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Transformers News: News on Alternators, Cybertron, Universe, Dreamwave and More!

Monday, December 20th, 2004 8:05PM CST

Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth   Views: 28,266 contributor Prime Nova has been kind enough to send us this wealth of information:

Hasbro has shown samples of the 2005 line to retail buyers. (those are the folks that purchase the items their store will offer to sell, which is usually a corperate-wide position.)

Among the items shown were the Cybertron toys we've already seen via Galaxy Force. There will be more "Primes" later on down the line, besides the fire truck, female race car & dragon that we have already seen. Later toys were shown by illustration, as no prototypes were available yet. Among them: a deluxe scale cheetah.

And they were shown plans for Alternators 2005. Among them: "Suzuka Blue Metallic" repaint of Windcharger. No word on the identity and a deep red pick-up truck. No word on the make or model of the truck. And plans are being made to expand the line to the $30 price point with 1/72 scale aircraft. Average wingspan/rotor 8-10 inches.

No Universe toys were shown, and the only all-plastic redecos were as part of the Cybertron line as case filler and in the form of two store exclusives. (They did not show other store's exclusives to this buyer, obviously, so they may be more than this from other retailers.)

Hasbro will offer comic book pack-in sets a`la their recent GI Joe 3-packs. All four two-packs shown will feature a full sized comic book from Dreamwave. They will be from various series, including one that has never aired in the USA. No price yet, but the toys shown were basic & deluxe scale.

Since no pictures exist, treat this as a rumor for now.
Credit(s): Prime Nova
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