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Tech Specs

Flareup was a student of rescue operations officer, Firestar. She learned the art of rescue well, but soon developed a fondness for destruction rarely seen among Autobots, however, her love of destruction is not a love of violence. It is an appreciation for the planning behind demolitions as if it were an art form. Flareup has an extremely cheerful disposition, which unnerves other Autobots as it seems to run contrary to the grim nature of her work.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Flareup is capable of traveling at 330 mph. She maneuvers readily and can utilize both her missile launcher nad laser cannon in this form. These two weapons combine to form a powerful weapon for Flareup in robot mode. Her skin is made of a special composite that allows her to withstand temperatures of upt to 8,000 degrees centigrade. Flareup is an expert in the use of 'smart' explosive charges to destroy a target.
Weaknesses: Flareup sometimes gets too wrapped up in the planning of her demolitions and does not take proper precautions to protect herself from the results of her handiwork, leading to injury.
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