Transformers Galaxy Force Episode #4 Clips - Updated w/ Clips!

Transformers News: Transformers Galaxy Force Episode #4 Clips - Updated w/ Clips!

Saturday, January 29th, 2005 2:21AM CST

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Fan2Fan have put up clips of Transformers Galaxy Force Episode #4 "Lesson on how to live on Earth!!" to download. Low res clips, screen captures and a brief synopsis can be found here!

Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #1

Asking for the help of Coby, Lori and Bert, the transformers went thru some lessons on how to stay in disguise on Earth. But getting a bit over their head, each of the kids came up with ideas that made the Transformers stand out instead of been mixing into the crowd like Submarines, cool sports car designs and even a speaking traffic light post in the middle of a desert.

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #2

    Questioned by the Cop, Coby lied that the cars were not illegally modified cars but latest technology remote control cars, new some actions that defy the logic of a car.

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #3

    With Dreadrock (and the kids) struggling to get a whole population of Cybertronians settle on Earth, the Autobots continue to find some way to contain the Grand Black Hole. The scientist, First Aid, tried to construct a giant energy net that can surpress the expanding black hole and gradually shrink it. Unfortuantely that failed eventually, Vector Prime told them the only way to destroy the black hole is using the force chips. While Exillion questioned even if the force chip existed, how could an ancient technology be powerful enough to destroy the hole when the latest technology failed. At this point, without any option, even the scientist, First Aid was willing to believe the legend and with that, Galaxy Convoy instructed the Autobots to set their first priority in locating the Force Chips.

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #4

    Picking up an undentified jet (Thundercracker) on their radar, the humans scrambled to intercept. Frustrated in unable to locate the Autobots, Thundercracker decided to have some "fun" with the humans, but was stopped by Dreadrock. Trying to prevent any harm from coming to the human jets, Dreadrock blocked all the blasts from Thundercracker. Damaged from taking all fires, Dreadrock somehow activated the force chip program and was powerup by the Cybertron force chip. In his powerup state he easily defeated Thundercracker, though was surprised at his powerup.

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #5

    Vector Prime, teleported the human jets to safety (to Bermuda) so they have the area cleared for battle, as Dreadrock and Thundercracker continue their aerial battle, Galaxy Convoy and Vector Prime was confronted by Master Megatron and Starscream. Convoy demanded Megatron to return the map, he will not allow the energy of Primus to fall into Megatron's hands. Master Megatron simply laughed that he will surpass godhood when he inherit Primus's power and recreate the universe.

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #6

    Trying to take the map by force, Galaxy Convoy tried to take on Megatron but was hit in the back by Starscream, this activated his force chip program, and activated his powerup cannon, seeing the rest of the Autobots joining the battle, the Decepticons decided to leave but before he go, Master Megatron told Convoy he already found the planet where one of the force chip lies, as long as they get to the chips before the Autobots, there is nothing Convoy can do...

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #7

    Realizing they might have done it wrongly, the kids revised their lesson to the Transformers, using subtle car designs and installing hologram drivers in the cars. At the same time, Master Megatron arrived on the planet of Speedia, where one of the force chip lies. Not in clip: From the encounter, the military now knows there are these giant robots on Earth but they decided to keep it a top secret till they learn more. Though without a map, Vector Prime said they shouldbe able to devise the whereabout of the force chips from the force square logo found on Earth.

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    Galaxy Force Episode #4 - Clip #8

    Next Episode: "Search for the Chip Square!"

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    Credit(s): Fan2Fan
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