Update - November 3rd, 2005

Transformers News: Update - November 3rd, 2005

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005 1:21PM CST

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Hi - Here is a big update from about a variety of great new preorders and a slew of new arrivals


LASER OPTIMUS PRIME / BATTLE CONVOY: This will be the first G2 reissue by Takara! Laser Optimus Prime is available to preorder for $62.99. This version features optimus as an tanker truck with a large sword as his main weapon - scheduled to arrive in March 2006

GALAXY FORCE & EXCLUSIVES: The very cool C-00 Primus planet figure has just been listed at $89.99 - this figure looks even better than Unicron!
More big news from the Galaxy Force lineup, we were able to secure a variety of exclusives including: EX-02 Sonic Convoy, Dark Fang Wolf, Dark Nitro Convoy, and Police Type Gasket. These were all either Toys R Us Japan exclusives, or exclusives to various other shows or companies. All were produced in quite limited quantities, most 1000 pieces or less.
We were able to secure a significant number of them, but they won't last for too long.

FANTASTIC FOUR CLASSIC: Preorders for this new line from Toybiz have just been listed. We don't have any images yet, but based on the number of inquiries we've received on this line it should be quite popular. Series 1 and Series 2 sets are each available as will as singles of some figures.

To view the entire preorder menu and the hundreds of items listed there (with more to be added soon), please use this link:


STREET FIGHTER ROUND 3: SOTA Toys (State of the Art Toys) has just delivered the latest set of Street Fighter figures to us! They have kept the same basic packaging design so these will visually fit right in with your series 1 and 2 figures. The Round 3 set is in stock now for $49.99 and includes one each of Guile, Balrog, Gen, Sakura, and Adon. The figures look great from a quality and poseability standpoint, each also comes with alternate fists and heads. Guile is available singly for $8.99 as well.

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON: More new Cybertron has just arrived, headlined by the awesome Ultra sized Red Alert 8 wheeled cannon truck (GC-21 First Gunner from Galaxy Force) - now in stock for $32.99. New Deluxe figures have also arrived - the latest figures now each include a Cybertron DVD.
We have 4 all new deluxe in stock: Runamuck, Longrack, Blurr, and Buzzsaw, each priced at $13.99. Also in stock in the new packaging with DVD is Snarl, Sideways, Overide, deluxe Red Alert.

CORPSE BRIDE 6" FIGURES: McFarlane has done an excellent job with the series 1 Corpse Bride figures. The set includes Victor, Victoria, Corpse Bride, Dwarf General, Gen Wellington, and the Skeleton Boy & Girl. Nice detail and they match the movie characters perfectly - sets of 6 in stock now for $64.99

GI JOE: Four new items have just arrived from the ARAH 2005 lineup. The R.O.C.C. (Rolling Operation Command Center) and R.H.I.N.O. (Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offensive) vehicles are now in stock for $42.99 and $32.99 respectively. These vehicles are fairly realistic looking, which is a nice tribute to the early 80's vehicles. Also in stock are the two new 3-packs with comic - each set is priced at $11.49 and the figures include: Buzzer, Ripper & Thrasher; and Scarlett, Breaker, Cobra Commander.


--EVOLUTIONS: The repainted version of the very popular Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper set has just arrived and is available for $23.99 - this set features a dust/dirt covered Sandtrooper and repainted versions of both Clone Troopers - a great looking set.

--ATTACKTIX WAVE 2: Our first shipement sold out immediately and we have a much larger restock on hand now! The second wave of Attacktix features a new mix of figures in each booster box. If you order 6 booster boxes we'll ship you the full contents of a single case so you'll receive the best possible mix of figures! In stock now for $7.99 per booster box.

--EPIII BASIC: #33 Clone Commander with green paint has just arrived, also more #26 Yoda, #41 Clone Trooper, #9 Grievous Bodyguard, #54 AT-RT Drive, and a variety of other figures are also in stock.

--MACE WINDU FX SABER: Master Replicas has finally starting shipping this desireable saber again. We have limited stock on hand for $113.99 each, and more are arriving soon!

--EPIII DELUXE: Rebuild Darth Vader - $10.99, Red Clone Trooper 3-Pack - $10.99, and the Anakin changes to Vader deluxe figure for $12.99.

--SPUDTROOPER: A big batch of Spudtroopers has just arrived and they are now available for $8.99 each! Darth Tater is also in stock for $8.99 each.

SIN CITY - BLOODY MIHO EXCLUSIVE: This exclusive is from the Asian market and is limited to only 1500 pieces per version! We have both the color and black & white versions of blood spattered Miho in stock now for $16.99 and $15.99 respectively.

SLASH - GNR: McFarlane brings you a very nicely sculpted Slash figure with guitar & amps, even the tophat and cigarette. In stock now for $12.99

LORD OF THE RINGS - HELMS: The new Crown of the King of the Dead and Helm of the Mouth of Sauron have just arrived. Each helm is priced at $24.99 - we have a variety of other helms in stock as well.

DIE-HARD PALZ: Palisades has made a full lineup of very cool mini-figures from the Bruce Willis classic, Die Hard. The box of 16 figures is 'blind boxed' so you won't know whats in each individual figure box until its opened - available now for $89.99 per box of 16

ARMY OF DARKNESS SERIES 2: Palisades has released the next batch of figures in 'blind box' packaging so you won't know which figures are in the box until opening them. This wave features a few more versions of Ash and a nice variety of bad guys to build your evil armies. Box of 16 is available for $109.99

TRANSFORMERS MUSIC CD SET: We've restocked this multi-disc set that features 100 songs from a variety of Japanese Transformer cartoons. In stock now for $119.99

Thanks for your interest in - all these new items can be found on our list of new arrivals here:


Joel & The BBTS Crew
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