Sky Spy's Toy Sightings Help Section (FAQ)

Feeling a little lost? Well fret no more! This page here collects all of the most popular questions in one place - many of which are answered on each respective page in the Heavy Metal War navigation above. Please read through the entire help file below - you might learn something new that you didn't know was available as part of Heavy Metal War!

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What do I do if a store I visit is missing from this section?

It's easy! All you have to do is add the store that is missing by filling out this form here. Make sure that you have the information needed to submit your store such as the correct address, city and state!

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I want to add a store but don't know the correct address. Now what?

Everyone has their favorite phone and address website(s) ... I personally like to use SBC's to find businesses in the US. I used to find the majority of the information that is contained within this toy sightings section.

Not from the US? There are plenty of phone websites out there for your country as well ... click here for International Phone search engines.

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What if there is a problem with a Retail Store's listing on the site?

If something is wrong with a store, such as it was closed, it became a different kind of store, the location (address) is wrong, or the phone number doesn't work, all you have to do is go to the specific page for a store (such as and click the link that says "(!) Report A Problem About This Store's Information". From there you will be able to report various problems about the store. Our staff will review the information you submitted and determine what action needs to be taken. Remember, this section can only be successful if you help make it successful.

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Why is the full address of the store required?

A store's full address is required because this site has an advanced store locator that allows you to find stores with your zip (postal) code. This feature is currently only available for U.S. Transformers fans, but it will become available in the near future for fans in Canada, the UK, and Australia. The zip (postal) code locator would be worthless without this accurate information.

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Haven't you heard of the XYZ store chain? Why isn't it listed?

First, let me say what qualifies as a store chain. A store chain, as far as this site is concerned, is any "major" group of stores such as Toys R Us or Meijer that can be found in more than one state or region. By "group of stores", I mean more than 6.

We tried covering as many store chains as we could possibly think of. Unfortunately, I've only lived in 2 states - Michigan and Illinois, so my knowledge of all of the major store chains across the country (or in other countries, for that matter) is a little limited. If we missed a store chain in your area (or country), please submit your store chain here.

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What is a State? My country doesn't have those!

For all intents and purposes on this website, States are the same thing as Australia's Territories, Canada's Provinces, Japan's Prefectures or the UK's Counties. To be technical, the CIA calls these areas "Administrative divisions". To keep things simple, we refer to these areas internationally on as "State or Region".

You can view the entire list of Administrative Divisions for each country on the CIA's website.

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What the heck is a zip or a postal code?

In some parts of the world it's called a Zip Code. In other parts of the world it's called a Postal Code. It's used by mailing systems across the world to help pinpoint a location. I have really tried to use the term "Postal Code" instead of Zip Code throughout the site, but I know I've missed a few spots. Just know that both terms mean the same thing on this site no matter from where you are.

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What do you mean by "city"?

This site refers to any village, town or city as a "city" to keep things more unified. If you live in the village of Linden or the city of London, enter the name of your population center in the "city" field.

Population Center Definitions:

  • Village: A small group of dwellings in a rural area, usually ranking in size between a hamlet and a town.
  • Town: A population center that is larger than a village and smaller than a city.
  • City: A center of population, commerce, and culture; a town of significant size and importance.

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There is a specialty shop nearby ... under which store chain does it belong?

Add stores that are specialty shops to the Miscellaneous store chain. This is where all specialty shops excluding comic book stores should go.

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Twincast / Podcast #153:
"Last Knights of Cybertron"
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Posted: Monday, August 15th, 2016