More Alternators Released in Europe

Transformers News: More Alternators Released in Europe

Monday, April 10th, 2006 8:44PM CDT

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Our own magus reports that there have been new Alternators sighted in both Denmark and Sweden. In Denmark Alternators Dead End was found at Toys "R" Us. In Sweden Alternators Dead End, Grimlock and Swerve were also found at Toys "R" Us. In both cases, the packaging is monolingual, which suggests tbat they are all U.S. imports. Either way this is good news for Transformers fans in both Denmark and Sweden.

magus' original post: "I just pulled this off of

"April 8th 2006: Kenneth N. Mølgaard reports that Dead End is available at Toys'R'Us stores in Denmark; furthermore, Mikael Sundberg reports that Dead End, Grimlock and Swerve are available at Toys'R'Us stores in Sweden. In both instances, the packaging is monolingual, which implies that those are imported US toys - could this be related to Shockblast, who was available at Argos stores in the UK and Ireland in US packaging last year?"

What caught my eye was the mention of Alt. Swerve who was such a short lived rarity here in the states, esp since they seem to be US overstock/leftover.

On an unrelated note, there's also something on there about Transformers KISS being a Japanese radio show. :-?"
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