Air Raid

Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Autobot
Subgroup: Aerialbots
Generation 2 Air Rider gallery

Tech Specs

Prefers streaking into a cluster of Decepticons to shooting at them from long range... " That always sparks their wires! ", he says. Tactically the most fearless Autobot, but really just wants to have fun. Flies at Mach 2.5 with 1500 mile range. Carries air-to-air heat seeking missiles. Uses torque rifle whose beam applies 80,000 psi of rotational force. Forms Superion with fellow Aerialbots.

Total: 57
Transformers Tech Spec: Air Raid
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Air Raid loves surprises. He prefers to suddenly streak into a cluster of Decepticons, whether they're airborne or on the ground, over shooting at them from long range. "That always sparks their wires a bit," he laughs. Of all the Aerialbots, his tactics are the most fearless, although some might call them rash and foolish. No matter- his gung-ho, wild-eyed personality legitimizes either viewpoint. At the core of his actions is one goal that drives him above all else- he wants to have fun! And no matter what he's involved in, he achieves that goal- even in the middle of a war.
Abilities: Air Raid can fly at speeds of up to Mach 2.5 and has a range of 1500 miles. He can shoot air-to-air heat-seeking missiles and, in robot mode, carries a torque rifle whose beam can allpy up to 80,000 psi of rotational force to any object. Only the strongest materials can withstand warping and breaking under such pressure. He combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form the giant robot known as Superion.
Weaknesses: His reckless behavior often leaves Air Raid exposed to greater odds than he can reasonably expect to hand
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