Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Autobot
Subgroup: Protectobots
Generation 2 Groove gallery

Tech Specs

A full tank of fuel, clear skies and an open road, that's all he wants out
of life. Relaxed and easy going, happy wherever he rides, but not afraid to
blast enemies at any time. Reaches speeds exceeding 140 mph with a range of
800 miles. Combines with fellow Protectobots to form Defensor.

*NOTE: G2 Groove was planned but never released*

Total: 53
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: A full fuel tank, clear skies, and open road - that's all Groove wants out of life. He's relaxed and easygoing, the kind of robot that is typically happy no matter where he is or who he's with. He doesn't like staying in any one place too long, so his attachments are short-lived. But he considers every new experience enriching, so he'd just as soon move on to the next one anyway. Although he's basically a loner, Groove never forgets he's an essential member of the Protectobots team in their struggle against the Decepticons. But he detests violence of any sort, and often finds it difficult to reconcile his pacifist beliefs with his sense of responsibility to his comrades. Certain that war is not the answer, he endlessly roams Earth's highways, hoping to find out what is the answer.
Abilities: In motorcycle mode, Groove can reach speeds of 140 miles per hour, with a range of 800 miles. He's extremely maneuverable. He carries twin vaporators, which shoot fine mists of various oxidizing, freezing, and corrosive liquids. The mists are emitted in a concentrated beam, so that Groove can target the vaporators on particularly vulnerable areas, such as joints and circuit connections, to disable his prey. In robot mode, Groove uses a photon pistol that shoots light bursts with the equivalent brightness of 5,000-watt light bulbs, enough to temporarily blind all but those whose optical sensors are the most heavily shielded. He combines with his fellow Protectobots to form the giant robot known as Defensor.
Weaknesses: When under attack, Groove is often reluctant to fight back as he seeks a non-violent response. This sometimes puts him in considerable danger.
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