Series: Victory
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Brainmasters
Victory Blacker gallery

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Dead serious, that's all that can really describe him. He takes job as his life and lets nothing else get in the way. Blacker expects a great deal from his Brainmaster warriors and gets incredibly upset if he is disappointed. He is good at what he does and does it with a "no nonsense" attitude. He doesn't like humor, thinks of it as a total waste of time when there are real problems in the universe. Beneath his solemn exterior he hides a sadness. He is often very depressed and thoughtful. In his many years of battle the Cybertronian wars have cost him a great deal and he will do whatever it takes to end them.
Abilities: As a Brainmaster, Blacker can merge with his transector by becoming the brain. In robot mode he wields a high-powered sword, the trademark weapon of the Brainmasters. With it he can release shocking energy attacks upon his opponents. In vehicle mode he becomes a black dune buggy capable of adapting to virtually any terrain.
Weaknesses: Blacker's melancholy attitude often separates him from his troops who prefer to have a good time. This degree of separation is something that a team commander should do his best to prevent but Blacker still has trouble connecting with them.
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