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Picture of War for Cybertron Optimus Prime Figure

Transformers News: Picture of War for Cybertron Optimus Prime Figure
Date: Sunday, January 10th 2010 10:51am CST
Categories: Game News, Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): s250

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Transformers toy information specialist s250 has provided TFW2005 with an image of a fully painted Optimus Prime figure from the War for Cybertron game. It's difficult to tell the scale of the figure, but most people seem to think it appears to be Deluxe Class. This figure doesn't look to be at it's final stage yet, so it may change between now and release.

This image looks very different from the prototype we saw before. Is it possible we'll be seeing multiple figures? Or is this the new incarnation? Check out the image below!

Re: Pic of possible War for Cybertron OP toy

More information on the War For Cybertron toyline will be provided as it becomes available.

Transformers War For Cybertron: Extended Trailer on Tuesday

Date: Friday, January 8th 2010 5:33pm CST
Category: Game News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): Neil Wood, Soundwave004

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The coming Tuesday, January 12th, video game website IGN will receive an extended trailer of the soon coming Transformers War for Cybertron game, slated for release this summer. To view two screen caps and commentary for the coming trailer, click here.

From IGN:

January 8, 2010 - It's not often that we tease trailers prior to their debut on IGN, but Transformers: War for Cybertron is an exception. That's because I'm a giant Transformers nerd. When I saw the two-minute trailer, I got a little choked up. Though it doesn't show off the gameplay, the lengthy trailer certainly gives fans reasons to get hyped.

The trailer, which debuts on IGN Tuesday, January 12 at 9am PST, reveals a handful of Decepticons and Autobots battling for control of Cybertron. For every Autobot shown there's an appropriate Decepticon counterpart, which means as soon as Optimus Prime shows up on the scene, Megatron does too. And should one of the more massive Autobots make an appearance, well, expect something big from the Decepticons to match up.

This doesn't look like a cheap cash-in on a movie franchise. This trailer shows there are definitely some fans working on the project. Along with the trailer, we'll have details of the game straight from developer High Moon Studios.

Game Informers talks Tackling Cybertron and War For Cybertron Podcast

Transformers News: Game Informers talks Tackling Cybertron and War For Cybertron Podcast
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 2:21pm CST
Categories: Game News, Media
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Game Informer

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Phil Kollar of Game Informer has posted a couple more updates into the hub database for Activision's newest Transformers game: War For Cybertron.

In the latest updates, we get a look at how developers took on the task of creating the homeworld of the Transformers and how much they love Transformers in general.

View the video by clicking here.

Along with the video update from the folks of High Moon, we get a special podcast that wraps up the month long exclusive coverage of War for Cybertron. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here. would like to thank Phil Kollar, Matt Reiner and the crew over at Game Informer for the heads up information and great coverage on War For Cybertron.

War For Cybertron - Optimus Primed

Transformers News: War For Cybertron - Optimus Primed
Date: Saturday, December 26th 2009 1:06am CST
Category: Game News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Gameinformer

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The good folks at Gameinformer give us an interesting look at the development of Activision's War For Cybertron Optimus Prime. Check out the article below..

War For Cybertron - Optimus Primed.

The developers behind Transformers: War For Cybertron have an interesting task when it comes to their game's creation. Fans of the cartoon have a very specific view of how the robots in disguise look, but various iterations throughout the years have tweaked their image substantially. Many were irked by the Micheal Bay-ified insect-like versions of the Autobots and Decepticons in the recent live action films, as they strayed too far from the G1 originals. High Moon Studios is approaching this task by putting a modern polish on a look that still brings back memories of the cartoon that launched the series into pop culture history.

Take a look below at Senior Concept Artist Billy King as he details the most iconic of the Transformers - Optimus Prime.

...while the video can be seen here.

Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

Transformers - War For Cybertron Profile: Starscream

Transformers News: Transformers - War For Cybertron Profile: Starscream
Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2009 3:31pm CST
Category: Game News
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): Dragonslayer, Jason Voyles - Gameinformer

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GameInformer has updated their Transformers War For Cybertron Hub with one of the most popular characters in the Transformers Universe - Starscream. The seeker has been known to be treacherous, egotistical and always looking out for himself. Will Activisions' War For Cybertron continue this trend? Check out the sketches and information below!

Transformers - War For Cybertron Profile: Starscream

We've already given you the lowdown on the esteemed leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons, Optimus Prime and Megatron, but for our final Transformers: War For Cybertron character profile, we wanted to take a look at a true fan favorite. Enter Megatron's ever-scheming second-in-command, Starscream. You can see his powerful jet form above and his newly-designed robot form below.

Cartoon watchers who were introduced to Starscream in the '80s were immediately drawn to his sneaky, deceitful nature. Despite being arguably the highest-ranking member of the Decepticons besides Megatron, Starscream is deadset on taking the top spot, and he makes no efforts to hide it. But the original cartoon never really attempted to explain why Starscream was on such a power trip nor why Megatron kept him around despite that. War For Cybertron's prequel story lends itself perfectly to fleshing out these motivations.

The first mission of the Decepticon campaign will chronicle the first meeting between Megatron and Starscream aboard a space station that orbits Cybertron. This dramatic encounter will culminate in one of the Decepticons defecting only to be replaced by an eager Starscream. Despite teaming up with the Decepticons, Starscream will make it clear that in his mind both Megatron and Optimus Prime are failing to keep the best interests of all of Cybertron in their minds.

As one of the handful of Transformers that can change into a jet, Starscream will also have the special Hover ability while in robot form. His other special ability, Shockwave, sounds like it will be perfect for handling large groups of enemies.

Transformers - War For Cybertron Profile: Starscream

Keep it at for the fastest Transformers news on the net!

Activision Updates War for Cybertron: Cybertron Design

Transformers News: Activision Updates War for Cybertron: Cybertron Design
Date: Monday, December 21st 2009 12:08pm CST
Categories: Company News, Game News, Media
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Activision

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Activision has updated their blog with a small article detailing the design process behind Cybertron's look for their upcoming War for Cybertron game. Also included is a 2 minute interview with High Moon artists' Ivan Power, Sean Miller, and Jim Daly about the development of the game's environment. You will see new concept art here not seen anywhere else yet!

Click here to see the article.

Activision Updates Transformers War For Cybertron Website

Transformers News: Activision Updates Transformers War For Cybertron Website
Date: Sunday, December 20th 2009 9:39am CST
Categories: Game News, Media
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): Activision, War for Cybertron

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As you may know, Activision has created a teaser site set up for the latest addition to the video gaming genre of the Transformers Universe, Transformers: War For Cybertron. Typically when you go there, it will play the original teaser trailer, but now the transmission is broken and it's up to you to pull it back together!

You will all notice a much more familiar Cybertron (with a big ol' hole blown out of it) and bits of the planet floating in orbit.

Can you decipher the lost transmission? If you can manage to crack the code, you are treated to preview art and even new video clips! See if your made of sterner stuff by checking out the site here

Feel free to discuss what you find and record what co-ordinates work in this very thread!

New Transformers War For Cybertron Profile: Megatron!

Transformers News: New Transformers War For Cybertron Profile: Megatron!
Date: Friday, December 18th 2009 6:15pm CST
Category: Game News
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): Phil Kollar of

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GameInformer has updated their Transformers Hub with the profile of the most prolific and quintessential Transformers villains to ever roll off the assembly line: The Decepticon War Monger Megatron!

Check out the incredible pics below along with GameInformers inside scoop on the Megatron Character from WFC.

New Transformers War For Cybertron Profile: Megatron!

New Transformers War For Cybertron Profile: Megatron!

As the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron has a goal that fans of the cartoons know all too well: to win control of Cybertron for his faction and exterminate the Autobots. Throughout War For Cybertron, he will be searching for the means to achieve this end, a mysterious substance known as Dark Energon.

Just in case Megatron's attitude didn't make him imposing enough, his frame certainly should. The whole of his right arm is covered by a giant fusion cannon, a powerful one-of-a-kind weapon that can destroy a whole city block with a single blast. This power will be on display throughout War For Cybertron as Megatron launches powerful attacks against his enemies, including a brutal sacking of the Autobot home city of Iacon.

Though Megatron will greatly reward loyalty, he's also not concerned with destroying supporters the second they let him down. As such, he's got the helpful ability to Mark Targets (an ability he shares with Optimus Prime) but also the more selfish Drain ability, which will presumably allow him to take the power from his enemies and use it to fuel himself. When switching to vehicle mode, Megatron transforms into a powerful hovering tank that also puts his powerful fusion cannon to use.

To see GameInformers original article click here Q&A with Activision, makers of War For Cybertron

Transformers News: Q&A with Activision, makers of War For Cybertron
Date: Friday, December 18th 2009 12:11pm CST
Categories: Game News, Interviews, Media, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): High Moon, Activision

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Along with getting to talk with HASBRO and Activision about War For Cybertron, we were also able to get a short question and answer session done by High Moon, developers of the game. Read on for more details: Q&A with Activision, makers of War For Cybertron

Question: Please reference for us what the play-style will mimic. Will it be similar to the RotF game? How does the gameplay compare to other shooter games such as Modern Warfare 2?

We are targeting not only the Transformer fan but also the hardcore gamer. Gamers can quickly discern the difference between a good game and a lousy one – it has to feel right. We have spent the entire project driving toward the right feel in every aspect of the product so when you get your thumbs on it, it is going to be a great shooter, not just a great TF game. Gears, COD and Halo are all reference games we often look at.

Question: Are there any RPG elements to the game?

No response given.

Question: Does the game use the same engine as any of the previous Transformers games?

We are using the Unreal Engine, which is the powerhouse behind Gears of War and Batman (along with scores of other great games). No other Transformer game has used the Unreal engine to my knowledge.

Question: Will there be downloadable content to enhance the game?

We are fully committed to this game and plan to support it after it ships as best we can, but we’re not ready to talk about specific details just yet.

Question: Will the story progression be linear?

There are 2 separate campaigns (Decepticon and Autobot) each is completely original and unique, and yes since the beginning we have been about telling a great story so there is a natural progression through it. Both campaigns are unlocked at the start. The Decepticon campaign takes place before the Autobot campaign (but you can play them in any order), and I like to think of it as the prequel game to the Autobot game. Both are full fledged unique stories and levels - players don’t travel through the same level ever! Q&A with Activision, makers of War For Cybertron
(Click on the above image to view a 3000 pixel version)

Question: Will the transforming be done with a button press or a button hold action?
Will combat damage be self healing over time or will there be an absolute health gauge?
Are both factions playable?
How will the issue of air superiority be addressed for multiplayer? (the flying mechs were vastly more powerful in RotF)

This is a very valid question, however I am going to save my response for a bit until we are ready to talk about all our multiplayer details, which I’m really excited for – stay tuned.

Question: Will there be any epic level battles (Shadow of the Collossus style or Tidal Wave from the Armada game style)?

You see the big guy in the teaser trailer (you know who I am talking about)? How does fighting vs. him sound – epic enough? And we’ll talk about more soon.

Question: What was the most important thing learned from the RotF game that will be corrected in this new game?
At what point in the "War for Cybertron" is the game starting storywise?
Will there be any bonus attacks for characters such as Powerlinking or Minicon boosts from previous eras?
Being that the game is set for all platforms, will each system carry its own version of the game ala Revenge of the Fallen or will every system feature the same campaigns?

The story follows the same major beats on all platforms, but there will be some differences on the NDS and Wii versions. High Moon is developing the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. would like to thank everyone at High Moon and Activision for making this possible. talks to Hasbro and Activision about War For Cybertron

Transformers News: talks to Hasbro and Activision about War For Cybertron
Date: Friday, December 18th 2009 12:10pm CST
Categories: Game News, Interviews, Media, People News, Site Articles
Posted by: Counterpunch | Credit(s): Hasbro, Activision

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Greetings Seibertron. Counterpunch here bringing word down from the mountain.

The Staff here at was privileged to participate in a conference call with Aaron Archer of Hasbro and Activision regarding the upcoming War for Cybertron game that you may have seen in our recent news cycles.

We were given free reign to ask questions and pry for information on your behalf and over the course of the interview found out some interesting and intriguing information. The conversation was free-flow and just presenting the questions as they were flatly asked would not really give you the same information that this article presentation will. A lot of what was said, wasn't said and knowing what was repeated or had emphasis placed upon it is just as important as the straight answer to the question. I will do my best to provide summary of the important topics and then I will simply bullet-point any other information that did not fit easily elsewhere. talks to Hasbro and Activision about War For Cybertron

The Backstory
This is a project that has been in development since 2007. Hasbro indicated to us, that the idea is to create a more linear story and that the game as a story-telling device is a "jumping off point". Specifically, they stated that the events of the game will live longer/carry-on past the life of the game itself. The basis of the story is the Cybertron Civil War. From our conversation and our inference at what was said, it appears that they are finally telling that part (the pre-Earth, Civil War) of the Transformers mythos the way they want it to be told. The word "canon" was used several times as we discussed this and when asked if this game/story was creating a canonical back-story for G1 ... we were not told "no". Of course, over the years, it has seemed that Hasbro has been careful to never truly define certain things, the origin of Prime, origin of the Constructicons, etc. The feeling that I and others had was that the plan was to tell a Cybertronian Civil War back story ... and if it so happens to make perfect sense as the canon G1 Civil War story ... well, that's how it is. Repeatedly, we were told that the effort is to tell great stories. Specifically, we were told that "Canon is a good word ... " I'm not sure there's a G1 fan out there who wouldn't consider the Transformer's Civil War Story to be the kind of great story they've been waiting on for years.

So, what else? What other specifics can we give? The story will be set on Cybertron. The Civil War will be hot and volatile. This will be the story of the Autobots and Decepticons before they left for Earth, before they really even know of other races. The setting and visualizations of Cybertron will be new and different. The one resounding piece of information seemed to be that this game will have a significant impact on the life and direction of the franchise over the next few years.

I know you all want to know about this, but there's not much to discuss. They weren't allowed to talk about the product yet. However, things that they aren't allowed to talk about are still things that exist. So, we know that there will be corresponding toys to the story and game. talks to Hasbro and Activision about War For Cybertron
(Click on the above image to view a 3000 pixel version)

The Game
The game itself is scheduled for a 2010 release date. Judging from the time it takes other games to hit the market, my personal opinion is that we'll see it sometime in late Fall or Winter of 2010. It seems to me that a summer release would be ambitious. We were told that the game platform provides for a very sizable audience for this story. The use of games as story platforms has taken off in recent years and seems to be in line with Hasbro's expansion of the brand ideal. The focus on gameplay discussion centered around the intensity of the combat and situation on Cybertron. This was described to us as a "Gamer's Game". The presentation of the in-game story is set to have dark overtones with large scale impact. Specific information on the game such as the number of playable characters or names of individual characters was not available for release yet. Along side this information becoming public, Activision plans on releasing a significant amount of assets (rendered pictures) and press info on Wednesday. At this point, we were told that on-line multi-player aspects of the game are key and are recognized as important play elements.

Other Information of Interest
* When asked if this game/story was meant to be the filler between now and Transformers 3, the answer was a fairly strong, "no". The movie universe was described as its own separate entity, which of course we all realize. The point seemed to be, that this storytelling event via the game and the things that are to come after it are not just distractions to hold us over until the next film, but are instead the firm foundations of the next few years of the franchise.

* Hasbro is co-developing the story alongside Activision. Creative control seems to be something that they are paying close attention to. Statements such as "We're really looking to leverage what's happened before" and "This era in Transformers is full of opportunity" show that the development teams on both sides are really looking into the things that long time fans have been after in regards to the story elements. We were told that "Anything that's taken place on Cybertron has been mostly in comics" and that they were eager to explore this new venue.

* The story and the game are not movie based.

* Character identity appears to be a recognized issue. If you've seen the pictures for Optimus Prime in the game, you will automatically recognize him. For core characters, the design teams are taking visual cues from those characters across the continuum of Transformers History. After all, most of the G1 gang did not have the most flattering Cybertronian modes when you think back on it.

* When asked if any of the design work borrowed from Transtech (because elements of the new Prime model do reference it ...) we were flatly told that Transtech hasn't been discussed in the office in 10 years (we know that's an exaggeration, but the point remains the same). I could hear the dreams of some of you shattering right there and then.

* Hasbro paid some genuine complements to High Moon in regards to the character designs.

* An emphasis on bringing some very obscure characters into focus for this story was highlighted to us. While no one was specifically named, we were told that they were referring to characters that hardcore, long-time fans would be interested in seeing.

Thanks for reading. I will be around to take questions on any of this, to clear it up, or to speculate along side you. I'm sure Seibertron, First Gen, and Mkall will also be happy to add their input into the discussion.

Thanks go out to Hasbro as well as Activision for making this possible and for reaching out to the community. It is greatly appreciated.

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