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Universe Rail Racer Micromaster Gestalt Available at Case Fresh

Transformers News: Universe Rail Racer Micromaster Gestalt Available at Case Fresh

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005 7:15AM CDT

Category: Toy News
Posted by: Solidus   Views: 11,865
Magus2332 has noticed the Australian online store Case Fresh now has the Universe Rail Racer Micromaster Gestalt available for $35 (Aus), or about $25 US. It is a repaint of the previously Japanese exclusive Sixtrain. Following trends, this should be available in other countries fairly soon.

While it's not entirely certain which stores will get these guys, it's been speculated that they may be at Kaybee, like the two previous Micromaster Gestalts, Defensor (Sixturbo) and Devastator (Sixbuilder).

We last saw these in Cybertron packaging. Those must be for European release, as Defensor and Devastator were released under the Energon banner there.

You can check the listing here.
Credit(s): magus2332
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