Series: Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo
Faction: Predacon
Subgroup: Ultra Beasts
Beast Wars II Galvatron gallery

Tech Specs

An evil emperor who plots to rule the universe, Galvatron is ambitious, yet shows unexpected affection for his underlings. He is often put to sleep by the Cybertrons' activities or Megastorm's. schemes, but when he wakes, he is the mightiest being of all. Of his three forms, his dragon mode's power far surpasses that of Lioconvoy. He has a habit of talking in his sleep.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Though peace was attained on Cybertron after the Great War the ancestors of the Decepticons, the Predacons, never truly accepted this reality. Hired in secret by the Tripredacus Council, Galvatron is a ruthless soldier who commands an army of Predacon warriors with one thing on their agenda: conquer Cybertron. Galvatron is a massive creature filled with hate and rage. He has journeyed to the planet Gaea to drain it of its rich source of angromois energy. Once on Gaea he connected to an ancient computer which awarded him his two frightening alternate modes. Galvatron has a severe hatred toward the Maximal Supreme Commander, Lio Convoy and will go to any length to ensure his destruction. Like the Decepticon Emperor of Destruction from which he takes his name, Galvatron is a force to be reckoned with.
Abilities: Galvatron is a monster of a Predacon. He has two alternate modes, both unique and destructive. Galvatron can take on the form of a giant drill tank, capable of tunneling through any obstacle in his path and shredding a Maximal to pieces. He can also take on the mode of an enormous dragon with the power to level an entire army. In this dragon mode he can breath scorching fire hot enough to render and entire forest into a mere pile of ash in minutes. In his robot mode he has the Predacon Matrix of Leadership embedded in his chest. With this gift from the Tripredacus Council raw power surges through his body providing him with strength few can imagine.
Weaknesses: When Galvatron downloaded his alternate modes from the ancient computer he was also stricken with an unpleasant side effect. The overload proved too much for him and periodically Galvatron is sent spiraling into a coma from which he needs time to recover. Though an unpleasant weakness, it is by no means permanent. Eventually it will wear off.
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