New G1 reissues in TRU computers

Transformers News: New G1 reissues in TRU computers

Monday, November 11th, 2002 9:48PM CST

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Posted by: Professor Smooth   Views: 59,153
Several Toys R Us Employees have informed us that new Transformers reissues have appeared in their computers.

They are:
  • Jazz (Priced at 29.99)
  • Thundercracker (Priced at 34.99)
  • and a figure called Silverstreak that is priced at (29.99)

    Silverstreak is most likely just a new name for the G1 figure Bluestreak.

    The prices listed are almost definately not in US dollars, expect Jazz and ┬┤Silverstreak┬┤ to set you back about $20 and Thundercracker to run about $25.
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