Disciples of Boltax Blog Update: Hasbro's '86 Movie Briefing Binder

Transformers News: Disciples of Boltax Blog Update: Hasbro's '86 Movie Briefing Binder

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 9:19PM CST

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The other day, we shared a unique piece of Transformers history with you-a draft script written in 1985 for Transformers The Movie, the animated film released in 1986. This script was part of a collection of memorabilia that was purchased by Jim Sorenson, our friend at the Disciples of Boltax blog, and several other collectors. Now Jim shares with us another piece of movie history with us; the Hasbro Transformers Briefing Binder that was given to Ron Friedman, writer of the 1986 film, to introduce him to the current characters (at that time) in the Transformers universe to assist him in creating the storyline for the film. The original document is a huge collection of images, bios, comments, and even retail pricing for nearly all of the original Generation One characters, including some early design variations like Megatron's under-sized head and Rumble's rounded gun just to name a few.

Because of the size of the document, it's being uploaded to the Disciples of Boltax blog in several parts. Three of them are currently available and if more become available, we'll post a news update to let you know. You can download and view them at this link HERE.

And as with the Draft Script, the Briefing Binder will be auctioned off at a later date with the proceeds benefiting The Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Credit(s): Disciples of Boltax Blog, Jim Sorenson
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Re: Disciples of Boltax Blog Update: Hasbro's '86 Movie Briefing Binder (1157947)
Posted by MINDVVIPE on December 15th, 2010 @ 9:46pm CST
Chaoslock wrote:[quote]A distraught Ultra Magnus nods, reaches out with free hand, points
forefinger at Optimus Prime's chest. A GLOWING BEAM SHINES FROM
FINGER TO CHEST, and then in a SUNBURST EFFECT -like opening a door
to similar spot on Ultra Magnus' chest where a SIMILAR DOOR OPENS
to let that column of light in. Then Optimus Prime's LIFE SPARK
FLOATS OUT - the Life Spark is a glowing, pulsating, visible
creature of pure, radiant energy in the form of a miniature Optimus
Accompanied by ETHEREAL, BELL LIKE SOUNDS, the Life S~ark
goes from Prime's chest to Ultra Magnus' chest, the chest doors
CLOSE AND ETHEREAL LIGHT AND SOUNDS STOP. optimus Prime lies back with
a contented sigh, his face and entire body bathed in ethereal
afterglow which bonds him faintly with Ultra Magnus

Now we know why a white Optimus is inside Magnus.

I'm reading it, and there are some cool scenes that could have made it to the movie, or some expanded edition.[/quote]

Everything about this suggests inuendo to me, hahaha. *Braces for return-fire*
Re: Disciples of Boltax Blog Update: Hasbro's '86 Movie Briefing Binder (1158853)
Posted by DevastaTTor on December 18th, 2010 @ 8:13pm CST
Last week, we featured a story about one of the rare pieces of Transformers history posted to the Disciples of Boltax Blog; the Hasbro Briefing Binder for the 1986 animated, feature film. The binder, a collection of artwork, character bios, product images, and additional notes, was given to Ron Friedman, writer of the 1986 film, to assist him during the creation of the movie's storyline. On Thursday, Jim Sorenson updated the blog with two more downloadable PDFs, both installments coming from the same tab in the Binder. Some interesting bits of information from this latest update include:

- Jetfire was originally named Fireball and was originally going to be the Autobot Aerospace Commander.
- According to the document, Sludge was originally named Piledrive.
- The binder included images of Takara's Dinosaur Robo box art for four of the original Dinobots. Swoop was not included.

Jim has been gracious enough to let us mirror these latest updates to our Seibertron.com servers for easy access for our members and guests.

Part One can be accessed HERE.
Part Two can be accessed HERE.

The original post on the Disciples of Boltax site can be viewed by clicking HERE.

And as a reminder, the Hasbro Briefing Binder will be auctioned off at a later date with the proceeds going to The Hasbro Children's Hospital.

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