Series: Robots In Disguise, Car Robots
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Deluxe Vehicles

Tech Specs

Total: 70
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The terrifying sight of MEGABOLT¡Çs bizarre monstrous visage has spelled the beginning of the end for legions of doomed alien civilizations. His very presence has been the precursor for DECEPTICON colonization across the cosmos. His function is vital to the expansion of the DECEPTICON's interstellar empire; MEGABOLT routinely acts as a lone herald of the DECEPTICON army and establishes first contact with a targeted civilization Depending on the relative defensive strength of a civilization, MEGABOLT will either greet a planet's natives with false promises of friendship and cooperation between the species, or simply move in like a force of nature, leaving only destruction in his wake. Then his fellow DECEPTICONS would move in to plunder the worlds of their resources. He is a skilled diplomat when need be, but at his Spark, MEGABOLT is a cruel mechanical monster who delights in the obliteration of any beings foolish enough to resist colonization. MEGABOLT is thoroughly convinced of the innate superiority of the TRANFORMERS race over all other life forms in the universe. He reasons that all matter, all energies must be made to bend to the DECEPTICON will. Under UNICRONS' influence MEGABOLT now sees the limitless possibilities in the conquest of all realities by DECEPTICONS loyal to UNICRON. All opposition will be either absorbed into UNICRON's ranks, or terminated where they stand.
Abilities: MEGABOLT is a veteran battlefield commander skilled not only in the art of war but also well-versed in interstellar diplomacies. Has vast data storage capacity and has assimilated the remains of the accumulated data tracks from thousands of conquered civilizations. This vast storehouse of knowledge serves him greatly in his primary function. MEGABOLT is built for front line combat, he possesses immense strength and is heavily armored in all modes. Head mounted plasma cannon also serves as incendiary missile launcher. Chest mounted lightning beam projector fires powerful electrical blasts. Transforms into a massive all-terrain mobile battle tank. In this mode, MEGABOLTs size expands ten fold and has added troop carrier capacity. Has advanced scanning array electrical force field projector, and main weapon is an incendiary missile launcher mounted in his mouth. In this mode, six insect-like legs allow him to traverse almost any terrain and move at speeds up to 40 mph. Anti-grav disks mounted on his underside give him flight capabilities. Eye-beams can scan and analyze enemy technologies. allowing MEGABOLT to assess their technical knowledge and probe for weaknesses. The massive battle tank ¡Èemissary mode" is rumored to allow him to link up and act as a command center "head module" to even larger war machines in his arsenal.
Weaknesses: While MEGABOLT is heavily armored in all modes, he's slow and not especially agile, making him an easy target, especially in flight. He's also so utterly convinced of his own invincibility in battle, that he needlessly exposes himself to dangers most soldiers would avoid. Luckily for him, few opponents can withstand his onslaught for long. His electrical cannon and force field projector can become extremely energy draining on his power reserves if overused.
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