Hot Spot

Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Autobot
Subgroup: Protectobots

Tech Specs

Likes to be where the action is. Other Protectobots have trouble keeping up
with his non-stop pace. Fire truck hose shoots high-pressure water 1200
feet. Uses fireball cannons that shoot bursts of 2000 degree blue flame 1.5
miles. Forms Defensor with fellow Protectobots.

*NOTE G2 Hot Spot was planned but never released*

Total: 59
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Hotspot likes to be where the action is. Whether he's trying to put out a fire or win a war, as long as he's surrounded by a swirl of movement he's happy. He fights with a fluid instinctiveness that seemingly overrides any carefully measured analysis within his logic circuitry. His leadership is charismatic and inspiring; the other Protectobots can't help but perform beyond their abilities when in his company. However sometimes they have difficulty keeping up with his non-stop pace. His philosophy is to be maximally operational every moment of his life. Or, as he likes to phrase it, "There are always junkyards for those who rust!".
Abilities: In his fire truck mode, Hotspot can travel at 90 mph and has a range of 600 miles. His hose line can shoot streams of high-pressure water (and other non-corrosive fluids, such as oil and alchohol) an effective distance of 1200 feet. In robot mode, he possesses incredible strength: he can press 60,000 pounds. He uses a fireball cannon, which can shoot bursts of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit blue flame a distance of 1.5 miles. A special vanadium-steel alloy shields him from temperatures of up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. He combines with his fellow Protectobots to form the giant robot known as Defensor.
Weaknesses: Hotspot's ladder sometimes jams, locking into position when extended. His fireball cannon often backfires, releasing large amounts of the flammable liquid that powers it. Hotspot himself is invulnerable to the liquid's effects, but the liquid can cause considerable fire-damage to anything around him.
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