Game is temporarily back up....

Transformers News: Game is temporarily back up....

Thursday, December 8th, 2005 1:07PM CST

Category: Heavy Metal War
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From the following thread Seibertron posted this:

Please play until your heart's content today.

I modified HMW so I would be the only one who could access it to help me isolate areas that were of concern to me. The main index page of HMW that listed your recent Arena and Mission battles and news seemed to take a very, very long time for the page to load, especially since NO ONE other than me was able to access it. It was taking around 20 - 30 seconds for the page to load ... but only the first time that I visited that page. That's because the database is setup to cache queries ... so the more frequently a query is accessed, the faster it should process (in theory), until the server runs out of memory for caching queries in memory (at least I think that's how the memory cache works in theory).

After the 20 - 30 second load average occurred for 4 days straight, I decided it was time to remove those queries from the index page of HMW until Glyph or I have time to rewrite those queries to get your recent Arena and mission battles. Let's see how the game loads and how the server behaves with that functionality being turned off.

I have some other ideas for HMW as well, but I want to see how big of an overall difference this makes.


Just a warning ... I'll be monitoring the server. If it acts up, I have to turn the game back off. Hopefully this won't be the case today. If any of you see Glyph on IM, please let him know that I did this so he can address a couple of the issues that I notified him about. Thanks.
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