BT Skids and BTA Broadblast Released Today: Including Flame decals!

Transformers News: BT Skids and BTA Broadblast Released Today: Including Flame decals!

Friday, November 18th, 2005 8:58AM CST

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Both BT-16 Binaltech Skids and BTA-03 Binaltech Asterisk Broadblast were released today in Japan.
An eBay auction posted by Toyspark reveals that not only does BT-16 Binaltech Skids come with the previously reported 'G1 style stripes' and 'new driver' stickers but he also comes with flame stickers as an alternitive to the stripes! These flames mirror the pre-applied flaming Scion decals on Hasbros Alternators version of this toy and add a customisable aspect to this release, something the Toyota Bb was designed for.

UPDATE: In package images of both toys can be seen in this auction also posted by Toyspark, and a few out of box images also showing the Skids decals can be found here at TFormers. It appears from this image that Broadblast also comes packaged with flame stickers?
Credit(s): magus2332, Toyspark,
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