Series: G1 1986, Transformers: 2010
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Communications
G1 1986 Eject gallery

Tech Specs

An Earthen sports fanatic... sports cliches clutter his conversation; a suprise attack is a "fast break", a victory is a "touchdown". Few Autobots understand but they like the enthusiasm with which he says it. Could be a play-by-play announcer, if given the chance. In cassette mode, can monitor and record local radio and TV, decode scrambled signals, tap telephones. In robot mode, uses electrical overload guns. Sometimes his internal tape snaps when he's excited.

Total: 47
Transformers Tech Spec: Eject
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Simple descriptive phrases are insufficient for a confirmed Earthen sports fanatic like Eject. Sports cliches clutter his everyday conversation. To him, a surprise attack on the Decepticons is "a fast break." A victory is a "touchdown." Destroying an enemy is "hitting a grand slam." Few of the other Autobots understand anything Eject says, but they all appreciate the enthusiasm with which he says it. Eject's attention was first drawn to Earthen sports by the competitive spirit that characterizes them. Where he comes from, Cybertron, such a commitment of passion and energy is only known in the field of war. He therefore found it both surprising and fascinating to observe it in an entertainment. Now Eject is a devout follower, finding sports to be an immensely enjoyable diversion (some would say "obsession'). But more Importantly, he views sports with the fervent hope that one day it will forever replace war as the way for opponents to settle their differences.
Abilities: Eject has the talent to be a play-by-play announcer in most major sports, but lacks the opportunity. In cassette mode, he is able to monitor and record local radio and television broadcasts, although he is more likely to tape Monday Night Football than a news bulbtin on a Decepticon raid. He can also decode scrambled signals and tap into telephone conversations. In robot mode, he uses an overload gun, which temporarily disables its target by releasing a powerful burst of electricity into its target's neural circuitry.
Weaknesses: Many important broadcasts are overlooked by Eject because of his preoccupation with monitoring sports. This sometimes results in disaster not only for him but also for the Autobots who rely on him. At times his internal tape snaps if he's recording something that gets him particularly worked up and tense, such as Nolan Ryan going for another no-hitter.
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