Air Attack Optimus Primal

Series: Beast Machines, Robots In Disguise
Faction: Maximal
Subgroup: Supreme Beast
Beast Machines Beast Convoy gallery

Tech Specs

He is a hero from the future, whose courage, skill and wisdom are needed again, to lead the AUTOBOTS in their fight against MEGATRON and his evil plans for the planet Earth. Wise and strong, OPTIMUS PRIMAL councils OPTIMUS PRIME in the ways of defensive combat and serves as custodian of freedom. Helps others find their own strength to keep fighting despite the odds. Brave and intelligent, he believes wholeheartedly in his cause and lights the fires of justice and truth in others.

Total: 79
Transformers Tech Spec: Air Attack Optimus Primal
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Cartoon Appearances

Air Attack Optimus Primal appeared in the following 26 cartoon episodes:

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