Series: Transformers Classics
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Mini-Cons
Transformers Classics Knockdown gallery

Tech Specs

Adventurers through and through, no environment is too inhospitable for the DINOBOTS. In fact, these three tough robots are more at home in the thickest, most poisonous jungles of the galaxy than they are in the comfortable machine cities of CYBERTRON. When a mission requires animal instincts, sure feet and a laser proof hide, the DINOBOTS are the ones to call.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Knockdown is a very big, very strong Mini-Con, so it comes as a surprise to some that he really doesn't like fighting. He'd rather be building, using his power to make the planet Cybertron beautiful. When he has to fight, his preferred method of stopping battles is to simply take his opponents and hold them at arms' length until they stop struggling... or if that takes too long, knocking their head against something hard (like his own head) a few times until they get the point. He's fearless and almost unstoppable, and follows Swoop unquestionably, ever since the Autobot took up the reins of leading the Dinobot Mini-Cons following the death of their former leader.
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