Recent Transformers Sightings - Wisconsin, United States

The 100 most recent Transformers items sighted in Wisconsin, United States:

# Item Date Found by Store Location Remaining
100.ShockwaveShockwave2016-05-28 2:05pmomgitstraxxTarget - Target Sun Prairie #2491Sun Prairie, WI2 remaining
2 Legends Shockwaves and 2 Wreck Gars still hanging
99.StarscreamStarscream2016-04-10 12:04pmskywarp23Wal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterWausau, WI1 remaining
Saw this and was shocked. Left it for some other lucky person .
98.OnslaughtOnslaught2016-03-23 12:03pmRonimus PaularimeTarget - Target W Allis #2199W Allis, WI2 remaining
97.Warrior Class MegatronusWarrior Class Megatronus2015-10-07 10:10pmFirst-AidToys R UsBrookfield, WI3 remaining
96.WindchargerWindcharger2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI2 remaining
95.WarpathWarpath2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI2 remaining
94.Thundercracker (Leader)Thundercracker (Leader)2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
93.StreetwiseStreetwise2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
92.RookRook2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
91.Megatron (Leader Class)Megatron (Leader Class)2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
90.HufferHuffer2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
89.GrooveGroove2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI2 remaining
88.First AidFirst Aid2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI0 remaining
Picked up last one.
87.DragstripDragstrip2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
86.BombshellBombshell2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
85.BladesBlades2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
84.Armada MegatronArmada Megatron2015-07-16 7:07pmOutKastTargetKenosha, WI1 remaining
83.Megatron (Leader Class)Megatron (Leader Class)2015-03-09 7:03amTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI1 remaining
recommend adding the Burlington, Wi store. Megs was in the shelf Yesterday morning 3/8/15
82.Armada MegatronArmada Megatron2015-03-09 7:03amTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI1 remaining
81.Jetfire (Leader Class)Jetfire (Leader Class)2014-10-18 9:10amskywarp23KmartMedford, WI3 remaining
Bought 1,left 3
80.Sunstorm (Hasbro MP-05)Sunstorm (Hasbro MP-05)2014-09-04 7:09pm80sgeekToys R UsBrookfield, WI3 remaining
79.ProwlProwl2014-09-04 7:09pm80sgeekToys R UsBrookfield, WI2 remaining
78.TankorTankor2014-09-01 10:09amTHE ONE (and only)Wal-MartDodgeville, WI2 remaining
Passing thru Fri b4 Labor Day
77.RattrapRattrap2014-09-01 10:09amTHE ONE (and only)Wal-MartDodgeville, WI0 remaining
Passing thru... Managed last one.
76.MetroplexMetroplex2013-10-22 9:10pmVenowtronToys R UsBrookfield, WI3 remaining
75.TrailcutterTrailcutter2013-09-06 7:09pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI2 remaining
74.Orion PaxOrion Pax2013-09-06 7:09pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
73.MegatronMegatron2013-09-06 7:09pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI2 remaining
72.BumblebeeBumblebee2013-09-06 7:09pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
71.WheeljackWheeljack2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
70.SoundwaveSoundwave2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
69.Optimus Prime and MegatronOptimus Prime and Megatron2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI3 remaining
68.Bumblebee (Triple Changer)Bumblebee (Triple Changer)2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
67.BlitzwingBlitzwing2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI3 remaining
66.Starscream with WaspinatorStarscream with Waspinator2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI2 remaining
65.Springer (Triplechanger)Springer (Triplechanger)2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
64.Sandstorm (Voyager)Sandstorm (Voyager)2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
63.Megatron with Chop ShopMegatron with Chop Shop2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI0 remaining
62.Blitzwing (Triplechanger)Blitzwing (Triplechanger)2013-08-17 1:08pmDaftFanTargetAppleton, WI1 remaining
61.Optimus Prime vs Predaking (Predacons Rising)Optimus Prime vs Predaking (Predacons Rising)2013-07-31 4:07pmsuperscream385TargetOnalaska, WI4 remaining
60.Abominus Gift SetAbominus Gift Set2013-07-31 4:07pmsuperscream385TargetOnalaska, WI0 remaining
59.DarksteelDarksteel2013-07-31 4:07pmsuperscream385TargetOnalaska, WI3 remaining
58.Cindersaur vs Smokescreen (Predacons Rising)Cindersaur vs Smokescreen (Predacons Rising)2013-07-31 4:07pmsuperscream385TargetOnalaska, WI5 remaining
57.Beast Fire PredakingBeast Fire Predaking2013-07-31 4:07pmsuperscream385TargetOnalaska, WI0 remaining
56.Springer (Triplechanger)Springer (Triplechanger)2013-07-21 6:07pmDaftFanWal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAppleton, WI0 remaining
Finally have him. Awesome figure.
55.Sandstorm (Voyager)Sandstorm (Voyager)2013-07-21 6:07pmDaftFanWal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAppleton, WI2 remaining
54.Blitzwing (Triplechanger)Blitzwing (Triplechanger)2013-07-21 6:07pmDaftFanWal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAppleton, WI2 remaining
53.Abominus Gift SetAbominus Gift Set2013-07-20 6:07pmCrystal RodimusTargetOnalaska, WI3 remaining
Bought one today (7-20-13), at least 3 more left
52.PredakingPredaking2013-07-20 6:07pmCrystal RodimusTargetOnalaska, WI3 remaining
51.Blitzwing (Triplechanger)Blitzwing (Triplechanger)2013-07-11 11:07pmDaftFanWal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterAppleton, WI0 remaining
Finally found one. On to Springer!
50.Optimus Prime with RollerOptimus Prime with Roller2013-06-22 11:06pmDaftFanWal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterGreen Bay, WI1 remaining
Very cool legends figure.
49.BumblebeeBumblebee2013-06-22 11:06pmDaftFanWal-Mart - Wal-Mart SupercenterGreen Bay, WI0 remaining
Got the last one. Really cool figure.
48.ShockwaveShockwave2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI1 remaining
47.StarscreamStarscream2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI3 remaining
46.SideswipeSideswipe2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI5 remaining
45.ShockwaveShockwave2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI4 remaining
44.Ravage & RumbleRavage & Rumble2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI5 remaining
43.Springer (Triplechanger)Springer (Triplechanger)2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI1 remaining
42.Blitzwing (Triplechanger)Blitzwing (Triplechanger)2013-06-04 6:06pmTriptykonWal-MartMukwonago, WI1 remaining
41.WheeljackWheeljack2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
40.StarscreamStarscream2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
39.Soundwave w/ RavageSoundwave w/ Ravage2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
38.SmokescreenSmokescreen2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
37.SkystalkerSkystalker2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
36.ShockwaveShockwave2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
35.RipclawRipclaw2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
34.RatchetRatchet2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
33.PredakingPredaking2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
32.Optimus Prime (Voyager)Optimus Prime (Voyager)2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
31.LazerbackLazerback2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
30.DreadwingDreadwing2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
29.BumblebeeBumblebee2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
28.BulkheadBulkhead2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
27.SkystalkerSkystalker2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
26.SwindleSwindle2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
25.Soundwave w/ LaserbeakSoundwave w/ Laserbeak2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
24.ShockwaveShockwave2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
23.Ravage & RumbleRavage & Rumble2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
22.Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
21.OnslaughtOnslaught2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
20.JazzJazz2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
19.Frenzy & RatbatFrenzy & Ratbat2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
18.BrawlBrawl2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
17.Blast OffBlast Off2013-05-27 10:05pmJeremy KulowTargetHudson, WI0 remaining
16.Terrorcon CliffjumperTerrorcon Cliffjumper2013-01-06 3:01pmDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI2 remaining
15.Thundercracker (Masterpiece)Thundercracker (Masterpiece)2012-12-26 6:12pmTriptykonToys R UsRacine, WI0 remaining
found him hidden behind clone wars stuff. So happy ;)
14.SwerveSwerve2012-12-26 6:12pmTriptykonToys R UsRacine, WI5 remaining
13.StarscreamStarscream2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
12.Entertainment PackEntertainment Pack2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
11.ArceeArcee2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
10.ShockwaveShockwave2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI2 remaining
9.Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI2 remaining
8.SwerveSwerve2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
7.Sandstorm (Scout)Sandstorm (Scout)2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
6.PowerdivePowerdive2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI2 remaining
5.MegatronMegatron2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI4 remaining
4.Hot SpotHot Spot2012-11-11 11:11amDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
Had to ask an employee to open a case to get this guy, but there were two cases there, so one was le
3.WheeljackWheeljack2012-10-30 10:10pmDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI4 remaining
2.Thundercracker (Masterpiece)Thundercracker (Masterpiece)2012-10-30 10:10pmDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining
1.SwerveSwerve2012-10-30 10:10pmDaftFanToys R UsAppleton, WI1 remaining

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