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First Transformers DOTM Game Review

Transformers News: First Transformers DOTM Game Review
Date: Thursday, June 16th 2011 1:40am CDT
Categories: Game News, Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Pottermus_Prime, Game Chronicles

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Yup, it looks like Game Chronicles has managed to post the very first review of the video game adaptation of Transformers Dark of the Moon.
Just click one of the images or right here to get to the review!


Stay tuned to for all your transformers related news!

Dark Of The Moon Soundtrack Review

Transformers News: Dark Of The Moon Soundtrack Review
Date: Monday, June 13th 2011 11:31pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: LOST Cybertronian | Credit(s): Artist Direct

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Artist Direct has reviewed the soundtrack to Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. The soundtrack hits stores tomorrow 6-14-11. You can read their take on the individual songs before rushing out to purchase your own copy.

Traditionally, the soundtrack to a Transformers film proves just as explosive and entrancing as the movie itself.

The soundtrack for Transformers: Dark of the Moon proudly upholds that tradition—like any robust Autobot—but it's also the best in the series so far. Each and every song displays an evolutionary heaviness that would be right at home on Optimus Prime's personal playlist

If you are interested in this album you can read the rest of the review here.

Kre-O Bumblebee Video Review

Transformers News: Kre-O Bumblebee Video Review
Date: Thursday, June 9th 2011 4:51pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): R0b0leadr, baltmatrix

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Views: 40,145

YouTuber user baltmatrix has uploaded a video review of the Transformers Kre-O Bumblebee building block set. Don't worry he edits through the building process. Take a look at the review embedded below.

Human Alliance Roadbuster and Sergeant Recon Video Review

Transformers News: Human Alliance Roadbuster and Sergeant Recon Video Review
Date: Tuesday, May 31st 2011 12:49am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): freaky777, YouTube member venom711

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YouTube member venom711 has posted a video review of the recently released Human Alliance Roadbuster with Sergeant Recon. Not sure if you want to invest your hard earned cash on this guy? Check out the video review embedded below.

TRU Exclusive Cyberverse Scan Series Four Pack Video Review

Transformers News: TRU Exclusive Cyberverse Scan Series Four Pack  Video Review
Date: Wednesday, May 25th 2011 10:04pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Quantum Reflex

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Views: 62,929

Our own Quantum Reflex has posted a video review of the TRU exclusive Cyberverse Scan Series four pack featuring repaints of four Legends class figures: Universe Bumblebee, ROTF Bumblebee, ROTF Starscream, and Cybertron Starscream. The set also features two new weapons that can be held by the movie-verse repaints. Take a look at his embedded video below.

On a side note, if you are planning on picking this set up it has been spotted at retail.

Head Robots: Alternate Universe Hothead Video Review

Transformers News: Head Robots: Alternate Universe Hothead Video Review
Date: Wednesday, May 18th 2011 10:34pm CDT
Categories: 3rd Party News, Reviews, Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): optibotimus

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YouTube reviewer optibotimus has uploaded a video review the BigBadToyStore exclusive Head Robots Alternate Universe Hothead. The set is intended to give your Universe Hardhead a more comic and cartoon accurate appearance. The set is available for pre-order at site sponsor BigBadToyStore. Check out his review below.

Review of Foundation #4

Transformers News: Review of Foundation #4
Date: Wednesday, May 18th 2011 9:14am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): idw

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So I’m back with another Movie related comic review, this time round it’s Transformers Foundation #4, which I believe is the final issue of this series.
This time it’s a different format, without a super detailed plot synopsis, so there aren’t too many spoilers, but then again there isn’t that much going on here.
This is a revised and, lets say improved version of the original review, I did this because of a few things:
This is the final issue, I haven't read the previous, but hey we where asked to do this so we did.
The line-work is better than what the final product shows, maybe it's something to do with the pdf, or I just don't like the coloured art in this. But then again, it's a review, it's my opinion and not the be all end all word on things.
The following is basically the same as before, just with a new rating and a few extra words and sentences thrown in, so it's kinda like the Star Wars Episode IV-VI Special Editions, if you click here you can read the original review and compare.

Foundation is another prequel comic, but not to “Dark of The Moon”, but to Transformers (2007), and it’s basically the same story we get to read every time a new movie comes out. Decepticons and Autobots fight, every time round with the new characters that will be in the new movie, and the AllSpark is removed.
So now, we have Shockwave, the magic threesome, Wheeljack, Sentinel Prime, and Megatron’s Hatchlings running around in the big fight just before the AllSpark gets sent to Earth.
Generics get killed left and right, characters, we know will survive because they’re in the movie that takes place later, have dramatic showdowns that look like they could die, and Optimus Prime gets to bore us with his stale run-of the mill narration.

"I am Megatron, the greatest babysitter in all of the Universe!"

Well, this is the only issue I’ve read of Foundation, however, I did not feel like I missed any previous story, I managed to just jump in. The only thing that lost me is that after a few pages of the comic’s presence it jumps into a flashback, that took place just a few hours ago, so why not start the comic there? This reminds me of a different comic I’ve read: the God of War miniseries by Wildstorm. That comic was so terrible, that I’m kind of glad Wildstorm no-longer exists, that comic was a crime to comics, storytelling, art, and the God of war franchise, and Foundation reminds me it, not a good sign.
The reason it reminds me of GOD, is just how pointless it all is. We learn nothing new in this, except that Sentinel Prime was Optimus Prime’s and Megatron’s mentor, and that he existed during the Great War, and the same counts for Hatchlings, Wheeljack, Shockwave and the bike sisters/thing. And the drama is impotent due to us already knowing which characters are going to live. Rising Storm, was better, it actually felt like it had a point, this however, is the same stuff we’ve already known since 2007 just with a few extras, it’s like the Star Wars Episodes IV - VI Special Editions – just with less bad CGI, but just as pointless.

"We've always been here!"

The only exciting and cool thing about this comic is that we get to see baby Bludgeon, seriously there’s a Hatchling that keeps popping up, that has Bludgeon’s head – awesome.

"Master of Metalo-Nappies"

There's also a part in which Sentinel Prime's ship gets blown up by Starscream, with Optimus Prime acting like he doesn't care while Megatron Yells loud "NO!"

Shattered Glass Movie-verse

Also, there are, like I touched upon earlier, scenes that look like they are supposed to create drama and make us feel dread for the characters involved. It’s just that the characters they choose for these scenes are, you know the main characters in the movies that take place after this comic “Oh, I wonder who’ll survive Ironhide, Starscream or Shockwave?!”.

Gee, I totally fear for the survival of the characters that are in the movie that takes place millions of years after this.

The art, well, it’s OK. That's at least what you get from the comic with colours and all, however, you might remember what I said in my previous reviews:
The colours can make or break an image.

You know, back in Rising Storm I stated that I believe the line-art to be pretty good, but that the colouring's dragging it down. Well what do you know, I stumbled across the DeviantArt account of the artist and you know what you can see there? The pure uncoloured line-work for this series - and man is it gorgeous! I love it, in fact I wish idw would release this series in pure black and white, just so I could get to see more of the artwork. I mean check out the gallery.
Sadly the line-work is still kind of ruined by the colours, as I said in the original review, I stated that the colours weren't bad, but kind of boring. They do kind of hurt the line-work, but then again, this is the Movieverse where there is a lot of gray, and it takes place on Cybertron, which is basically completely gray. So it's accurate.
We shouldn't forget that these are movie designs, that are very hard to bring onto paper.

So how do I rate it in this revised and rethought-out review?

I give it 6 out of 10 Stars for writing, it's well written, but the story structure reminds me too much of the God of War comic, with the whole thing taking place in the past, with flashbacks to the past of the past and trying to create drama with characters we know will be OK anyway. It's kind of pointless in it's existence, but it's well written pointlessness.

I will also give it 7 out of 10 Stars for the art, instead of the 6. I believe I was just too harsh, plus the line-work is awesome. This could have been 8 Stars, had it been in black and white.

A total of 6.5 Stars out of 10 on average.

While I think it's pointless, and yes I'll stick to that, I believe the full story might be better, but I won't be picking up the trade to find out. Only if it where, you know in black and white- and I'm not even a fan of black and white comics.

'The Road to Chaos' - Transformers Ongoing #19 Reviewed

Transformers News: 'The Road to Chaos' -  Transformers Ongoing #19 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, May 17th 2011 8:46pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): tigertracks 24, IDW Publishing

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Lots happening in the Transformers universe.

Galvatron and company are around the ‘live’ universe becoming more powerful and with purpose. The Autobots are in the most disarray that you can imagine them ever being in--- and making choices that lead to serious, SERIOUS ramifications.

Megatron is simply toying with Optimus Prime, and Optimus Prime is showing an extremely frustrated side that one would rarely remember seeing before from the freedom focused noble-bot in even the most dire of circumstances.

But we’re leaving this scene for another corner of the TF-universe. A corner not seen in more than a few issues (at least six!). A section that can only make fans scratch their heads, and imagine what could possibly happen next. Enter Rodimus.

After being ‘ka-boomed’ by Megatron’s super-charged rail gun in the climax of Ongoing issue #13, we catch up with Rodimus floating dead in space with the matrix. He achieves planetfall, and crashlands on a planet that this reader has to say, he didn’t think he would see again with the way events had been going, previous events getting lost in favor of, and sometimes seemingly replaced by newer directions recently.

But in an effort to perhaps reach out to loyal readers, or maybe it was the plan all along, IDW has been returning (finally!) to previously set plot points, and events once again. Plot points that may have been going somewhere in the previous creative crews‘ minds‘ eyes, but were seemingly lost when they left. The newest example of revived plot points, Rodimus landing on the very same planet that holds FAN FAVORITE, should have been First Ballot hall-of-famer, rhyming, wildbot of Cybertron....Wheelie!!!!

*Pauses for cheers to die down*

Last seen stuck on this far away planet thanks to Spyglass, and his Reflector crew, with a 99.999999% chance of never being rescued (fudged that number a little bit), and ominously living near some ruins containing hieroglyphs of a familiar alien race, WHEELIE is once again reunited with a fellow Autobot after quite a long time. The Autobot is fortunately for him, no longer dead ("I feel happy!"), as the matrix is now imbedded into Rodimus’ chest plate like it was always meant to be there, and sparks life back into him.

Rodimus remembers Wheelie immediately upon meeting up with him stating, “You’ve been MIA for almost as long as I can remember. From since just after I got recruited to the Autobots.”

That seems like a long time ago indeed. It’s so long in fact, Wheelie does not even remember being an Autobot.

This issue is otherwise fairly boring. Setting up for the next, much more grand event, where these two young Autobots are going to make their return to Cybertron, and confront a very familiar foe, this issue mainly provides, well, not much. There’s some small piece concerning three other aliens on the planet, but it is quickly put to bed in favor of getting us to the next issue’s ‘will-be-awesomeness’. Yes, Wheelie and Rodimus are going to, thanks to the unlimited power of the matrix and the three disposable aliens, be able to escape the un-escapable planet, and arrive on Cybertron just in time to be a part of this summer’s CHAOS event.

Wheelie rhymes. Rodimus expounds on his injuries, and his new life, and his previous life, vowing to never leave a fellow Autobot behind...again. And Wheelie plays music now. ‘Nuff said?

The Story:

...Is forgettable. This inconsequential issue will quickly be lost in the excitement of this summer’s huge CHAOS events. The two weary Autobots seem to be a bit less than benevolent in their dealings with the three aliens...a streak that seems to be on par with recent Autobot events.

Some might say this could be one of the most annoying issues ever containing both whiny Rodimus, and rhymey Wheelie, but overall the creative crew handled the two well, making sure to focus more on the positive aspects of each, rather than the more negative pieces of them that the fans have come to on some cases...loathe.

The dialogue is smooth and clean. I really wish if IDW changed something from G1 ‘as we know it’ that they would have kept Wheelie from rhyming. The Wheelie-logue drives me bonkers. Thankfully, it is not overwhelmingly done here. I’m just worried now that Wheelie’s back on cast, that his dialect will quickly make its way to the ‘drives me up the wall when I read it‘ category. But Wheelie calls Rodimus dumb to his faceplate, so it can’t be too bad right?

The Art:

---Is Phenomenal. But I’m a Guido slappy. He renders and lines like the pro we know here creating some very beautiful portraits of Wheelie and Rodimus. His alien grunts are excellent as well, reminding me of Skeletor’s hench-lackeys from Masters of the Universe. And the alien ‘general’ seems to have a bit of a cthulhu in his family tree at some point. I have to say, I think Guido stepped it up. His lines on the robots seem more angular and straight, his figures more detailed and less cartoonish. HIs backgrounds detailed, and immense.

The inks, and colors are superbly done, as well.

Honestly, I thought the whole creative team did a really nice job with this issue. ‘It is what it is’ as the oft overused phrase goes. A simple re-introduction tale, setting up a lot bigger event. We get some characterization, and exposition, but not a lot of action. It’s cool though, because the excellent art will keep your eyes and mind quite busy.

Transformers Ongoing #19 is in stores Wednesday, May 18th, be sure to check it out yourself. If you still need more convincing, just check out the 7-page preview, and that should be the deal breaker. See you next time gentle-bots.

Credits to Mike Costa, Guido Guidi, Joana Lafuente, Chris Mowry, Carlos Guzman, and Andy Schmidt.

Video Review of Voyager Class Sentinel Prime

Transformers News: Video Review of Voyager Class Sentinel Prime
Date: Wednesday, May 11th 2011 6:50am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: LOST Cybertronian | Credit(s): Peaugh

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Views: 24,383

Youtube reviewer Peaugh has uploaded his newest Dark Of The Moon toy review. This time he reviews Voyager Class Sentinel Prime. How does it compare to the Leader Class figure? Watch the video which has been embedded below to find out.

Mastershooter Collectibles: MS-01 MEGA-GUN Video Review

Transformers News: Mastershooter Collectibles: MS-01 MEGA-GUN Video Review
Date: Thursday, May 5th 2011 7:54am CDT
Categories: 3rd Party News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): peaugh

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Views: 36,207

YouTube reviewer extraordinaire peaugh has uploaded a video of Mastershooter Collectibles: MS-01 MEGA-GUN. This third party item is an exclusive to online retailer Captured Prey. The review is embedded below.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #131 - The Darkest Timeline
Twincast / Podcast #131:
"The Darkest Timeline"
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Posted: Monday, November 16th, 2015