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Transformers News: Photo Contest 2: The Results!

Sunday, October 29th, 2006 3:00PM CST

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Posted by: Alex Kingdom   Views: 10,774
I'll hand over to photo contest Judge Diablocon to announce the winners of's most recent Photo contest, congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered!

Well, poor turn out for this one. Don't tell me you're already fed up of this, or was it just too hard?


13th to 4th place:

13th - Meverix 6.85
12th - spiritofcat 6.95
Joint 10th - Star Prime 7.1
Joint 10th - alfalover 7.1
9th - sppower 7.4
8th - Duke of Luns 7.65
7th - Neko 7.8
Joint 5th - AMX 8.1
Joint 5th - Lapse or Reason 8.1
4th - Omega-1 8.55

A Photo contest first, in Joint 2nd we have:

Sunstar 8.7


83457W422102 8.7

And coming in 1st, by just 0.05 of a point!

Onyx Prime 8.75

Good job guys. Here's hoping the turn-out is better next time. :)

See all the entries here on the Energon Pub Forums!
Credit(s): Diablocon
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