Transformers Cybertron Sky Shadow and Wing Saber Profiles

Transformers News: Transformers Cybertron Sky Shadow and Wing Saber Profiles

Friday, December 23rd, 2005 5:09AM CST

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Posted by: Calenatarion   Views: 38,367 recently acquired the bio's for the upcoming toys named Sky Shadow (Jetfire repaint) and Wing Saber.

Watch out, because Wing Saber's bio may contain spoilers!

Sky Shadow

An often-overlooked observer who prefers to remain in the background, silent and unnoticed. Few who know SKY SHADOW fully appreciate how dangerous he is. Even among his DECEPTICON® fellows, SKY SHADOW doesn’t quite fit in. While most other DECEPTICONS® prefer to bully, boast and plot against one another, he waits, watching, collecting information and laying his plans until he is certain of victory over his enemies. For in reality he is the AUTOBOT® second-in-command JETFIREâ„¢! Tired of his passive role as commander of the AUTOBOT earth forces, he has gone underground and taken on a new identity in an attempt to bring down the DECEPTICONS from inside.

Detailed robot figure changes to jet vehicle and back again and has electronic lights and sounds! Jet mode features flip-up rocket boosters and hidden rockets!

Wing Saber

WING SABER formed a close bond with OPTIMUS PRIME® during the POWERLINX BATTLESâ„¢. Their friendship was forged in the treacherous interior of the unconscious UNICRON®, when they first combined to form the powerful Sonic Wing mode. Though he is a canny warrior with a keen tactical mind and wisdom beyond his years, he is still eager to prove himself to OPTIMUS PRIME and the other AUTOBOTS®. As one of the few AUTOBOTS with a warp system capable of interstellar flight without the use of a space bridge, he is often assigned duties as a lone flanker, attacking enemy positions from behind. With weapons systems and armor to rival the most legendary warriors of CYBERTRONâ„¢, he is more than up to the task!

Detailed robot figure changes to jet vehicle and back again and has electronic lights and air combat sounds! Jet mode features hidden heavy blaster cannons and a hyperdrive ram-scoop, as well as removable rocket launchers with firing projectiles!


As you notice, there are no hints towards Wing Saber having swords. In combination with it's packaging, this means he might not come with these swords.
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