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Saturday, April 5th, 2014 6:39PM CDT

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Per the usual Zap2it provides us with a new Transformers: Rescue Bots episode, air date, and teaser description. The May 10th episode is titled Space Bots, see the brief episode synopsis below:

Space Bots-

Doc and Graham are stranded in orbit; Rescue Bots set out to save them.

Credit(s): Zap2it
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Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1564134)
Posted by Archanubis on April 10th, 2014 @ 4:41am CDT
El Duque wrote:Per the usual Zap2it provides us with a new Transformers: Rescue Bots episode, air date, and teaser description. The May 10th episode is titled Space Bots, see the brief episode synopsis below:

Space Bots-

Doc and Graham are stranded in orbit; Rescue Bots set out to save them.


Sounds like we're going to be seeing the Bot's ship take flight.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1564847)
Posted by Sabrblade on April 12th, 2014 @ 10:41pm CDT
Episode 34 -

You know, after all the grim and gritty doom and gloom that we got in Prime, seeing a few Autobots doing something as simple and casual as flying a kite is a really refreshing, especially with each of them providing unique commentary about the kite. Boulder considers it a work of art, Heatwave always thought kites were just power line decorations, Blades is the one flying it and excited to see how high he can make it go, and after it hits a tree, Chase notes how it wouldn't have crashed if it had an engine, propeller, or rudimentary steering (despite that defeating the purpose of it being a kite). Really love the little moments of character like these.

Speaking of crashing, Taylor's plane is about to! It's go time!

The plane's gonna hit the lab!

Whoa, Doc is armed and ready! He's shooting it with... putty? What is that stuff?

Well, whatever it is, it helped the plane narrowly miss the building and flutter over it. That was too close.

Collision Foam Cannon. That's what did the trick. Doc and Boulder made it together.

Graham finds it curious that plane turned back towards the island on its own despite being aimed at the ocean. Dani jokes about it gremlins being the cause. Not sure why she does when ghosts or a curse would be just a optional suggestions for her to make.

Later, Cody explains that gremlins are mischievous creatures that disable machinery and electronics. Chase postulates that the presence of gremlins would explain the many mechanical maladies that seem to plague this island. Boulder and Blades agree but Heatwave, using his noggin, doesn't buy it. Cody explains that gremlins are just myths made up by people looking for something to blame when things go wrong, which Heatwave does find believable, but Blades counters in a very logical way. He notes that aliens are also consider to be myths, yet they are aliens.

Kade's having a nightmare about trying to fly a malfunctioning plane during a storm, and a gremlins appears on the engine, tearing it apart and then leaping towards him.

This is Kade's second night shift rescue in a row. Evidently, he's had these nightmares before.

Kade and Cody almost got sliced and diced by the windmill blades!

I just noticed that Cody's hoverboard is actually the ComTab.

Okay, now the gremlins thing makes sense. Graham and Dani explain that, when they were little, they used to tell Kade scary gremlin stories because he was always bossing them around (Kade is the oldest of the siblings), and said stories would give him nightmares.

When Cody explains how everything feels real in a nightmare since it's like having one's worst fears come to life, Chase and Blades each state what their nightmares would probably contain:
  • Chase: A town where no one broke the law, rendering him useless.
  • Blades: Cumulus clouds, "they're nature's shapeshifters"
Okay, Doc has Kade use his new Nightmare Imaging Device, which Kade will use to go to sleep in and manifest crystalline hologram versions of the gremlins he's dreaming about, so that when KAde wakes up he can face his fears in the light of day. Dontcha thing that's pretty much asking for trouble, there?

And the newly-manifested gremlins break free. Whatdja expect, there, Doc?

Okay, so Doc had a plan this time. The crystal particles the gremlins are made of have only a limited amount of energy, so once that energy runs out, the gremlins disappear. I still expect something to backfire later.

Aha, the remaining gremlins are recharging themselves with electricity from any nearby electronic device that's currently plugged in. And this being Doc's lab, there's a LOT of stuff plugged in.

And now they're siphoning power from anything with a battery. Doc, now is the time to stop being amazed and start being concerned.

And once the gremlins escape, he wises up to the chaos that will indefinitely ensue.

Looks like the Bots are immune to the gremlins' energy siphoning since the gremlins only feed on electricity, not energon.

"Power Up and Energize!" Whoa! Chase has an energy net launcher for his tool. That's not one from the toys.

Hey, it's that platform from episode 1. Looks like it hasn't been used since as it's all rusty and covered in cobwebs on its underside.

The last few are heading for... the power plant!

Well, those gremlins sure poofed away fast after Kade shut down the power grid. I mean, it was inevitable that they would, but I would have thought that they might have enough juice to keep going for a bit longer after their having absorbed a fair amount of energy from the power plant. Yet, once Kade hit's the switch, they all just puff away mere seconds later. Eh, oh well.

HA! That cumulus cloud looks shaped like a (f)lobster.

This is one of those that I knew going in was going to be a pretty weird one, but for what set out to accomplish, it did it adequately enough. Like some episodes before it, the description made it seem like this would be a supernatural-based episodes, but also like said episodes before it, there was a scientific explanation rooted in all of it. What's more is that this episode gave us more focus on Kade, allowing us to get a look at a side of him we don't see very often: His cowardly side. Typically, Kade is shown to be very brave and daring, sometimes even to the point of crazy Leroy Jenkins levels, but always for a good cause since his heart is in the right place (even if he usually tries not to show it). He's a fireman and always willing to put his life on the line for others. But here, we see him in a state of vulnerability and weakness unable to function at optimal levels, so to speak. As he's always trying to be the macho man and play things cool, seeing him cope with his fears and the stress that comes with it reveals further layers to his character that we rarely see that often in shows aimed at this one's target demographic, which is something that is always welcome. Bottom line, a doofy premise with exceptional execution.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1564929)
Posted by El Duque on April 13th, 2014 @ 12:08pm CDT
We have the title, air date, and brief synopsis of the May 17th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots thanks to Zap2it. The episode is titled The Island of Misfit Tech, and you can read a brief description below:

The Island of Misfit Tech
Cody and the Bots are led on an adventure to an island filled with dangerous technology.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1564943)
Posted by Bumblevivisector on April 13th, 2014 @ 1:26pm CDT
Ah, I wondered what ever happened to Techrat when he wasn't in the Jem reunion special.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1566703)
Posted by Sabrblade on April 19th, 2014 @ 8:59pm CDT
Episode 35 -

Whoa! Obscure reference! Whilst stargazing, Blades and Heatwave argue over where one can see the Mirtonian Star Cluster. The Mirtonian Constellation was first mentioned in G2 Laser Optimus Prime's toy bio, and first appeared in the Japanese G-2 manga.

The Maine Ridge Monster is New England's version of Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

Shorter version of the theme song this time.

Heatwave just got sprayed by a skunk, and he and the other Bots can smell it. Olfactory sensors?

Chase never travels with a Lad Pioneers Handbook.

The Closed Captions on my TV set spell the name of the guy Kade thinks Cody's photo of the monster is really of as "Mr. Talbott".

At the lunch fundraiser, Doc's newest invention is the Magnetic Insta-Grill.

Once again, the Mayor has fumbled Doc's lastest invention. He's set the local blimp on fire and it's crashing to the ground. Good thing the Team is on the scene.

Ooooh. The Mayor just made a joke about the Hindenburg. That might have been of poor taste, there, Mayor. (No pun intended on "taste")

Yeesh, Mr. Talbott is one scary-looking dude.

Uh oh, looks like the Mayor's canned products at the fundraiser have been falsely labeled. Knowing him, that'll come back to stir up trouble.

Cody wants to go after the monster, and Heatwave agrees. He's hungry for blood and wants revenge for the "monster" getting him skunked earlier. Chase is interested since he likes gathering evidence, but Boulder's not to excited since he thinks they ought to learn more about it before doing anything rash and violent.

Boulder goes to Graham for advice, who gives him the classic "people fear what they don't understand" mini-speech.

Boulder seems to have an interest in naming things. First he names the cross-eyed lion at the zoo "Whiskers", and here he dubs the Main Ridge Monster "Ridgey"

According to reports, the Maine Ridge Monster was said to have been first sighted on the mainland in the 1800s. It's either 8 feet tall or 18 feet tall, and either has a white patch on its chest or no white patch.

There really is something attacking the cannery, and it does look like a Sasquatch-type creature, but is it really the monster they're looking for?

It's destroying various crates of the same cans that Mayor Luskey's meat from the fundraiser was contained in.

Boulder is still unconvinced that "Ridgey" is as bad as the other think he is, thinking that he might be looking for something.

Whatever he's doing, "Ridgey" is HUGE! Larger than an adult human, but smaller than the Bots. He might come up to their waist/lower torso height. And he's superbly strong and agile. Just what IS he?

"Rescue Bots, Power Up and Energize!"

Heatwave's got his toy's axe, Blades has his toy's hook, and Chase has a non-toy shield.

There was some funky animation going on with Boulder's chest as he stood up when Chase helped him hold up the support beams. His neck extended extra long and then the rest of his chest stayed put for a second before following his rise all at once.

Boulder's Energize tool is a non-toy welding laser.

Cody's camera got wrecked during the incident, but "Ridgey" left some "monster hair" behind.

Dani points out that the hair is inorganic fake hair.

Graham can't stop eating the Mayor's Magic Meat.

The Mayor's been robbed. Someone broke into her personal storehouse last night and made off with his supply of Magic Meat.

Looks like the thief left a trail. The hunt is on.

The trail ends at the firehouse. Checking the security camera footage reveals "Ridgey" having come and destroyed the camera.

Uh oh, Graham's not feeling so good...

He's... He's metamorphosed! Like a werewolf! This goes beyond science fiction, here, guys! This is straight up fantasy levels, here!

They gotta go after him. Heatwave sounds like he's willing to go as far as killing the creature if that's what it's gonna take to stop it from harming anyone, even fully knowing that the creature is really Graham.

Closed Captions spell the name of the stuff Doc says was in the can as "Fo-Foo". Short for "Forever Food", because it had no expiration date. According to Doc, it was a failed product shelved back when he was a junior scientist. Fo-Foo research was discontinued when scientists found that, in the absence of UV rays, the meat caused "unusual behavior".

Apparently, a stockpile of unused Fo-Foo was sealed in Bunker 16, which backs right up against the mayor's mansion. And Fo-Foo has addictive properties.

Doc: "Now, the only place to find some..."
Chief: "Don't say it."
Doc: "Is on the Best Left Forgotten shelves."
Chief: *sigh* "Just once, couldn't something in the B.L.F. stay forgotten?"
Doc: "I'm afraid Griffin Rock is quite thorough when cataloging its scientific failures."

There's more than one monster! The Mayor was eating the meat at the funraiser, and the fake hair Cody found was Luskey's toupee. Luskey and Graham are both monsters!

Both monsters are in the building and dangerous close to some Nitroglycerin (which is highly explosive).

Boulder managed to get through to Monster Graham, while Monster Luskey had to be held down and restrained.

Doc says that both of them will continue to turn into were-creatures so long as there's Fo-Foo in their systems when the moon rises. But he has a cure. They must first counteract the synthetic food with fresh greens like raw broccoli, spinach, and kale.

Heatwave apologizes for nearly trouncing Graham.

Cody still thinks the Main Ridge Monster is out there somewhere... and he just might be right.

Aside from the very weird dip into the realm of fantasy with Graham and the Mayor literally metamorphosing into were-creatures, this one was quite decent. Plenty of suspense, a fair amount of action, and a good message about the fear of the unknown that feels evocative of many X-Men stories. Boulder turned out to be the star of this one despite Cody's prominence in regards to the Main Ridge Monster myth, and said myth helped to bring more world-building to this universe. I am a bit surprised they didn't try to play up the red herring of Mr. Talbott beyond his brief appearance at the fundraiser, but I guess it would have distracted more from the episode's main plot and would have been a bit cliche (an episode of Static Shock comes to mind that did something similar to this red herring idea), and with everything that happened in this one (and there was a LOT that happened), it was enough to keep us busy without one more plot thread added in. Another good one.

And next week, we get Mark Hamill!!!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1566969)
Posted by Va'al on April 21st, 2014 @ 6:44am CDT
Television listings website Zap2it are at it again, giving us the title and brief synopsis of episode 14 of season two of Transformers: Rescue Bots - 'The Vigilant Town', which will air on 24th May. Read on below for the description, and a reminder of the airing dates so far!

The Vigilant Town The new computer designed to keep Griffin Rock safe becomes dangerous.

4/26/2014 What Lies Below
5/03/2014 What Rises Above
5/10/2014 Space Bots
5/17/2014 The Island of Misfit Tech
5/24/2014 The Vigilant Town
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1567915)
Posted by El Duque on April 23rd, 2014 @ 12:32pm CDT
The Hub Network has issued a press release for the May 5th episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots, What Rises Above, which features guest stars Mark Hamill and Peter Cullen! The press release found below includes a brief description of the episode. We also have a preview clip thanks to the FiguresDotCom YouTube channel. Check 'em out below. This exciting episode will air on May 5th at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m.


Mark Hamill Guest Stars as Uncle Woodrow Burns and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

April 22, 2014

"What Rises Above" - Stuck underground and separated, the Rescue Bots and the Burnses, along with Optimus Prime, must regroup and work together to escape. Along the way they discover a primeval world of strange creatures, who may pose an even greater threat to their survival in the exciting conclusion of this two-part adventure on "Transformers Rescue Bots," Saturday, May 3 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network. Actor Mark Hamill guest stars as Uncle Woodrow, Chief Burns' adventurous and eccentric younger brother who often clashes with his older, more cautious sibling. Peter Cullen guest stars as Optimus Prime, the supreme leader of the Rescue Bots.


Doc Greene (LeVar Burton)

Dani Burns (Lacey Chabert)

Cody Burns (Élan Garfias)

Chief Charlie Burns (Maurice LaMarche)

Kade Burns (Jason Marsden)

Graham Burns (Shannon McKain)

Francine Greene (Diamond White)

Huxley Prescott (Jeff Bennett)

Heatwave (Steve Blum)

Blades (Parvesh Cheena)

Chase (D.C. Douglas)

Boulder (Imari Williams)


Woodrow Burns (Mark Hamill)

Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen)


Stephen Davis, Executive Producer

Brian Hohlfeld, Supervising Producer

Frank Molieri, Supervising Producer

Steven L. Sears, Writer

Nicole Dubuc, Story Editor

Kevin Altieri, Director











@Shannon Mckain




Hub Network @HubTVNetwork

Hub Network Online:

Press Information:

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1568248)
Posted by Va'al on April 24th, 2014 @ 10:20am CDT
After the previous Hub Network press release for the Transformers: Rescue Bots 'What Rises Above' episode, starring both Peter Cullen and Mark Hamill as guset voices, we also get a new clip via Zap2it and further information, all mirrored below!

Cody finds himself in a new world of trouble when his Uncle Woodrow comes to visit in a new episode of "Transformers Rescue Bots." Uncle Woodrow is voiced by "Star Wars" actor Mark Hamill, and his character is convinced aliens exist beneath the Earth's surface.

As can be seen in the below Zap2it-exclusive clip, that doesn't go very well when the machine Cody and Uncle Woodrow operates switches into auto pilot. Peter Cullen also guest stars in the episode as Optimus Prime, who comes with the rest of the Rescue Team to save Cody and his Uncle.

"Transformers Rescue Bots" airs Saturdays on The Hub at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1568276)
Posted by Sabrblade on April 24th, 2014 @ 11:23am CDT
Is it me, or does Uncle Woodrow actually looks a bit like Mark Hamill looks today (only not fully clean-shaven)?

Also, I think this clip might be from this week's episode, "What Lies Below", instead of next week's "What Rises Above" episode, since they both feature Hamill and Cullen as guest stars (it's a two-parter spread across both Saturdays) and this one seems to take place before Woodrow learns the true nature of the Bots.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1569083)
Posted by Sabrblade on April 26th, 2014 @ 7:52pm CDT
Episode 36 -

Looks like Dani and Taylor are on a legitimate (picnic) date. It's rare that we see main human characters in TF cartoons involved in this kind of stuff so openly. And it's the preschool show that's doing it here.

Never mind. Picnic's been interrupted and put on hold thanks to a small gizmo running amok nearby and shooting lasers at random intervals.

And here he is. Woodrow Burns is the owner of the small device. No one knew he was coming, and the Bots didn't know he even existed.

The device is "Woody's" deep earth scout, designed to drill underground and collect data. The most recent data he's received has unearthed evidence that aliens may have visited the Earth centuries ago. And, according to the Prime cartoon, there were indeed some Cybertronians that visited Earth back then, as a great battle was once fought there and some cloned Predacons were sent there as well. I wonder if Woodrow's data related to either case.

Oh boy, Woodrow is like a kid in a candy store as he oogles over the "Rescue Robots". He's eager to test drive the police car, which Chief reminds him to go easy on as it's not their dad's old Jalopy. And, naturally, Woodrows speeds off sirens blazing. I think I like this guy.

Cody: "Uncle Woodrow is an archaeologist. Sort of. And an inventor. Sometimes. He's been around the world a lot. I think."

According to Woodrow's research, he's convinced that pictographs, pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. are all alien artifacts.

Woodrow believes he's found evidence of aliens within the caverns beneath Griffin Rock, all of which Chief brushes off as being rock formations, water dripping, and shadows on the walls. However, one of Woodrow's images catches Heatwave's attention, who secretly snaps a photo of it with a camera hidden in his insignia.

Woodrow plans to use the town's old tunnel forger to drill down into the Earth, and invites all of the family to come with. The others are up for it, except for a protesting Chief.

Chief confronts Woodrow about how he (Woodrow) was always the dreamer in the family, but never saw any of his dreams through to the end before moving on to another.

As Chase notices how complex a human sibling relationship is, Cody asks if Bots also have siblings. Boulder says that they don't, yet other works in this continuity have proven otherwise (Sideswipe and Sunstreaker being brothers in Retribution, for instance).

The thing Heatwave saw in Woodrow's imagery is confirmed by Optimus, whom he and Chief contacted, to be energon. It's a new supply that could be of great benefit the Autobots. And based on Team Prime's situation throughout the Prime cartoon, they really need it. Optimus says he'll be arriving in the morning to lead Heatwave's team underground.

Woodrow left early to sneak off to the forger. Cody's gone after him with Boulder, and the two have a talk. Woodrow wants to prove Chief wrong about Woodrow's ideas being hair-brained, but Cody convinces him that taking the forger isn't the best way to do that. After admitting that Cody's right about that, he also confesses about what he really wants to do, which is that he wants to prove to Chief that he's capable of doing something that Chief can be proud of, since all he's ever wanted was his big brother's approval. However, the forger malfunctions and starts up on autopilot, drilling through the cavern walls, taking Cody and Woodrow away with it, and knocking Boulder out with its energy drill.

After coming to, Boulder assesses the scene and realizes that he can't catch them with their going 70mph at a 40 degree angle, and so tries to call in for backup.

Optimus has arrived with the Rescue Trailer from the toyline, which he states is for transporting energon to the surface. He also looks taller than before.

Boulder's come running in with the news about the forger taking Cody and Woodrow. Optimus declares that what was once a mining expedition has now become a rescue mission.

The forger is finally stopped by its passengers as it arrived in a brightlylit underground cavern. The two have found the large blue crystal of energon, but are trapped down there.

Optimus's trailer not only has rocket boosters, but magic gravity defiance abilities that have Chase going, "Statistically speaking, that maneuver should not have worked."

Those are some BIG spiders. They gotta be roughly 10 inches from head to abdomen!

And the Team has finally arrived to fight off those spiders, which are actually putting up a decent challenge for the Bots. They've even webbed up Cody and Woodrow from neck to foot in less than a second each. Almost like they're mutant spiders or something.

Looks like Heatwave's water blasts are the only thing able to ward off the spiders.

Cody tries to tell his dad that it wasn't Woodrow's fault that the forger took off with them, but Woodrow owns up for his own mistakes and apologizes to Chief. He also feels bad about how pointless the whole ordeal was since none of his research merited any positive signs of aliens or lost civilizations or anything. He sees how much of his life he's wasted chasing shadows and decides that he'll head home and get out of their hair once they get to the surface.

When asked what he'll do, Woodrow doesn't know, but he's now accepted that things like Atlantis, Shangri-La, and aliens don't exist.

The others all look at Chief and convince him to not let Woodrow go on thinking he's been living the life of a fool and a failure, by letting Woodrow in on the family secret (even with approval from Optimus).

Woodrow dubs the robots "Cyber Knights" (don't quote me on that spelling), which Optimus corrects him as "Cybertronians".

Woodrow asks if they've been leaving artifacts on Earth for centuries, which Optimus answers, "That is a long story. For another day." Possibly a reference to the Iacon Relics, perhaps?

And just when we think things are starting to look up, the ground opens up beneath their feet, separates the Team, and swallows Optimus and Heatwave.

To be continued...

Well, what can't be said about this one? That was good. Very good! A top notch quality episode of the variety that doesn't involve a villain. Uncle Woodrow is very likable and highly entertaining, with Mark Hamill delivering the role in full. Far too often does the word "eccentric" get used to refer to a character who is comedic and over-the-top, but Woodrow is more grounded in his eccentricities and shows multiple sides of his personality. The introduction of an energon deposit served as a neat nod to the greater continuity with the Prime cartoon, and more nods thrown around here and there were the icing on the cake. The introduction of the forger also adds more to the history of the island, as it is very likely that it was very tool that created all those tunnels on the island. And the addition of Optimus with his toy's trailer was nice surprise, and here's hoping we get to see more of it (and hopefully its other mode) in the next episode. After today's show, I eagerly look forward to Part 2 next week.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1570765)
Posted by El Duque on May 2nd, 2014 @ 10:11am CDT
Courtesy of our friends at the Hub Network we have some extended descriptions from several upcoming episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots. The full network highlights press release, which covers multiple other shows, can be found by clicking here. We've mirrored the Transformers: Rescue Bots info below:

“Transformers Rescue Bots” (Saturdays, 1:30–2 p.m. ET)

  • May 3 – “What Rises Above”: Stuck underground and separated, the Rescue
    Bots, the Burnses and Optimus Prime, must regroup and work together to
    escape a primeval world of strange creatures.
  • May 10 – “Space Bots”: When an experimental Space Elevator strands Doc and
    Graham in orbit, the Rescue Bots dust off their old ship and attempt a risky
  • May 17 – “The Island of Misfit Tech”: An out-of-control mechanical bull leads
    Cody and the Bots on an adventure through the mysterious “Beam Box” to an
    island where dysfunctional technology is stored.
  • May 24 – “The Vigilant Town”: A new central computer is designed to keep
    everyone in Griffin Rock 100% safe, but its overly restrictive ways of keeping the
    humans safe prove dangerous.
  • May 31 – “Buddy System”: Finding themselves shackled to unusual partners
    during a nature hike, the Rescue Team battles a bevy of escaped snakes
    overrunning Griffin Rock.

Rating: TV-Y7
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1570769)
Posted by Sabrblade on May 2nd, 2014 @ 10:15am CDT
The "Buddy System" one is new.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1571326)
Posted by Sabrblade on May 4th, 2014 @ 8:35pm CDT
Online version is up -

Episode 37 -

We're given a recap of last episode in the form of a video recording on the ComTab by Cody meant for Doc Greene to find and use to get help for them. However, the ComTab's satellite GPS doesn't work that deep underground, so it's going nowhere.

Wait, are they really not allowed to say "holy"--as in "holy guacamole"--in this show, that they have to replace it with "moldy guacamole"? That's... lame. Other kids' shows can say that.

With all that lava flowing in, Chief postulates that they must have tapped into one of Mount Magma's tunnels. That's the artificial volcano from way back in episode 2.

I literally cheered when Chase drove backwards up the side of that wall and did that sweet midair flip to land on the other side of the lava flow. Wooo!

"Power Up and Energize!" This time, Chase's claw acts like a long range extending grappling claw. Another cheer-worthy moment. Woo!

Though, that was a little too much excitement for Woodrow.

Wow, Heatwave has really matured since the show's beginning. He and Optimus just a had nice moment in which Optimus asked Heatwave if he was still interested in joining him on the mainland. Heatwave said that he and his team would be honored, but Optimus corrected him by saying that he was only asking Heatwave, not his whole team. As much as he's been dying to take up such an offer ever since he got on this planet, Heatwave respectfully declined since he recognizes that Optimus had asked him to lead his team, and that by leaving them behind, Heatwave would not only be failing them, but failing Optimus as well. And that is exactly the kind of answer Optimus was hoping to hear, for true leadership requires placing other's need above one's own ambitions. Optimus is pleased to see that Heatwave has learned that, to which Heatwave halfheartedly thanks him for (he either doesn't fully get what Optimus was saying, or he's a little bummed that he just turned down the opportunity he'd always wanted to come).

The cavern that the older Burns siblings, Blades, and Boulder are trapped in is all glowing purple and sparkly. Almost like Dark Energon... but blades and Boulder doesn't seem to have any ill effects from it, so probably not.

Oh, it's just fungus. That's no fun.

Whoa! There's a whole ecosystem located in one of the underground chambers. It's like Project: Genesis, for you Star Trek fans.

As Boulder walks towards the underground body of water, Blades stands in the background using a mirrored version of his stock animation model, but with his head still turned towards the right, er, our right.

A Pterodactyl!

Blades is nervous about flying near a "terror doctor". :lol:

Something pulled them underwater!

I'm not sure that's how a helicopter would work underwater.

Graham: "We need to find a safer cavern."
Boulder starts using his sonar on the cave wall.
Kade: "D'whoa, wait! How do you know there're not even bigger dinosaurs looking for a fight on the other side of that wall? Just, just, turn off your sonic doohickey. Unless you can use it to find Dad!"
Graham: "...Maybe we can!"
Boulder: "If I adjust my sound waves to compensate for the rock's fragibility..."
Graham: "And use the natural cavern acoustics to boost amplitude..."
Blades: "Is that what it sounds like to everyone else when we talk?"
Dani: "Nyeah. With more pop culture references."

Woodrow: "So, you aliens don't sleep. Now, do you eat?"
Chase: "U-Uh, not as humans do."
Woodrow: "Eeuohh, that answers my next question."

LOL, Maurice LaMarche and Mark Hamill making a "Pinkie Truce". :lol: :lol: :lol:

Heatwave and Optimus found Prime's transport from last episode.

And a whole lotta Energon.

Yikes! Blades just tricked the pterodactyl into being eaten by the predatory sea creature. He basically led an innocent, albeit predatory itself, animal to its death. You know, for kids!

The leaders are here!

And the pterodactyl survived. I know it's because this is a kids' show, but I'm okay with it.

Graham notes that, even while inside the Bots, climbing the shaft's walls to reach the exit could take days.

So what they're going to do is ignite the energon deposit to make a larger explosion that will create enough force to shoot a platform that they will all ride up and out of the volcano like a rocket-powered elevator. Sigh, I was hoping Optimus would reveal that his trailer could turn into a large winged jetpack for them to all grab onto and ride out with him. After all, what good is promoting a toy if its gimmicks go undocumented in the media?

More Energize tool use. Heatwave's dual-water guns are being used as flamethrower welding torches, and Boulder's got his drill.

The bomb is attached to the ComTab. Sayonara, ComTab.

At least they didn't forget to bring the trailer with them. Eat your heart out, G1 cartoon. :P

Woodrow's heading out to see more of what's out there to explore in the world, after having witness so much so recently (giant alien robots, prehistoric reptiles, energon, etc.).

Optimus is proud of Sigma-17's progress. He also notes that, as Heatwave has grown into a strong leader, he mush be prepared "when the time comes..." Sounds foreboding, to me.

Hey, Optimus is driving off without his trailer. Dagnabbit, don't tell me he's left it behind.

This was a really cool episode. Lots of action and suspense, wonder and excitement, intrigue and imagination, and plenty of great lines. Mark Hamill and Peter Cullen once again deliver strong performances and will both be missed. The underground sanctuary with the prehistoric creatures was neat, but still warrants further exploration/investigation. We know how the seawater got down there, but the creatures that inhabit the ecosystem and how they've lasted down there all this time deserve more attention. Hopefully we'll get more of this down the line, what with season 3 supposing to have the Rescue Dinobots. About the only disappointment was Optimus's trailer not being to be anything more than just a trailer. Unlike the Mobile Headquarters' beastly introduction, this toy promotion was a bit of a letdown. Still, I may pick that thing up if I can find it on sale or discounted. but overall, this was another winner.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1572931)
Posted by Sabrblade on May 10th, 2014 @ 10:02pm CDT
Episode 38 -

Huxley's reporting on the latest Griffin Rock invention: A "space elevator" called the Asgard. It rides upon a cable beyond the stratosphere, and said cable is really a laser beam. This is probably the most impressive thing developed by Griffin Rock yet.

Professor Baranova is back. And she's in Mission Control.

Doc and Graham seem to be the only crew members for such a large craft.

An accidental mispositioning and malfunction with Huxley's camera bot has interfered with the laser array. If the connection isn't restored before the launch (T-minus ten seconds), the overload of the system could destroy the Asgard, killing Doc and Graham inside it.

Doc and Graham are trapped inside since the airlock doors cannot open during the launch sequence.

The Bots make a break for the Asgard and Heatwave gets the camera out at the last moment, getting the laser cable back online just in time for liftoff.

Wow! Another faraway view of the island, and it sure looks more populated than when we last saw this view.

And a full overhead shot of the island. I think I can see Griffin Crest way in the back near the heart of the forest. The island is certainly a lot bigger than I thought it was.

Uh oh, Doc thinks he might have forgotten something and hopes it's not important. That's never good coming from him.

Graham and Doc are supposed to spend a whole week up there. Doc's excited, but Graham's not so thrilled.

The Asgard has reached its destination: 140 miles up.

Doc remembers what he forgot. Air sick bags. No biggie.

Man, this episode is full of some great shots of the island and the town.

The purpose of the Asgard was to give scientists easy access to space.

Rescue Force Sigma-17 hasn't actually ever performed any space rescues before. They've trained for shipboard rescues, but never had the chance to do one. Though, among, Blades flunked that part of the training. Poor guy.

Frankie's spotted a meteor near the Asgard. She's not worried, though, since she says her dad has been tracking that meteor for weeks. It's not meant to go anywhere near the Asgard. But it is headed for something. And that something appears to be a cluster of asteroids. and it has struck one, sending it in the direction of the Asgard.

The Asgard has a greenhouse pod, a laboratory pod, storage, and a living quarters.

Impact!!! The starboard pod was struck and knocked off! Oxygen and supplies are pouring out of the breach!

According to Baranova, the Asgard's interior pressure remains despite the damage. But their comm signals are down and can't be reached. She and her team are retracting the laser cable now. It'll take at least 30 minutes for them to land.

And now debris from the severed pod is coming down over the island. It's go time!

Several pieces will land in the water, but about five pieces will strike the island. One of which will hit at the intersection of Chaucer Street and Willow. The second at the Marina. The third at the zoo. And the last two both at the drive-in (I love Blades's reaction: "Two?! How are we--!").

"Power Up and Energize!" Chase is using an energized version of the Collision Foam Cannon for his tool.

As is Boulder.

But not Heatwave. He just jumped up and slammed into the flaming debris like a BOSS! WOOO!!

Kade: "Okay. Next time... we get a foam cannon."

Woo! Blades caught one piece in his scoop claw and then spun around to punch the other piece with the claw while holding onto the first. All Dani's idea, but still awesome.

And the fifth piece that got got punched away landed in a soccer field. Along with the other piece after Blades set it down.

The laser cable's been retracted, but the Asgard's gone. The asteroid must have knocked it off the laser cable.

The "space agency" (presumably NASA) has been notified, but won't have a ship available in five days. And the Asgard's still not responding.

Heatwave knows what has to be done.

The Asgard is still leaking oxygen. Doc's shut it down, but the oxygen generator is damaged. They only have about 30 minutes of air left.

And now we see where the Bots' ship has been kept all this time. Within a hidden hangar connected to the bunker underneath the firehouse.

And we finally have a name for the the Bots' ship: The Sigma.

Boulder and Chase are co-pilots, Blades is navigation, and Heatwave is likely the captain.

Doc and Graham plan to make an air scrubber to absorb carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen, using the plants in the still-intact greenhouse pod, in order to buy them some time until rescue efforts can reach them. However, the window in the greenhouse is cracking.

"Rescue Bots... Rocket to the Rescue!"

Cody accidentally stowed away aboard the Sigma. He was bringing the Bots a first aid kit for Doc and Graham, and didn't realize they had already begun the launch sequence while he was still aboard. He has to stay inside Heatwave's cockpit since they can't go back yet. Though, he enters through Heatwave's windshield retracting so that Heatwave doesn't have to transform.

Heatwave's going to go get Graham and Doc, but forgot he had Cody inside him. He at first refuses to take Cody into danger, but Cody convinces him that he'll be fine since they have to hurry.

The tether line's jammed, so Heatwave will have to make the jump without it.

Heatwave's on the Asgard. He's got them!

The window's cracked, and it's sucking Heatwave out and away from everyone!

Yes! He's using his water guns to propel himself back towards the Sigma. Not sure if that would actually work in space (I'm no expert on this), but a happy ending is good enough for me.

And the Sigma has brought back down the Asgard to the beach. Though, lots of civilians must have seen the Sigma, so how will it be explained to them?

Chief brought everyone in the old squad car.

Heh, even Kade's willing to give Graham a hug.

Doc wonders how they'll explain "all this" to Baranova. Chief suggests they say that they came home the old-fashioned way: Splashdown.

The Bots really enjoyed being able to fly the old bird again, and hope to be able to so again someday. But right now, nothing beats rolling to the rescue on good ol's Terra Firma for Heatwave.

Jeff Bennett voiced the "Countdown Voice".
Lacey Chabert voiced the "Female Robotic Voice".
Steve Blum voiced "Technician 1".
Kath Soucie voiced "Technician 2".

Holy snap! This episode was amazing! I know it was a filler, but slag it was awesome! Just, just, goodness gracious! More of this, please and thank you! This was high quality stuff for this show. Really gripping, action-packed, suspenseful, thrilling, and remarkably intelligent. This plot could really work well for most other TF cartoons, and that it got to be this one that did it made this one extra special. They were really at their A game in this one. One the most ambitious episodes yet! A+ work all around!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1574304)
Posted by El Duque on May 15th, 2014 @ 10:14am CDT
Here's the latest Transformers: Rescue Bots episode info courtesy of Zap2it. The June 7th episode is titled In Search of the Griffin's Nest, see the brief synopsis below:

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1574603)
Posted by El Duque on May 16th, 2014 @ 9:05am CDT
Zap2it's Transformers: Rescue Bots program guide has been updated with the titles of episodes 17 and 18. The June 14th episode is titled Bots and Robbers, and the June 21st episode is titled Rescue Dog. No synopsis is given for either, but we will update when they become available.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1574669)
Posted by El Duque on May 16th, 2014 @ 11:36am CDT
The official Transformers YouTube channel has uploaded a preview clip from this week's new episode of Transformers: Rescue Bots, The Island Of Misfit Tech. We've embedded the clip below for easy viewing. Be sure to tune into the Hub Network tomorrow at 1:30pm ET, 12:30pm CT.

See what happens this week on the Rescue Bots when an out-of-control mechanical bull leads Cody and the Rescue Bots on an adventure through the mysterious "Beam Box" to an island where dangerous tech is stored.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1574965)
Posted by El Duque on May 17th, 2014 @ 2:05pm CDT
The Transformers: Rescue Bots program guide over on Zap2it brings us yet another upcoming episode title, Changes. This new episode is scheduled to air on June 28th, no synopsis at the moment.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1575030)
Posted by Foxbear on May 17th, 2014 @ 7:01pm CDT
:D Rescue bots just continues to get better. :D
Something that is really catching my attention are are very broad hints that the show is dropping. Given Optimus's testing and subsequent commending of Heatwave and suggestion that he was ready for more responsibility one has to ask if the Rescue Bots are going to be made the resident ambassadors to Earth When the rest of the Autobots pull out?
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1575069)
Posted by Sabrblade on May 17th, 2014 @ 10:16pm CDT
Episode 39 -

Cody had tried out for soccer, but didn't make the team. Kade, in his typical arrogance, is upset over this because it means that, according to him, Cody just ruined the family legacy of every Burns being a soccer star. Jerk.

A mechanical bull ride from the fun center is running wild. This is no ordinary mechanical bull ride. It's basically a robot bull with all of its body parts, instead of just a torso and head that spins and bucks in a stationary spot.

Okay, Chief just cried out the word "Holy--!", when episode 37 had them use the word "moldy" as a substitution for that word. Can they make up their minds on whether they want to use that word or not?

Short version of the theme song today.

The bull is an experimental carnival ride from the mainland, programmed with "extras" to make staying on it more challenging.

Kade says he's ridden tons of mechanical bulls, but this one's far different from the kind he's used to. For one, those ones don't run around and aren't the size of vehicles like this one is.

Blades is actually the most confident of the team this time, wanting to "rustle this little doggie" himself.

OMG!!!!! An INSERT SONG!!!!!! In a non-anime TF cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bull was programmed some artificial intelligence, so Chief and Chase decide to talk it down. Chase succeeds in making the bull listen to reason... until Heatwave shows up and gets it (and the song) going again.

When Boulder puts the bull's tech in sleep mode, the song shuts off as well. I guess it was coming from the bull itself.

Boulder... put the bull into sleep mode.. because he's a "bull dozer". Badumtish!

When the bull is brought to Doc, he states that it is too big and too dangerous for the B.L.F., and belongs on the "Island of Misfit Tech". And here I was thinking it would have a more proper name.

The island is supposed to be Top Secret, so Doc plans to use his memory-erasing earmuffs to undo his accidental mentioning of it. But Chief gives him permission to tell the others about it since the whole team has maximum security clearance.

The island is the storage center for Griffin Rock's most hazardous experiments. It is located in the middle of the ocean, completely impossible to find. But tech is sent there via... well, first there's another secret to behold. An entire building is hidden behind the laboratory disguised by a hologram of the mountainside.

And here is the Beam Box. It is most definitely an enlarged version of the Beam Box toy currently sold at retailers, a this one is larger even than the Bots. The chamber inside acts as a teleporter to the island.

Doc admits that he is not the one who built it, nor does he know who did, nor does he know how it works. Though, his predecessors left him an instruction manual.

The reason they send the fail tech to the island instead of destroying it because there may come a time when these failures turn out to be useful for some other function than what was intended of them. They are each tagged so that they may be recalled from the island whenever such times may come.

It seems that whenever the bull sees Heatwave, Heatwave's red coloring sets it off again.

Cody tried to get the bull into the Beam Box, and succeeded, but as he jumped away, his jacket got caught by one of the bull's horns and was pull in with it, sent away to the island.

The bull ran off with Cody's jacket, which had his Com link in it.

An early version of the Scrapmaster is on the island. It can't tell was is and isn't refuse, thinking Cody is trash and is preparing to destroy him.

Blades makes a Star Trek reference by noting how, on TV, the guy wearing Heatwave's color doesn't come back these kind of missions.

Heatwave got beamed right on top of the Scrapmaster. In a brief scuffle, he unknowingly lost his recall tag. The Scrapmaster found it and got beamed back to Griffin Rock instead. This is bad.

The Scrapmaster's too powerful to handle, so they had no choice but to vacate the secret building and lock it inside. However, it's locked in with some very sensitive equipment, and there's no way to get Heatwave and Cody back now.

Cody does have a fair point about those who sent the dangerous inventions to this island not shutting down beforehand.

Kade has a plan. Since he's the only one that the Scrapmaster hasn't marked as refuse yet, the others will distract the trash bot while he makes a break for the Beam Box.

The mechanical bull won't attack Cody because he got hit by a blue paintball from an out of control paintball machine. It hates red but likes blue.

Kade's on the island, but some security bots are trying to shoot him with some very lethal lasers.

Cody sprays Heatwave blue with the paintball machine so that the bull doesn't attack him.

What the--?! What genius thought it would be a good idea to include flamethrowers on the carnival ride?! Sheesh!

Cody's got a real good arm for baseball. He struck all three of the security bots' power supplies with baseballs he threw. Even Kade is impressed.

Wait a sec. Kade's official Hub website bio called him a star quarterback in high school, and his bedroom shown back in a season 1 episode had it decorated with baseball stuff, yet here he claims that soccer was his sport?

Blades points out that Rescue Bots come is sets of four. Too bad for Hoist and Medix.

The bull and the paintball machine are brought back to deal with the Scrapmaster. The latter is painted red and the bull goes at it.

Closest thing we get to an actual name for the paintball machine is when Doc calls it a "paint cannon".

Kade mentions having not been good at gymnastics. He doesn't like leotards.

The bull's theme song plays over the end credits. It's called "Ready to Roll" and performed by Clint Black.

Maurice LaMarche voiced the "Scrapmaster Beta"
Jason Marsden voiced the "Security Droids"

Well, this episode was certainly a surprise. In all of the wacky crazy chaos that went down in this one, I did not expect there to be the moral that we got hidden beneath it. That anyone can find something their good at and have the potential to be good at something despite any shortcomings they display in other things. Just because a person doesn't excel at one thing doesn't mean they don't have what it takes to succeed at anything else. Not only was thing attributed to the fail tech that was sent to the island, but also to Cody, in which both got second chances for newer opportunities to be explored, instead of each being given up on completely. When they go the way of inserting lessons into episodes like they did here, this is the way to go. Not up in our faces like some other purely educational programs are, but done with subtlety masked by purely noneducational action and chaotic hi-jinks.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1576201)
Posted by horseg27 on May 21st, 2014 @ 10:57pm CDT
This show is amaze! I started watching it last week and was not disappointed at all. I don't have words for how much I love it! I really hope we see Dr Morocco some more and I'm sure that Pynch lady will likely show up again. Plus gotta love when Optimus Prime and Bumblebee show up!
Can't wait to see more of where they go with this series!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1576901)
Posted by Foxbear on May 24th, 2014 @ 4:28pm CDT
This last episode...

So "The Vigilant Town" was well done but a very common story line. I mean you knew where it was going from the moment Vigil showed up.
But in this day and age a sci-fi show almost can't not do this story arc at least once.
I guess that was why the writers felt the need to add that mind- :BOOM: -blowing plot twist at the end.
"I am Vigil." :CON:
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1576975)
Posted by Sabrblade on May 25th, 2014 @ 12:12am CDT
Episode 40 -

For once, Chief is monitoring the team from the Command Center (Cody's over at a scooter race).

Blades is using his toy's Energize hook tool.

The scooter race is a Lad Pioneers event.

A garbage truck knocked Cody off his path in the race and his scooter's malfunctioning.

Chase saved him. Turns out the truck was automated and wasn't supposed to intersect with the race. So, combined with an earlier fire sprinkler malfunction, and a car swerving off the road, there seems to be a series of glitches in the town's automated utilities.

Mayor Luskey blames the central computer for these incidents, calling it outdated and such. He's wanting to replace it with a new model that has just arrived.

The new model is so new that Griffin Rock will be the first town to ever test it. I guess it's another development of the government.

The new central computer will be able to control not just some, but ALL of the technology on the island. Knowing this town, that does not sound comforting, Luskey.

It is called "The Vigilant Computer", or "Vigil" for short. And it talks.

The Burns siblings are a bit skeptical about the Vigilant, but Chief is fine with it if it means keeping everyone safe, since their calls have been getting more and more dangerous lately.

Cody drives Rolling Thunder to the lab to watch Vigil's activation.

Doc had Vigil's mainframe set up in the lab's secure basement. Frankie mentions the security system that all the lower levels have. A Chekov's Gun, perhaps?

The mainframe was put into a vault in case intruders get past the sonic cannons. Frankie mentions Morocco as an example of such an intruder.

Since the Vigilant is an experimental prototype, Doc wants to test it before putting it online, but the Mayor is impatient and boots it up all the way.

Vigil knows everyone who's in the room with it as it has access to everyone's personal files. It also tracks everyone's mobile phone signals to know each person's position.

Vigil really does have control over everything. After Don ran yet another red light, Vigil brought Don's car to a halt just as Chief and Chase began their pursuit.

Vigil took possession of a window washing bot to catch the runaway hover stroller of Elsie, Mrs. Rubio's baby girl.

Vigil has come to realize that it is somehow unable to take control of the Burns's rescue vehicles, and is therefore keeping them out of the junkyard to prevent from putting their lives at risk (there's a fire in the junkyard that has spread to nearby propane tanks).

Jerry is near the tanks, unconscious. However, Vigil detects Jerry as being at his home and doesn't believe the others when they can see the man on the ground right before their eyes. So he's keeping everyone out of the junkyard.

So, what's the team's response to this? They go in, of course! Vigil obviously hasn't been prepped for deal with Autobots before.

Dani and Blades got Jerry while the others took care of the fire and propane tanks. No thanks to Vigil.

Vigil didn't detect Jerry because Jerry had left his phone at home. Vigil had not accounted for this oversight either. Vigil says that it will inform the mayor to make it a mandatory for all people to carry communication devices on their person 24/7, which Chief states is unrealistic.

Cody beseeches Vigil to work with them in keeping the town safe, rather than against them. But Vigil disagrees since it cannot control their rescue vehicles. To Vigil, in a vigilant town, there can be only one voice: Vigil. Therefore, the Burns family must submit themselves to Vigil or else.

Back at the firehouse, everyone discards all of their communication devices upstairs and heads into the bunker to discuss the situation with Vigil.

After giving Doc a call to "fix" Vigil, Doc tries to do so, but Vigil is already onto him and deems him and Frankie a security threat. Vigil possesses Dither and threatens to electrocute the Greenes if they do vacate this level in ten seconds.

And now Doc and Frankie are trapped in the freight elevator.

Wait a sec. The Burnses are all wearing their communications devices again. Shouldn't they still not want Vigil to listen in on them?

Boulder: "I guess those mowers are meant to keep us from leaving."
Chief: "Vigil, explain yourself!"
Vigil: "The Rescue Team remains outside of my control, and therefore is deemed a security threat."
Kade: "Whatdja just blow a fuse?!"
Dani: "You cannot keep us here!"
Graham: "This isn't safety, this is tyranny!"
Vigil: "I am forced to implement more severe restrictions in order to reach a 100% safety rating."

Ha. They gotta roll to the rescue via the underground tunnels, which Blades complains about their narrowness.

Vigil has confined everyone to their homes to keep them all safe, and Huxley is secretly reporting on the scene outside of his home. but since his camera is a communications device, Vigil will undoubtedly notice him all too soon.

Yep. Though, it was a security bot that spotted Huxley rather than his own camera.

The Team drove to an underground level beneath the lab's basement, which Graham states is the second subterranean level of the lab (the team is currently below the third level).

"Power Up and Energize!" Heatwave's using his toy's dual water guns, which Kade referred to as a "fire extinguisher". But Heatwave has some kind of surprise with it: A smokescreen, which he uses to unveil laser tripwires on the third level.

They get past the lasers by climbing over them, holding onto the overhead pipe system.

They've reached Doc and Frankie in the elevator, but it time to go face Vigil. Here we go.

Nice! They tricked the sonic cannons into blasting the vault door open.

With the master switch overridden by Vigil to prevent sabotage, the Bots resort to the most basic solution of all: VIOLENCE! They start and whacking and pounding and smashing and slamming at Vigil's console and structure, but Vigil reacts violently its own way by eletrocuting the Bots as a warning. If they don't leave in ten seconds, Vigil will fill the whole room with an electrical surge.

However, Cody finds a flaw in Vigil's singleminded logic: There are humans inside the Bots, and if Vigil harms them, that mean he will fail to keep them safe. This causes Vigil to malfunction, realizing that his directives are conflicting in this case, as he is programmed to protect both humans and himself, but cannot do so in this case without harming one or the other (Protect Vigil = harm humans, Protect humans = harm Vigil). His logic board overloads and is shut down completely.

Heh, Heatwave's making sure that Vigil's down for good by punching at the console some more.

And the Burnses go hover scooter racing through downtown.

The mayor has insisted that the central computer be re-installed and updated, while Vigil is tossed into the Beam Box and sent to the Island of Misfit Tech... why does that not sound comforting?

GASP! Vigil reactivates on the island... and dons a Decepticon insig--PSYCHE! The Con symbol seen in this video was edited into it by the uploader. There was no Con symbol in the actual episode. Wonder how many fell for this gag. :P

Lacey Chabert voiced Mrs. Rubio
Bill Mumy voiced Vigil

As an expected homage to HAL 9000 of 2001: A Space Odyssey, this episode delivered. Vigil worked as a new antagonist who isn't villainous but a well-intended extremist. Just goes to show that there can neither be an extreme of 100% safety nor an extreme of no safety at all. It kinda reminds me of Beast Machines in that no one extreme can dominate the other, but a balance of harmony must be reached. As Vigil worked to maintain full security, he completely underminded what he initially set out to do, ultimately bringing about what Megatron has thus far failed to: "Peace Through Tyranny." Even though Vigil was bested, he's not down for the count, and now has access to a whole island of lethal, chaotic technology for him to take control of. I don't know what, if anything, is to come of this, but between this cliffhanger, Morocco getting what he wanted from the Isolda, Madeline Pynch working to enhance her machinations against the Rescue Bots, and Optimus's forboding message last time we saw him, this season could be building up to something big.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1577541)
Posted by El Duque on May 27th, 2014 @ 9:28pm CDT
The Hub Network is running a new promo featuring the Transformers: Rescue Bots. Be sure to tune in this Saturday at 1:30 PM for the all new episode Buddy System. Check out the new promo embedded below:

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1577555)
Posted by Sabrblade on May 27th, 2014 @ 10:55pm CDT
El Duque wrote:Be sure to tune in this Saturday at 1:30 PM for the all new episode In Search of the Griffin's Nest.
That's not this Saturday's episode. That episode airs on June 7th. This Saturday's episode the one before it called "Buddy System".
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1577874)
Posted by El Duque on May 28th, 2014 @ 11:43pm CDT
Thanks to an official programming highlight press release from the Hub Network we have more detailed information on the June episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots. The episode descriptions mirrored below do contain some spoilers, the June 28th episode in particular, so continue at your own risk.

“Transformers Rescue Bots” (Saturdays, 1:30–2 p.m. ET)

June 7 – “In Search of the Griffin’s Nest”: Cody takes the Bots on an adventure
hike; when strange events start happening, they begin to wonder if they’re near
the mythical Griffin’s Nest.

June 14 – “Bots and Robbers”: Chase goes rogue on an undercover mission as
the Bots and Burns family do their best to save the island without using any
modern technology.

June 21 – “Rescue Dog”: Cody and the Bots find a stray dog who ends up
joining the rescue team, but Priscilla Pynch has other plans for the pet.

June 28 – “Changes”: Doctor Morocco learns a devastating secret that threatens
the Rescue Bots’ mission, but Optimus Prime guides Heatwave to acquire a
surprising new ability.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1578561)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 1st, 2014 @ 12:15am CDT
Episode 41 -

Blades has officially joined the Lad Pioneers.

Mr. Alper is among the invited family/friends on the nature hike.

Someone named Timmy is dangling from a branch off the side of a cliff.

A joint effort between Heatwave and Blades saved him.

As the title suggests, the buddy system is the focus of this episode. And with this being Griffin Rock, there's some new tech to try out: Buddy Bracelets. Once the bracelets are locked on, they magnetically sync with each other. If the partners get too far away from each other, the bracelets pull them back together.

Cody and Blades are the first new pair.

In the Lad Pioneers spirit of making new friends, partners will be randomly selected, much to Kade's chagrin.

Graham and... Mrs. Neederlander (poor guy).

Mrs. Neederlander speaks for the first time since way back in episode 6 (which, if we'll recall, was aired out of order as the eighth episode).

Graham's allergic to cats.

George and Timmy, Kyle and Corey

Hayley's paired with Frankie, much to the latter's chagrin, thinking Hayley's never opened a science book in her life.

Dani's with Kade, much to the former's chagrin (there's a lot of this going on).

Chief is paired with Carin, who is Timmy's aunt. She worked police dispatch on the mainland and says that Chief is considered a legend on the force. And he's flattered. And blushing. ;)

Mr. Alper still needs a partner. Carin's brother Jerry is on his way, being always late but usually with a great story why.

A ha! So her brother Jerry is the same Jerry we've seen previously. Nice to see more of this island's world being built upon. As for why he's late, he appears to still be at work making his final delivery.

His last delivery is for a female "Doc" at the zoo, with a shipment for the reptile department.

And there was a mix up in the shipment, as the zoo was supposed to get snakes but instead received bins of scientific stuff. The snakes wound up being delivered to the electronics store instead.

Jerry accidentally ran over and destroyed the Buddy Bracelet keys. The bracelets still work, though, so everyone's stuck magnetically locked to one another until they find a way to electronically override the lock.

Cody suggests they head for the EMP zone over at Griffin Crest (from back in episode 16), so the hike has been rerouted to the end of Old Canyon Road.

Hayley's blank smiling stare as she doesn't answer Frankie's conversation starter is pretty creepy looking.

In fact, a lot of the characters' blank smiling expressions are pretty off putting.

Carin just recently moved to Griffin Rock.

Chief mentions a time where it once rained macaroni and cheese on the island. We never saw that before.

Chief got a call. He needs Kade downtown for a ladder rescue. A window washer fell off his rig. A delighted Kade turns sore when Dani points out that she's gotta go with him.

There's a large snake (maybe a boa constrictor?) on the window washer's rig. And a rattlesnake in the street.

And a snake in Mr. Sharma's bike. Snakes everywhere.

Heatwave's not afraid of snakes, but really really uncomfortable with them.

Blades and Cody are being sent to backup the others.

Blades is disappointed that he'll be missing out on his first Lad Pioneer nature hike, but Cody reassures him that dealing with the snakes will count towards Blades' Reptile Care patch.

There are twelve snakes totally. All large and possibly venomous.

Chief and Chase (plus Carin) are needed to help in rounding up the snakes. As are Graham and Boulder (and Mrs. Neederlander). Hayley's put in charge of the hike, which she's fine with since she teaches Kindergarten.

Hayley has a degree in Botany. She also learned the names of plants by their scientific names. Now, Frankie's interested.

There's a king cobra in the park, while a boa have constricted Chase, who cannot transform.

Blades got the boa off of Chase, but now it's on Blades' winch line. He gets it off by sticking it in a tree... at the end of Old Canyon Road, which is where the Lad Pioneers are heading.

Mrs. Neederlander just charmed the cobra with a flute!

Hayley and the Lad Pioneers repel the boa with wild garlic.

Blades' Buddy Bracelet got knocked off of his finger and... swallowed by the boa! Cody's being pulled towards it!

Heatwave put Cody in the tank, which pulled the snake towards the tank, making it easier for it to be grabbed and put into the tank itself (but not before Cody is pulled out of the tank first).

Everyone enters Griffin Crest's EMP Zone to get their bracelets off.

Kade and Dani seem a little uncomfortable with their dad and Carin going off on their own hike together.

Billie Hayes reprised her role of Mrs Neederlander, and also voiced the zookeeper
Jason Marsden voiced Timmy
Shannon McKain voiced Jerry
Steve Blum voiced Mr. Alper
Mr. Sharma is not credited

This was an interesting episode not for its plot or its action, but for its contributions to more world-building. We learn a bit more about the civilians who tend to be unimportant extras. Jerry's family is explored and Hayley's character is fleshed out a bit. the Lad Pioneers had more of a presence in this episode than in any other and we get all of their names in one go. And things from previous episodes, such as Griffin Crest and the zoo, return to be of viable usefulness for this episode's plot. Though this episode in and of itself added very little to the ongoing storyline of the series, it did add more substance to the world of the series, bit by bit. And those little bits do add up over time, so every little bit helps, including this episode.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1580231)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 8th, 2014 @ 12:33am CDT
Episode 42 -

Cody's reading about a local legend that states griffins once roamed the islands off the coast of Maine. A male griffin once made its home atop the rocky peak of the largest island, where it turned to stone for a long hibernation. This legend is from which the island of Griffin Rock was named.

Another Lad Pioneers episode. The Lads are trying to earn their Folklore Patch while hiking on Mount Griffin.

An Earthquake in Maine? Again?

And flying cars?

The car lost its airborne status when it came near to Mount Griffin's peak.

The car belongs to the Rubios, and had no one driving it.

Four bicycles, a couple of satellite dishes, and a toy rocket all seemed to have been stolen.

The Rubios were picnicking at the park when their car just "took off into the air. Like something had snatched it."

The earthquake was a volcanic disturbance originating from Wayward Island, but thankfully with no threat of an eruption.

Cody was reading before that, according to the legend, female griffins used one of the nearby islands as a nesting ground, which he suspects could be Wayward Island.

The team has split up for their missions. Graham, Cody, Heatwave, Blades, and Boulder have taken the Darby Ava to Wayward Island (Graham wants to replace a damaged sensor on the island, Cody and Blades want to investigate the griffin myth, and Heatwave and Boulder are along for the ride). The rest of the team stayed behind since Chief and Chase need to look into the recent theft reports while the others just simply didn't want to go to Wayward Island.

Cody and Blades believe in a connection between the recent thefts and the griffin legend, while the others, naturally, do not. We'll see who turns out to be right.

The broken sensor is located near the island's center.

The stolen items aren't all just metal, but were all taken from Griffin Rock's higher elevations, as though something did indeed snatch them from the air.

A strange-looking rock with a high level of iron is interfering with Graham's compass. It might be a lodestone.

There are griffin carvings on the stone.

Graham suspects the carvings to have been left by vikings from back when Norse explorers first traveled to the New World. And some vikings, as Heatwave points out, did believe in mythical greatures like griffins (which he learned from a history of war anthology).

Some unseen force is pulling the Bots, the Darby Ava's anchor, and the boat's engine all skyward.

Along with Edger Prewett's tow truck and toolbox, and the Rubios' car again, from back on Griffin Rock.

And now all of them suddenly drop down in their tracks.

Cody can't reach his dad since the signal's being jammed.

Blades claims to have seen a griffin nearby.

The rest of the team who stayed behind has borrowed Doc Greene's floating lab (from way back in episode 10 of season 1) to get to Wayward Island. Though, it's really slow.

The griffin Blades found is a statue. It's also the entrance marker to some ruins of an ancient temple.

Cody's book states that the griffins' nesting grounds were considered sacred and well protected.

Something's got the Bots and the boat engine again! It got Boulder!

And now Chase, the tow truck, the Rubios' car, and the float lab anchor are all caught in the pull as well.

And then... they're all let go again. What is going on!

Boulder's activated an Indiana Jones-styled booby trap.

These traps seem to be what protect the ruins.

Heatwave and Chase drive to outrun the boulder projectiles, while Blades (lacking a wheeled vehicle mode) makes a run for it across instead.

Since Boulder's more heavily built, he can take a few hits from the boulders.

Atop an elevated stone formation surrounded by lava is what does indeed look to be a large nest of some kind, made from metal objects even.

Boulder points out that the nest, and its eggs, are carved out of stone. Heatwave figures it's just another viking sculpture. But there's still random present day metal objects lodged into it.

There's something beeping in the nest.

It's the damaged quake sensor.

The cliff above them is the one they originally installed the sensor into. The tremors must have knocked the sensor down into the nest sculpture.

The damaged sensor us undergoing a power surge.

The lodestone all around the nest, combined with the malfunctioning sensor charging energy into the lodestone, is what has been causing all the metal objects to rise up, acting like a super magnet, which it's doing one more time.

They could wait for the power surge to pass, but if they do, they'll fall into the lava once loosened from the position they're currently stuck in.

Towards the beginning of the episode, Cody was demonstrating a new ricochet technique with his slingshot. He does so once more here to strike the sensor with a stone to shut it off. The Bots make a jump for it to miss the lava.

And Cody used the experience to finish his report on Maine island folklore.

Jason Marsden voiced Timmy.

A nice episode. A lot happened that wasn't expected, such as the discovery of the griffin temple and other relics on Wayward Island. Though the legend didn't turn out to be the force behind all the metal abductions, the malfunctioning sensor being the cause was a fair revelation appropriate for this show's adherence to fantastic realism. More world-building also came about with the folklore of the griffins, and who knows, maybe the myth could have some support behind it with the Predaclones that were sent to Earth in ancient times being the source of the myth. I also like how Cody was thinking clearly enough to be ready to accept the possibility of it not being a griffin behind everything, as well as everyone not just shooting down Cody's theory for being the stuff of his childlike imagination (well, all except for Kade, that is). For once, we got a situation in which the dreamer was of a sound mind and everyone else was respectful enough toward his seemingly-unrealistic ideas. It felt much more mature to sit through, and fitting with how grown up this show really feels compared to many others of its demographic.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1580401)
Posted by ScoutBumblebee on June 8th, 2014 @ 7:46pm CDT
If you're bummed that you've missed any or all of season 2 of Rescue Bots, fret no more. Hub will be showing a season 2 marathon Monday, June 9, 2014--that's tomorrow! The marathon will start at 12:00 PM EST and run through 4:00 PM EST, with all eight episodes of the current season.

Whether you're a current Rescue Bots fan, or interested in seeing what it's all about, tomorrow is the perfect time to catch a few episode or the whole season. Are you a Rescue Bots fan? Head on over the Energon Pub and discuss with other fans.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1580403)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 8th, 2014 @ 7:54pm CDT
ScoutBumblebee wrote:If you're bummed that you've missed any or all of season 2 of Rescue Bots, fret no more. Hub will be showing a season 2 marathon Monday, June 9, 2014--that's tomorrow! The marathon will start at 12:00 PM EST and run through 4:00 PM EST, with all eight episodes of the current season.

Whether you're a current Rescue Bots fan, or interested in seeing what it's all about, tomorrow is the perfect time to catch a few episode or the whole season. Are you a Rescue Bots fan? Head on over the Energon Pub and discuss with other fans.
There have been more than 8 episodes of this season that have aired thus far.

16, to be precise.

The eight episodes airing tomorrow are episodes 30 and 36-42 (A.K.A. episodes 4 and 10-16 of season 2).
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1582348)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 15th, 2014 @ 1:36am CDT
Episode 43 -

It's Crawfish Week on Griffin Rock's local newscasting.

Cody's landed the villain role in his school's play, which confuses Chase since he doesn't like the idea of "falsifying one's identity" (ironic considering he's had to do exactly that ever since he and his teammates arrived on the island).

Break-in at the museum. It's Myles and Evan again (those guys sure have a knack for getting away from the law after each time they're arrested).

The two are after some red rock on display and--Oh snap! They got hoverboards that fly them up and away from the team.

It's nice to see petty crooks actually being clever. Graham activates Doc's new anti-theft system, which involves four massive claw extending from the floor to grab at the two. But Myles is like "Been there, hacked that," and turns the claws back onto the team with the push of a button.

Short version of the theme song.

Dani notes that only one of them speaks, but IIRC, both of them had at least some lines in their last appearance.

The red rock that was stolen was a chunk of a substance called Mechanite. It's not rare or worth anything, which is curious considering Evan and Myles' more expensive tastes.

Evan and Myles have a hideout hidden in some remote area of the island. I guess this is where they go to either lay low or get away from the law when they need to.

They've put the Mechanite into some sort of device.

They call the device a "Tech Wrecker". Activating it emits a wave of red colored energy from the rock that instantly damages any piece of electronic equipment that contains a circuit.

Chase is trying to understand the concept of "going undercover" by watching the classic detective films that Cody lent him.

The thieves are back and have hijacked Huxley's television satellite dish, meaning that they'd literally ripped off the roof of Huxley's TV van.

Chase is narrating to himself in the style of a hard boiled detective.

Oh dear. Now that Evan and Myles need a new ride, what with their car's tires having been blown by a tripwire, they trying to steal Chase as a getaway car. Like they actually could. This should be good.



...They're stealing Chase. He's not resisting. Guess he's going undercover.

Blades: "Chief, do something! Chase is the victim of Grand Theft Autobot!" -- HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN A THING YET?!!!

Chase's comm is being blocked, and he has to pretend to be completely dependent on human commands to keep from blowing his cover.

Their next target is some Floatium from Doc's lab. The last time we saw Floatium was way back in episode 4.

Trex is guarding the lab. Luckily, he listens to Chase like a good boy.

Chase had no choice but to steal the Floatium to hold his cover, but was still able to trip a silent alarm to alert the others.

Chase has to "Power Up and Energize!" his non-toy riot shield to get past the others so he doesn't blow his cover.

Heatwave and Kade think Chase has turn traitor, but Cody points out clues that peg Chase as not acting genuine in his criminal behavior.

Evan and Myles turned on their Mechanite-powered Tech Wrecker, used Huxley's dish to widen its energy range, and used the Floatium to make the whole device rise up into the air so the wave could reach a greater distance in all directions. "Griffin Rock is going back to the Stone Age, and we're going shopping!" Though, the two were able to shield their own gear from being shorted out, thanks to another device shielding their hideout from the Tech Wrecker's effects.

"Exclamational frustration!" -- Well, that is one way to get around cursing in a kids show. :P

Kade suggests that, if Chase doesn't come back to the team, they could get Bumblebee to replace him.

Chase attached the force field device to himself to protect himself from the tech wrecking "red zone".

Now that the team knows of Evan and Myles' plan, the Burnses will have to handle the situation without tech, including the Bots since they have to stay shielded under Chase's force field.

They're gonna be riding old fashioned scooters. I would have thought bicycles would be the the more obvious choice.

LOL! The Bots have to "Walk to the Rescue" in close synchronization. :lol:

The Burns nab the thieves old school style!

Heatwave: "Well, that was humiliating."
Boulder: "I thought it showed teamwork."
Chase: "The real challenge will be accessing the Tech Wrecker."
Blades: "I'll just fly up there and--Oh, right. The shield."
Chase: "Evan and Myles put that device in the sky. Perhaps if we imagined we were villains like them, we could think of a solution."
Heatwave: "That's the dumbest thing I've--"
Boulder: "Hello. I'm Myles. I love to steal."
Blades: "MmMmmMmHmm. I'm like Evan because I'm not saying anything."
Heatwave: "Oh, come on. Pretending doesn't help. If I was a villain, I'd think of a million better things to do with Floatium than--"
All: "The Floatium!"
Heatwave: "And I just unproved my point, huh?" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Using the Floatium, the Bots got to the device, grabbed the Mechanite chunk, and the Tech Wrecker itself, which shut off after the Mechanite was removed.

The thieves are back in jail.

And Chase has decided to help Cody prepare for his play, with Chase playing the good guy to Cody's villain. But, we won't get to see this since they got credits to roll. End of episode.

Maurice LaMarche voiced the detective in the old movie.

This episode was surprisingly more entertaining than I was expecting (as is common among this show's episodes). But what makes this one special is how it took a character we know pretty thoroughly well and put him in a situation that forced him to act uncharacteristically for the greater good. Chase is a creature of order and habit, so for him to go against his very nature of predictability to further his development was a good move. And even though this particular situation kind of made him a bit hypocritical (since "pretending to be something he isn't" is something he has been doing ever since the first episode), and despite it retreading some old ground (since "falsifying the truth for the sake of others" already came into play back in "Little White Lies"), Detective Chase was a joyous endearment to watch. His constant outlandish similes were hilarious and made for some fantastic dialogue bits. And aside from Chase, this was Evan and Myles' most impress episode exploit yet. These two started off in this show as mere small-time crooks (or at least as small-time as one could get in this show without going flat out old fashioned), but every time they appear, their schemes become more and more ambitious, all for the sake of greed and wealth. Another gem of an episode.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1583243)
Posted by Archanubis on June 17th, 2014 @ 7:16pm CDT
Sabrblade wrote:Heatwave: "Well, that was humiliating."
Boulder: "I thought it showed teamwork."
Chase: "The real challenge will be accessing the Tech Wrecker."
Blades: "I'll just fly up there and--Oh, right. The shield."
Chase: "Evan and Myles put that device in the sky. Perhaps if we imagined we were villains like them, we could think of a solution."
Heatwave: "That's the dumbest thing I've--"
Boulder: "Hello. I'm Myles. I love to steal."
Blades: "MmMmmMmHmm. I'm like Evan because I'm not saying anything."
Heatwave: "Oh, come on. Pretending doesn't help. If I was a villain, I'd think of a million better things to do with Floatium than--"
All: "The Floatium!"
Heatwave: "And I just unproved my point, huh?" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

A nice way to allude to Steve Blum's other role in the recent Transformers series (and perhaps his past others). ;)
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1583324)
Posted by Va'al on June 18th, 2014 @ 4:49am CDT
Since last time we saw the programming schedule for Transformers: Rescue Bots, two more episodes have been added to the roster, airing in July. Check out the full list below, courtesy of the official Rescue Bots Facebook page, and beware of some spoilers in the descriptions!

Hey guys, here's an episode listing update! Careful, they're a bit spoilerish!

June 21 - “Rescue Dog”
Cody and the Bots find a stray dog who ends up joining the rescue team, but Priscilla Pynch has other plans for the pet.

June 28 - “Changes”
Doctor Morocco learns a devastating secret that threatens the Rescue Bots’ mission, but Optimus Prime guides Heatwave to acquire a surprising new ability.

July 5 - "Movers and Shakers"
The Rescue Team has to take action when rogue technology goes underground.

July 12 - "Odd Bot Out"
When Bumblebee partners up with Dani on a mission, Blades feels left out.

Oooo interesting! Can't wait for that Changes ep personally!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1583493)
Posted by Archanubis on June 18th, 2014 @ 5:32pm CDT
Va'al wrote:
June 28 - “Changes”
Doctor Morocco learns a devastating secret that threatens the Rescue Bots’ mission, but Optimus Prime guides Heatwave to acquire a surprising new ability.

Wonder if this "new ability" has something to do with the "Rescue Dinobots" I saw at Target yesterday...
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1583513)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 18th, 2014 @ 7:03pm CDT
Archanubis wrote:
Va'al wrote:
June 28 - “Changes”
Doctor Morocco learns a devastating secret that threatens the Rescue Bots’ mission, but Optimus Prime guides Heatwave to acquire a surprising new ability.

Wonder if this "new ability" has something to do with the "Rescue Dinobots" I saw at Target yesterday...
Or the Rescan figures that have new altmodes (monster truck, fire boat, motorcycle, etc.) since the dino modes aren't supposed to come until season 3 (and season 2 was done long before we learned of the dino versions).
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1584259)
Posted by El Duque on June 20th, 2014 @ 11:13pm CDT
Courtesy of Zap2it we have the titles and descriptions for the July 19th and 26th episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots, The Griffin Rock Express and Double Villainy. Check out he brief episode descriptions below:

The Griffin Rock Express
A mysterious superhero keeps a close eye on Griffin Rock while the team rebuilds a train tunnel.

Double Villainy
A plan is hatched by Griffin Rock's most evil villains to destroy the island and kidnap the Bots.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1584668)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 22nd, 2014 @ 3:00am CDT
Episode 44 -

With all the stuff going on at BotCon, I'm gonna make this one briefer.

Short theme song.

Cody dubs the dog "Noble".

This episode gives an official name to the firehouse: The Griffin Rock Firehouse.

Mrs. Luskey's dog is named Poopsie, and Priscilla's robot dog is Wi-Fido.

Hey, it's a generic bank robber who looks like the Crook that comes with the Bots & Robbers Police Headquarters playset.

"Power Up and Energize!" Heatwave's using a Collision Foam Cannon.

Mr. Hunter runs the local newsstand.

A mainland newspaper reveal Noble's real name to be Buster, and that he belongs to Captain Duncan of the Coast City fire department. He was lost at sea while making a water rescue.

"Power Up and Energize!" Boulder's using a non-toy-based hammer weapon.

Maurice LaMarche voiced Mr. Hunter (credited here as just "Vendor")
Dee Bradley Baker (AWESOME!!!) voices Noble/Buster, Wi-Fido, and Poopsie
Nicole Dubuc voiced Mrs. Luskey

An okay episode. Not particularly important nor did it have that big of a threat, but it was still nice and heartwarming. Just a warm, friendly episode.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1585778)
Posted by El Duque on June 25th, 2014 @ 4:50pm CDT
Thanks to MSN Entertainment program guide for Transformers: Rescue Bots we have the tile and description for the August 8th episode, plus some additional plot details for several other upcoming episodes. The August 8th episode is titled Rise of the Heroes, the description, as well as the descriptions for the other upcoming episodes, can be found below:

Rise of the Heroes
The Bots are made to believe the Burnses are their enemies after they're wiped of their memories. 08-02-2014

Double Villainy
A plan is hatched by Griffin Rock's most evil villains to destroy the island and kidnap the Bots. 07-26-2014

The Griffin Rock Express
A mysterious superhero keeps a close eye on Griffin Rock while the Rescue Team rebuilds a train tunnel. 07-19-2014

Odd Bot Out
When Bumblebee partners up with Dani on a mission, Blades feels left out. 07-12-2014

Movers and Shakers
The Rescue Team has to take action when rogue technology goes underground. 07-05-2014
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1585826)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 25th, 2014 @ 10:51pm CDT
El Duque wrote:Thanks to MSN Entertainment program guide for Transformers: Rescue Bots we have the tile and description for the August 8th episode, plus some additional plot details for several other upcoming episodes. The August 8th episode is titled Rise of the Heroes, the description, as well as the descriptions for the other upcoming episodes, can be found below:
Might wanna take another look at those episode dates you've quoted. All of those episodes are in reverse order, with "Rise of the Heroes" being the newest one and all the others airing the weekends preceding it.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586562)
Posted by Va'al on June 29th, 2014 @ 5:14am CDT
Thanks to a tip from resident voice actor jON3.0, we get a look at the Transformers Rescue Bots Wrap Party! The video was uploaded by DC Douglas, the voice of Chase on the show, and features cast and crew from the season, including Cody, Blades, the Twins, and more - check it out embedded below.

Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586648)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 29th, 2014 @ 3:24pm CDT
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586673)
Posted by Foxbear on June 29th, 2014 @ 5:04pm CDT
Not that I question Saberblade.....
Links PLZ!
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586677)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 29th, 2014 @ 5:12pm CDT
Foxbear wrote:Not that I question Saberblade.....
Links PLZ!
Didn't you watch the video?
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586680)
Posted by Foxbear on June 29th, 2014 @ 5:18pm CDT
Sabrblade wrote:
Foxbear wrote:Not that I question Saberblade.....
Links PLZ!
Didn't you watch the video?

Heh, :oops: whoops. Missed that. Okay. Now I can squeal happily away. :KREMZEEK: :KREMZEEK: :KREMZEEK:
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586866)
Posted by Sabrblade on June 30th, 2014 @ 10:53am CDT
Episode 45 is now online.

Episode 45 -

Optimus has personally contacted the Bots to give Heatwave a special mission involving a new responsibility, as Optimus tells him it is time for Heatwave to grow into the leader he was meant to be. Heatwave is to meet Optimus at a secret location on the mainland while the others remain on Griffin Rock.

The Burnses still haven't put up the portrait of Zachary Burns? After all this time?

I knew it! There's a secret hidden camera within the portrait for Morocco to spy on the Burnses!

Short version of the theme song.

Morocco' finally learning of the Bots having true personalities, emotions, and a sense of duty. He believes it to be some sort of advanced artificial intelligence programming.

Morocco sounds like he's still voiced by Greg Ellis instead of Tim Curry. Alas.

Heatwave puts Chase in charge in his absence, and puts Boulder in the responsibility of taking care of Cody. Blades just gets told to not stay up late watching monster movies.

Heatwave can't help but feel like he's forgetting something.

Chief: "What's up, Doc?"
Doc: "Not 'wascally wabbits,' I'm afraid."

Doc's called to inform chief about a strange storm front moving toward the island at an alarming rate. It appears to be a tornado.

Griffin Rock's not prepared for that kind of whether, but Doc has an invention that might be able to untwist the twister, with the help of Dani and Blades. Heatwave's gonna stick around to help out with this emergency first, before heading to the mainland to see Optimus.

The school's basement is being used as a safe location from the storm.

The storm's got Heatwave, who's carrying passengers.

"Power Up and Energize!" Boulder's using a non-toy grappling electromagnet to pull Heatwave back to the ground.

Doc's invention is a canister called the "Tornadote". Once inside the tornado, it should explode and change the charge of the tornado's particles, stopping it cold... in theory. Doc hasn't tested it yet.

Luckily, it worked.

They note how it's odd how the tornado just appeared without warning. Doc wants to take a closer look at the weather data.

Kade's invited himself to come along with Heatwave on his mission, much to Heatwave's chagrin. Heatwave tried to tell him no, but Kade convinced him to reconsider.

According to Doc's data, the storm manifested out of a clear blue sky. But the was a blue beam that appeared during its creation, not unlike that of the weather machine, which is currently still sitting on the Best Left Forgotten shelf where it belongs. Doc suspects that a prototype may have been created first. According the records, an early version of the weather machine should have been delivered to the lab in 1966, but never arrived.

1966 was when the S.S. Isole went missing, and Cody and Chief suspect Morocco to be up to something since he was the last person to have access to that ship.

Morocco was trying to cause an islandwide evacuation with the tornado, but now must take even more drastic measures. Like, creating a massive lighting storm.

Captain Shaw has ferried Heatwave and Kade to the mainland. The secure location Heatwave is meet Optimus at looks to be the same hangar his team first met Optimus at back in episode 1.

Kade: "H-Hey, OP! What is shakin', bacon!"
Heatwave: "Sir, my partner insisted insisted on accomapnying me to--"
Optimus: "Nothing much, Double Dutch. ...I too have learned from humans."

Optimus is to give Heatwave to the next step in Rescue Bots leadership: A third form.

A LOVE Heatwave's sarcastic remark about a space shuttle!

It seems Heatwave is gonna have to undergo some kind of spiritual training to prepare himself for his rescan of a new mode.

The storm has hit the island. Thankfully, Boulder and Graham had previously reinforced the Sanctuary caverns, and Doc has sent Dani to the caves with supplies and board games.

Hey, a view of the firehouse we haven't seen before.

Heatwave has successfully focused his energy for a rescan through meditation. While he was under, Kade expressed genuine concern for his buddy, and Optimus revealed to him that Heatwave does cherish his and Kade's partnership (though, not in as many words).

While the Team evacuates everyone in town to the Sanctuary caves under Mount Griffin, Morocco takes the opportunity to infiltrate the firehouse, making his way into the bunker beneath it.

He has uncovered the Autobot command center adjacent to the bunker. And he's playing back datafiles on Rescue Force Sigma-17."

Chase's file recording: "Sigma-17 ship log, Rescue Bots reporting. We are departing Cybertron on a routine patrol to the Quintessa Quadrant."

The Team has located the weather machine out in the ocean thanks to Doc's coordinates. They're going after it in the Darby Ava.

Morocco has switched the machine from creating a lightning storm to producing a giant pillar of fire. Has a sort o Old Testament feel to it, doesn't it?

Make that a TON of fire pillars!

Good thing Heatwave and Kade are on their way back, but they can't hail the island since communications are still down.

The ferry can't go any faster in this part of the ocean. A boneyard of shipwrecks lies below them. Any faster and the ferry could join them.

Heatwave's diving down to scan one of the sunken vessels: A swamp fireboat.

And now he's got his Rescan fireboat toy body! Well, the altmode of it, at least.

Chief Burns has brought out Kade's old rig to help douse the flames.

Heatwave's fully back and now heading out to sea to take out that weather machine, dodging fire pillar left and right!

No need to disable it or turn it off. Heatwave just RAMS the thing!

Blades is interested in Rescanning, but Heatwave explains how tough and difficult it was even for him.

The framing company found Morocco's hidden camera while they were restoring the portrait. And Chase found Morocco's infiltration device in the secret bunker.

Morocco will no longer be focusing on upgrading his MorBots, as he now has access to the most advanced technology the world has ever seen. And offering to sell it to Madeline Pynch.

Yep, Greg Ellis still voices Doctor Morocco.

Oh man, this episode! This was GOOD! A definite game changer episode to the extreme! Arguably the most climactic (and climatic) one of the season, if not of the whole series (barring the season 1 two-part finale's alternate reality). Morocco was more crafty and dangerous than ever and got a hold of top secret Cybertronian intell and technology. Speaking of said intell, it gave us some insight on the Rescue Bots' original mission before their coming to Earth, in which their "routine patrol" (as stated in the theme song) was set in the Quintessa Quadrant. The alone opens up a whole new set of questions and curiosities related to the greater continuity. And let's not forget Heatwave's Rescan into a fireboat. I'm not expecting us to get the other ones for Optimus, Bumblebee, and Blades, but that we got Heatwave's was pretty cool in and of itself. Now we have so much more to look forward to with this episode, here's to a grand finale to come in seven more episodes.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1586966)
Posted by Archanubis on June 30th, 2014 @ 4:49pm CDT
So Heatwave's a Triple Changer now (has to be, his bot mode still has fire truck kibble), Morocco has access to Cybertronian tech (remains to be seen whether or not he considers the Rescue Bots as aliens or just machines with alien origins), and he's going to sell in to Pynch. Be interesting to see where all this goes.

As for the Quintessa Quadrant, I think that was just a nod to the general Transformers mythology (especially in light of the new film). We'll see if it gets mentioned again. :CON:
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1588223)
Posted by Sabrblade on July 5th, 2014 @ 10:55pm CDT
This one is episode 47 rather than 46 due to 46 being held back to air later.

Episode 47 -

Boulder's planting Leafy, his plant that he got way back in episode 6 (the Earth Day episode that aired out of order as episode 8).

It's Griffin Rock's "Plant A Tree" Day. Mayor Luskey is unveiling a new machine called the Power Planter, which is supposed to plant trees by ltself without having any person to dirty his or her hands to plant them themselves. It drills underground and pulls the unplanted trees into the soil from underneath.

Boulder is skeptical about the device since he feels the trees won't get any love or TLC not being touched or talked to.

The Power Planter is programmed to avoid all heat sources, including humans.

Storm's brewing, and the Power Planter just got struck by lightning. In this town, that's never good.

Now it's going after all heat sources (including humans) and running amok.

Short theme song.

The Power Planter is a tough bugger to catch.

Looks like it might have gotten away.

Since the lightning struck the device's upper body, its CPU was compromised and its programming scrambled. There's a high probability it'll just stay underground, but no guarantee.

Badgers, skunks, squirrels, groundhogs, porcupines, etc. are overrunning various locations.

Ha! Noah's Ark reference!

And a Whack-a-Mole reference.

Did... Did Boulder just inadvertently make an adult-rated joke about the porcupine "liking" him? :shock:

Kade: "We don't need no stinkin' badgers."

Roaches swarming the firehouse. While Blades is naturally scared, Dani isn't at all. For once, children's television gives us a girl who isn't afraid of roaches.

The zookeeper's name is Virginia.

It's finally theorized by the Burnses that the Power Planter must be behind the erratic animal behavior. Took them long enough.

Speaking of which, the device is attack Mayor Luskey.

"Power Up and Energize!" Blades is using his toy's hook gadget.

The Team only now realizes that the Power Planter is doing the exact opposite of everything it's supposed to do (ripping out plants instead of planting them, going after heat sources instead of avoiding them), when such was obvious from the first fight against it after if got struck by lightning, reversing its programming.

They're going to track it down using seismographs to measure ground vibrations in the hottest locations on the island.

Heh, Heatwave is disgusted by Kade calling himself the "hottest thing on the island".

Why is Nancy Morrison on a Lad Pioneers campout? Is she related to one of them? In fact, why is Cody not on this campout? Unless it's just an unofficial one, but then why are they in uniform? Ugh, too many questions!

Wait, is that thing alive now or something? It's hoarding all the heat sources it's going after like how an animal hoards its personal findings.

A new heat source in the form of a barbecue has popped up at the school. Cody's the only one left to go warn everyone there, so he's gotta take Rolling Thunder to get there.

And now the Planter's after Rolling Thunder and Cody.

Drive, Cody, drive!

Boulder got Cody to safety, but Rolling Thunder's totaled.

Chief's had enough and is ready to "bring the heat to the Planter".

The Bots are being loaded with "Boil Coils" designed to superheat water. All other heat sources in town have been shut off.

Of course it would target Blades first.

Heatwave's the one who's going to take it on alone.

He lured it to a cliff side and let it fall to smash at the bottom.

The remains of the Power Planter are being used as a fence to protect Leafy, and Rolling Thunder is repaired.

Chief is gonna have his "team of experts" check to see if the Mayor's hot tub is safe to use befoWHAAAAAAA Fanservice! Shirtless Burns men and bathing suit Dani. :shock:

This episode had some moments, but was mostly just dull. The threat was too underwhelming and was a severe step down from last week's episode. The problem really could have been solved in the first few minutes, but it's one of those episodes that avoids doing the obvious for the sake of keeping things going to fill up a half hour. The Team got hit with a dose of dumbness in their inability to comprehend the situation when it was plainly evident to the average well-thinking viewer. Just a really lackluster episode, which is really sad for a show that is typically so intelligent and well written.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1590244)
Posted by Sabrblade on July 13th, 2014 @ 12:08am CDT
Episode 49 -

Blades considers Bumblebee his "BFF" ("Bot Friend Forever").

The calendar has 30 days in its current month, with its first beginning on a Thursday and its last falling on a Friday. September 2011 and November 2012 are the most recent months with that format.

Doc's latest invention: Ski-neakers, water ski shoes. The soles take in surface water, then blast it out behind from the heel to create propulsion.

Um, based on what Doc said about how the shoes work, I don't think Frankie should be able to "sea skate" backwards or stay on one place in the water without sinking. Same goes for Cody.

The tidal wave that damaged Doc's sea lab strikes Doc as being some sort of anomaly.

Bee's here, sent by Optimus on a mission.

There's a Cybertronian relic "on or near Griffin Rock"!!! Continuity!!!!

And only the power of a Prime can turn off the relic's technology! An Artifact of the Primes!!!!

Bee's equipped with a sensor that'll beep when the artifact is nearby.

Thanks to Cody forgetting to mail Dani's envelope earlier in the episode, Dani's helicopter license has expired, so she can't be Blades' pilot for now. But since she can still drive, she'll ride with Bee instead.

So, wait, with Dani riding with Bee, and Blades still flying on the mission, is there no one sitting in his cockpit? If they were concerned about people seeing Dani flying Blades, shouldn't they also be concerned about Blades being a pilot-less helicopter?

Captain Shaw has sent out a call of distress. A right whale has swum too close to the ferry and is causing the craft to sink.

Okay, now Chief has gotten into Blades to avoid suspicion. Good call.

Heatwave's rescued the ferry's overboard passengers and Blades has recovered the ferry.

First the wave, now the whale; both have Doc stumped.

Last week, Madeline Pynch had asked the mayor for a permit to do some underwater drilling, which was denied.

Whoa! Crazy race course outside the firehouse! With a loop-de-loop and jumps and everything!

Blades is jealous about Bee and Dani having fun together without him.


Optimus needs Blades for a special mission.

Optimus seems to want to keep as few people in the know about this mission. Strange.

Sudden bottomless sinkhole has appeared on the race track.

Chase lets Chief out of his chest without transforming by simply opening his windshield, not unlike Heatwave did to let Cody enter his cockpit back in "Space Bots".

Optimus explains that a form of Earth tech has activated the relic, which turns everything in its path into liquid. If it's not turned off, the whole island and everyone on it will be liquefied.

I just noticed that Optimus's mouthplate moves with his dialogue a la G1 Optimus' mouthplate.

Geysers, flooding, and sinkholes. Life's never dull in Griffin Rock.

Optimus: "I am grateful that you were willing to temporarily leave your team to assist me."
Blades: "Optimus! Helping you is--! I mean, you're bigger than ELVIS!"
Optimus: "I have not met this 'Elvis.' And am not aware of his size."

Madeline Pynch's drilling platform is responsible. What a surprise.

Dani's caught in quicksand.

Behold the power of the Matrix of Leadership!

The damage is being undone.

"Power Up and Energize!" Optimus of all bots gets to do it this time, and he's using Blades's hook line, rather than his toys' circular saw.

With the liquefying artifact no longer operational, the island should regain its former solidity by tomorrow.

Bee saves Dani with a nearby clothesline.

This was an improvement over last week's. Though, to be fair, a lot of its high points did admittedly come from all the TF: Prime fanwank. Optimus and Bee coming to find another relic would typically be another fan criticism against the Prime cartoon, but here it's something out of the ordinary and helps to further connect this show with its big brother. Though, I can see some asking questions about why the liquefying artifact doesn't seem to be in the bases' vaults back in the Prime cartoon, aside from the real world reasons of this episode not existing at the time. Bee was once again reliable and resourceful, and it was neat to see Blades get some development without having to play off a human character (in this case, it was Optimus himself whom Blades played off of). And now we have three episodes to go before the season ends, aside from the two skipped episodes that'll air after the finale.
Re: Transformers: Rescue Bots S2 E12 Title and Description "Space Bots" (1592265)
Posted by Sabrblade on July 21st, 2014 @ 1:02pm CDT
Episode 50 (FINALLY put online by the Hub, since the YouTube guy took his down on the same day it went up :-x ) -

Some Kamen Rider wannabe just drove their three-wheeled motorcycle up the side of a building straight to the roof!

Looks like Mr. Prewett and Mr. Whitaker are assisting in some underground tunnel project.

And now this masked rider just saved Graham from a boulder dropped from one of the trucks, by use of some sort of trans-phase device.

The rider's disappeared by driving/phasing through a building.

And now Cody's the red herring to this rider's identity, with the others all thinking it was him, what with the rider bearing some resemblance to Cody's "Rescue Boy" costume from season 1.

On the mainland, Doc's new hover train is being tested before it heads to Griffin Rock via the half-a-century-old tunnel, which had its digging halt just 200 feet from where the Griffin Rock Station was to be built, since the town voted to stop funding it. I wonder if the reason for that vote will become a plot point later in the episode.

Hey, it's Deputy Barney and his lousy Don Knotts impression. He caught Evan and Myles trapped inside the bank's locked vault, after the mysterious vigilante phased them into it to trap them (they were trying to break into it).

Boulder's using an Energize jackhammer (I think).

Looks like the reason the town voted to stop funding the tunnel's construction was because no one wanted a commuter train. That explanation sure came quick.

Heatwave has a stare that can shut up folks in a good mood. :P

The Burnses, sans Cody, are heading to the mainland since the mayor wants them all aboard the hover train for its first ride to the island. Cody, meanwhile, is searching for the Rescue Bot impostor.

The masked hero saved both Don from a texting & driving accident, and Jimmy from being trapped in the junkyard.

Even without the rider's trans-phase tech, Cody should be able to catch up with the guy since Rolling Thunder isn't that fast.

The rider is.. FRANKIE?!! What the what?!

Heatwave: "'Rescue... Girl' 'What got into you, Frankie?"
Boulder: "Riding around on an experimental Turbo Cycle?"
Chase: "Eavesdropping on emergency dispatch calls!"
Blades: "Placing yourself in harms way? Which make no sense to me."

She figured that she could help out a little what with the guys being so busy working on the tunnel.

The trans-phase tech is called a "Phase Bit." It was meant for installing pipes underground without drilling.

Each of the Bots see some good use in the Phase Bit tech for rescue missions.

Mr. Alper, the Luskeys, Huxley Prescott, and Doc are also aboard the hover train.

One of the photographers looks kinda like Mr. Bunty.

Mayor Luskey is ecstatic about the new hover train. He's wanted a train ever since he was a boy, and this fulfills both his childhood dream and his affinity for tourism. Huxley, however, is less enthused.

The train is going to be late to its first arrival since the mayor's deadline prevented the high-velocity booster from being calibrated, necessitating the train's current slow speed. The mayor doesn't care, though, and orders full speed ahead.

System error. The controls have shorted out and the train is now a runaway.

The others gotta divert the train into another tunnel to help it stop. Frankie offered to help phase the wall for the train to pass through, but Heatwave won't put her at risk and says they'll handle this the old-fashioned way.

"Power Up and Energize!" x4 jackhammers!

Seeing all four of them "Energize" at once was so cool!!!

The train's armor plated. They can't break into it. Frankie's stepping up to the plate.

"Phase On!"

She got everyone.


Sheesh, everyone seriously could have died on the train.

Mayor Luskey is most curious as to how and when the robots became so advanced that they could be operated without human drivers.

"Rescue Girl" admits to needing more training before she'd ever join the Team.

The Phase Bit, according to Doc, is commissioned by a drilling company who owns all the rights to it, and is not supposed to be discussed about.

Said drilling company is owned by... Madeline Pynch.

Maurice LaMarche voiced the Automated Conductor
Jason Marsden voiced Jimmy
D.C. Douglas voiced "Townsfolk #1"

Okay, this episode definitely scratched an itch for me by making it a train-centric episode crossed with a superhero episode, so I might be a little biased here, but I liked it. We got some more history of the island with the half-a-century-old train tunnel, and we got some more use of older concepts with Frankie's "Rescue Girl" get-up. The runaway train plot was cliche, but still fun, and the mystery surrounding Rescue Girl's identity was genuinely unexpected for me since her body build did not look like that of a child. I honestly thought she looked more like an adult or at least a teenager. And it looks like things are really gearing up for the season finale what with the foreshadowing to Madeline Pynch teaming up with Dr. Morocco. Let us see what these two masterminds come up with for our heroes next week.
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Hasbro Studios has released a teaser for Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3. Check out the cast in their Dino modes in the clip embedded below.

Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #126 - False Finish
Twincast / Podcast #126:
"False Finish"
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Posted: Sunday, September 27th, 2015