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Series: Transformers Classics, Transformers Henkei
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Deluxe Class
Transformers Classics Ligier gallery

Tech Specs

Together with BUMBLEBEE, MIRAGE completes the AUTOBOT spy team. Where BUMBLEBEE focuses on information, however, MIRAGE prefers sabotage. Smart and fast, he's always ready with a joke, even when the situation doesn't call for one. Though he is not totally dedicated to the cause, he cares deeply for his friends, and will do anything he can to protect them. His specialized weapon can create complex illusions, and even allows him to turn invisible.

Total: 55
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: No one was happier at the end of the war than Mirage. Unicron destroyed, the Decepticons in exile, and him home for good at last. But it¡Çs true what they say about war, and about going home. Cybertron was in ruins. Most of his high-class friends were millions of years dead, buried in the rubble of the neutral provinces. Even the turbofoxes he¡Çd honed his marksmanship hunting were few and far between, their habitat turned into radioactive wasteland.

For a while, he tried living his old life, tracking down his surviving friends for parties and hunting trips. He even started an organization devoted to the conservation of turbofoxes and their environment in the hope of restoring their population. It didn¡Çt work. He found himself without a single thing to say to his friends. Hunting with them just made him angry; they made so much noise crashing through the Langton¡Çs loopbrush he could hardly hear himself think, and nights at O¡ÇMalleys dissolved into uncomfortable silences. He¡Çd turn invisible and disappear into the night thinking of Earth, and war, and the strobing heat of battle.

Still, when Optimus Prime asked him to go back to Earth, he hesitated to leave the safety of Cybertron and step once again into the cauldron that had already cost him an arm and then his life. He hesitated to put himself in harm¡Çs way to defend a planet that had nothing to do with him and to fight and maybe die again in a war that never seems to end.

In the end, the choice was no choice at all, Cybertron was still home, but home just wasn¡Çt in Mirage any more. Better to go back to Earth, back to war, than to keep living a pretend life among the dust and ashes of his past. He¡Çs spent his life hunting, but maybe back on Earth, he¡Çd be able to find a way to go home again.
Abilities: Duringhis time on Cybertron, Mirage had his rocket dart rifle modified to integrate the electro-disruptor systems that used to be mounted in a bulky rocket launcher on his shoulder. The disruptor¡Çs power system was upgraded, and the rocket mounts removed from his chassis, making him slightly faster and quieter, and increasing the time limit and size of his illusions.
Weaknesses: He has lingering doubts about the Autobot cause. He agreed to return to Earth once again because of alienation from his previous life, which leads him to be somewhat bitter. This bitterness makes him wonder if he might find the fulfillment he lacks somewhere other than under Optimus Prime¡Çs command.
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