Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Decepticon
Subgroup: Constructicons

Tech Specs

Rubble-strewn wasteland is his idea of beautiful landscape. His wild ways create fear and terror. As vehicle, at 30mph. exerts 800,000 psi... has short-range concussion bomb launcher. As robot, carries laser pistol.

Total: 46
Transformers Tech Spec: Bonecrusher
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: A rubble-strewn wasteland is Bonecrusher's idea of a beautiful landscape. Rare is the edifice that he feels is better off left standing. For him demolition is not merely a job- it is a performance. He loves to show off for his comrades. And Megatron realizes that the fear and terror sowed by this Constructicon's wild ways are bonus by-products that can only help the Decepticon conquest of Earth's resources. Bonecrusher's attitude about the world around him can best be summed up by his personal credo: "Everything is dust- or it will be when I get through with it!"
Abilities: In vehicular mode Bonecrusher can exert a force of 800,000 pounds per square inch at a speed of 30 mph, enough to knock down all but the most heavily reinforced structures. His thick titanium-steel hide makes him virtually invulnerable to anything that might collapse upon him as a result of one of his charges. He can use a short-range concussion bomb launcher to aid his demolitions. In robot mode he carries a laser pistol. He serves as the left arm module which when combined with his fellow Constructicons forms the giant robot known as Devastator.
Weaknesses: Bonecrusher's eagerness to wreak destruction often results in the loss of structures that had potential value for the Decepticons. Although he is rarely harmed by the collapse of a building on him he is sometimes buried and finds it difficult to free himself at those times.
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