robot has a couple of other flaws too. The wings look unsymmetrical, the figure when viewed from behind looks just plain ugly, the car doors end up as useless and obnoxious kibble that falls off easily, and his car mode antenna ends up on his inner leg which looks really bizarre.

That said, these figures are certainly not bad by any standards. I heartily recommend Skywarp, and Starscream is good if you can get over his non-traditional looks.

For the latest in Transformers news, stick with!

Video Review of Generations Drift!

Transformers News: Video Review of Generations Drift!
Date: Wednesday, May 26th 2010 12:27pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): cannonfodder40, Kapowtoys

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Kapowtoys have uploaded the first video review of the upcoming Generations deluxe Drift.
Drift is of course based on idw character of the same name.
You can view it by clicking here or right here on

Stay tuned to for all your transformers related news!

'Decepticons, Rise Up!' Transformers Ongoing #7 Reviewed

Transformers News: 'Decepticons, Rise Up!' Transformers Ongoing #7 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, May 25th 2010 1:12pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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“Decepticons, we’re under attack! Scramble!”


And so we have the next STORY arc in Transformers Ongoing:

Decepticons are the main focus of issue number 7. Not the Earth-bound, homeless guys that were just mostly wiped out and captured last issue by the Skywatch and Autobot team up, no, this is the Decepticon group that fled to space at the end of ‘All Hail Megatron’.

Starscream, Bombshell, and Megatron form the bulk of who this book is about. Told from Megatron’s point of view, he is somehow omnisciently observing and narrating what is going on with his Decepticons while he is recovering/resting/imprisoned in some liquid (like bacta from Star Wars, I think). A blast to the head, again, from way back in AHM’s final episode put him in his current state. Where Megatron is contained is a mystery to us at this time, but based on statement’s made earlier in the issue by Spike’s father, it is alluded to that perhaps Megatron may be hidden deep in a Skywatch research bunker (sound the ’07 movie?).


General Witwicky to Major Witwicky:
”What do you think happens to your happy alliance when they see what has gone on in Section 82? You were personally involved in that.”

But no, if you read carefully, the excerpt explaining ‘the story to this point’ on the inside cover, we find out it is Soundwave who is diligently working to repair and recoup Megatron at the Decepticons’ new base. This does explain how to some degree Megatron knows details about the troops here, although how he is able to function to this degree, but not be able to command kind of causes an itch in my brain.


Speaking of the troops, the Decepticons are gathering on an asteroid (think Charr in Season 3 of G1), fighting for survival against one another for energy, as more and more refugees from the war make their way to where the AHM cons fled to.

A couple of things:

There are a multitude of comparisons one can start making between the beginning of this arc, and the previous arc. Told from the leader’s point of view mainly, we have Optimus Prime struggling with how to lead his team when they no longer needed to be soldiers anymore in the first arc, and now we have Megatron reflecting on his faction’s status, and how his leadership is needed to right the Decepticons now, more than ever, and organize the soldiers for the next thing. Megatron as the narrator of this issue, reflects on his leadership style and Optimus Prime’s, how one shall fail, and one shall be triumphant (guess which is which).

It’s interesting to juxtapose the Autobot and the Decepticon soldiers at this point, as well. In the first arc, we saw how the Autobots struggled with their leader surrendering, and choosing and following new leadership. While there were questions of who should lead next and how, the Autobots for the most part kept civil with each other making the choice to be proactive (Hot Rod), or reactive (Bumblebee). Now that the Autobots are all back together under Bumblebee, they may feel less distress, and more organized. No longer do they have to worry about hunting their own to be allowed some semblance of freedom, or allying with former millenium long enemies. No longer do they have to worry about being hunted by their own faction brothers, or by the humans. Where this Skywatch and Autobot alliance takes us will be interesting, but the Autobots are in a much better position than previously. Well done Optimus, just as planned...

However, on the flipside, we have the actual losers of the war that happened during AHM, the Decepticons. They don’t quite handle being without their leader, Megatron, as peacefully as the Autobots did.

The Decepticons are being newly lead by Starscream, who believes the Autobot matrix has chosen him to be the new leader of the Decepticons. He struggles with maintaining his power, how to control the Decepticon troops, and of course, his next step--very similar to Bumblebee’s trials as Autobot leader at the beginning of his tenure.


The Decepticon front liners are having problems of their own. Similar in ways to the Autobot rank and file situation, the cons hunt one another for energon, as Razorclaw looks on proudly, not for the sake of protecting themselves from a third party threat like the humans, as the Autobots ‘had’ to, but to self-govern, and punish the weak, or the rule breakers. Bombshell states to Starscream that this works well, this culling of the herd to make it so only the strongest survive, a statement one would never hear coming out of any Autobot’s mouth--except maybe Grimlock.

Bombshell to Starscream:
”No that problem has sorted itself out, as I thought it would. The population reached a critical level, and now it’s self-governing through cannibalism. Resources will remain stable now, recycling back into the system.

Nice to hear the Decepticons are so ‘green’. Yes, you read that correctly, cannibalism.

”Cannibalism is not an acceptable solution, I need functioning soldiers!”


The Decepticons have major issues. Their ‘generals’ (Shockwave, Soundwave...) are doing their own things, supporting their faction in more behind the scenes ways. The Decepticon warriors are destroying each other, and they seem to have no leadership that they care to recognize, or that can organize them.


Is Galvatron coming soon?

There is hardly an Autobot in this issue, although Optimus does meet General Witwicky, to try to help Spike to further his position that the Autobots are willing to help, and are peaceful.


The human element is still a main factor in Ongoing as the Witwicky’s argue over whether the Skywatch and Autobot alliance is beneficial, and whether the higher level government officials have reasons to accept it.

Spike gives the Autobots props (finally), having outreasoned his father and gaining his support:



Don Fig is off for the next few issues, and E.J. Su (Spotlight Prowl) has taken over. I was interested in EJ’s art when it so contrasted Don’s Ongoing style when we saw it in Spotlight Prowl. EJ’s got a new look to his ‘stuff’, as said before basing things more on Classics, or classical versions of toys, rather than Don’s new designs, or his own designs as we saw him do in INFILTRATION.

While it is yet another interesting juxtaposition, I have an issue I would like to bring up.

Why the new styles by Don and now EJ? Why are they so different? It’s like night and day, one super-detailed and smooth, another very linear, boxy, and much less detailed.

I never believe my opinion is better than anyone else’s, but I also wonder why are there all of these, for lack of a better term, ‘shadows’ on the characters that look like camouflage? I’m not sure if it’s the penciler or the colorist who put them in, but I am [bold]NOT[/bold] a fan of what they do to the characters’ looks. I think it is meant to be shine vs. dull, but it seems way too...contrived? Unnatural? I think that perhaps a more realistic use of shadow, or a texture could show this with much more effectiveness.

Overall, this looks like an interesting new start for the next story arc. Written similarly so that we see relationships between the Decepticon’s situation, and the Autobot’s situation, we are taking the next step. Where is it going? Will the Autobots ever become confident, and decisive? Will the Decepticons recover and find their way back to Earth, or Cybertron, and start the war anew? Will the pace of stories pick up quicker than the last arc, or are we in for the same lengthy slow build with the Decepticons that we had in the first arc with the Autobots? If we have a Starscream mini, we may be in for the same ride...

Check out the five page preview, and pick up your issue tomorrow, if you are so inclined.

LAST NOTE: Denton Tipton says his goodbyes to Transformers comic editing in the letter's page at the end.

More Images of Generations Drift - Weapons Storage

Transformers News: More Images of Generations Drift - Weapons Storage
Date: Monday, May 24th 2010 1:03pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): goshjosh95, Red Leader @ TFW2005

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Views: 46,131

Half of the fandom hates him and wants to see him dead. We've been teased with the possibilities of a toy for eighteen months or more. At BotCon 2009, we found out the figure was green lit. At ToyFair this year, we saw a nearly finished version of his toy. Now, courtesy of TFW2005's Red Leader, we see more of Generations Drift's toy manifestation. In particular, we finally see detailed images of the weapons storage in robot mode and the range of his posability.






You can see the entire thread at TFW2005 here.

Was this the tipping point to make you decide to buy Drift? If so, then head on over to site sponsor, where you can preorder him individually, in a set containing all of Generations Wave 1, or browse all of the upcoming Generations figures.

Video Review of Perfect Effect; PE-01F & PE-01R Shadow Warriors

Transformers News: Video Review of Perfect Effect; PE-01F & PE-01R Shadow Warriors
Date: Saturday, May 22nd 2010 4:11pm CDT
Categories: 3rd Party News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Optibotimus

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Views: 33,470

If the pictures of Perfect Effect; PE-01F & PE-01R by Meister79 did not solidify your opinion on the figures, we've got a review by Optibotimus. He goes over the usual, comparing both figures to their original, PE-01 Shadow Warrior. Feel free to check out the video on Youtube or embed below. If you're interested, don't forget to order them In Stock right now over at site sponsor RobotKingdom.

Keep it at - The Ultimate Transfomers Resource!

"I've got better things to do tonight than die..."- Transformers Wreckers #5 Review

Transformers News: "I've got better things to do tonight than die..."- Transformers Wreckers #5 Review
Date: Tuesday, May 18th 2010 8:05pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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"...or do I?"



Is that enough of a review? :KREMZEEK:


It's hard to review the last comic in a series. I had a hard time with it for the Bumblebee miniseries too. Just about every dangling plot point is wrapped up, so anything that you want to know, should, and usually is revealed, which means any review tends to be SPOILER FILLED making readers shy away from reading it! I'll do my best to allow you to discover some OMG moments on your own, but also to get you interested in actually laying down your hard earned cash to pick this up Wednesday.

First off, this issue WILL surprise you. I know it did me. Caught me off guard, and I was ready, I thought for anything. It also made me angry, frustrated, and sad at the same time. It downright scared me at some points.


Issue #5 helps us to find out about Ironfist's head problem and more about his history and future, Overlord's fate (it's probably not what you thought), and what Wreckers make it out alive, and who ends up in the Autobot Hall of Warriors pushing up petro petunias, remembered for their valiant efforts on Garrus-9.


What happens to Aequitas since it is now stored in the neuro-processor of Ironfist? Ironfist's 180 degree personality change now that he is omniscient with the computer's factual judgment data leaves him seeing his beloved Wrecker heroes in less than desirable ways when he knows the untampered truth. What do the Autobot powers-that-be (Ultra Magnus and Prowl) have to say about the G-9 situation when it ends? Can you say download?


I think the biggest question I was left with was WHEN CAN I FIND OUT MORE? Where's my LSOTW #0, or #5.5? Related to this I was wondering when Nick and James might write again soon for Transformers, and what it will be about when they do (assumption).

The Autobot wiki shows up again at the end of the issue, giving us more information on more of the Autobot characters in the mini, and again, making us wish for more entries to fill in our ever increasing gaps in story and knowledge that we never knew we were missing until now.

What happens this issue? As you would expect, “it's the final showdown between the Wreckers, the Decepticons, and Overlord. Will anyone make it out alive?” I mean there isn't much more to tell than that without you getting your trunk frames in a bunch over me revealing too much.


Fanwank alert: We get to see Perceptor triplechanger tank mode in this issue!!! Awesome!
Remarkably High MPG

I'm sad it's over. It was a fabulous ride. This issue and series will definitely leave you wanting for more. More of this series, more of these characters, written as they are here, more of the writers and creators strutting their stuff. It ends, and not so nicely for many characters, but ultimately it leaves us satisfied, if not hungry for more stories of its ilk.


Credits go to these gentlemen for a heck of a ride for the series. We hope to read and see more from you. My only real criticism has to do with the art and it's minor...faces and expressions are way too human. Love me some human looking faces, I think the robots are drawn superbly, but the faces, well they get a bit 'Animated' at times, which is not horrible, but reminds me that I do enjoy a little more tech, in my TF face (somewhere Don Figueroa is smiling).

Thank you!


Okay another critical point: the ending with Overlord. I want to wait to give any details with it until more of you have read the issue, but it feels a bit too, Schwarzenegger and it looks a little too much like that particular franchise too. I am fine with it, but I guess I wanted something different. Rarely ever does a comic series, mini or otherwise, end and I don't say that though. Just not satisfied with that particular character's fate, and final act of the series.

Ultimately this is the series of Transformers that many have been waiting for. A slightly more mature, more mysterious, and more deadly version. A version that takes us from our childhood to our adulthood, but keeps us connected with those characters we knew and loved. It's not perfect, but it is a blast, and certainly worthy of any Transformers fan to pick up and read, and enjoy.

Don't skip this issue. Pick it up, read it and then read it again, and again. That damn devil Overlord, I can't get over what you did you junk punk...

Wednesday is the day. Tomorrow. It's there. Check out the five page preview for your own taste of this issue. Page 1 lays it out there for you. Guuuuzzlllle!!!!!

Wreck'd and Rule'd. Well done.

Battle Ops Bumblebee Transformation and Features Video

Transformers News: Battle Ops Bumblebee Transformation and Features Video
Date: Thursday, May 13th 2010 11:08pm CDT
Categories: Media, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Pascal

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Views: 51,111

Last month we featured a photo gallery of Battle Ops Bumblebee from member Pascal. Now, Pascal has posted a video showing the transformation and features of the upcoming figure.

You can preorder Battle Ops Bumblebee from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store.

Video review of Botcon 2010 Spark

Transformers News: Video review of Botcon 2010 Spark
Date: Wednesday, May 12th 2010 5:49pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Arlocon, Jetfire73, cannonfodder4000

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Views: 35,233

Seibertron members Jetfire73 and cannonfodder4000 have let us know of a video review of the upcoming BotCon exclusive Spark by reviewer Arlocon.

Stay with for all the best BotCon 2010 coverage and more!

"Leakin' Lubricants!"- Transformers Ironhide #1 Reviewed

Transformers News: "Leakin' Lubricants!"- Transformers Ironhide #1 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, May 11th 2010 10:32am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Views: 46,483



"If you're a TRANSFORMERS comic fan, this is a must-have. The story has huge ramifications for the ongoing TRANSFORMERS comic saga," adds Schmidt.

-from the Ironhide press release back in February-

You heard it from IDW’s own editor, a ‘must have’.

I’ve been chatting with Mr. Andy Schmidt (IDW Transformers Editor) about all things Transformers, but that’s a tale to share another time. Today we want to review the Transformers Ironhide comic #1 a bit. The five page preview is out, and tomorrow, you can buy this issue on your comic book shelf.

I’m going to share with you my thoughts for some reasons why you may pick the issue up, or you may end up avoiding this issue and series altogether.


BUY IT: Number one this is a G1 series. If you like G1, you will probably enjoy it, or at least comparing it to previous G1 incarnations of characters.

SKIP IT: Because it’s IDW’s new take on G1, and as we have seen, its had its good points (Last Stand of the Wreckers), and its bad points (Ongoing's slow start, and the Bumblebee miniseries).

BUY IT: It’s Ironhide, and from the first issue he seems to be the character that we know and love, albeit, he does not seem to have his Cullen-isms that he was famous for from the G1 cartoon, he is still tough, mature, smart, and a good warrior. Added to that, it looks like we get to have more history about Cybertron during the war, albeit from Ironhide’s point of view.


SKIP IT: You don’t like G1 Ironhide.

BUY IT: The art is by Casey Coller, with covers by Marcelo Matere, and colors by Joana Lafuente. This has been a very competent crew in the past, and it looks like we can expect the same thing this time around. The vision here seems to be yet another redesign, Cybertronian in nature, of characters, but they are familiar, and some characters have designs previously used in IDW’s TF-verse. G1 designs are respected, and used to create the Cybertronian forms. I think Coller does a very good job with Transformers’ faces, bodies, forms, and proportions. The scenes feel a bit crowded at times, but due to the part of the story being told it’s needed, and is nowhere near as crowded as many panels were in Megatron Origins.

Did I mention you can tell who characters are?


SKIP IT: Don’t like yet another artists rendition of Transformers? You really got used to Don’s portrayal of characters, and don’t want to go back?

BUY IT: Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries. Why is Ironhide where he is? How is the Swarm involved? Isn’t Ironhide dead? What purpose does this serve to the overall IDW TF-verse?


SKIP IT: “I Hate mysteries. Don’t like to try to tie things together. The Swarm again, oh’s AHM revisited!”


BUY IT: Action, and background TFs populate panels, and they are recognizable!

SKIP IT: “IDW never uses my favorite Transformers, and if they do they die right away.”

BUY IT: Prime’s learning to be a leader through the tutelage of Kup and Ironhide.


SKIP IT: “Prime’s learning to be a leader...still. Ugh...”

RECOMMENDATION: I’ve read the issue, and I suggest you might want to give the series a try, especially if you are interested in G1, or even mildly interested in seeing where IDW is taking their vision of G1.

I hate to admit it, but Ironhide has never been one of my favorite characters. He was likable enough, but the van alt mode, and the cranky nature, turned me off a bit. Then there was Kup, and I realized Ironhide was not that bad...but it was too late then, because he had died nobley in the movie, never to return to my beloved cartoon series. Poor Ironhide, nobody wants to keep you around. Wrong, looks like Costa and Schmidt want you around for at least 3 more issues!

*Mostly I think the toy turned me off to Ironhide the most. So odd, and so different from the cartoon model. It was very hard to like a character that one could not own the toy of, at least for me anyway, and there was no desire to want Ironhide’s toy at ALL!*

The first issue of this mini lays the story out well, includes some great action, and some intriguing mystery set up to be solved by the final issue. The art is really enjoyable, and the story flows well, even if I don’t like the dialogue much (Prime ‘sounds’ different-almost cocky at times).

The first issue of four is here, and Ironhide’s liquid nitrogen may be needed to cool off the fan reaction (take that how you want).

Decepti-creeps look out, Ironhide is slowly, but surely here to save the day!
(I can’t believe I just wrote that.)

READ IT TOMORROW, after you pick it up from your local comic guy or gal!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #113 - Signal To Noise
Twincast / Podcast #113:
"Signal To Noise"
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Posted: Tuesday, March 24th, 2015