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Transformers News: reviews "Transformers Prime"
Date: Thursday, November 25th 2010 3:31am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles, Site News
Posted by: Seibertron

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So where to begin telling you about Transformers Prime? In less than two short days, many of you will get to experience what I've already watched about a half dozen times. Earlier this week on Monday morning, an unexpected package arrived from The Hub via UPS. I quickly opened up the package and was surprised to see that they had sent me an advance copy of the first two episodes of Transformers Prime.

I quickly got to work writing extremely lengthy and detailed summaries of the first two episodes. I wasn't sure who my review would be competing against so I decided to do summaries instead of a review first in case everyone and their robo-brother did reviews. I figured detailed summaries would be least likely by everyone. My instinct was correct. If you missed the spoilerific summaries I posted earlier this week, you can check them out by clicking on the following links.

Summary of Transformers Prime Darkness Rising Part 1
Summary of Transformers Prime Darkness Rising Part 2

Much to my surprise, I really liked the show. I'm not sure what I was expecting. To be honest, I've had Transformers Prime on my mind's back burner. I've been so busy with keeping up with galleries on that I hadn't really given "Prime" much thought other than making sure news was getting posted about it when necessary. Prior to seeing the show, I would never have believed what my reaction would have been. To sum up my thoughts about Transformers Prime, let me put it like this in terms that Seibertronians will understand loud and clear -- "Prime is like the love child of Beast Wars and the Live Action Films". Basically everything I like about both of those series seems to be here, except without the senseless and cheesy humor.

On November 24th, weekly entertainment trade magazine Variety posted a review of "Transformers Prime". I was hesitant to read what they wrote initially, but after getting through the first paragraph or two I realized that they liked it as well. Their review wasn't quite what I was expecting from a mainstream magazine. I thought for sure that my Transformers warped mind was making me watch the show through rose-colored glasses. Nope -- they liked it and even summed up several of my thoughts.

Variety wrote:As no-brainers go, a Transformers TV show on the Hub -- welding Hasbro's popular toy line into its cable co-venture with Discovery -- ranks down there with making a sequel to the first movie. Yet the product of that assembly line, "Transformers Prime," proves unexpectedly sharp -- better than the movies (admittedly damnation with faint praise), thanks to the arresting CGI animation, which proves especially well-suited to rendering shiny robots and their vehicular alter egos. There's nothing more than meets the eye here, but what does appear is a plenty entertaining addition to this well-oiled moneymaking machine.

Having read such a positive review from Variety, I felt more encouraged to state how much I liked Transformers Prime. The voice acting is superb, the animation looks incredible and uniquely stylized (even if the human animation models are lacking something), the musical score was beautiful, and the aggressive story below me away.

The first two episodes were serious, sophisticated, rather dark and contained various mature themes -- something I was not expecting at all, especially after the somewhat misleading character trailers that The Hub recently rolled out. This show is definitely not geared toward the younger kids like Transformers Animated was. I don't even know what previous series Transformers Prime is most like. I think I'll need to view a few more episodes to decide. I'll tell you what it's not like ... it doesn't have the kiddie feel to it like Animated, it's extremely coherent and not dumbed-down or poorly dubbed like the Unicron Trilogy, it's not simplified or hyperactive like RID, it's not a whiny complaining misguided hippie like Beast Machines, it's not like Beast Wars despite being the closest thing I could compare Prime to, and it doesn't come across like a toy commercial like G1 does at times (sacrilegious, I know).

Transformers Prime doesn't waste any time. Something major happens in the first third of the first episode that I don't think anyone was expecting. I can't wait to see if the second episode truly ended what happened or if there's more than meets the eye awaiting us. I'm still shocked at what happened, especially in the second episode. Crazy!

Knowing that an army of you Seibertronians will be here on Friday evening posting your reviews in this topic, I'll keep the rest of this review to a minimum. Here are some of my final thoughts that I want to share with you to tide all of you over until Friday afternoon when Transformers Prime debuts.

  • It's in widescreen, though (unfortunately) most of us won't get to watch it in widescreen because most of our Cable companies haven't started airing The Hub in HD yet. Here's hoping for a quick release of this show on DVD, or at least when the toys inevitably come out.
  • This show has an actual musical score along the lines of the music from the live action Transformers films. It's complex, not repetitive, and it always seems completely appropriate for the scene. Beast Wars suffered greatly in this department whereas it seems to be one of Prime's greatest strengths.
  • The voice acting is superb in my book. I was pretty geeked about Peter Cullen and Frank Welker reprising their rightful roles as Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. The rest of the voices seemed appropriately cast. None of the voices seem out-of-place. Everything seems natural. It definitely feels like the animation was done to the voice acting instead of the other way around, which was one of Beast Wars greatest strengths.
  • The kids weren't as annoying as I had expected. I'm one of those fans that understands the purpose of having humans in the Transformers cartoons. Without humans, there'd be little point to Transformers being "robots in disguise". They're a necessary evil and, in this case, they're handled fairly well. The show is about the Transformers and not the kids -- there seems to be little confusion about that.
  • "Prime" is dark at times -- some themes that might not be appropriate or suitable for young children. They might even be getting away with some of what happened in the first two episodes because what occurred happened to "robots" and not humans and because it's airing on a cable channel half-owned by the same people who own the Transformers (*ahem* that'd be Hasbro folks). If you question whether or not the show is dark, just ask yourself this ... has the word "cadaver" ever been used in an episode of Transformers before?
  • The overall mood of the show, or at the very least the first two episodes, is far more serious than we've seen in a long time. I guess this is what makes me keep thinking of Beast Wars. But not all of Beast Wars. Think "The Trigger", "Dark Voyage", "Law of the Jungle", "Other Voices", "Other Visits", and "Code of Hero". Not on an epic scale like Other Voices or a heart-wrenching scale like Code of Hero, but in its own unique way.
  • The animation has grown on me. There are some things that I don't like. This might be the show's weakest link and one of its greatest strengths. The backgrounds, the complexity of each scene, the transformations, the alternate modes, and the Transformers robots themselves all look incredible. Yet at the same time, I get this feeling like I'm watching the cut scenes in a video game. Something's not quite right and I can't pinpoint it. For the most part though, the show looks incredible. I really like the overall style of the animation even though I have a few issues with it. It is definitely unique, as unique as the style of Transformers Animated is and the style of the live action Transformers films.
  • Speaking of transformations, they're very fluid -- more along the lines of the live action films. To be honest, I really had to think about this because none of the transformations really stood out to me -- but that's actually a good thing because it means they didn't waste a lot of time forcing the transformations upon you. It just happened and the show went on.
  • As I've said before, War For Cybertron/Exodus and Transformers Prime are a "forced" continuity meaning that they weren't originally intended to be the same continuity despite what Hasbro tells us. There are a few things that contradict what's already been established in the WFC universe, not to mention a flash back scene in Transformers Prime that uses the Prime animation models and not anything that looks like the WFC designs. I'll consider them the same continuity to humor everyone but they're as forced together as Transformers Cybertron was forced into the Unicron Trilogy.

And now for my thoughts on the characters ...

  • Optimus Prime - he's basically the same as his movie counterpart. As much as I love Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, I sometimes feel that he takes the role a little too serious. Everything always seems so epic and heavy with him voicing Optimus. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just looking for something to complain about like a typical fan boy. Or maybe he does need to loosen up a little bit.
  • Megatron - I'm not usually on the Frank Welker-voicing-Megatron bandwagon like many fans are. Every time I've heard him do his "Megatron" voice in recent years, I kind of cringe. His recent Megatron voice is definitely not his G1 Megatron voice, whether it's him or how it's vocoded I don't know. So I was a little reluctant about him reprising the role of Megatron. His voice at the end of the first episode is like his recent Megatron voice that I don't particularly like. However, his voice in the 2nd episode is unlike any other Welker/Megatron voice I've heard before. It's unique to this character and very appropriate. This Megatron is EVIL, a true villain, something that has been missing from Megatron for a very long time. Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between Megatron and Optimus because we rarely get to see Megatron be evil. You do in Transformers Prime and that's why this Megatron has got me wondering if this could be my favorite Megatron since the Beast Wars Megatron.
  • Arcee - She's a pretty major character in the first two episodes that gets a lot of screen time. She's the bridge that basically brings the humans into the Transformers storyline. She's a very serious Arcee. This isn't your Headmasters "secretary" Arcee or Susan Blu's Animated Arcee. This is an Arcee with an attitude. Not IDW's Furmanized Arcee, but definitely more of a serious warrior Arcee
  • Starscream - not a wuss. Voice is different than previous incarnations. More like the first live action film than the second. It's unique and not the "screaming" high pitched voice either. I wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first. I liked it, but I just kept thinking that it's not a voice for Starscream. I was sold pretty quickly on it when I saw Starscream being a complete badass in the first episode when he does something we haven't seen in a Transformers cartoon in a really long time (if ever). Give this Starscream a chance. He might just give previous Starscream incarnations a run for their money.
  • Ratchet - Jeffrey Combs does an incredible job with this really fun character. This might be the best rendition of Ratchet to date. Picture a cross between G1 cartoon, comic, and Transformers Animated Ratchets -- and the best of each to boot. He's not fond of the human kids, has a sense of humor, grumbles, complains, and still gets the job done. I'm rooting for a Starscream versus Ratchet battle, they both might be worthy of revisiting Simon Furman's Marvel Comics battle between these two characters.
  • Soundwave - Megatron's here because of him basically, no thanks to Starscream, but we really don't find out too much about him. We don't even really hear him speak, he just plays back a recording of something Arcee said. Hopefully he's more than just a drone.
  • Bumblebee - more-or-less like his movie counterpart with some added bits from his Animated self. He can't talk, which is one of my few complaints about the show, especially with no explanation about why he can't speak other than via beeps and boops, which Raf can oddly understand. He surprisingly didn't get as much screen time as Arcee did, which I thought was a little odd. I'm sure he'll get his moment in the spotlight in the near future though.
  • Bulkhead - basically like his Animated character, but without the goofy clumsiness. All muscle it seems. Voice is similar but different. Lots of fun potential with him. Minimal screen time but enough to get a taste of him.
  • Cliffjumper - seems like a cool character. Not sure that they needed to bring in a Hollywood name to do his voice. His design is one of my favorites in this show. Definitely a risk taker. He was portrayed very well in IDW's Transformers Prime comic and his characterization carried over to the cartoon show.

"Transformers Prime" Production Credits:

Produced By Hasbro Studios

Executive Producers:
Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Kline are executive producers. Kurtzman and Orci served as co-writers of the feature films "Transformers," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Star Trek." Kline was also executive producer of the animated series "Jackie Chan Adventures."

Main cast:
Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen
Arcee - Sumalee Montano
Ratchet - Jeffrey Combs
Bulkhead - Kevin Michael Richardson
Megatron - Frank Welker
Jack - Josh Keaton
Miko - Tania Gunadi
Raf - Andy Pessoa
Starscream - Steve Blum
Agent Fowler - Ernie Hudson
June Darby - Markie Post

Well, that's it for me for tonight. Please make sure you stop by to share your thoughts after you watch Transformers Prime. I look forward to hearing what other Seibertronians think of this show.

Video Review of Reveal The Shield Perceptor

Transformers News: Video Review of Reveal The Shield Perceptor
Date: Thursday, November 18th 2010 7:02am CST
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: RodimusConvoy13 | Credit(s): emgo316

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emgo316, The Freakin' Geek, has posted a video review of Reveal The Shield Perceptor on YouTube. In it, he discusses the good and bad of the figure. We also get some size comparisons to G1 Perceptor and some other figures. The transformation looks pretty solid with lots of pieces locking into place. Check it out below. Figure out what side you stand on: Microscope or Truck(with treads and stuff)

Review and Identification Guide for Knock Off BotCon Mirage

Transformers News: Review and Identification Guide for Knock Off BotCon Mirage
Date: Sunday, November 14th 2010 2:03pm CST
Categories: Knock Offs, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): G1Sizzle

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Views: 81,258 member G1Sizzle, author of the comparison guide between Henkei Thundercracker and the Knock Off version, has posted a review of the Knock Off of Botcon Clear Blue Mirage. G1Sizzle did not have a BotCon version available for comparison, but still made a thorough review based on Classics Mirage, noting all the obvious mold changes. You can view our full gallery of BotCon Mirage here.

G1Sizzle wrote:And here is a look at KO Botcon Mirage. I don't have an actual Botcon Mirage to compare him to, but I do have Classics Mirage, Fracture and Drag Strip. All of these molds appear to be alike, so I will be pointing out where KO BC Mirage differs from these molds. This will again be one half review, and one half tutorial.


Here he is next to Classics Mirage. As you can see, the reproduction is 1:1. He's reproduced part-for-part. There don't appear to be any shortcuts taken in this KO. All parts are clear blue plastic with the following exceptions: the ball joint that the head is on, the biceps, the two inner parts of the torso, and the part that connects the thigh and the calf.


I should apologize right off the bat for these pictures not being clearer. My camera is a simple digital camera and isn't made for high quality photos. This is the first difference I noticed between the KO and all the other Mirage molds I own. In the solid piece between the thigh and calf, there are markings. On the KO, there are 2 straight horizontal lines. On the other Mirage molds, there are 3 slanted lines.


Also on the legs, on the upper part of the thigh, there are air intake vents right where the exhaust pipes fold up in bot mode. The KO has 3 vents. The original mold has 4.


I'm not certain if this next difference is also present on the real Botcon Mirage, so maybe somebody who has it can let us know. If you look on the KO BC Mirage's shin, there is a lot of detailing that is not present on Classics Mirage, Drag Strip or Fracture. Also, the dead giveaway is the rubsign. KO BC Mirage has no rubsign.


There is a seam on the outside of the forearm of each Mirage-mold figure. On Mirage, Fracture and Drag Strip, this seem perfectly bisects a detail, making it essentially look like teeth. The legit molds have the seam running straight down the middle. The KO does not. It's rather widely off center.


Here's one that's really easy to spot. The screws on KO BC Mirage are smaller than the screws in any of its mold-mates. The holes are obviously meant for larger screws, but smaller ones are used.


Oopsie! Don't worry too much, though. This is not actually broken. It's just a place in the torso that can be detached. All the other versions of this mold have this too. The reason I point it out is that the one on the KO slides out really easily. It showed up in my mailbox split in two, and it also fell out while I was fiddling with it. The legit figures have never done this for me.

This picture also showcases one of the dealbreakers for this figure, in my eyes. The KO BC Mirage I received cannot hold his gun. The peg on the crossbow is simply larger than the one in his fists. I couldn't get it to peg in on either fist. So when KO BC Mirage transforms, he's going to be weaponless, sadly.


And here they all are together. As you can see, KO BC Mirage does fit in to the classics collection, as long as you don't look closely.

QUALITY: Sadly, Mirage does not live up to the high quality of the Henkei seekers. He's floppy for one thing. His joints are not tight at all. The plastic quality also doesn't feel up to snuff. I realize this is clear plastic, but the Henkei Ghost Starscream KO felt a LOT sturdier than this guy. The looseness of the figure hinders his ability to achieve all the great poses the original Mirage could achieve. Additionally, as I mentioned, he tends to come apart at the waist, and he cannot hold his weapon.

PACKAGING: There is none. No bag, no card. Er go, one of the simplest ways to ensure you are getting a REAL Botcon Mirage is to purchase one bagged. So far, anyway.

One more thing: I don't know if this is true for all of them, but there was a flaw on my KO BC Mirage's face that stemmed from it being improperly removed from the sprue.

In summary, this is only a figure to get if you are planning to get a real one in the future and want it as a placeholder. This will be really easy to spot as a fake in person. If you buy it on eBay or another online source, be sure to get close-up pictures of it. If you want it because you can't afford a Botcon figure, that's fine, but realize you're getting something that is lower than Hasbro quality.

Comparison review between Henkei Thundercracker and the KO.

Transformers News: Comparison review between Henkei Thundercracker and the KO.
Date: Wednesday, November 10th 2010 9:47am CST
Categories: Knock Offs, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): G1Sizzle

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Views: 92,304 member G1Sizzle has posted a part review part comparison guide on the previously revealed KO reissue of henkei Gentei Thundercracker. You can use this to distinguish the KO from the real deal.

G1Sizzle wrote:Since I bought two of the KO Henkei TCs, people have been asking me to review them so they'll know whether or not to purchase them. Here goes!



This is the KO (left) standing next to the legit original Henkei Thundercracker (right). As you can see, there aren't a lot of differences between the two. The differences are mostly very very subtle. As you can see, though, the actual Henkei figure has its launchers held onto its arms by rubber bands, whereas the KO is actually able to support its own launchers. Your mileage may vary, though, as the launcher port on the KO's right arm (your left) is a little loose, but nowhere near as loose as the actual product.

To be perfectly frank, this KO is perhaps the best KO I have ever seen. It is sturdy, the transformation process is fluid, and the plastic quality feels like the real deal. I had no issues in transforming it, and it's actually a bit less floppy than the Henkei version. The only joints I thought were too stiff were on the bottom right tailfin, which took a little more pressure to fold up than I was comfortable with. Otherwise, the figure fits together in both modes quite comfortably. All in all, the KO has BETTER paint apps than the original, and holds its launchers better.

The only real problem was that one of the launchers was broken and the missile won't fit in correctly. A simple fix, really.

Simply put, if you want Thundercracker and can't afford the Botcon or Henkei versions, this guy is the one for you, and the price is unbeatable.

Now...I imagine a lot of you are wondering how you can avoid being taken in and buying the KO thinking you are getting the real deal. Well, I'm glad you asked, because I'm about to tell you how you can tell the difference between the two:


The real Henkei version has a notch in the "knee pad" of TC's leg. The KO is perfectly squared.


As you can see from the back of the two TCs' wings, the red on the Henkei version is a much lighter color. This is most noticeable on the wing backs, but is true for the whole figure. The KO figure's red is a much deeper red. Also, I feel like the blue on the KO is a tad deeper blue, and I'm quite sure that the cockpit is a MUCH deeper amber color.

As you can see, the alignment of the Decepticon sigil on the front of the wing is a bit off. That's only true on one wing of my KO, so I'm not certain that this is common to each figure. However, it is one of the few differences that can be detected BEFORE opening the packaging.


This one is a dead giveaway. It's so small, it's almost unnoticeable, but there is a notch on each seeker's shoulder. On the real deal, the notch compromises the silver swatch. It's this way on every seeker that I have, including other KOs. But on this KO, the notch is significantly lower on the shoulder and doesn't cross into the silver swatch at all.

All things considered, I recommend this KO to people who don't have Thundercracker and can't afford him. And I hope this review helps those of you who want to know the difference.

Review of Transformers Ongoing #13 With Spoilers!

Transformers News: Review of Transformers Ongoing #13 With Spoilers!
Date: Tuesday, November 9th 2010 7:31am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): IDW

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Views: 63,630

Well it's that Tuesday again and you know what that means – idw Transformers Ongoing comic review time!

Just this time with Dead Metal, instead of TT24, that's because TT24 is chained up in my basement, and he shall remain there until idw makes a new Transformers comic I don't hate with a passion so intense that it should be illegal.
So I'll be reviewing The Transformers Ongoing #13, a comic by idw focusing on Hot Rod Rodimus Prime Roddy the Hot Rod, that is HOT, Rodimus (?), and the role he has in the future of the comic series. Oh looks like TT24's staying in my basement for a while – OR IS HE?!

And just in case you don't know, this review contains spoilers and as the name says, these spoilers spoil the comic for you. I will include the ending in this review, so if you don't mind getting spoilt keep on reading

So idw was very happy to stress to us that this issue took place in SPACE! and not on earth, but that's not all, they also stressed that this book had Rodimus, in SPACE!.
What an exciting brake from all that boring as hell Spike waffling, pseudo political waffling, propaganda, and the most boring and unexciting way Transformers have ever been portrait, seriously, they're giant sentient robots from SPACE!, how can they not be exiting and awesome – oh yea waffling...

I'm going to start by saying something about the art, since that's not just half of a comic but also the half one notices before the story.

The art, well the line art, is done by Nick Roche, the Irish artist who not only harassed idw into hiring him (according to Chris Ryall), but also made a huge impact on the fans with the art and scripting of such titles as "Spotlight: Kup" and "Last Stand of the Wreckers", the later with a great portion of help by James Roberts. He's famous for having a style that is both cartoony and organic, and still very mechanical. He's also, in his own words "Gay for Hot Rod".

And he does not disappoint, the art is very dynamic, expressive and full of character, and still very detailed.

Now on the subject that is always good for controversy in the idw comics since the Launch of "All Hail Megatron", the designs.
Nick Roche uses a mix of character designs, The Master Piece toy design for the Seekers, Don Figueroa's new design for Hot Rod, and the rest are more or less based on the Sunbow cartoon designs, except for a mystery character!

So the art will please Nick Roche-fans and displease those that don't care for his work, and comic character design nerds will probably find something to rage about.

I'll voice my opinion on the story part of the comic at the end of this review.

Now this is where the real spoilers start!

So the issue starts with Rodimus flying with Ultra Magnus's ship (which he stole from Ultra Magnus in #06) through SPACE!. They didn't lie you guys the story really is in SPACE!.

Now I'm not really going to say too much about the first five pages, since if you click here you can read them in the pre-view.

The pages give us a basic gist of what happened earlier, Rodimus "unexpectedly" getting swindled by Swindle (also #06), oh wow we didn't see that happening back when Swindle showed up in #02, how could you not trust someone going by that name. Rodimus also goes on about how smart he is, yea Swindle thinks so too, and that Ultra Magnus has a super-duper high security safe which can't be broken by anything short of Omega Supreme, which he doesn't lock. Why Magnus went through the trouble of owning that I don't understand, but I do think it's kind of funny, stupid but funny.

Rodimus arrives at the Decepticons' asteroid base and we see Acid Storm, yes he's even actually referred to as such, and Shrapnel. They lose their cool and shoot the ship, but due to an error the ship crashes and destroys their defences.

Bombshell gets the job of telling Starscream the bad news, who doesn't really care and tells him to go and fix it. Then we have a bit of an awkward moment in which Bombshell kind of suggests he should have The Matrix and tries taking it from Starscream (I guess it's like the "one" ring), who's still wearing it with a chain around his neck. Starscream orders him to "Leave us", which is odd as there is only Bombshell and Starscream in the room, maybe he's going nuts.

"And one to enslave them all."

We cut back to Rodimus who has survived the crash and gets ready to attack the base. However Acid Storm, Kickback and Bombshell search the wreak for survivors and useful things, and well they find Rodimus, who ambushes them and kills all three of them, well I guess he kills them.

I guess a fridge could have also been used for this.

Rodimus himself is then ambushed by Razorclaw, they exchange some dialogue in which Razorclaw reveals he could bite off Rodimus' head and swallow it whole, which is odd since he's a robot, but then again we've seen Transformers do stranger things. Rodimus tells Razorclaw to "Swallow this!" while sticking one of Bombshell's cerebro shells in his mouth, and he does. Razorclaw is now under Rodimus' command, because well roll with it.

Razorclaw will swallow anything smaller than his own head without question.

Rodimus then uses Razorclaw to ambush Starscream, who quickly kills him, yea sorry no Predaking in these comics.
Rodimus attacks Starscream, who tells him that he's impenetrably armoured, but Rodimus shoots The Matrix which knocks Starscream out, or kills him I'm not sure which.
click here for spoilerish image

He then takes The Matrix and goes deeper into the base, where he's surprised by Astrotrain, who's in his cartoon design, Rodimus thinks he's smart and decides to sneak up on him, while thinking to himself he's destined to bring the Matrix back. But surprise! And out of the shadows steps our mystery character! I'm not going to use any spoiler tags since, well it won't work.

"Out of the Dark, into the light."

The mystery character is Megatron in his new design, marking the first time the design has been used in fiction.
Due to Megatron having a new body, Rodimus panics and shows us that he knows what happens when a character gets a new body and shows it off to the reads/viewers for the first time! Rodimus somehow thinks The Matrix could shield him from Megatron, possibly forgetting Megatron is not Unicron (who isn't even in this universe, but still).

"Erm, Rodimus he's not Unicron, but whatever."

It goes just as well as one would think, and Rodimus is back in SPACE!

"SPACE! Blacker than the blackest black times infinity!"

Megatron somehow no longer caring for The Matrix, strange, he seemed to have been all over it in AHM, guess it was important enough to start a war over it (if we ignore the fiction prior to AHM) but blasting it with a huge cannon into SPACE! is OK, guess he thinks his new body is a much better "toy".
Megatron then tells Soundwave to assembly the Decepticons since he wants "To address my followers".

And on the last page we see Rodimus floating dead through SPACE!
Image spoils the final page of the comic.

So that was it, our space related issue in the ongoing, enjoy it while it lasts as it might take a while till we get another issue set completely in space.

Now I'll get to the story part , which is the most important part of a comic. A comic can be good with horrible art as long as the story is good, just like a wonderfully illustrated comic can be bad due to a bad story and horrible writing.

The comic is written by Mike Costa, who's been writing the ongoing since #01 - poorly in my opinion. Everything's dragged out far too long, characters act weird and the plot seems to be nothing more than Costa's statement of how much our beloved alien robots suck when compared to humans, it's so poor that it overshadows the few pretty good ideas and concepts he brings in.

"A typical and unedited page of what dialogue in the Ongoing."

However, this issue is different, it's pacing is good, although it kind of feels rushed near the end; it's dialogue is waffle free, something which we usually suffer through when Costa writes dialogue involving humans or Optimus Prime (please die Prime, you suck in this continuity now); Rodimus' internal monologues are pretty good, sometimes stupid and cliché, but overall pretty good; and the best part, no Spike!
However, there are some bad or let’s say week parts to the story, like Razorclaw's part in this, which was pretty pointless since Rodimus' would have had the same effect if he just went and attacked Starscream himself, Razorclaw was basically just there to get killed. The part about Ultra Magnus' safe, that odd scene with Bombshell and The Matrix, The Matrix in general which seems to be indestructible and Megatron's appearance, while cool is somewhat sudden and not explained. But we might get the explanation in a following issue or heck even a Spotlight, telling us the story, which idw planned from the beginning but wanted to wait, of how and why in a few months.

So yea the story's not that bad, plus the fantastic art by nick Roche, with fantastic colours by J. Brown, make a pretty good and enjoyable comic.

I give it three stars out of five, which means I must have liked it.

"This I recommend!"
5 point of cool to who gets this.

Personally I think it's not as good or interesting as idw's earlier output (-tion, Stormbringer, etc.) but not that bad and might be the first sign of the series actually getting better, but then again Megatron might come back to earth and team up with Osama Bin Laden or revive Hitler, which would sadly make sense looking at what happened in previous issues.

New Video Review of Reveal The Shield Solar Storm Grapple

Transformers News: New Video Review of Reveal The Shield Solar Storm Grapple
Date: Sunday, November 7th 2010 12:22pm CST
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): Optibotimus, YouTube

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Transformers video reviewer and member Optibotimus has posted a new review of Hasbro's upcoming Reveal The Shield, voyager class Solar Storm Grapple. Solar Storm Grapple is a repaint of Henkei/Universe Inferno. The video of the repainted/remolded release highlights all the changes between the two figures including the remolded arms, different head, and the crane and hook that replaces Inferno's spray cannon. Solar Storm Grapple is part of the series 1 of Hasbro's 2011 voyager figures and is expected to be released at the end of the year.

To view the original post on YouTube, click HERE.

Video Review of Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz

Transformers News: Video Review of Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz
Date: Saturday, November 6th 2010 1:45pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): AutobotJazz87, Peaugh, YouTube

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YouTube Transformers reviewer Peaugh has posted a new video review of Hasbro's upcoming Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz. The review of the deluxe class figure highlights its transformation from Porsche-like sports car to robot and shows off the gimmicks that include clip-on, "HiFi" speakers and the head automorph. This figure is part of Wave 1 of Hasbro's 2011 deluxe releases and is anticipated sometime late this year.

Or to view the video review on YouTube, click HERE.

New Photos of Upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks

Transformers News: New Photos of Upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks
Date: Sunday, October 10th 2010 5:26am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): Red Leader, TFW2005

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Red Leader, member of fellow fansite TWF2005, has posted some new images there of Hasbro's upcoming deluxe-class, Generations Turbo Tracks figure. Along with the photos, he also gives a brief review of the figure, written comparisons to G1 and Alternators Tracks, and shares a bit of unfortunate news: no winged car mode! Apparently the way the wings are placed inhibits the wings from being flipped out in alt mode to give Turbo Tracks his trademark look. Other than that, he give the figure a 6 out of 10 and calls it "a worthy addition to your modern G1 collection". Turbo Tracks is part of the Series 1 release of the 2011 Generations line, expected to be released in November.

New Photos of Upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks

New Photos of Upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks

New Photos of Upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks

New Photos of Upcoming Generations Turbo Tracks

To view all the photos and read all the comments, click HERE.

First look at Generations Kup?

Transformers News: First look at Generations Kup?
Date: Monday, October 4th 2010 11:17am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): TheBoo

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Now this is just a bit of a follow up on yesterdays story concerning the in package images of the upcoming Battle in Space two-pack, no idea what I'm talking about? Just click here for the story we'll wait for you while you read it.
Good we may continue.

Now as you know the set comes with a comic, a comic written by Simon Furman and illustrated by Boo, fan of Transformers Animated will know him for his work on the Arrival. Well if you look at the cover you will see the new Classics Rodimus repaint standing prominently in the foreground of the cover, illustrated here:
Upon further inspection you will notice that the Sweeps and Cyclonus are also on the cover, in their Universe 2008/Generations bodies, illustrated here:
Now after we have noticed those we will see that the largest space of the cover is taken up by Kup, who is not in his original G1 body but a new one, illustrated here:
That is his Generations design, not convinced?

Boo wrote:wasnt told to put Kup on the cover but i knew folks would want the toy when i saw what i was drawing because I WANT THE TOY, so i had to slip him in and it worked, now everyone is hungering like a MarvelZombie for Kup...

but what other secrets lay inside hehehe :grin:

You can see his post by clicking here and here for a journal on the comic itself.

But that leaves another question, Unicron is he on the cover because he's in the story and fits the cover or did Boo put him there as a hint at something coming our way, might Hasbro be bringing over the TakaraTomy 2010 remold/repaint of Unicron to it's markets? Only time will tell!

Post your speculation of what might be in the comic by clicking here!

Optibotimus Reviews New 2010 Takara / Tomy Unicron

Transformers News: Optibotimus Reviews New 2010 Takara / Tomy Unicron
Date: Saturday, September 25th 2010 3:39pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: DevastaTTor | Credit(s): Optibotimus, CannonFodder4000

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YouTube Transformer reviewer and member Optibotimus has let us know that he's posted a new review on YouTube of the recently released Takara/Tomy 2010 Unicron figure. This update of the previously released Armada, Energon, and Universe Unicrons features a completely new head sculpt and top-to-bottom repaint that completes a look that's very accurate to the 1986 Transformers Movie character. In addition to highlighting the things that make this release appear to be the definitive version of the Unicron figure to date, he also give us a great look at the fantastic box artwork from every angle. To check out the video review, click the embedded video below.

To visit the original post on YouTube, you can also click HERE.

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