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TFsource Video Review - Knight Morpher Commander

Transformers News: TFsource Video Review - Knight Morpher Commander
Date: Tuesday, April 20th 2010 9:27pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): TFsource

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We've got a new video review from site sponsor TFsource. TFsource video reviews are well known for being of high quality, and they just happen to be reviewing a high quality figure - Mastermind Creations' Knight Morpher Commander. The figure takes after Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime, and will likely not be Mastermind Creations' last product. Knight Morpher Commander has been generating some buzz in the fandom - find out what it's all about in this video review on Youtube or embed below.

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Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers #4- Spoiler Filled Review!

Transformers News: Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers #4- Spoiler Filled Review!
Date: Tuesday, April 20th 2010 12:46pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Is this comic series guilty of fanwank? Bringing in characters, and ideas of old to simply make us hardcore fans cryout on message boards how awesome issues are? Many have labeled it as such, which in the text that I have heard the slang fanwank used, likens it to being worse than stealing candy from babies (babies don’t get candy by the way--sad wikitron fan fact). Being talked down upon for being unoriginal, and only liked due to its yank at our gut... is that what this series means to us?


By now you know my feelings about the art, and the much more enjoyable story in this compared to other recent IDW Transformers offerings. Pick any RECENT issue of an IDW Transformers it..good? Wreckers is better in all aspects, any issue of the mini beats any issue you could choose.

So it’s time to start nit-picking Mr. Roche’s story. He’s starting to wrap it up. We have the ‘penultimate’ issue of the series here. Penultimate series issue means--SOME ANSWERS. Unlike ABC’s LOST (in it’s final season), we get SOME answers to our WRECKERS questions, even though they may seem about as satisfying as many of the answers to the mysteries on said show (NOT SATISFYING AT ALL) are.

What do we get answers to?

    -what Wrecker(s) spark is extinguished
    -what ‘aequitas’ is
    -how Ironfist ‘made’ it on the Wreckers
    -how totally ‘bad’ Springer really is
    -how many OMG moments can Nick Roche put in one series
    -how lame Pyro is/is not
    -what the black smoke is (oops, wrong fiction)
    -how the Wreckers will probably get out of this whole thing
    -what was the choice Overlord offered


This question bugged me since the beginning. And like the answer to the statue on LOST, this one left me disappointed. We were right that aequitas had to do with judgement (google search definition, it’s there). We were right that it was big. But as far as I know, the rest of our ideas we had were all wrong. The biggest let down of this issue is probably this whole plot point’s revelation. Such a pity. Unless you are happy that it was not the obvious. Seeing this one play out in the final issue will determine my happiness with this answer. Fanwank critics should rejoice in this does not feed our wankiness.

At least one spark is extinguished on the good guys side in this issue, and it relates to the above disappointment. To be expected with so many cons headhunting them on Overlord’s orders (last issue).

We find out a whole lot about Ironfist/Fisitron this issue. We knew from last issue that some strings were pulled to get him in, ie he skipped tryouts and was appointed to the team. Who might do this? None other than the high-ranking Autobot subject of our other review this month. On top of this we find out Ironfist is credited with making some of the most memorable weapons in certain Transformers’ arsenals, as well as, countless other WMD’s used in the Cybertronian War. Plus, he seems to get +10 in the brains department based on events in the final few pages of this issue. But he also may be upping his insanity +2. Lots going on with this character.

"A brilliantly designed piece of firepower is a work of art to me."

-SIDE SLIDE- finally we get the return of the Autobot Wiki in this issue’s end, and this entry is none other than our befuddled, hero worshiper, IRONFIST. Great, you guys (IDW) forgot to do this in two other issues. Maybe you’ll put something in the final issue about Overlord that takes three pages or something...

--SIDE SLIDE 2--I love how they use the older looking pages, colors, etc., for the flashback pages. What a nice touch from the artistic side, and I never mentioned it before.


While looking a crazed torturer in the face plate, Springer manages to have a conversation with Impactor about his feelings. We get to see part of the reason Springer is the leader of the Wreckers, as the two soldiers wax philosophical about the situation that landed Impactor in Garrus-9. This flashback is why Springer should be everyone’s favorite character. Oh my god, behind enemy lines type stuff here. Gritty, grimy, and so Wrecker like. Wait what about Topspin, aww sh--, no way! Stalker is quite good at his job, but someone seems to be a bit better.



OMG everyone was saying something about fun, and fanwank right? Wrong. This series has turned psychological, brutal, and dramatic. This issue revs it up a notch for some things that you were probably not prepared for. Sure there is fanwank type stuff here, but there is more that is just downright gut-wrenching, unexpected, and mind-boggling. Fun has turned into crazy, we’re talking messed up Joker crazy. Disorders upon disorder. It is somewhat tough to swallow at times, because of the dramatic change. But it seems to work for the story.

Okay, some wankiness... a Legion of Doom version of the Wreckers... really? C’mon...

Lame, lame, lame. People are going to want to take their Botcon versions and firecracker them after seeing this coward called out, and how he responds. He needs to be drummed out, assuming he survived. Somewhat predictable...probably with all his he’s Optimus Prime Jr. talk.

It’s bad Locke. It’s the opposite of Jacob, and it wants off the island. And if you cross it, it can kill your @$$.


Once again, it is present, and once again, it may just save the day. Obvious, and easy, it better not be the ‘way out’. Boo to you Perceptor for offering it. Did you hate how the Magnificence made everything ‘too convenient’ in the ‘tion’ series wrap up? Perceptor had better have hated it enough to not use the one present here. Unfortunately, he voted YES.

“Fight me, or die...” Not much choice. Same result.

What’s old is new again...
Springer and Impactor UK #167

Where are these guys?
Springer, Sandstorm, and Broadside UK #88

No surprise that you will enjoy reading this one, and probably have to read it a few times . Then you will still be saying, “what the slag just happened?”

Obviously, I do not want to spoil everything for you, but our thoughts about Grimlock are addressed to a degree. I tried to review the plot in this issue without giving up exactly what happened. Hard to do with this and the next issue being the series wrap.

No matter what I say, you’ll be first in line tomorrow to buy it. You should. Buy two. One for each eye. It’s that enjoyable. And it has been that long since we have had something to look forward to this much.

Check out the five page LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS #4 preview to get a taste for yourself!

"Logic is the ultimate weapon."- Transformers Spotlight Prowl Review

Transformers News: "Logic is the ultimate weapon."- Transformers Spotlight Prowl Review
Date: Tuesday, April 20th 2010 7:31am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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“The evaluation is self-evident: one of their lives is not worth one of ours. That’s what the math dictates.”


Let me get this off my chest first and foremost. I am a Prowl S-L-A-P-P-Y. He was one of the first toys I owned as a child. From the TV show, he was also not everybody’s favorite robot, but he did see plenty of screen time, so I felt comfortable having him as a favorite that nobody else did. Man did I hate seeing him go down like he did in the movie.

In the Marvel comics, he was forgettable until the final issues of the series (“An 80- issue miniseries!”), mostly because in the span of the first 10 issues, he and a band of other Autobots were put down for the count early on by Shockwave, and then put into storage until they could be repaired. When Grimlock found the nucleon and repaired all the wrecked Autobots (wikitron fan fact- causing them to no longer have alt modes), Prowl came back to lead the Autobots as Bludegon led the Decepticons...and of course, Prowl led the Autobots into a Decepticon trap that just about destroyed them. Can’t catch a break. Grimlock dispised him as a weak leader as well.


So, I think you get the picture. Prowl’s claims to fame have been...
-right hand robot to the leader
-unfeeling, logic driven cad
-incompetent leader and soldier
-overall ‘party pooper’ of the Autobots

He did have a shining moment, at least in this Prowl fan’s eyes.

The episode Roll For It in Season 1 was the closest we’ve seen to an independent Prowl who does more than think, or act as a ‘yes man’ to authority. Unfortunately, he needed Chip Chase’s help to be this remarkable a warrior.



The TakaraTomy Binaltech fiction saw the reemergence of Prowl as a character, but again, needing Chip Chase as his more human side.

Prowl has been in every re-imagining of Generation One continuity you can name. His importance, as already stated, has never really gone past that of strategist relying on facts. As you can imagine, when the Transformers Spotlight Prowl was announced I was really excited ('Starscream fangirl' excited, no, excited, yes) that we might get something more about this underrated character.


The return of E.J. Su. Through the hazy mists who is it that we see reappear to light our darkest hour? None other than Transformers artist E.J. Su, back at work with IDW drawing Transformers.

“Hi, I’m EJ Su, you may remember me from such previous Transformers stories as Transformers: Infiltration, the hiding, and Transformers: Escalation, the slow build.”


Oh, and remember when we didn’t like E.J’s new designs on our 'Precious'? Many of us would love to see him come back and give Transformers Ongoing pencils a go.

His art does create a familiar, happy feeling to return to though. E.J. calls upon his ‘-tion’ style mostly, and brings us simpler, blockier designs based on each character’s Classics and Universe toy (for those that had one).

The work is gritty, and energetic, and yet, it fits like an old glove. Textures are handled, but not in an overly complex way. The inks and colors work well with the pencils to create an effect that many of us have missed in our Transformers comics lately.


What I really like though are the uses of the large, dark, shadow spots. They work well, and as a style, allow the artist to use less detail, and think more about the inter-workings of the negative and positive spaces these dark shadows cause. It also allows for more attention to be brought to the parts that are bright, which are usually the most important to helping us see the story.

I am sure that the art is going to cause some wincing among fans, but I find it refreshing, nostalgic, and interesting to look at. It has a certain Mike Mignola Hellboy feel to it (with less hell, more boy) that works well with Transformers.


Since All Hail Megatron Coda #15, Prowl has been left out of things. We’ve seen him helping Rodimus Prime’s bunch trying to get off of Earth in the Transformers Ongoing series (wikitron Fan Fact: Prowl got captured by humans as he was baited into trying to save Breakdown then **edit** rescued, in the battle for his rescue, Ironhide was lost). We’ve seen him pulling some strings as a high ranking Autobot leader to get certain people into certain places (See Spotlights Kup, and Ultra Magnus, and Last Stand of the Wreckers #4).

All this has led us to think is that Prowl is pretty much the Autobot equivalent of Shockwave, albeit less powerful of a fighter. Always calculating the math, and making decisions based on logic and numbers, never using instincts, or feeling to make his decisions. Prowl supports the Autobot cause to no end, and really does not question authority, as long as logic, and the numbers, support it.

This 'attempting to save Breakdown' incident in TF Ongoing #1 was a step in a new direction for Prowl. For those who may have thought, ‘What the hell?’ when Prowl made that somewhat uncharacteristic move, you’re about to be enlightened. This story tells the tale of Prowl between All Hail Megatron, and Transformers Ongoing #1. It gives us insights into the character that we perhaps have not given much thought to, or thought that the writers had given much thought to either.

This spotlight also helps fill in some pieces (like AHM Coda did), it is a fairly necessary read for anyone trying to make sense of the continuity that IDW is placing together.

For fans of Generation One characters that transform into police cars that are not named Streetwise, Siren, or Stakeout, this is written for you, as well.

Finally, Prowl fans can feel good that their guy is not just a logic driven, uncaring, strategist. We saw some passion in the Marvel series, and on the old cartoon, but until now, have really only seen him giving, and receiving orders.

In this issue Prowl has some intense inner dialogue where he is calculating the effectiveness of what they are doing on Earth, making suggestions, and feeling the command structure fall to pieces around him. He is caught up between his emotions and the logic, and this is what drives the story.

And then we see the heart in the tin man...

The entirety of the issue is either Prowl ‘debating’ with himself, self-narrating the story, or dialogue where he interacts with others. It fits very well. It is well written, and Mike Costa deserves praise for this issue's success because he is sure getting enough people contesting his writing/pacing in Transformers Ongoing.

This issue allows us to get into Prowl’s head, and heart, and finally feel he’s...something.


Long time coming, long overdue, and well executed. Prowl fan happy. Enjoy.

Check out the 5-page Prowl preview here, the issue hits your local comic shop somewhere near tomorrow.

Video Review of Leader Starscream - Lights and Sound Effects

Transformers News: Video Review of Leader Starscream - Lights and Sound Effects
Date: Sunday, April 18th 2010 12:58pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Peaugh

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Views: 50,093

The Transformers movie toy line will continue throughout the summer, and one of the figures to be included is the much anticipated Leader Class Starscream. Youtuber Peaugh has gotten a hold of the finished product, now with lights and sounds. Starscream has two phrases, "Now one can defeat Starscream" and "The Decepticons will crush the Autobots". Feel free to check out the entire video on Youtube or embed below.

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Video Review of Scout Class Brimstone

Transformers News: Video Review of Scout Class Brimstone
Date: Tuesday, April 13th 2010 10:18pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): Jynxer, Peaugh

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Views: 40,279

Brimstone from the new and upcoming Transformers toy line simply dubbed "Transformers" has fell into the hands of Peaugh on YouTube. The video entails his opinion of the toy, and also provides an in depth look at the figure. To view the video click here.

Transformers Comic Review- Nefarious #2- !Spoilers!

Transformers News: Transformers Comic Review-  Nefarious #2- !Spoilers!
Date: Tuesday, April 13th 2010 12:02pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Coming to your local comic shop tomorrow!!! Or possibly a few days later!!!

This Simon Furman written movie continuity title continues its baby steps forward introducing the new hidden TRANSFORMERS enemy, THE INITIATIVE. Having six issues means you don’t need to rush things though. As the tortoise-bot told the petrorabbit (or was that Mike Costa TFONGOING telling Simon Furman NEFARIOUS, or vice versa?), slow and steady wins the race (Don't tell Blurr!). Different bots, different strokes, as the text may be vocalized.

"Watchoo' talkin' bout Willie?" Credits, Daniel, my boy, credits, and here are those responsible for this issue.


Moving along, as is to be expected Optimus Prime gets long-winded, reflective, and concerned. Then he kicks some Decepti-aft named Soundwave...


...creating a tenuous alliance of sorts with him at the same time, as Soundwave looks to stay relevant in the quest for control of the Earth by having the Autobots believe he is worth something to them in their goal to identify the third party string pullers, and the motivations of this new human group.

It was that or being cryo-frozen Han Solo style, so you can understand Soundwave’s motivation here. Plus, the communications officer still wants to learn more about how ol’ Ravage survived Bumblebee’s spinal readjustment in the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie -- I know you probably missed that part, right? That’s right Ravage is back, and Soundwave, and the rest of us don’t know why--but we have our theories.

Government jerks (namely Mr. Galloway, same pest as last issue) decide that N.E.S.T. (if you’ve been hiding under a rock, N.E.S.T. is the Autobot and government allied taskforce, hunting for Decepticons on Earth) failed, according to Galloway, and is no longer needed. Reassignments forthcoming.

"I feel really badly about your loss. He was like a son to me."

Sound familiar? These plot ideas are not new, previously Sector 7 played third party controller, which coincidentally THE INITIATIVE now owns all Sector 7’s assets. Weird.

How was Hugh Jackman not the voice of Sideswipe in the movie? Oh right, he might need to speak to need a voice?

We learn Sideswipe is still Wolverine with Silver Samurai armor, and that Decepticons are still mostly lazy, and dumb which continues to lead them to failure. Autobots are still overconfidents who seem to know nothing, which is why they need the humans to tell them what to do and how to go about doing it.

*Speaks for itself--Dumb 'cons--

Simon Furman promised character development when he was trying to sell this series back in July. Really the only character getting developed is Soundwave (so far), all the other characters really seem to just be holding to what we already know about them, and not really creating any new reasons for us to want to be interested in them, or giving us more background knowledge. The Tales of the Fallen series was much better at that aspect up to this point.

Furman does throw in a lot of two dollar words, so those looking to impress your friends at the country club with some neat-o words, you definitely will enjoy this issue.

I do have to say, continuing off my feelings from issue #1, Carlos Magno still manages to impress me a lot with his art. Well drawn humans, great use of line and detail--but not overuse of line in MOST cases, really makes looking through this comic a pleasure. I’d like to see what he can do with G1 related characters and designs for the robots. If I did not have to try to swallow the bitter movie-verse dialogue and plot, and believe that these aliens were Transformers, I could really enjoy the art. Magno does get a little crazy with some of his Decepticon designs, making them uber insect looking and scary-faced (looking your way ‘ol #26).

"What...the hell are yoooooouuuuuuu?!?"

The color work is bright and appropriate, if not a little too bright at times. But the color and line do work well together, especially if you look at the way the artist renders foreground compared to background, and how the colorist treated it.


ROTF Brakedown (Breakdown) toy fans rejoice. If you’ve had a hard time finding this Stunticon nut in retail stores, you may be able to find him in this month’s TF: Nefarious issue. Keep a sharp optic out. But look quickly because Sideswipe... Wow, two TF comics reviewed in two weeks, and we have two issues where Brakedown (Breakdown) is of somewhat limited importance in both of them, and a very short and sweet appearance in Nefarious for sure (hint, hint)!

Another bonus of the in-continuity movie series comics... toys and characters not in the actual movie tend to make it into the books, in some way. From shelf to page, it does help generate some interest from one medium of enjoyment to the other (here's hoping Mindwipe, Brawn, Lockdown, and Bludgeon all make it in at some point). Unless you just don’t like the movie version of either. Than you are axled (isn't replacing slang with robot slang fun?). Is anyone reading this book besides me?

Be sure to check the five page preview so you can see some of the action yourself. for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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TFsource Video Review - Henkei Dark Skyfire

Transformers News: TFsource Video Review - Henkei Dark Skyfire
Date: Sunday, April 11th 2010 9:50pm CDT
Categories: Reviews, Sponsor News, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Blurrz

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We've got another video review from TFsource. This one happens to be Dark Skyfire, a black, purple and Decepticon reiteration of Classics Jetfire. If you've been out of the loop on this figure, leave it to this video review to rekindle your knowledge. Check it out embed below or on Youtube.

Dark Skyfire is the third repaint of this mold. The first two are Botcon Dreadwind and Universe Tread Bolt.


Keep it at - The Ultimate Transformers Resource! List and Discussion- The 26 Best Toy Alt Modes Ever!

Transformers News: List and Discussion- The 26 Best Toy Alt Modes Ever!
Date: Saturday, April 10th 2010 11:53am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Site Articles, Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Diem

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Views: 64,863

Clickity-clack-clickity-clack-clickity-clack...Is that Astrotrain choo-choo-ing his way up the track? Or is that Rail Racer protecting planet Earth from the evil Predacons? In this case, it’s neither. That noise is community member Diem tickling his computer keys as he waxes poetic with his unique style of fact, intertwined with humor (lots of humor), as he shares his ideas on the 26 greatest Transformers toy alt modes of all time. Oh yeah, and he uses a 'boat' load of the images from the galleries here on, reminding you of just what toys you may be missing, or under-appreciating in your collection. Diem covers toys from G1 to the current Revenge of the Fallen storyline, a bit for everyone!

Does your favorite alt mode make Diem’s cut? Check out the list, which nears completion soon! Only 4 alt modes left to reveal!

Image for all of your Transformers news and resource needs.

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Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Ops Bumblebee - Pictorial Review

Transformers News: Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Ops Bumblebee - Pictorial Review
Date: Friday, April 9th 2010 12:17am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Pascal

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Views: 71,595

If you wanted more Bumblebee, you've got it. The Hunt for the Decepticons toy line, being the successor to the Revenge of the Fallen line, will feature two new Bumblebee figures. One of them is a brand new Deluxe, the other is much bigger and happens to be Battle Ops Bumblebee. It's in it's own class size, and armed to the teeth with new weapons and new gimmicks. Energon Pub member Pascal has uploaded a pictorial review on He elaborates on Bumblebee's robot mode, alternate mode, transformation, gimmicks and much more.


Does Battle Ops Bumblebee kick all of the previous Bumblebee incarnations, including Human Alliance Bumblebee to the curve? You'll have to read Pascal's entire review to find out!

Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

Video Review of War For Cybertron Optimus Prime

Transformers News: Video Review of War For Cybertron Optimus Prime
Date: Wednesday, April 7th 2010 4:53pm CDT
Categories: Game News, Reviews, Toy News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Jynxer, Peaugh

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It's positive feedback if you will. A new year means a new toy line, which yields more Transformers toys, and ultimately, a new incarnation of the face of the franchise - Optimus Prime. Generations, or Classics 3.0, will be making it's start this year, and it is headlined by the toys for the War For Cybertron video game. Peaugh has gotten a hold of the figure and has subsequently posted a review. This figure is in the Deluxe class, and you can check the review embed below, or via Youtube.


If you want to check out more still pictures of War For Cybertron Optimus Prime, feel free to check out our Toy Fair 2010 coverage.


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