Transformers coupons with Mountain Dew

Transformers News: Transformers coupons with Mountain Dew

Saturday, November 17th, 2001 8:40AM CST

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NEWS/PRODUCTS: According to Defensis Prime, "Mountain Dew is now your new best friend, your morning pick-me-up, and at least thirty percent of your reason for living. Why? Go pick yourself up some cans, and you'll find, ONLY on 12-pack cans of Mountain Dew, a coupon for $2 off of a $10 purchase of G.I.Joe or...drums please...Transformers! Even better, you'll find a similar deal on 24-pack cubes of Mountain Dew--$5 off of a $15 purchase of the same stuff. These coupons won't expire until Feb 28 2002, so if you're like me--a person who goes through Dew like Joe Average guzzles Juan Valdez, you'll be saving a decent amount of cash on your favorite 'bots in disguise."
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